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Nowadays children are getting exposed to far greater stress than their counterparts experienced before the 21st century. Children have to learn how to deal with this imminent threat all the time in today’s world so that they are able to handle the pressures that they experience in their environment.

Most kids are faced with stress almost like what their peers experience and it is compounded with negative emotions. It is difficult for children to learn how to cope with stress as they are not trained to use the necessary tools and skills that adults normally use in society. Children therefore need to learn anti stress techniques of relaxation at an early age, which will stand them in good stead, when they grow up to be adults.

Children should be subjected to productive anti stress activities that relax them and eliminate feelings of anxiety or frustration as they expend all their energy. An excellent game that can be used for this purpose is Play-Do. Children are encouraged to use their creativity skills and with the help of their hands form interesting figures and shapes to help them relax. They can also indulge in activities that promote coloring, painting and drawing.

Laughter as we all know is the best anti stress medicine. Your blood pressure levels lower as you start laughing loudly. The hormones that control your stress levels also benefit by producing more hormones that will kill pain and elevate your mood naturally. Try to ensure that you allow your children to relax with a comedy so that they start laugh. You can also joke, or share funny anecdotes or even make funny faces to amuse them.

Deep breathing techniques area highly recommended for reducing stress and tension. Make your child stop whatever stressful chore they are undertaking and relax in a comfortable area where there is no disturbance. Instruct them to close their eyes and inhale slowly, taking deep breaths, at least three times. It will help if you teach them how to breathe in from their nose and exhale their breath from their mouths after which they open their eyes slowly. These types of breathing exercises performed several times will help them de-stress.

Children benefit greatly when they start yoga training at an early age. This Eastern medication and techniques of breathing the yogic way will help your child tremendously to automatically de-stress. Not only will your child find it enjoyable, but they can easily master the anti stress techniques and poses taught to them by the instructors. You can also purchase DVDs, such as Marsha Wenig’s ABC for ages 3 – 6 or the second volume of “Yoga kids,” which will prove to be beneficial teaching aids.

There is no overstating the importance of getting sufficient rest and sleep as this is the greatest reliever of stress. Children are unduly stressed with improper sleep as they need to build up their natural defenses. It is therefore recommended that they get at least eleven or thirteen hours sleep in a day, especially if they are 3 to 5 years old. As they grow older, they can manage with about 10 to 11 hours of sleep in a day.

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The drug Ablify Oral is prescribed in the treatment of patients who suffer from depression, autism, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. The tablets are taking orally once a day and for people who find it difficult to swallow oral medication, it is also available in the form of solutions and powder- dissolving tablet form. Clinical tests indicate that there is no clear theory on how the medication works. As part of the second-generation group of classified drugs, they are referred to as atypical antipsychotics. People who are mentally challenged react in a certain way, due to the elevated levels of chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine in their brains and this drug has proved successful in reducing the effects of these types of chemicals, if not blocking them, from the brain.

Ablify also has certain side effects like any other medication though it may not manifest itself in some users. For the most part, these drugs do not have major adverse effects and it is possible to treat problems that arise with medication, prescribed by the healthcare provider. Some of the most common symptoms of Ablify Oral are anxiety, headaches, nausea and insomnia.

This antiphsychotic drug is available in the market and is of atypical type. Aripiprazole is also used to treat problems, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, as it targets these mental conditions specifically. This drug may be prescribed along with other drugs for patients undergoing depression. Ablify Oral is effective for restoring the neurotransmitter balances of specific natural chemicals that are found in the brain. It is possible to reduce the hallucinations that people experience and reduce feelings of nervousness. Once they see life in a clear and positive light, they begin to take things in their stride and participate in normal daily activities, as they lose their feelings of anxiety and start thinking clearly and behaving positively. This drug is especially effective for controlling and decreasing major mood swings.

Whenever you take Aripiprazole, read the instructions and the Medication Guide that is handed to you by the pharmacist. Make sure you have all your doubts answered by your pharmacist or doctor. Ideally, this drug is taking orally once a day according to the doctor’s directions. Use a measuring cup or spoon if you are taking the oral solution. The dosage will depend on how you respond to therapy and is generally based on your overall medical condition. It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions properly as he may slowly increase the dose if he finds that there are no adverse side effects noticed.

