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Falling pregnant may not be as easy as it sounds for some women. It is true that some naturally become pregnant and look forward to bringing up children. Others may try hard but fail to succeed, though they would love to bear children and enjoy some wonderful moments with them. It may be the easiest thing in the world for couples who find themselves in this happy situation the minute they wish to get pregnant. Here are a few tips for those who wish to learn how to get pregnant by using tried and tested methods.

The first step on how to get pregnant is to learn all about conception and predicting ovulation. It is important to understand that the hormones that are found in the pituitary gland stimulate the ovaries to ovulate or release an egg, once a month. This egg travels down to the fallopian tubes and this is the time one should try to conceive. Many women are unable to tell when they are ovulating. There are several factors that affect the time of exact ovulation. These include over exercising and stress when women feel like they are trying to aim at a moving target.

The best way to learn when you can be ovulating is to:

• Keep a careful check on the dates in your calendar or day planner. Mark the day you expect to start your period. Make a note of the number of days that it can last, as the chances of probably ovulating at the midpoint of the cycle, is high. To explain further, you may start ovulating on the 14th day if your cycle consistently starts after 28 days cycle. If you have a longer cycle of say, 34 days, the time of ovulation can be estimated 20 days after you began the last period.

• Keep a careful eye for changes that may occur in the cervical mucus. A careful examination will find that the increased vaginal secretions prior to ovulation are clear and slippery and resemble the whites of a raw egg. The discharge will revert to becoming sticky or cloudy, if the chances of pregnancy are slim, or it may stop altogether.

• The basal temperature which is the body temperature when you are resting completely can increase during ovulation. To check this, use a specially designed thermometer to measure the basal temperature of the body. Make out a spreadsheet, or use graph paper to plot readings of the basal body temperature every morning, before you step out of the bed. The time when you are most fertile, is during the days prior to the rise in temperature, which may last for two or three days. The increase will not be more than about a degree so you will have to be alert.

• Kits are available over the counter for predicting ovulation. You can check the hormonal increase by conducting a urine test before the ovulation period. You will be able to find out the likely ovulation time. Look for any signals that can be noticed before you actually start ovulating. Read the label for instructions on how to use the ovulation predictor kit.

Methods To Maximize Fertility Chances

Follow some simple rules and you will understand how to get pregnant

• It is important to have sex, at least twice or thrice a week and this will most likely work, especially when you are ovulating and fertile. Many couples do not find this a task as they enjoy making love. For some, they may be lucky sooner than they think.

• As you reach the ovulating period, ensure that you have sex at least once daily. This will increase the chances of conceiving. It is possible that the concentration of the sperm reduces slightly for the male during sex but this is not something to be worried about if the male is healthy.

• In order to increase the fertility chances, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes moderate physical exercises, a sensible diet plan, limited caffeine and stress management. Once you adopt these good habits, you will find that you can get through the pregnancy period easily and you will produce a healthy baby.

• It is necessary to plan before you actually conceive by getting your health care provider to assess your health and put you on the right track with sensible changes that will encourage healthy conception. You will know if there are any issues to tackle with your partner’s health as well.

• Folic acid is very important for the baby to grow healthy in your body. Make sure you take your daily dose of prenatal vitamins or supplement of folic acid. If you get into the routine a few months before you conceive, the chances of developing any neural tube defects or spina bifida etc are reduced.

Try to incorporate the following foods that should be eaten when you are planning to have your baby.

• Ideally, try to eat organic fruits and vegetables as they do not contain residues of pesticide. They are healthier as the vitamins are retained and the flavors are better.

• Remember to eat healthy fats, as your body requires “good” fats, such as omega-3 for producing healthy cells. Nuts, such as pecans and walnuts, fish which should include sardines and salmon and flax seed oil, are all healthy foods. Try to source out eggs that have been laid by chickens that feed on insects and greens, as they contain good amounts of omega 3, as compared to chickens that are given regular foods. Use healthy oils for cooking such as coconut, olive, walnut and sesame seed oils.

• Zinc is very good for men to boost their fertility rate and increase motility and sperm count. For women, it encourages ovulation. Zinc is available in goods such as beef, chicken, turkey, oysters and shellfish.

• Iron-rich foods should be eaten by women who wish to conceive. Foods such as tofu, apricots and prunes, are high in iron. It is also advisable to cook foods in a skillet that is cast-iron.

• Studies conducted on the subject reveal that antioxidants are excellent for boost the sperm count. Research indicates that one out of twenty men may be less fertile than others. In order to boost their fertility, men should eat more beans, such as kidney, red, black or pinto. The other foods rich in antioxidants are artichokes, potatoes, green tea, cinnamon, pecans, plums, prunes and apples. Berries such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries are also good fruits to eat in plenty.

Things To Avoid When Trying To Maximize Fertility

• Refrain from smoking when you are learning how to get pregnant. The sperm is prevented from reaching the egg as the tobacco interferes with the cervical mucus. The chances of a miscarriage are high, as the baby is deprived of oxygen and proper nutrients in the development stages.

• Alcohol is also best avoided as this is absolutely taboo when you are pregnant.

• Before taking any medication, even those that are available over the counter, check with your doctor. Conception is difficult if you take certain medications, especially those that are not considered safe during pregnancy.

• It is not advisable to use lubricants or spittle for the vagina as it has proved to decrease fertility. Use canola or mineral oil rather than lubricants bought over the counter, such as K-Y Jelly. Your doctor will guide you on the best remedies.

