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A man’s sexual function is doomed to decline over age. Testosterone levels slowly fall, and it eventually takes more effort to stimulate him than it did previously. Even once, he is aroused, it takes longer for him to be able to achieve orgasm and an erection. The quality and quantity of the man’s sperm also will decline over time. Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction occurs at the ages of forty to seventy. Men also tend to experience their ability to urine gradually decline. Over time, a man’s urine stream will weaken due to his bladder muscles weakening over time. This weakening of the bladder muscles can also be accompanied by an increased enlargement of the prostate gland.

Recent research has confirmed men’s worst nightmare. A penis will change from his prime into his old age. Changes to his penis will include its appearance, penis size, curvature, and sensitivity.

Penis Appearance. Two main changes occur to a man’s penis over time. The penis’s head (or the glans) will gradually lose hits purplish color due to the reduced flow of blood coming from the heart to the penis. The second change is a gradual pubic hair loss. “A man’s penis will gradually revert back to its prepubertal state and he will slowly lose his hair until he goes bald” states Irwin Goldstein, The Journal of Sexual Medicine editor and director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital.

Penis Size. As a man grows older, it is quite common for him to begin to gain weight over time. The fat that heaps up on the abdomen can cause the illusion of shrinkage of penis over time. Ira Sharlip, urology professor at the California University has dealt with many of these cases in which shrinkage appears to be in case when actuality large prepubic fat pads create the illusion of a decrease in penis size.

The penis also is likely to undergo a process when it actually does reduce in size. While the illusion can be reversible, this process is actually irreversible. The thickness and length of the penis is affected. Goldstein has experienced patients who were once six inches long at the time they were in their thirties and are now approximately five or five and a half inches. These men are usually in their sixties or seventies.

There are two mechanisms in place, which can cause shrinking of the penis. The first cause of penis shrinkage is a gradual deposition of some substances like fats (or plaques) that exist within the arteries within the penis. This process of atherosclerosis can impair blood flow to the penis. It will also eventually cause blockages to the coronary arteries and can cause the person to experience heart attacks.

Penis Curvature. Penile scar tissue can accumulate over time. If this tissue unevenly accumulates, a condition referred as Peyronie’s disease can occur. This is mostly common during a man’s middle age. This issue can make sexual intercourse difficult and can cause erections to become painful. This type of curvature can also cause curvature.

Penis Sensitivity. There have been hundreds of studies that have revealed that penis has become much less sensitive over time. This fact actually makes it hard for a man to be able to achieve and erection. Even if the man can get himself to become erect, having an orgasm also becomes a challenge. It is still unknown whether or not a lack of penis sensitivity can cause orgasms to become less pleasurable.

If you’re really worried about your penis size, being overweight could be the main issue. The famous Dr. Mehmet Oz has stated that for every fifteen pounds of fat lost, a man could cause his penis to be perceived as having gained at least an inch in penis length.

Are you actually smaller in size if you’re fatter? Here are the facts:

The average man’s penis is approximately three inches long when flaccid. If he is any fatter, the base of his abdomen can cover up the foundation of his shaft. This can cause the appearance of having a smaller penis. Decreasing your abdomen size can enable more of your penis to be viewed, therefore giving “length” to the penis.

This creates the concept of the penis to body weight ratio. Most skinny men are thought of as having longer or large penises. This may simply be due to their weight rather than the actual size of their penis. Skinner men are able to expose the full length of their shaft and they are also thinner, making their appendage seem larger than it really is. Penises come in all different shapes and sizes, similar to breasts on women. If you are uncomfortable you’re your size, give weight loss a try.

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The prostate gland is a tube, which surrounds the urethra, which transfers urine from the bladder outside and is located just below the bladder. It plays a major role in secreting the fluids that are nurtured by the sperm during ejaculation. The different disorders that can occur with the prostate gland are:
- Prostate cancer
- Prostate infection
- Prostate enlargement

The prostate begins to enlarge, once a man advances in years with malignant or benign tissues. Medically this is termed as “Benign Prostatic hypertrophy” or “BPH” as is generally referred to by doctors.

Diagnosing BPH
This is done by conducting a urinalysis, rectal examination checking for infection or inflammation in the discharged fluid, a PSA or “prostate specific antigen” blood test and quite often with an ultrasound.

We are now aware that PSA can predict the size of the prostate and whether it is cancerous. If the PSA shows up very high, it follows that the prostate is that much larger, resulting in higher urinary problems that are likely to need immediately surgery. It is necessary to check out the possibilities of cancer attacking the prostate. One has to worry about an enlarged prostate when the number reaches 1.3 to 1.5.