Make sure you remove the tablet, from the blister pack carefully with dry hands and place the tabled on your tongue till it dissolves completely, making sure you swallow saliva to ensure that the medication has rapidly dissolved as it is supposed to do. Breaking, crushing or splitting the tablet is not advised. The tablet has to be taken as soon as it is extracted from the pack. You do not have to drink water immediately after swallowing the tablet. Make sure you take the recommended dosage as prescribed by the doctor as overdosing oneself may lead to adverse reactions and delay recovery. Set aside a particular time to take the medication as it has to be taken every day. It is not advised to refrain from taking daily medication unless the doctor instructs you to stop. Though you experience a feeling of wellness, it is necessary to continue the drugs, for the entire period required, before it is decreased gradually and brought to a stop. Always keep your doctor informed of your condition.

The symptoms that you may experience when taking Ablify Oral are vomiting, lightheadedness, drooling saliva, nausea, fatigue, weight gain, constipation and blurred vision. It is in your best interests to notify your pharmacist or doctor the minute you experience any of the above side effects. The doctor may not be aware of how the medication will react on you, when he prescribes the drug, as these side effects are not very common.

You should inform the doctor if you experience fainting spells, feel very weak, and experience depression with suicidal tendencies, weakness, pounding of the heart or general lethargy. If you have trouble swallowing, feel tremors, notice that your expression is wooden and you experience any king of stiffness, muscle spasms or swelling of your feel or ankles, be sure to notify the doctor immediately.

The other side effects to watch out for are any type of infection, such as a persistent sore throat or fever, as these symptoms are quite rare but can have serious repercussions. Ablify Oral can cause a rare condition referred to as tardive dyskinesia, which can become a permanent condition, where you will develop some rare involuntary movements of the face, arms, mouth or legs.

In some extreme cases, it is possible that a patient on this drug may experience a serious neuroleptic malignant syndrome, which is a disorder of the nervous system, but rarely fatal. It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention if any of the above adverse reactions are experienced. Since you are under the care of your health provider, you will be constantly monitored for any drug reaction, so it is up to you to ensure that you follow instructions to the T and do not alter the dosage on any account with getting their concurrence.

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The people’s point of view on the issue of obesity has changed over the time. Some centuries ago, obesity was a sign of wellbeing and high social status. As you may notice from the famous medieval artist’s pictures, people in those days considered fat women beautiful and these women had nothing to worry about. The same was the situation with the men, since obesity was a way to demonstrate their wealth and prosperity. However, the fast industrial development became a reason to not only produce enough food for all social classes, but also a reason for change in the perception of beauty. Women who have lean and slender bodies are currently considered beautiful and attractive, which place fat people in unfavorable position. Women started to fight obesity like never before, creating hundreds of diets. People commonly believe that a slender body is not only beautiful, but healthy, successful and prosperous and try to reach that ideal by all means. This is the reason for eating disorders occurring. Anorexia nervosa is a condition that affects women in age group 11 – 60. This disorder has spread mainly in countries that produce food in abundance at low prices.

The fact that genetic predisposition predetermins individual’s tendency to gain weight, makes the problem with obesity even worse. Since some people are more predisposed to have fatty body than others, irrespective of the hours per day they exercise or the amount of food they consume, they are simply predetermined to be fat. As a consequence, if the woman is predisposed to have a fat body and she constantly focus on her daily calories intake; she is likely to soon develop an eating disorder. This woman can spend much time looking herself in the mirror hoping that she became a bit slimmer. This idea to meet the social standards of beauty turns into addition and the only focus is how to burn fat applying different diets, physical exercises and even abstaining from eating. Since the people prefer to follow the crowd instead of withstand their own principles, some women who has an appealing shapely body, do their best to become slender in order to meet social standards.

Although anorexia nervosa is considered to be mainly women disorder, the searches show that about 10 percents of all affected teens are boys. This disorder makes person to have unrealistic and distorted view of his/her body making them feeling fat even when the body became dangerously thin. Anorexia nervosa is a life-treating disorder that requires medical therapy. Approximately twenty percents of teens that have anorexia nervosa will die and one percent of all young people suffer from eating disorders.