• It is not advisable to exercise strenuously when you are trying to conceive. Try to restrict physical activity to a few hours a week as if you work out for more than seven hours in the week, the chances of being fertile are remote.

• Obesity is by far the major reason for men and women not being able to conceive. PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, affects nearly ten percent of the women, causing infertility due to the increase in production of male hormones in women. It is advisable to lose at least 5% of the body weight if you wish to experience regular menstrual cycles and ovulation schedules.

Here are a few tips that will help you conceive faster when you are interested in learning how to get pregnant.

• Make love regularly if you wish to conceive. Men and women should have sex more importantly during the ovulation period though it is necessary to frequent the act regularly. The ideal number of times a week should be twice or thrice to ensure that you do not miss the chance of conceiving.

• Purchase a fertility monitor or a kit that predicts ovulation (opk). Once you are aware of the ovulation period, you can try to have sex during this time and increase the chances. Women may find it difficult to set up a chart or predict the right time. These opk kits work well as it monitors the LH surge period before ovulation. These kits are fairly easy to use and accurately predict ovulation. If you are planning to get pregnant quickly, invest in a Clear Blue Easy monitor or a similar fertility monitor as they are accurate and can predict ovulation easily. These types of fertility monitor work similar to the ovulation prediction kit, by reading changes in LK. The difference here is that hormonal changes are also monitored and therefore couples do not have to guess when they are most fertile. This makes the process faster and simpler.

• Many couples find it difficult or confusing to judge the best time during ovulation. Remember that you have a small window every month during which time you are likely to conceive. The egg survives for about 24 hours for a woman during ovulation. The life of a sperm is three to five days. Therefore, if you have sex during the two/three days before the ovulation period, the chances of becoming pregnant are far greater. You do not have to wait for the day of ovulation for having sex. Make use of every opportunity during this vital period to be able to conceive successfully.

• The calendar method is not something to go by for predicting the ovulation period. Many couples assume that the best time to have sex is on the fourteenth day of your monthly cycle. This is based on the fact that you experience your cycle regularly once in 28 days. This is not accurate and will not predict the right ovulation period. Each woman has her own special period of ovulation and once you learn this, you will be able to monitor your sex-making. When you use the opk, you will be able to check out the previous charts and the records kept and watch for ovulating signs to determine the best time that you ovulate.

• Though maintaining a chart for tracking the cycle is advantageous, you may pass the right ovulating time if you are not alert. Try to keep a record and check if you ovulate every month, at the same time, to help you time your movements better. You would do well to purchase the ovulation prediction kit if your ovulating periods differ every month.

• It is always advisable to get a regular check carried out by your doctor or gynecologist. If you have problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, infections that are not treated or suffering from poor health, the chances of conceiving may be remote. The doctor will put you on the right track by recommending prenatal vitamins to hasten the chances.

• Women should not try to get pregnant when they are in the habit of drinking, smoking or using any type of drugs. These vices can affect the chances of fertility and also the health of your developing baby in the womb. Try to give up these vices before you wish to conceive to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby.

• Couples, who work hard at conceiving, fail to enjoy the moment and look on sex as a function or job that has to be carried out in order to reproduce. This makes the whole concept a chore and they stop enjoying the act. Try to make the moment interesting, as your feelings also may make a vital difference, in your ability to conceive. Therefore, plan your evening by introducing a romantic atmosphere and make sure you enjoy sex. Research on the subject indicates that women who reach orgasm during sex increase the fertility chances as the spasmodic movement will drag the sperm right into the uterus and when men reach orgasm, the chances of increasing the sperm count is greater.

• The positions you assume during sex is also very important when you wish to understand how to get pregnant. The woman on top is a bad idea as the sperm does not remain intact in the vagina. Instead, try the missionary position as it has proved to be beneficial. Another good position is to place a pillow under the hips, to enable the pelvis to remain tilted and hold the sperm longer. Relax in bed for awhile, once you have had sex to help the sperm remain in bed for a longer period.

• Couples, who wish to conceive, will try to give it their best shot and get pregnant within the year. In case, this does not happen, you should see a doctor to get the right advice.

The Ideal Time to Consult a Doctor

Healthy couples can conceive faster if they have regular unprotected sex. Till you reach the age of thirty, you can try on your own to get pregnant, provided you and your partner are healthy. If after a year, you do not succeed or if you are approaching 35 or more, consult a doctor especially if you are aware of issues regarding fertility.

Treatment is now available for men and women who face the problem of infertility and wish to understand how to get pregnant. Consult a fertility specialist to get help.

Fertility Treatments For Conceiving

Couples, who wish to have a child, generally find that it is not difficult. However, there is hope for those who have problems with infertility as medical and technological advances have made it possible for women to conceive, regardless of the problem. You may have a problem with unexplained (idiopathic) infertility or have been trying to get pregnant for a while without success. Several types of fertility treatments are available that will help you conceive and have that beautiful baby that you always wanted. Fertility techniques are now provided with assistance for lesbian and gay couples or single mothers. This overview explains the various benefits provided by fertility treatments for different couples.

Medication For Fertility

Couples who have problems trying to conceive naturally can now avail of fertility drugs. Doctors may prescribe drugs such as Clomid, which is generically referred to as Clomiphene for women who do not ovulate (anovulatory) frequently. This drug works effectively to induce ovulation. Another class of fertility drugs that are also prescribed are Gonadotropins. These include brand names such as Gonal F, Pergobnal and Pregnyl. Women, who suffer from PCOS, idiopathic infertility, luteal phase defect and find no response with Clomid, can avail of these types of drugs. Men are also prescribed gonadotropins, if they have issues of infertility, due to hormonal imbalances. Medications may be prescribed along with the fertility treatment decided by the gynecologist or doctor to enable men and women to increase the chances of conception successfully.

