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A Dry mouth could appear like a normal thing that brings an uncomfortable feeling in the throat and mouth, but if left untreated, it could lead to serious dental health conditions such as tooth decay or plaque, due to a significant decrease in saliva. Some good news however is that there are affordable dental options to take care of the problem and reinstate back your smile.

Causes of the dry mouth syndrome
There are a number of factors that contribute to this condition. While it is believed that everyone will experience a dry mouth at some point in their lives, the severity will vary from one person to another. The exact number of individuals who suffer from this condition is also unknown as the disease easily disappears on its own or with the use of some common treatment options. Some of the causes of dry mouth include:-
• Diseases that affects moisture-producing glands in the human body such as Sjorgren’s syndrome or diabetes
• Emotional anxiety or stress that causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. This justifies the reason why dry mouth is more prevalent in pregnant women and those who are on their menopause stage.
• Breathing for an extended period of time with the mouth open
• And the use of medication… almost 400 different types of medication cite the dry mouth syndrome as a common side effect

Relationship between dry mouth and Alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol is known to draw water from the body which when coupled with other factors could contribute to dehydration. When you take alcohol, too much water is lost thus leaving the body susceptible to dehydration. Tobacco also poses the same problems as alcohol because the continuous inhalation and exhalation of smoke will eventually lead to a dry mouth.

• Sore throat, sore mouth
• Insufficient, stringy, or thick

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Mouth Cancer is caused due to several reasons. Tobacco in any form can be a contributory factor for developing this disease. People, who consume alcohol, are also more prone to developing cancer than those who refrain from it. Cancer can also be contracted, if one is over exposed to sunlight rays. However, nearly a quarter percentages of people contract this disease, in spite of never using tobacco in their lives.

We are all aware that cancer is one of the most life threatening diseases today, the world over. It is possible to contract any type of cancer, depending on which part of the body it occurs. One of them is Mouth Cancer. Any growth in the mouth, caused by unwanted growth cells, can develop into a cancer. It could happen in the jaw, gums, cheeks, lips, tonsils etc. “Squamous cell Carcinoma” is another medical term that is used to denote this type of cancer. They are a sheet of cells that cover the mouth parts and very susceptible to cancer formation.

Mouth Cancer is the direct result of excessive bad habits, such as alcohol consumption, tobacco chewing and smoking. It is possible to contract the disease when one is overexposed to UV rays. If one develops any sort of Candida infection in the mouth or suffers from direct lack of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, E, C, in the diet, they risk the chance of developing mouth cancer. It is possible to get a biopsy of the mouth done to diagnose any of the persisting symptoms. Endoscopy, X-rays, MRI scan and CT scans also detect this type of cancer if one is anxious to diagnose the problem.

If it is detected in the initial stages, it is possible to treat the cancer depending on the severity of the case. It is possible, to avail

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Dental problems can create havoc, as they can be very painful. If left unattended, it can produce long lasting problems, which include permanently damaging the teeth or severe deterioration of the gums. Children are also affected by tooth decay long-term, as this health problem is not restricted to old age alone.

The reason why people develop cavities is often because they are lazy and tend to neglect the issue. A cavity is the direct result of active teeth decaying. The entire tooth structure gets destroyed and produces disastrous results when the dentin layers of the teeth and the protective enamel are attacked.

The reason for tooth decay is that people allow foods rich in carbohydrates to remain on their teeth. These include milk, cereals, soda, candy, cakes or fruits. The mouth attracts millions of bacteria and these feed on the foods, converting them to acids. Plaque is the direct result of left over foods, saliva and bacteria deposited in the mouth. The enamel protective covering of the teeth begin to dissolve, when the acids formed by plaque, create cavities or holes. The other term for cavities is “caries.”

One should learn to protect against cavities by following these simple procedures:
1. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and brush one’s teeth twice a day. In fact, teeth need to be brushed before getting into bed and after every meal.
2. Brushes that contain dental floss such as Sulcabrush, Reach Stim-U-Dent and Oral-B Interdental Brush work well towards this end.
3. Limit intake of snacks and stick to nutritive and balanced meals. Candies and different chips abound in carbs and coat the teeth surface. Ensure that you brush off sticky material that lingers on the teeth.

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Feeling proud is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing wrong in priding oneself in public. Take for instance, a man who drives around town, showing off his new sports car so that his friends and enemies can see him driving around in style! He makes sure he uses top quality gasoline, the best hand wash and wax that money can buy, so that the exterior of the car is sparkling. He may even give the car a pet name affectionately. In all this, man likes to exhibit his acquisition for the whole world to see.