One of the most obvious symptoms that a teen has anorexia nervosa is his /her denial of underweight and trying to lose more and more weight. In addition, they usually are extremely discriminative about what they will consume. They count each calorie reducing the food amount at the absolute minimum.

They also may refuse to eat with the reason they are not hungry. Their food refusal makes them avoid social gatherings or other events where the food presents. For teenagers, suffering of anorexia nervosa it is typical to go to extremes with the exercises and boys are obsessed by the idea to look like athletes.

Studies on the subject indicate that anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric illness that records the highest rate of mortality. It is very important that you seek treatment if you or someone you love, has this problem. Several options are offered to combat anorexia nervosa.

The patient with anorexia nervosa should have one-on-one session with a therapist and the number of visits is decided on the severity of the case. The therapists who are qualified to handle this problem are those that have degrees in social work or psychology. The therapist could also be an ARNP (Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner) who has trained in the field of mental health and psychiatry. It is an added advantage if the therapist is familiar with the topic of eating disorders, as they will be more competent to handle the patient. The therapist talks to the patient and discusses the thought and emotions of the patient. They may also discuss the body image or the therapist may question the patient about their relationships and family. The therapist may weigh the situation at the end of each session and ask the patient to take psychological tests, such the Beck Depression Inventory, or the MMPI. It is entirely possible that the patient need not be hospitalized by making them understand the reason for their problem and how to overcome it easily.

Dieticians are also trained to work with therapists to resolve problems of eating disorders and help patients. The dietician takes care by supplying the right diet, while the therapist works in tandem to supply emotional support, by counseling. Patients are able to relate to dieticians who prescribe the quantity and type of foods that are necessary to become healthy again. Dieticians can carefully explain the repercussions of starving because of some emotional or physical problem that besets the patient. Both the therapist as well as the dietician can prevent the patient from being hospitalized. The dietician may also be capable of providing specialty treatment to arrest eating disorders by talking at length and convincing the patient.

A method that is commonly used for adolescents is the family-based approach, referred to as the Maudsley Method. For this treatment to be successful parental involvement are essential and the patient can come in as an outpatient. Adolescents are helped, to regain weight, without being threatened to be hospitalized for a long period of time and disrupt their normal life. Parents take an active role, along with the therapist, to monitor the adolescent who is allowed to feed themselves once they show signs of restored weight again. Once they reach the target weight, they are then advised therapy sessions. The Maudsley Approach works effectively when parents take an active interest in helping their child regain weight and leading a normal life again.

Several hospitals, community mental health centers and clinics offer day treatment Partial Hospitalization programs. Here the patient has to spend a major portion of the day at the healthcare facility and can reside at their homes for the rest of the evening/night. This allows the patient time to themselves at home, over the weekend, or during the evenings. When you enroll for the partial hospitalization program, you have a choice of undergoing group therapy, individual therapy, or family therapy. The patient also has the advantage of taking up recreational therapy or music therapy. The other programs offered are education in nutrition, cognitive behavioral therapy and problem solving. Patients with anorexia nervosa are given breakfast, as well as lunch and a few snacks during the program along with guidelines on nutritional care when they are on their own on weekends and evenings. This is an effective approach where people can avoid being hospitalized.

If a patient has to be hospitalized, it may involve being treated in a locked hospital. This is because patients who come in for treatment are medically unstable. The anorexic patient has to take part in family therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy and recreational therapy. Feedback is available from a therapist, or the peers, when a patient gets involved in group therapy. Regular blood tests may be conducted to asses one’s health status. A psychiatrist is always on call if medication is required. The patient is required to eat food as they have to regain weight crucially. The caregivers in the facility will decide whether the patient has to be weighed once daily or three times weekly. The advantage of treating patients with this type of hospitalization is that they are in a safe environment, where many professionals are working round the clock to provide good care.