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Breast cancer has been recorded as the second major cause of death mainly among women. Many women are aware of checking regularly as they are aware of the importance of detecting it early and taking prompt remedial action. It is also essential to know the various types of treatment available which will help to fight this dreaded disease aggressively.

Treatment can prove effective if this type of cancer is detected early to arrest it in time. Pre-screening is also important, therefore, one should conduct a self-breast examination at least once a month. The doctor will instruct you on how to go about doing this. You will have to pay special attention to see if there are any changes in the size or color, if any bumps or lumps appear and if any particular area feels painful or tender. Inform your gynecologist or physician if you notice any of the above. They will ask you to undergo a few more tests to check if you have contracted cancer.

Mammograms are recommended for women especially as they advance in years. Depending on the risk factor, you will have to check periodically with mammograms. This is a sure way of checking for cysts or tumor formations in the breast.

It is entirely positive that some of the tests conducted may show positive results of this type of cancer detection. Remember that you should not lose hope at this point. Several options are now available for treatment. The first treatment that is used on patients initially is the traditional ones. These include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, mastectomies and radiation therapies. Since these treatments are invasive, there is bound to be serious adverse reactions.

Several new options are now available apart from the traditional ones mentioned above to treat cancer. Many people opt for the holistic approach. Others opt for alternative treatments and many clinics have opened up to offer their services. It is important that you consult your medical practitioner before deciding on any one of these options. You should continue to have your condition checked by a licensed physician when you are seeking alternative treatment. It may not be easy, but it would help if you get a medical professional to oversee the processes for you.

Many people are resorting to magnetic and electronic therapies as these modalities show encouraging results for treatment of different types of cancer including breast cancer. Treatment for these types of therapies includes magnetic resonance and electrotherapy. Electrical stimulation is used for treating breast tumors with electrotherapy. Tumor is destroyed gently with this technique. Since the procedure is mildly invasive, it can be performed with local anesthesia. Radio waves are used for treatment using magnetic resonance. The frequency used here is to ensure that it resonates with the cancer cells that do not have the same frequency as normal cells that are healthy.

Nowadays, people are being made aware of treating cancer, with its accompanying symptoms with good nutrition. Certain types of minerals, vitamins and nutrients help to fight breast cancer. A liquid extract of soy bean, known as Haelan, has proved to be helpful in helping to block blood supply to the cancer cells, apart from boosting the immune system and reducing the size of tumors. Another important nutrient is flax seed oil. It has proven effective in slowing down growth of cancer-cells and giving a tremendous boost to the immune system. It is also important to eliminate some things from one’s diet to prevent cancer from developing. For instance if you starve cancer with a low-sugar diet, it can arrest the growth of cancer-cells. Fiber also helps in fighting cancer as it aids digestion and does not make you hungry quickly. The benefits therefore from maintaining a high fiber diet prove advantageous for women.

Research conducted on various levels indicates that people, who maintain a diet that is high in fiber, can control the levels of estrogen, a hormone that is known to promote breast tumors.

Extensive research conducted by nearly 10 different studies were examined, after they were monitored for seven to eighteen years, during which time the diets followed by these women were traced as well as their far reaching effects with the chances of contracting cancer.
The tests conducted on 710,000 women proved that only 2,4% of women, who were on a high fiber diet were detected with breast cancer and the chances of contracting this disease was 11% lower, than for women who were not on this diet. These conclusions were drawn even after taking into account factors, such as overweight, HTR, family history and alcohol consumption.

While the results do not indicate that women who eat more fiber do not contract breast cancer, there is evidence that the chances of contracting this is less than that of their counterparts if they eat a healthy diet full of fiber content. They may also be following a regimen of healthy foods and behaviors that prove beneficial to warding off this dreaded disease. These are all assumptions based on facts, though it cannot be used as conclusive evidence of what may happen, if they did not eat the way they did.

The effect of consuming fiber may not be much, but it is recommended by experts, who believe in prevention being better than cure, apart from reducing cholesterol levels and helping to shed a few pounds all of which prove effective in the long run to help fight against cancer.

Statistics reveal that one out of eight women, in the US alone, will have to go through invasive treatment for this type of cancer, in their lifetime. The risks increase, as you advance in age and especially if you are female, both of which one can do nothing about.

The above methods are just a few of the various options available today for treating breast cancer. You should remember, importantly that your mind is your best bet to fighting cancer aggressively. You need to be strong in your beliefs and positive about the condition of your body.

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The surgical procedure for Mammoplasty is carried out cosmetically for augmentation, reconstruction, or reduction of the breast. Women, as well as a few men, opt for any of these categories due to psychological or medical reasons. Breasts can be reduced due to a personal desire, physical incapability, or perhaps certain medical risks. Many women go this procedure of breast reduction, because they may suffer chronic pain, poor posture, rash developing under their breast or deep grooves cutting their delicate skin due to pressure from the bra-strap. The size of their breasts may prevent them from carrying out certain important exercises, or any other activity, due to the pain involved. Some find this type of reduction an incentive, rather than having to face embarrassment, due to sporting large breasts and suffering from low esteem, social stigma or hearing some cruel jokes because of this.

