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Colon Cancer has been recorded in America as the third common cancer that afflicts people and a major contributor to deaths that are related to cancer. It can however be treated and prevented. It is essential for everyone to learn how to prevent this type of cancer. The colon cancer awareness month is March and each one of us should learn how to take proactive steps and reduce the risk factor by protecting ourselves.

Statistics reveal a frightening 141,000 people will suffer from colon-colorectal cancer by 2011 and nearly 50,000 of these cases will face death. The American Cancer Society however reports that nearly 50% of these deaths can be prevented by effective screening. One of the important issues here is to maintain a healthy diet essential to reduce this risk.

Many people have a misconception that only individuals who have a family history of this type of cancer need to worry. Statistics however, indicate that only one out of five people that have this colon-colorectal cancer have this family history, which proves that this type of cancer has no connection with genetics.

We are all aware of the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet and combining this with exercise. Our lifestyle and the nutrition that we enjoy will make a difference that will help prevent this problem. Your weight, food habits and levels of exercise clearly determines the possibilities of contracting this type of cancer.

It is advisable to perform regular screening of the colorectal area to check whether there is cancer. The Polyps are identified in the early stages and can be removed in time. If you make a conscious effort to eat the right foods and leading an active life with plenty of exercises thrown in, you will be taking

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The good results of HCG diet are based on a minimum amount of calories taken for the period of dieting. One of the good sided is that this diet offers a quick way to lose weight. However, this low calorie consumption can be hazardous for your health if you are not aware of potential HCG diet dangers you need to avoid.

During the diet period, you are allowed to take up to 500 calories daily, which is about 4 or 5 times less than the energy, required for the proper body functioning. This is why many dieters have some doubts regarding this diet safety. According some reports, the body becomes very exhausted after going trough such diet, which may lead to serious side-effects. In order to avoid these HCG diet dangers, you need to precisely follow the protocols prescribed to you and don’t be.

Several science studies are conducted to reveal all HCG diet dangers. This for example could be speeding up the metabolism in such extend that some of vital organs can lose muscle and proteins, which may lead to physical breakdown.In order to prevent this consequence, the diet includes proteins and fibers, and the most important period us the period of loading up calories foe augmentation of stocks.

There are very big potentials threads in following HCG diet; however, an intelligent dieter, who strictly follows all prescribed instructions, will be able to prevent all that risks and take advantage of the diet. If you choose this weight loss plan, be aware that it is not unsafe, so you cannot make an experiment with your body. The most severe problems with HCG diet plan may occur if the dieter is too fanatical and he will go to

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Breast cancer has been recorded as the second major cause of death mainly among women. Many women are aware of checking regularly as they are aware of the importance of detecting it early and taking prompt remedial action. It is also essential to know the various types of treatment available which will help to fight this dreaded disease aggressively.

Treatment can prove effective if this type of cancer is detected early to arrest it in time. Pre-screening is also important, therefore, one should conduct a self-breast examination at least once a month. The doctor will instruct you on how to go about doing this. You will have to pay special attention to see if there are any changes in the size or color, if any bumps or lumps appear and if any particular area feels painful or tender. Inform your gynecologist or physician if you notice any of the above. They will ask you to undergo a few more tests to check if you have contracted cancer.

Mammograms are recommended for women especially as they advance in years. Depending on the risk factor, you will have to check periodically with mammograms. This is a sure way of checking for cysts or tumor formations in the breast.

It is entirely positive that some of the tests conducted may show positive results of this type of cancer detection. Remember that you should not lose hope at this point. Several options are now available for treatment. The first treatment that is used on patients initially is the traditional ones. These include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, mastectomies and radiation therapies. Since these treatments are invasive, there is bound to be serious adverse reactions.

Several new options are now available apart from the traditional ones mentioned above to treat cancer.

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People, around the world suffer from the disorder, snoring and look for remedies to help cope with the problem. Though it affects the person who snores, the partner and family members have to face the problem. This is because the other members get affected by this and lie awake at night. This prevents them from getting the hours of sleep that they require and makes them unable to function every day. This causes problems for people who have to go out to work and can even ruin their health. It is therefore wise to seek remedial action so that you do not disturb people around you when you snore.