Anorexia nervosa patients who opt for residential treatment are taken care of in the home environment. They will have to involve themselves with the various therapies for individuals; group, nutritional or family therapy to ensure that they are medically stable and can get back to daily life. Patients are also offered involvements with music, art and recreational therapies. To give an example, a “ropes and challenge” course is conducted at Rogers Memorial Hospital for their residence as part of an experiential therapy. In Arizona, the Remuda Ranch offers an equine therapy as part of the residential program. At Arabella House, which offers a transitional residence for women who are sixteen or older, cooking and housekeeping is encouraged as a therapy for women to learn how to work together. The women residing there also do volunteer work and teach other patients to take care of themselves. Free residential facilities are offered by the Christian Mercy Ministries of America along with biblical counseling. This option of residential treatment works well for individuals to need extra support so that they can get back to leading normal lives again.

The last but not the least is the Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous who use the twelve-step approach. The twelve-step programs offered by Recoveries Anonymous specially cater to individuals who struggle with various eating disorders and have recovered from anorexia. This group also provides emotional support to the family members and friends of recovering anorexic patients. Several online support groups are available for specific groups to help them and make them understand that they are there for them. These groups are generally nonjudgmental and aid anorexic patients in their struggle to overcome their eating disorders. Some of these groups may specifically cater to males only. Our peers can offer excellent support most of the time.

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Aromatherapy is used for soothing the body by breathing in scented oils to help people relax and experience the elevation of their senses which contribute to health benefits. Substances are diffused, with the use of soy candles in Aromatherapy and you inhale the gentle air that wafts through the bloodstream, to the brain and soothes the entire system. Throughout the ages, Aromatherapy using essential oils have provided the body energy and natural powers of healing. Each one of the hundred essential oils available has their own special property which can be used to advantage. Some people add a few drops to their bathtub, while others light candles in the rooms, so that the diffused air created will fill their senses and work effectively to produce aromatic relief for many problems.

The candle wax that was originally used in Aromatherapy was beeswax, or paraffin wax, till recently. Nowadays soy candles are popularly used. Hydrogenated oil is extracted from natural soybeans that are organically grown on farms. Many advantages have been reported with the use of these oils over the other waxes both for the therapy itself as well as for the environment.

The reason the environment benefits is because the soy candles dispel the air with clean perfumes and do not contain toxins, or soot that is normally produced, when using paraffin wax. Petroleum fumes have harmful effects and since paraffin wax is a by-product, it continues to produce harmful results. The emission from the carbon will make the walls as well as ceilings turn black and also introduce carcinogens in the environment.

The oils produced from soybeans prove to be totally biodegradable and a resource that can be renewed. Therefore the impact thus produced on the environment is lower than those produced by any of the other oils used for making candles. Another advantage with soy candles is that they burn longer and evenly due to the introduction of spiral cotton wicks in the candle. The result is that they are cost-effective, as well as they intensify the effects of the essential oils, because they burn longer and do not emit toxins. When you use traditional candles, the soot and toxins produced mix with the oils to hamper the benefits that one should ideally receive from burning them.

The soy wax from the candle blends with the various essential oils used to produce varying effects for Aromatherapy. Therefore, you should carefully select the aroma, when you select the candle of your choice. You may be feeling depressed and need something that will give you’re a calming effect. You should ideally choose soy candles that are rose, jasmine scented, or those that have lavender to generally calm and soothe you. Inhale scents of basil to improve concentration, or if you have a headache or nauseas, you can try the essence of ginger oils. Eucalyptus essential oil will give you relief from sinus or a cold infection, hay fever and allergy problems. Candles that have citronella oils, are great for keeping insects away especially, when you are out-door entertaining. Check out the sandalwood essential oils proven effective for its aphrodisiacal properties. Choose any one of the essential oils to get benefits as you inhale lit soy candles used for Aromatherapy.

This article will help you understand the advantages and benefits of use Aromatherapy to relieve stress in a healthy surrounding. It will make you aware of the various symptoms so that you know how to take care immediately. Read carefully and make sure you understand how to use Aromatherapy successfully to help you de-stress in a healthy environment.

You can use this therapy to handle your stress in three different ways using aroma. You can inhale it, add a few drops in your bath water, or apply the oil as a topical cream. You will enjoy a soothing bath when you use oils in the bath water. It will help to apply it on the skin if you require a concentrate to help you sleep better. Depending on the use, opt for any of the three recourses and use the one that you think will work to your advantage.