This type of cosmetic surgery can be performed even when one is in their teens. It is wise to be cautious and understand that one may not be able to breastfeed after this surgery is performed. Remember that the size of the breast also changes, when one gives birth to a child, so it is wise to wait and consider this option, after you have had children. The plastic surgeon will discuss the size of breasts that you wish to possess and give you a low down on the benefits, while discussing issues of importance, in this connection. He will also make careful notes of your general health, medical history and measure and examine the breasts, take photographs and maintain these medical records.

Since breast reduction surgery is considered necessary, removal of excess fat, implants, glandular and skin tissues may be covered, by the insurance plan. The doctor can find out from the insurance company, for you, as to the amount that will be covered by them. Some companies insist that they will cover the surgical procedure, only if a minimum four pounds is removed, from each of the breasts. Make sure you refrain from smoking much before the due date of the surgery. Avoid taking any type of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal supplements, at least a week before undergoing surgery, as any one of these can put a spoke to quick recovery and get a list from your doctor about medicines that should be avoided. He should be informed of the herbs and vitamins that you are taking.

Be informed about the incisions that will be made, the amount of tissue that has to be removed and what to expect, as the breast reduction surgery will be carried out, as per the final decision made by both of you. Tubes will be inserted during the surgery so that once your breasts are bandaged, excess fluids from the body, can be drained successfully, to hasten the healing process. The bulbs that are lodged at the other end of the drainage tubes are emptied as and when necessary for a few days till the doctor decides to remove the tubes.

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Mammoplasty is the term used to refer to breast augmentation or enlargement done through a medical procedure, which is also referred to as cosmetic surgery, or breast implants. A silicone bag is planted over or under the breast muscle and filled with gel or saline solution. This medical procedure has been used for many decades popularly. Large numbers of women yearn to get larger breasts to look more attractive, but they cannot afford to go through this breast surgery, due to the exorbitant costs involved as well as the fact that it is dangerous.

There is no doubt that this type of breast augmentation surgery is a major surgery. The patient is admitted in hospital and has to get general anesthesia before the actual surgery. The curing time may be several months. Many people wish to have enlarged breasts, replace one if they have had to go through a mastectomy, or just make them look better cosmetically. Some used it when they wish to undergo gender transformation.

It is important to give serious consideration to this type of surgery as it can cause damaging effects on your overall health. One of the primary considerations is the exorbitant costs involved. A patient can run up a bill for a couple of thousands of dollars. This surgery also leaves a visible scar near the nipple or along the folds of the breast.

Since this treatment is carried out over a period of time, it can prove very expensive as one has to be on medication for a long time. Women have to undergo a lot of pain, which can last for several months, once the procedure is over. The other important factors to consider are that any major surgeries may bring upon adverse unexpected reactions, depending on the health of the individual who undergoes the treatment. Some patients suffer from ruptures of the implant, excessive bleeding reactions, reactions from anesthetic effects and infection, which can be fatal.

Triactol Bust Serum has proved to be a safe and effective alternative that can be used to get the same effects. The natural extract of the herb Pmirifica is manufactured as it has excellent properties. You just have to apply this extract on your breast and in a couple of week you will notice a permanent increase, in the cup size of your breasts. Not only is this treatment safe, but you can get equally good results without going through the surgery for breast augmentation.

Many people in the medical community were genuinely concerned about how the implants would work for women who breast-feed their children. These fears have now been proved futile. In fact, it has been observed that the formulas sold in the market had increased levels of silicone, which were much higher than those found in the milk of women, who underwent this surgery.

People may be under the impression that U.S is the best capital for carrying out breast augmentation. However this is not true. China has proved to be the most popular country where these types of surgeries are affected. This only goes to prove that plastic surgery is more popular in China.

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Once you have made up your mind to go through the surgery for breast augmentation, your next considerations should be the implants you wish to use, which could be either silicone or saline and also the shape and size of the breast implants. This decision lies with the patient, as there are no standard sizes that should or should not be used. The size entirely depends on the size the individual wishes to implant as there are different cup sizes which can be selected.

To make the right selection, you can look at pictures and let your surgeon know which size you would prefer to sport after the surgery. Ask the surgeon for his honest opinion. The plastic surgeon will make a copy of the picture and decide with you whether it will match your figure and fit well. He will also refer to the picture when the process of breast augmentation is underway.

The alternative option is to check out some breast implants that lie in the plastic surgeon’s office to see which ones suit you. Place them in your bra to get the right effect and decide whether it sits well on you.

The right way to measure the breast implants is by checking the cubic centimeters for volume and not the size of the bra. It is important to understand the weight factor as this will be implanted on the body. You can take a rice test, to get an idea of how much the implant will actually weigh. Fill a quarter of a measuring cup with rice and put this in a zip lock bag. Wear this bag inside your bra. The weight of the implant will be roughly 59 cc. If you fill it with 1/3 cup rice, it equals 80 cc and half cup with be 118 cc implant. 2/3 cup will be equal to 180 cc and a full cup will be about 235 cc implants. Wear these rice bags for a couple of days to get an idea of which size of implant will best suit your requirements.

The sizes mentioned above are not the final size of the breast as the implants are just one of the components. Each woman’s body size is different and the natural tissues of the breast also vary. However, the doctor will guide you, when you show him the picture of the breasts, you would finally like to possess.