This type of problem also affects the health of the person who snores even as it affects people around. If you suffer from this problem, you can develop sleep apnea. This is a dangerous condition as you can actually stop breathing, when you are asleep for a couple of seconds, which may cause grave problems.

This problem should be treated as soon as possible, as it can lead to other complications, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. These conditions are definitely dangerous. Nowadays there are many cures that are available to treat the problem of snoring naturally so that you avoid experimenting with drugs that may cause adverse reactions.

The main reason why people snore heavily is that the airways narrow down and prevent them from breathing normally while they are asleep. The other causes are abnormalities of the soft tissues or sleeping in a wrong posture. The tissues flap and hit each other when they try to breathe in and out and this produces the loud noises. Men tend to snore more than women because the air passages are thinner for

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This kind of yarn in complete-wheat pasta is really insoluble denotation; it doesn’t melt throughout the digestion time. In its place, it generally maintains its mass, tries to hold it on to fresh water and, consequently, helps to prevent constipation.

Here are the ingredients of baked macaroni:

• 1 little diced, onion, near about of 1/2 cup
• 15 ounces of reduced-sodium fresh spaghetti sauce
• 1/2 pound of extra-lean best ground beef
• 7 ounces (1 box) complete-wheat of elbow macaroni
• 6 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

Instructions for preparing Apple berry cobbler
Heat the stove or oven more than 350 F. evenly coat a boiling bowl with cook spray.

In a best and fresh nonstick boiling pan, boil onion and ground beef until the onion is transparent and the beef is fully browned. Try to drain well.

Fill up a big pot near about 3/4 filled with fresh water and take it to the cook. Insert the wheat pasta and boil until it warms completely near about 11 to 13 minutes or more. It is better to do according the directions. Exhaust the pasta methodically.

Insert the boiled spaghetti sauce and pasta to the beef and onions. Blend to combine consistently. Serve the combination into the ready boiling dish and heat until bubbly, near about 26 to 36 minutes.

Separate the spaghetti with individual plates. Spray each with 1/2 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese and serve it instantly.

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This cobbler of fruit is a fresher and lighter version of biscuit-topped and fat-laden.

Here are the ingredients of Apple berry cobbler:

• 1 cup of fresh and clean blueberries
• 2 tablespoons of brown sugar or turbinado
• 1 cup of fresh raspberries
• 2 cup of chopped apples
• 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
• 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon of lemon zest
• 1 or 1/2 tablespoons of cornstarch

For making it best, some more things you need such as:

• 1/4 cup of soy milk
• 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
• 3/4 cup of whole-wheat best pastry flour
• Egg white from one big egg
• 1/4 teaspoon of salt
• 1 or 1/2 tablespoons brown sugar or turbinado

Instructions for preparing Apple berry cobbler

Heat the oven or stove more than 350 F. flippantly coat six individual souffle dishes or stove-proof ramekins with food preparation spray.
In a standard size bowl, insert the blueberries, raspberries, sugar, apples, lemon zest, lemon juice and cinnamon. Stir to combine consistently. Insert the stir and cornstarch until the stir and cornstarch melts. Set sideways.

In another middle size bowl insert the whisk and egg white until frivolously beaten. Insert the salt, soy milk, pastry flour and sugar vanilla. Stir to combine well.
Separate the berry combination consistently among the organized dishes. Transfer the topping in each. Organize the prepared ramekins on a big boiling pan and put in stove or oven.

Heat until the berry is warm and until the time when topping is yellow brown, near about 30 minutes or more. Serve in the same warm.

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You can lose about ten pounds per week with cabbage soup diet. Sounds unbelievable? However, it really works! In order to follow this diet, no special food is required, no exotic ingredients, no pills, etc. No tricks are connected with this kind of diets; it’s all about soup, which helps you feel full.

This diet plan does not require that you eat only cabbage soup and nothing else. On the contrary, it provides you with a menu for seven days and each of them varies. During this week you are able to eat your usual food, like meat, baked potatoes and some other foods, but also you need to include brown rice, more fresh fruit and vegetables also. This variety in food is not going to make you bored and in addition, you are going to feel full.