If you wish to know which oils work best, so that you can try it out first, use lemon oil if you need to inhale some aroma. It is also useful for elevating one’s mood. You can lavender oil for the same purpose as well, when you wish to get a good night’s sleep. The lavender topical cream will also aid in getting good rest. Therefore, make it a point to pick up any or both these wonderful essential oils.

As with all remedies, you may experience some side effects. The downside is that sensitive skin may get irritated with use of concentrate oils so you should dilute the same before use. Make sure you check if you are allergic to a particular essential oil as you may develop some skin reactions. Keep these oils safely out of reach pets, as they can prove harmful to animals, because of the toxicity. These are just a few drawbacks that may prevent you from using these scented oils.

The effects of essential oils are truly amazing. They help you unwind and de-stress after a day’s hard work and you will feel more energetic once you inhale the oils. Your thinking and concentration improves tremendously. You can improve your focus on various subjects with the help of essential oils, especially if you tend to forget things, or are careless. You can use these oils to correct many problems, once you are aware of the side effects that can come up and if you do not break out into any allergic reaction, when using them that can cause adverse reactions.

You should be well versed now with the use of Aromatherapy for using it to help you de-stress. You now know the benefits of most of the oils and which ones to pick up more often. You now only need to get started with Aromatherapy by purchasing the oil that will suit your needs and deciding which of the applications suit you best to enable you to sit back and enjoy the soothing relaxation.

You can check this video to learn how to blend essential aromatherapy oils:

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There are so many things that cause stress in life today. Perhaps you have work related problems, personal problems, you are going through bullying, and perhaps you have financial challenges and such like things that are known to trigger stress. The following are some stress related symptoms that could be tell-tale signs of stress.

- Difficulty getting sleep or waking up at night soaked in hot sweat, inability to sleep undisturbed for a period of at least 6 hours, feeling fatigued every night as you retire and finding it hard to have a sleep pattern?

- Constant headaches and unexplained migraines throughout the day and night could also be an indicator of stress and are highly likely to remain till you solve the underlying cause of stress

- Chronic itching could also be an indicator of stress

- Unexplained loss of hair, which is believed to also worsen the condition as it, is a source of stress in its own right. So if you are stressed and you notice hair loss, you are advised to seek urgent medical attention to help control your hair loss.

The above-mentioned are just few of many stress related symptoms. The good thing with stress however is that you can seek professional help and get the situation contained. A professional specialist will help you identify your stress triggers and work towards combating the problem from the root cause. As a result, you will be able to not only control your situation but also hopefully get rid of the triggers of stress so you can lead a normal stress free life.

Apart from professional assistance, if you find that you are constantly dealing with lots of stress, the other effective stress remedy is to look for natural alternatives to get rid of stress. Luckily, just like anxiety, stress can be cured and combated naturally, giving you the much needed relief without taking medications that are potentially addictive or very dangerous. The following are some great stress relief tips to help you not only cope with the condition but also get rid of it naturally.

1. Increase your physical activity

Did you know that an activity as simple as walking, which we do unknowingly, could be the remedy you ever need to get rid of stress and stressors in your life? If you didn’t know now you know and so you should ensure you increase your physical activity. Be motivated and be very active and ensure your life has activities that will keep your body as active as never before. Something as simple as walking, swimming, jogging, and such like activities that improve your heart beat will really help in relieving stress and anxiety. As your heart rate increases with such physical activities, your body will pump up blood and endorphins will be released that will make you feel elevated and far much better.

2. Replace your coffee with green tea

Rather than taking coffee which is widely known as a depressant, why not opt for a natural and safe green tea. Green tea is known for its potency in making one feel calm and relaxed, perhaps because of the availability of L-theanine, indeed a great stress-relieving ingredient. According to researches and studies contacted in different parts of the world, green tea will not only relieve anxiety and stress, it will also lower your blood pressure, make you concentrate better, and fight off depression among other great benefits.

3. Aromatherapy

The third option at your disposal when it comes to curing and combating stress is through aromatherapy … a natural and very effective stress and anxiety remedy known to man since time immemorial. Aromatherapy calms your senses thanks to the amazing soothing and irresistible smells. The reason why this is effective is because you can use the oils for aromatherapy in your bath water and give yourself a nice tranquil soak as you relinquish your stress. Alternatively, you can get a massage done with these aromatic aromatherapy oils. Here you get to benefit not only from the oils but also from the massage, which will calm your nerves and muscles and make you relaxed. Scented candles can also be great for aromatherapy at home.