It is a lot easier to choose the shape of the breasts you would like to possess than deciding on the size of the implants. Two options of implants are available. One is round and the other resembles a tear drop. The round is perfectly circular and looks more like a symmetrical half circle when you look at it from any side. The tear drop has a more natural look where the breast looks larger on the bottom than on the top of the implant.

The easier method to choosing the shape of the implant is to check out the existing amount of breast tissue that is available in your body. You should opt for the round implants if the natural tissues are over 2 cm as you will be able to cover the implant with at least 1 cm of natural breast tissue and this will give you the tear shop shape after the procedure is over. If you have less than 2 cm, you can opt for the tear drop implant to make your breast look natural after the surgery.

The plastic surgeon will be able to guide you on the recommended shaped and size of the breast implants though the ultimate decision is yours to take. You may decide on what shape or size you wish the breast implants to be, as it depends on your preference. Make sure that the surgeon is reputed and can carry out the implants successfully so that you will not have to face any problem in the coming years.

You have to ensure that your goals and objectives will be met before you undergo the surgery. Many women with small breasts feel inadequate and therefore it is advisable to visit a therapist before checking with the surgery. Make sure you know what size you want to ultimately sport as you cannot avoid going through more surgeries on this account.

Take pictures of the type of breasts you would like to achieve and let the surgeon give you an honest appraisal whether the breast implants will suit the anatomy of your body. There are only two things that can result with the implants and that is to get a natural or an artificial look. Your breasts will look natural when the right slope is maintained and the size complements the overall body shape.

Normal size breasts are generally larger than the normal size of breast implants. Clothes make a difference to how your breasts can look. If you wear oversize clothes, you can make your breasts look smaller or you can disguise the real size, by wearing figure-hugging clothes. Accentuate your breasts by wearing V-necks, button-ups or heavy knits.

Women who have flat chests prefer to go in for big breast implants. You will have to shop for the right size of bra as this is important. Your breasts tend to get wider after a breast implant and you may have a go in for a cup size that is large. Try to purchase these bras at your local stores, so that you can check out the real product for the size, rather than shop online.

You may have to spend a lot of money to increase your bust size with bigger implants. Shop around till you get a good deal of their quality. It is also wise to remember that bigger is not necessarily better. Your entire appearance can take a different turn when you have large breasts. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor before you go in for breast implants and take the most risk-free decision.

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One of the most common cancers that afflict women living in the United States is breast cancer. Though the incidents are rare, it can occur in men also. Nowadays, men in more developed countries are facing the universal threat of prostate cancer, which has become a universal threat. We therefore would like to discuss the all important factor of diet which is one of the underlying causes that can cause such problems in our environment.

Fortunately we do not have to worry about breast cancer being life threatening. If we detect the problem early, there are chances of surviving the dreaded disease. It is possible to know if we have breast cancer with mammograms, self-examining the breast (SBE) and clinically examining (CBE) them. It is worth while learning about breast cancer and making others aware of the disease to help save lives of people whom we care about.

Every month, women should conduct these self breast exams especially once the menstrual cycle is completed. There are various ways of performing SBE. Stand in front of the mirror after stripping your clothes and examine the breasts. Look carefully for lumps, discharge, dimpling or any type of warning signals that may be visible. Raise both your arms and continue to look for any sudden changes. Secondly, lie down and stretch your right arm over your head. Use three of the middle fingers of your left hand to feel under the right breast and around. Beginning at the nipple, move your fingers in a circular motion, around the breast, using a light pressure and then slowly increase the pressure to medium and finally hard. Now, with the help of your fingers, feel your breast, running lines up and down from the nipple to the breast. Lie on your other side and repeat the same stops to examine the left breast. This SBE method is not generally recommended for tracing breast cancer, but it will make women aware of any noticeable changes, if any, to report.

Women are recommended to help assist early detection, by getting CBE or clinical breast exams done by their doctor once every three years, or when they cross the age of 40. The examination process is same but this is done by the trained doctor and not the individual.

However, a mammogram, once a year, is the most recommended method for women once they cross the age of 40, though the other two methods are also quite important. Of course, if one wishes to make sure, they can subject themselves to all the three types of detection methods and learn how to arrest the problem at inception. Woman can help reduce the chances of contracting breast cancer, by limiting their alcohol consumption to just one drink in a day, getting regular exercise and being aware of their bodies, as well as their family history.

Genetics does not play an important role in determining breast cancer though we cannot change our genes. Only about 5 or 10 percent of the cases can be attributed to the cancer being passed down from one’s parent to the other generation. Even if there is no history of cancer in your family, it does not mean you are safe. Out of every ten cases, at least eight were recorded as not contracting this disease from either their sibling or mother. Women should be aware of these facts when they try to safeguard their bodies.

Check hormone levels regularly as they are responsible for causing breast cancer rather than the family genes. Certain hormones, prescribed during menopause may increase the risk and therefore it is always advisable to avoid such drugs, when trying to controlling menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Diet has a striking effect on the hormones. When we eat foods rich in fat, the estrogen in the blood increases, stimulating and rapidly dividing the breast cells and any one of these cells can prove cancerous. Switch over to a diet that is low on fat, high in fiber, consuming plenty of grain, vegetables and other natural foods found in plants to lower estrogen levels.

Follow a sensible diet plan whether you wish to avoid the risk or if you have been detected in the early stages. The most common type of cancer for women is breast cancer, which has destroyed the lives of women in large numbers every year, as they battle to arrest the problem. Research is constantly being carried out by scientists for lasting cures, but till something concrete materializes, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to getting sufficient nutrition.