Alternatively, if a man is driving a dowdy car, which does not do anything for his manliness, he will try his best to avoid people take devious roundabout routes or perhaps even wear something that disguises his countenance when driving the car. He will try for the main part to keep as much distance as possible from the said car.
However, the sad truth is that men cannot hide their man-breasts or “moobs” which is how one refers to man boobs. It is right there and there is no way you can escape getting away from them. There is no decree that spells out these facts about Men and their Body Parts. The unspoken verdict is that it great to be able to fill the pants area but it is terrible for men to have big breasts or man boobs.

Men are not proud of the fact, when they develop an awesome pair of man boobs, even though the statue of Smiling Buddha sporting a pair of moobs displays a cheerful person. This is easy to understand. Women are never satisfied with the size of their breasts throughout history. They complain that they are either too small, sag too much, look lopsided and can carry on

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One of the symptoms of detecting male menopause is when the testosterone levels begin to decrease. A physician is able to detect this when certain tests are carried out. One of the reasons for diabetes and connected illnesses is when the testosterone levels begin to reduce in the body. Some of the most evident symptoms are:

1. A feeling of extreme exhaustion when performing even the most menial tasks. The patient feels lethargic and unmotivated to perform the tasks with vigor. However, this tiredness does not allow one to rest. On the other hand, it is possible that they are prone to insomnia.

2. There is a sudden weight gain noticed along with accumulation of body fat for no specific reason.

3. Mental fatigue can also result with the onset of male menopause. The victim is unable to concentrate and takes longer to assimilate and digest information easily. He may find it difficult to connect with the situation, in spite of visual aids, such as written matter or audio effects.

4. Another symptom observed is mood-swings. A man may feel very happy one minute only to feel extreme sadness at the next moment. This shows that he is emotionally drained and this often result in various patterns of mood swings, ranging from anger to insufferable intolerance. He could also exhibit signs of nervousness.

5. A person suffering from male menopause most often is unable to get an erection, as there is lack of sexual desire.

“Andropause”, as the condition is termed, can be kept under control if a man arms himself with the necessary information required on how to cope with the symptoms. When one accepts the situation and wishes to learn how to cope with it half the battle

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Even though men tend to joke and mock each other about masturbation, you shouldn’t be surprised to know women too engage in masturbation in an effort to self-pleasure themselves. It isn’t uncommon to find women comparing notes secretly with close friends on the best and most effective vibrators in the market, or the stress relief that one gets from masturbating. The following are 5 things you will be surprised to discover about masturbation.

1. There is no ‘normal’ masturbation in women, it assumes different forms
According to research, just like men, women too tend to masturbate frequently and on average, every woman masturbates at least once in their lifetime. As is therefore expected, the frequency of masturbation will vary, so there is no ‘normal’ masturbation in women, which assumes different forms. Equally, there is no cutoff age for masturbation, as women can masturbate even in their sunset years. Unlike men, women tend to feel guilty after the act, particularly if they are in a committed relationship. However, sex experts’ advice that there is no need to have any guilt feelings because women too deserve the sexual pleasure, especially when the partner is out of town, tired or even unavailable during that time of sexual desire.

According to Paul Joannides, a psychoanalyst based in Waldport, Ore, there is no one way in which women masturbate, but they use fingers and vibrators more commonly than any other method. According to a survey that was led by Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, an associate director of the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion which is based in the Indiana University, in Bloomington, out of 2,056 women aged between 18 and 60, over half of them preferred to use a vibrator when masturbating or during sexual intercourse.

Other common items used for masturbating include the handle of a ‘sizable’ hairbrush,

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One of the common disorders faced by men today is Erectile Dysfunction. This is a major sexual disorder that exists due to some underlying psychological or physical reasons that one may not even know exists. There are several options for treating this problem, as it is quite a common occurrence nowadays. It is advisable to arm oneself with the better treatment options and not rely on a few options that may, or may not prove effective. Be aware of the various types of treatments available and select one that will help to treat the problem, instead of using the first recourse that comes to mind that may be detrimental to your health. It is not right to treat oneself by choosing any option that is freely available.

Being forewarned is to be forearmed. Ensure that you arm yourself with sufficient knowledge about what the treatment is all about and check, whether you are following the right solution that is required to treat your problem .There are several home truths that are associated with the treatment for erectile dysfunction that one should carefully read about and understand.