The key in this diet is that you can eat the cabbage soup as soon as you feel hungry and to eat it as much as you wish. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the soup recipe, so choose the one you like the best. Add the spices you love and make this soup desirable to you. That will be a great way to drop some pounds without the need of starving.

What makes this diet really preferred is that a person drop several pounds immediately, which makes him motivated to go on. All people with weight problems are aware of the fact that when they search for a long-term solution for weigh loss, the short-term diet will not work. In order to receive a long-term weight loss effect, you should make your metabolism rate higher. The diet is not the only factor to achieve that, so you have

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Shedding off a few extra pounds is not only healthy but also mandatory, mandatory in the sense that if you continue adding on weight, you will be putting your life in danger. Excess weight has been a source of all manner of self-esteem issues, and not only that, doctors today attribute some life-threatening health conditions to excess weight. If you are looking for a solution to your weight issues, probably to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, to look and feel good about yourself, to lead a healthy lifestyle or all, then you need to give the Special K Diet a serious consideration.

If the current statistics are anything to go by, then this is the revolutionary weight loss diet that the world has been waiting for literally. It is a diet plan that revolves around the special K cereal and recommends the intake of cereals. There are different types of cereals out there, some which are plain while others come with additional flavors such as vanilla, almonds, and berries to mention but a few. Dieting is not for the faint hearted, especially if you are the kind of person who gets bored by monotony. This is where you need to include a variety of these cereals to constitute your Special K Diet.

The other thing you need to know about this special type of diet is that it needs to be complemented by certain foods. Man cannot survive on cereals alone now can you? Generally, the diet plan is such that you take the cereals as a snack or part of one of your large meals and then the rest of the time you eat a healthy dinner or lunch plus a few other healthy snacks. Like any other type of diet today, you will need to remain

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Overview of diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic lifelong condition where there are elevated blood sugar levels in the blood. The condition is brought about by insulin in the body, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to help control the blood sugar levels in the body. The condition occurs as a result of too little insulin in the body, a resistance to the same or both. Individuals who suffer from diabetes end up having elevated blood sugar levels because of their body’s inability to convert sugar into fat, and to store it in muscle cells as energy. This could be because the muscle cells are not responding as they should to insulin or because of an insufficient supply of insulin from the pancreas.

There are three main types of diabetes, with the risk factors and causes for each being different. Type 1 diabetes is the first type which is characterized by an insufficient or no supply of insulin. This is where one would need to use daily insulin injections in order to keep the blood sugar levels in check. The second type of diabetes is the type 2 diabetes, which happens to be the most common type of diabetes among people today. It mostly affects adults. The third category of diabetes is the gestational diabetes, which is often temporary as it occurs during pregnancy and will often disappear on its own once the baby is born.

General Symptoms of diabetes

- Frequent urination
- General body fatigue
- Blurry vision
- Unexplained weight loss/weight gain
- Excessive thirst
- Hunger

How to control diabetes with a diabetic diet
Being a lifelong condition whose causes are unknown, the best tried and tested method of controlling diabetes is with the use of a diabetic diet. Portion control and your

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Water is very essential for everybody, as our body requires sufficient amounts to remain hydrated, in order to be able to perform all the important bodily functions. When we drink plenty of water the extra liquid helps to breakdown the fat cells. Nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins, are easily transported to the cells. Your body requires additional water, especially when you exercise, so that you maintain good levels of hydration as this is the best way to lose weight.

One of the worst things that anyone can do is skipping breakfast as this will prevent you from getting hungry during the day. It is vital to eat a heavy breakfast and have a light dinner. Trying to follow instant or extreme fad diets are dangerous. At no stage of any diet, should you reduce more than 500 calories in a day as you may end up losing muscle mass when you diet rather than fat content which is not the best way to lose weight.

A good way to start is to jot down the calories you consume, item wise and record it in a diary, as you go along. There are bound to be setbacks, when you try to maintain a diet, but if you maintain a diary you will be able to work around your problems and learn to adjust, once you realize how the food works in your system. It would help immensely if you had someone to motivate you and encourage you as this often is the best way to lose weight.

Given below are 7 steps that you can follow to lose pounds safely yet steadily if you wish to know the best ways to lose weight.

It is vital to remain

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