We are aware of the popular adage “You are what you eat.” We should all take pains to ensure that we follow a diet that is healthy regularly, whether we have any ailments or not. Certain nutrients and chemicals that we imbibe help to ward off cancer from attacking our bodies. Our human body has a miraculous way of taking care of preventing diseases and infection, if we learn how to fuel the energies in the right direction.

What are the foods that we should necessary consume? Several chemical and nutrients, such as phytochemical agents are found in foods that are linked to the nutrients that helps fight the disease. These types of chemicals are found in foods that are plant-based which are excellent for promoting our overall health and fighting off diseases. We should eat these types of foods abundantly, if we wish to fight cancer and make sure our bodies are healthy.

The presence of Phytochemicals is beneficial in the body as they induce the activity of antioxidants that help protect the cells of our body. When oxidative damage is prevented, the risks of developing any type of cancer are greatly reduced. The other advantage is that Pathogen Adherence is prevented. Phytochemicals, in large numbers, stick to the walls of cells and dissuade the pathogens to do the same, thereby preventing the development of cancer. Phytochemicals also help prevent replicating of the DNA cells, as they interfere with the DNA and prevent the formation of cancer cells, which stops the disease from developing further.

You do not have to give up foods that you enjoy eating when you try to follow a healthy cancer fighting diet. You need to avoid several foods, when you wish to lose weight, or get your cholesterol levels lowered but with this diet, you need to eat plenty of foods that are good for you and which will restrict or prevent the development or growth of breast cancer.

If you are planning to adhere to a good diet full of nutrition to fight breast cancer you should start basing your meals, as well as snacking habits around the following suggestions. Try to follow the diet plan for the types of food you should eat and the number of servings that should be eaten in a day.

It is essential to increase the fiber content in our daily diet. Most Americans eat only about 12 grams of fiber daily, which is insufficient, as research on the subject proves that eating 25 to 30 grams of fiber will help to fight breast cancer and reduce the risk of contracting the disease by at least 11%. You can get the fiber from vegetables and fruits that are loaded with fiber.

Nutritionists recommend more than nine servings of fruits and vegetables rather than five. Phytochemicals and antioxidants are found in abundance with these foods which are essential to prevent cancer. The fruits and vegetables that are recommended most for fighting cancer are brussel sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, collards, kale, grapefruits and raspberries.

The other important foods to incorporate in the diet are dairy products. If you take low fat dairy every day in one or two servings, the linoleic acid conjugates with the dairy products to fight the onset of cancer. Nuts are also an excellent source of fiber, which should be included in the diet as it provided monounsaturated fats that are required to fight cancer, so make sure you take nuts two or three times in the week.

Different types of fish should be consumed regularly as they are great for combating the onset of cancer. Some of the types recommended are salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids in abundance, which is important for improving the blood circulation and more importantly protects the body, from contracting breast cancer. Fish has also proved to help the body respond better to chemotherapy. According to nutritionists, we should consume at least 3-6 portions of whole grains every day, as prevention to cancer diet plan. It helps to lower the estrogen levels as well as provides good fiber for the body.

It is important that phytochemicals and foods rich in antioxidants should be incorporated in the diet cancer plan though it sounds difficult. However, they will work well to help fight cancer and it is not necessary to worry about following a diet, as the foods recommended are healthy, tasty and you do not have to restrict yourself to preparing bland foods. Following a new diet full of the ingredients mentioned above, may not guarantee that you will not contract cancer, but it will lower the risk dramatically, which is important. Your body will respond better to treatment, if you follow the above diet, whether you are detected with cancer or not.

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One of the most annoying reasons for developing hot flashes is menopause. While this does not affect all women in the same intensity, many suffer for many years because of this exasperating condition both in the daytime as well as when going to bed.

Taking estrogen to relieve oneself from hot flashes is not advised on a long-term basis, though it does provide immense relief. Women, who have developed breast cancer, cannot take antidepressants. Studies reveal that this hormonal therapy has proved to help hot flashes in more than 50 percent of the cases.

Latest research indicates that escitalopram, the brand name of which is “Lexapro” has proved to reduce hot flashes among older women quite successfully. Women, who complained of hot flashes, occurring almost 10 times a day, found that they brought it down to almost half when taking an antidepressant. Women, who were given a placebo, reduced the problem to 6.5 unlike those who were on this drug.

Ellen Freeman is a research professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is also the lead author of this study. She remarked that antidepressants were the only other option for people who did not want to risk hormone therapy, which was the only known way to reduce the problem of hot flashes. She noted that women, who took escitalopram for about eight weeks, showed signs of reduced hot flashes in a day with reduced signs of severity.

These results can be viewed in the 19th issue of the Journal of the America Medical Association, which is funded by the U.S National Institutes of Health.
There has been no other known treatment apart from hormone therapy that has been used for women who go through different stages of menopause. In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative did a study and found that taking hormonal therapy was not the ideal recourse as this did not guard against the side effects. However, they are now able to identify, which class of women should opt for hormonal therapy and those who should refrain from this course of action.

Dr. Judi Chervenak, who is a reproductive endocrinologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, suggests that low doses of hormonal therapy would help certain women who showed no adverse indications to the contrary and that too for a limited period of time. However, for those women, who could not use this therapy for any reason, they could opt for antidepressants and similar medication such as SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). The FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) for treating depression approves these depressants (SSRI). This drug is however prescribed “off-label” as non FDA–approved drugs to work as painkillers or to reduce hot flashes as studies indicate. The drugs that come under this group heading are Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil, Celexa and Zoloft.