1. One should not assume that erectile dysfunction is like any other sexual disorder. Specific treatment is required to cure this problem. It is therefore imperative to take the right treatment for this specific purpose rather than use medicine that hopes to cure any sexual disorder.

2. Manufacturers promote several different products which they claim can cure a person suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms. Recent studies reveal that pills such as Vialis, Levitra and Viagra have not been able to cure the problem though a handful claims that the pills have given them rewarding results. Such pills may have adverse side effects, which may prove to be

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Statistics reveal that nearly 85 million people in the U.S, both male and female are faced with problems connected with hair loss. The hair progressively thins and slowly falls off completely, thereby leaving the person bald. Androgenic (sometimes known as androgenetic) alopecia is quite common and often referred to as “male-pattern” or “female-pattern baldness.” The reasons for this type of ailment are not very similar and in this article, we shall concentrate on the problems connected with male-pattern baldness.

Men begin to lose their hair when male-pattern baldness starts developing and in no time he becomes bald. The main reason for this happening is the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) This is a human hormone that builds up in men and when there is too much of it on the scalp, it begins to prevent the natural supply of blood to the hair, as it attaches itself to the hair follicles. When the follicles do not get the vital nutrition to nourish the hair, they begin to shrink and the width of the hair shaft starts decreasing. This results in quick hair loss.

There are many drugs, such as Finasteride that is popularly marketed as “Propecia” claims to reduce DHT levels. However, these prescribed drugs have proved to be futile in most cases. The synthetic chemicals used in the drugs have far-reaching side effects. Case studies reveal that men who frequently use Finasteride end up with problems connected with gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction.

We are extremely fortunate to have natural supplements in the market that work to block DHT more effectively than the drugs prescribed over the counter. Saw Palmetto works well here as they contain essential herbal properties. Other sources are extracts of pumpkin seeds and zinc, both of which are highly capable of decreasing the DHT potency and preventing

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There are many ways that one can treat an enlarged prostate once it has been diagnosed. Benign Prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is the medical term for this problem. One does not have to worry too much if the symptoms are mild, as it can be treated effectively in the initial stages.

However, if problems such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) occur, then one has to start medication immediately to avoid further problems with the BHP. Approved medication is available for tackling an enlarged prostate effectively. They are:

1. Finasteride: In 1992 this drug was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). One of the reasons for this condition is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is formed in the body. Finasteride has proved successful, as it has actually been able to shrink the prostate gland in several cases.
2. Dutasteride: This drug is another FDI approved medicine that is used to effectively stop the DHT from forming.
3. Tamsulosin: Unlike the drugs mentioned above, this drug does not stop the formation of DHT. Tamsulosin, approved by FDA in 1997, focuses on the muscles of the bladder and prostate. It helps to relax these muscles so that the urine flows easily.

The above drugs are suggested, when problems such as bladder stones, UTI, bladder or kidney damage occurs with BHP diagnoses. If these problems persist then there may be a need for surgery, as the quality of life is affected when a patient suffers. The enlarged prostate is surgically removed and the patient is able to pass urine freely with a normal flow.

It is entirely possible that one can develop this condition without suffering any further complications. The doctor can prudently observe the symptoms and decide whether he wishes to prescribe any medication. He will make a

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While millions of women all over the world experience yeast infections on a yearly basis, many have absolutely no idea that they are experiencing a yeast infection or how to cure a yeast infection if they have one. We hope that by helping you become more informed on the subject of yeast infections, you can be better prepared for this condition which is an annoyingly painful and recurrent issue within women (and at time) men’s health.

Overview of Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is the common name of the condition. Yeast infections are also known by the names of Monilia, Candida, or Thrush. Candida has been known to occur in both men and women. Recent studies have shown that seventy five percent of all women in the world will contract this type of infection at some point during their life span. Many believe that candida is a condition which occurs mainly on the surface of the vaginal area and can be cured by using antibiotics and creams on the vaginal area.

Confusion About Yeast Infection

Many who experience yeast infections refuse to deal or acknowledge their condition either due to lack of knowledge on the subject of vaginal discharge or due to embarrassment. Many people become paralyzed when faced with the possibility of self-treatment because of the staggering amount of diagnoses that can be made from certain vaginal discharges and other symptoms related to vaginal discomfort or issues. Many people lose thousands of dollars trying treatments that don’t work or end up not even seeing treatment at all due to misleading information on candida.

Treating Yeast Infection

Here are some suggestions of cheap and natural solutions that can help eradicate the issue no matter its severity.
Self-testing can help an individual diagnose their symptoms. Certain dietary

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