4. Herbal Supplements

Further, herbal supplements are also great for relieving stress and anxiety in the most natural way possible. A known stress reliever is Kava, the famous St. John’s Wort which are readily available at local health drug or food stores. There are so many other herbal supplements available in the market today which you can use to relieve and combat stress naturally, and the best way to get started is to visit a certified naturopath who will recommend herbal supplements ideal for you as an individual.
There is nothing as stressful and frustrating as living with stress, which is very dangerous to not only your health but also mental status.

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panic attacks

Panic attack is one of the most debilitating mental health conditions that many people struggle with today. It is no wonder many studies and researches have been conducted in an effort to establish the most efficient and effective ways of controlling panic attacks, if not get rid of it permanently. Medications and continuous therapy treatments have proven very effective in curbing the effects of this mental health condition, but it helps to know that just like any other type of health condition today, what you eat plays a very critical role in controlling or maintaining your panic attack disorder.

As is widely known, panic attacks affects the nervous system directly so maintaining a diet rich in Vitamins B is important in helping to nourish the nervous system and also help in calming it. As such, it pays to learn the types of foods that can play a significant role in controlling panic attacks as well as reducing the symptoms. Still on point, it will also pay to know the types of foods that are responsible for prompting the symptoms and worsening the condition so you can keep away from them and control the disease.

One of the most vital food categories is the B group of vitamins, which have proven very effective in strengthening the nervous system thus making it less susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks. As such, always ensure you take a balanced diet so you can control the panic attacks. Put more emphasis on foods rich in proteins, and ensure you have a daily intake of at least 20% of such foods such as seafood, meat, poultry, cheese, eggs, and tofu to mention but a few. At least 30-35% of your daily food intake should be made of baked potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, legumes, peanuts, watermelon, and oranges.

40-45% of the remaining should include pasta, whole grain cereal, oatmeal, wheat, bread, and brown rice. Needless to mention, your diet should be completed with regular physical activity and a changed lifestyle so you can curb the effects of panic attack and control the condition all together.

Foods that you must avoid
As previously mentioned, there are foods known to worsen the condition hence you must avoid them if you are to get the much needed relief from panic attacks. The first thing that you must avoid is alcohol as it is known to increase hyperactivity particularly in the nervous system. When you have an overactive nervous system, it will trigger an extra-ordinary level of alertness, which over time becomes very stressful and unmanageable. Other stimulants such as caffeine and high amounts of sugar found in drinks such as tea, chocolate, cola, should also be avoided under all costs in order to control and manage panic attacks.

Symptoms of panic attacks
Today, many people suffer from panic attacks, but the degree of severity will differ from one person to another. Some of the symptoms that characterize panic attacks include excessive sweating, lightheadedness, dizziness, fast heart beat, nervousness, hot flashes, hyperventilation among other factors.

Here are 5 important tips to help you overcome panic attacks
1. Relaxation exercises – relaxation exercises like Pranayam and Toga have proven very effective in curbing stress, thus controlling the level of hyperactivity in the nervous system. Relaxation exercises, coupled with deep breathing also calm the nervous system and the brain, and in the process particular chemicals are released that will curb the nerves and thus reduce the odds of attack.

2. You also need to map out your journey to recovery. Sometimes the condition is worsened by thinking too much, especially things that are beyond your control. Take time off your busy lifestyle and write down what you plan to achieve and in what period of time. Most cases are very mild and a positive change of attitude will go a very long way in controlling, and eventually stopping all attacks in the near future.

3. Divine intervention – don’t forget to pray for your situation. If your creator has put you in the situation, most definitely he has figured a way out for you. Keep the faith and keep praying with dedication and devotion until you receive your miraculous healing. If anything, faith is the direct opposite of nervousness or anxiety.