The FDA claims there is nothing similar to Lexapro in the U.S. A daily dose of 20-milligram per day costs about $100 for a month and this can vary according to the dosage.

Nearly 205 women, whose ages ranged from 40 to 62, were put on trial. Some of them were post menopausal and some had just completed the transitional stage of menopause. The criteria for passing the test were that they had to have experienced not less than 28 hot flashes per week and that too provided they suffered with acute discomfort. Most women complained they had more than 28 per week and reported severe hot flashes.

During this trial period, women were randomly given about 10 to 20 milligrams of escitalopram daily for eight weeks and others were given placebo. Research concluded that about 55% of women, who took escitalopram reported that their hot flashes were reduced by nearly 50% with a drastic decrease in the severity. Those who were given placebo felt about 36% reductions in experiencing hot flashes. The women who took escitalopram also indicated that their hot flashes increased 1.5 more times when they stopped taking the medicine, as compared to women who were given placebo.

The side effects affected hardly about 4% of the women, who took escitalopram according to Ellen Freeman. She also added that it was not possible to determine why hot flashes occurred and how the medication helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Chervenak remarks that though escitalopram is an option women, who are prone to hot flashes, should be able to take better treatment, if available to reduce the symptoms. She also added that if women did not want to resort to taking medicines, they should keep a diary and find out what caused the hot flashes and write down the symptoms and severity each time. According to her, red wine could set off the hot flashes. Other foods and drinks could be caffeine, spice, chocolate or even stress.

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We are all aware that fat generally stores in the butt & thighs of women when they begin to put on weight. Women eternally need to be reminded on how to tackle this problem.

1. Ensure you get proper nutrition
You need to eat properly to work off that fat. This is more important than performing endless squats, cardio exercises or squeezes those thighs by following Suzanne Summer’s “Thigh Blaster.” Cellulite cream may or may not do the drink.

At the expense of repeating myself, you need to understand that you should:
- Drink ounces of water that measures at least half of your bodyweight.

- Eat small meals every 3 hours daily

- Avoid sugar, sugar free foods that contain high doses of sucralose and fructose corn syrup.

- Eat more complex carbohydrates food which digests slowly such as sweet potatoes, multi-grain breads, oatmeal and vegetables.

- Use fiber supplements if necessary but ensure you get at least 25-30 grams daily.

- Avoid fried foods and stick to lean protein sources which include turkey, chicken fish, egg whites and lean beef.

- Cut out Trans fatty foods and saturated fats.

- Substitute with healthy fats found in essential fatty acids to help reduce weight.

2. Get rid of the weighing scale
The weighing scale does not give you the right picture of how you look and feel with a big butt or if you are losing any body fat. This may make you want to give up dieting or exercising ever again! Restrict your weight taking to when you visit the doctor’s office. I insist that is essential to trying to “get that nice butt back fat. Cardio exercises are basically not aimed at the muscles on the lower part of the body.

3. Cardio exercises do not work on the butt

Working out endless with cardio exercises will not help you tone your butt. Neither will you be able to hide that fat that makes your rear protrude similar to the way Lake Mead does on Hoover Dam. You may end up losing muscle tissue on the butt but this would only end up making the area sag with soft flab and prevent the body from burning overall.

Instead of walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill or working on the elliptical with the same speed and resistance, it is advisable to start with 15 minutes of cardio interval-training and slowly go up to about 25 minutes. Sweating profusely and falling short of breath for nearly 5 minutes after completing the workout proves that you have worked out properly. Get into an exercise routing with interval-training cardio at least thrice or four days a week.

4. Weight Training should be given priority
Most people associate weight training with “getting big or thick.” This is a myth. You burn more calories with the right weight training than you would with cardio. You burn up more calories when you weight train which continues to work on the body for nearly 38 hours afterwards. You cannot burn that much with cardio exercises which helps you knock off extra calories only when you actually work out.

Get a personal trainer to help you figure out how to use the machines. Take advantage of clubs that offer free training sessions when you sign up for membership. You could do better by hiring a professional and telling them what parts of your body you wish to concentrate on.

Now that you are aware that weight training will be advantageous to tighten that butt, here is a sample of a routine you can follow as a beginner.

Follow this routine two days of the week ensuring that you do not do them on 2 consecutive days. Ideally you could settle for Mondays and Thursdays. First warm up and then perform the five exercises without taking too long breaks between each and then rest for 2 minutes before beginning the set again. The routine should gradually increase from one set to two the following week and increase to three and four times in the following weeks. After the fourth week, you may need to switch up the routine. Practise the following with reps:
Tube Walk minimum 15 ft, down and back

Do 10 to 12 reps of Bench Step-ups first with 1 leg then the other. Add dumbbells (10 lbs.) to make it difficult.

Do 10-15 reps of Stability ball hamstring curls

Follow this with 15-20 reps of Wide Stance squats

Repeat 10 -12 alternate lunges per leg

Finally do 10-12 reps per leg of Lateral lunges

You may find it difficult to do the reps as above. Let this not discourage you. You will be able to improve as the day’s progress. Be consistent for the first four weeks and feel good when you notice your butt begin.

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According to a new study that was published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine on January 27th, there is enough evidence to believe that women who undergo abortion are not more likely to have psychiatric episodes than their pregnant counterparts. Trine Munk- Olsen, who was the lead author of the study, says that she wasn’t in the least surprised by the study findings seeing as it is that the findings mirror previous research that was conducted on the same subject.

There are several studies done in this field of abortion in relation to mental health, most of which show that abortion has no direct relation to increased risks of having low-self esteem, depression and such like mental health complications. Another study that was published in the Journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health’s December issue reported the same findings. According to the research, teenagers who underwent abortion had no ‘notable’ difference in their mental health and mental capacity as other pregnant teenagers.

Meet Priscilla K. Coleman, an experienced professor of human development and family studies based at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, who begs to differ on the matter, arguing that abortion increases the risk of mental health complications. She concludes that during the time when the study was conducted, there was not enough tangible evidence to reach such a conclusive analysis seeing as it is that the study was done only on 69 teens that had undergone abortion.

The latest research on this field was a Danish study which, according to Dr. Joe DeCook, the director of operations of the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, believes that the study ought to be balanced by comparing it to other studies that have come to the conclusion that there is certainly a serious and long-term unseemly result for most women on their mental health totality.

According to DeCook, 50% of abortions are always repeated abortions, which the study does not take into account. Further, 11% of abortions take place after the first trimester, and women who fall under this category are also not included in the analysis. It is believed that these women tend to be at higher risk for ensuing mental health problems.

Some previous studies had discovered that abortion could adversely affect one’s mental health. The authors of the Danish study however could not fail to note that it isn’t implausible that an unplanned pregnancy could lead to mental health problems in itself. Thus, the authors said they studied the issue of abortion and mental health in a methodical and systemic way. According to this study, women having abortions between 1995 and 2007 in Denmark were followed for a period of 21 months, 9 months before the abortion and 12 months after the procedures. Every woman who had a first-time, first-trimester-induced abortion had at least been admitted to a psychiatric hospital once, or even had records of mental health treatment as an outpatient in an outpatient clinic.

Note that abortion is free and very much legal in Denmark during the first trimester. 15 out of 1,000 women were found to have a first time mental health problem during the first year after their first-trimester-induced abortion, with the common reason for visiting a psychiatry being stress-related or neurotic complaints. Note however that some past studies had suggested issues like regret or sadness, although these do not really make up for a mental disorder per se.

The study authors further went to report that among mothers who actually carried through their pregnancy to delivery, around 4 out of 1,000 women had a first-time psychiatric episode before delivery and around 7 afterwards, an increase which could have been attributed to postpartum depression. It was thus concluded that the high level of psychiatric visits for the abortion group of women reflect that women who have had an abortion are at a very vulnerable period of their lives, although this was not known for sure.

The vice president for medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Vanessa Cullins thus concluded that the findings clearly indicates that parenting, and more so motherhood are choices with lifelong implications and commitments and that individual women are better suited to decide when, how, and more importantly if they are ready to give birth and raise a kid.

In conclusion therefore, as per the largest study to be done to compare the outcome of both abortion and delivery suggests that having an abortion does not directly increase the risk of psychiatric episodes and mental health problems in women, but having a kid does. This research which was done by Danish scientists, further debunks the idea that while terminating a pregnancy can trigger mental illness, postpartum depression can be a huge factor. The most common problems and complaints among both women who deliver and those who have abortion is that they were suffering from severe depression, stress, and unbearable anxiety.

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The following is an overview of the common concerns among women and what measures can be taken to avoid breast problems as answered by leading dermatologists across the world.

According to Debra Jaliman, MD, and professor in charge of dermatology at the famous Mount Sinai School of medicine based in New York City, women on their 30s will start to notice uneven pigmentation and brown spots on their breasts. To counter this, she advices on using an OTC product such as the famous Nia 24 Sun Damage Repair for Décolletage and Hands, a product that contains nicotinic acid, an ingredient that has proven to reduce discoloration and ageing spots.

At this stage of a woman’s life, the main concern is plumb wrinkles unevenly distributed on the chest. To counter this, a collagen-stimulating laser, such as the recently developed Medlite or Genesis, will do the trick by stimulating your skin to manufacture new collagen. For the most effective results that would last between 3 and 5 years, most ladies will need at least 3-6 treatments, where one goes for around $400.

Due to over 50 years of exposure to the sun, your skin will have an eerie look. To counter this, you can use glycolic peels to stimulate the production of collagen. You can also opt for a photosome-based treatment such as the Remergent DNA repairs Formula that goes for $125 which is a prescription from dermas. OTC products with the hyaluronic acid ingredient will also do the trick as they retain moisture and improves the appearance of skin, albeit temporarily.

With that being said, here are some additional tips to help maintain your breasts:
- If you must take a pill, be advised that you are ingesting estrogen without your doctor’s permission. Needless to mention, excess estrogen in the body can lead to breast cancer
- Breasts are made up of mammary glands and fats which contain collagen. As you age, the collagen will start to thin out, which means the skin around the breasts will start to lose its tightness. To counter this, you are advised to put on the right fitting bra and keep your breasts in their best shape by doing aerobics, playing games such as tennis or even jogging.
- Of equal importance to keep in mind is that hormonal changes that take place in the female body will also be felt in the breast skin texture. As a result, immediately after menstruation, the tissues around your breasts tend to be softer for several days. On the flip side of the coin, before your menses, the breasts will grow tighter and bigger, albeit temporarily.
- The only guaranteed way to keep your breasts in great shape is by doing exercises that concentrate on the chest muscle. Exercises such as swimming are great as they will ensure blood circulation is at its best in the chest area. A good body posture, keeping your shoulders upright is also advisable for optimal health of your breasts.