4. Pinpoint the root cause of the problem – identify the specific things that lead to panic attacks in the human body. If you can, create a list and list down all the reasons that triggered the first attack, and keep monitoring their occurrence and frequency of the attacks. This way, you can be able to recognize the panic signals and then go ahead to develop a positive mental attitude towards the condition.

5. Seek professional assistance – if the condition is persistent, the best course of action would be to talk to a psychiatrist or a professional counselor who will counsel you out of the situation.

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It is reported that over 3M American citizens suffer from the condition known as panic disorder, a condition that causes feelings of acute anxiety and fear and as a result can significantly interfere with one’s day-to-day life such as travelling, going to work, or even simply leaving the house. The major characteristic of panic disorder is the panic attacks itself i.e. a sudden and very overwhelming sensation of terror and fear that engulfs one anytime of day or night. Many people suffering from the panic disorder are also reported to have the attacks accompanied by many physical sensations.

The reason why people suffering from panic disorder are afraid to get out of the house is because of the fear of getting a panic attack while outside. Many people live with continuous worry about future panic attacks, or rather they are always convinced that there condition is a sign of serious life-threatening emotional, mental, or physical problems. Panic disorder although mild from the start can become a very debilitating condition lasting from a few months to several years if medical attention is not sought out early enough.

Types of Panic Disorder
Panic disorder can be classed into two – one with agoraphobia and the other one without. Agoraphobia is described as extreme avoidance or fear that someone suffering from panic disorder associates with apprehension and severe anxiety. As such, someone suffering from a panic disorder with agoraphobia will rarely leave the house because of very intense fears and anxiety. It is estimated that at least 26% of people suffering from panic disorder also are reported from suffering from agoraphobia.

Cause of Panic Disorder
It is yet to be known with certainty the real cause of panic disorder, but as with other medical conditions whose cause is unknown, there are several theories regarding the matter. Some of the possible contributing factors of panic attacks have been reported to be:-

1. Genetics
One of the contributing factors to panic disorder is genetics in the sense that if you have someone in your family lineage suffering from the condition, you are twice as likely to get the disorder yourself. Further, women tend to be more genetically predisposed to develop the disorder than their male counterparts.

2. Psychological
The condition can also develop after a major ‘stressful’ event in life. Transitional events such as the birth of a kid, marriage, divorce, graduation from the university, death of a loved one, separation can trigger some bouts of panic attack. Separation and loss of a loved one are particularly associated with the onset of the condition.

3. Physiological
There is reason to believe, well at least according to researchers, that panic disorder may be triggered by a physiological dysfunction in the human brain. There is a brain organ known as amygdale that is responsible for triggering your response in fear. It is because of the fact that people suffering from panic attacks have an unusually low baseline in this brain organ that causes unexplainable and sudden fear reactions.

The Prevalence of Panic Disorder
Statistics indicate that one in every seventy five people is affected by panic disorder, with women being more prone to the condition than men. Panic disorder basically starts between ages 18 and 24 and in most cases will always disappear after several months of counselling.

Panic attack symptoms
According to the medical journal, a panic attack is defined as an impulsive increase in fear and panic that peaks in 5-10 minutes and which is accompanied by a minimum of 4 physical sensations, which might include:

- Shortness of breath/difficulty in breathing
- Tightness in the chest
- Chest pains
- Tightness in the throat and experiencing difficulties when swallowing
- Chills or hot flashes
- Racing heartbeat
- Nausea and/or dizziness
- Fear of going crazy, losing control of yourself, or/and fear of dying

Panic Disorder Complications
At least 50-60 per cent of individuals suffering from panic disorder report depression, and a further one in every five patients will have attempted suicide. Further, there seem to be a correlation between panic disorder and substance abuse, with about 35% of the patients suffering from this disorder having reported issues with alcohol and/or drugs

Treating panic Disorder
There are several treatment and medications available in the market today that treat panic disorder. These treatments, sometimes used in combination or on their own, have proven very effective in combating the condition. At least 70% of people suffering from panic disorder will report significant positive changes in their recovery efforts, and a further 20% will report full recovery from using these treatments. Counselling and psychotherapy has also proven very effective in treating panic disorder, and mild bouts of panic attacks can disappear within several weeks of comprehensive guidance and counselling. Thus you should consult with your doctor to find out more about the different treatment options available for panic disorder.