Nowadays, one can easily diagnose enlargement by doing an Ultrasound. It is possible to check the size of the bladder and view how the bladder is emptied. This is a painless method and the device used is handheld.

When a man reaches 55 years of age, there are about 4% chances of contracting enlarged prostate (also known as Benign Prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Nearly half the men contract BPH by the age of 60. At the age of 85, nearly 95% men suffer from this problem. Diet does play an important for men.

Certain factors, including diet and supplements, were found to give rise to problems connected with the prostate gland in an article in the medical journal. The following facts were noticed with regarding to BPH:
- Avoiding “belly fat”. Engaging in plenty of physical activity
- Maintaining a diet that is low in fat
- Taking a minimum of five serving of vegetables every day
- Taking two shots of alcohol every day

Apart from this, the following nutrients were specified:
- Consume vegetables containing Vitamin C to lower the risk.

This is present in vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, kohlrabi, cauliflower, snow or snow pears, tomato, Brussels sprouts, kale and vegetable juices.
Foods that contain higher levels of zinc such as oysters, baked beans, crabs, lamb, lean beef and duck.

An interesting fact was that one could consume plenty of fruits without worrying about developing BPH. However, there was no proper record of the effects of a protein enriched diet. There were confusing results, where men who ate red meat every day showed increased risks of developing the condition and yet again, those who took protein-enriched foods showed less risk of contracting the problem. There was no proof to determine, whether herbal and dietary supplements played any major role in preventing BPH.

In conclusion, it is safe to assume that if one exercised regularly, refrained from putting on excessive weight ate a variety of vegetables per day and reduced the intake of fat, they could enjoy an occasional drink and keep prostatic problems at bay.

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It is a fact that men are more focused when it comes to paying attention to diets. However, there are quite a few who find it difficult to stay on a continuous diet regime. We list below some useful tips that can help men to do this easily:

Make health the mainstay of your focus

It becomes easier to motivate oneself by saying: I will eat better, so that I enjoy a better quality of life. Try to focus on this and not the amount of calories that you need. You may be energized to do this, if you think of the amount of money you can save with less health insurance payments. Statistics reveal that an average American experiences at least a decade of bad health, even though he lives up to a reasonable age after he crosses 40. The ill effects of weight gain therefore cannot be undermined if one wants to lead a healthier life as one advance in years.

Choose a healthy diet plan that works for you

Everybody requires a particular diet-plan, as there is no “one-size-suits all” diet plan available. You do not benefit by avoiding your favorite foods. Instead, a controlled calorie diet, which ranges from 1800 to 2000 calories a day, will help you. Ensure that your diet includes the right nutritional values allowing for an occasional treat to boost your morale. Get a nutritionist to chalk out a diet for you or try to formulate a good plan for yourself.

Be cautious when Eating Out

You need to be extra cautious when planning to eat out or ordering in some food.

a) Choose light meals and avoid foods that are deep-fried.

b) Opt for appetizers that have low caloric values, such as fresh salads, light soups or a fish platter.

c) Choose steamed fish, pasta that has a tomato sauce rather than cream and a steak that is lean and broiled.

d) The vegetables that you order should contain minimum oil or butter.

e) Learn to say “No” to cream and opt for fruits for dessert.

If you find any or these entire choices difficult refrain from dining out till such time you are able to make these healthy choices.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages

Most men who suffer from obesity find it difficult to avoid alcohol. Take a look at some of these facts before you choose your next drink:

Alcohol does not give you any nutritive value, whatsoever. In addition, you consume unwanted heavy calories, which equal to about 7 calories per gram. By drinking two Martinis a day you end up consuming,nearly 117,000 calories in a year, which is equal to gaining nearly 33 pounds of body fat. This is the same, if you drink two glasses of beer every day. Nearly all of this weight gain settles as belly fat. If one gives up alcohol, there is an immediate reduction in the size of the stomach. The heart and metabolic rate overall sees an immediate change for the better.

You can reduce weight when Stress Levels Decrease

Learn to cope with stress as you can experience a better lifestyle when your worries are reduced. Financial and social pressures can play havoc in a man’s life. Once a man crosses forty, he cannot handle stress effectively. He ends up binging, drinking excessively and these results in contraction of diseases, which is not good at that age. The hormone Cortisol is activated and increased production of this hormone leads to belly fate, which in turn can give rise to heart attacks. Try handling a less stressful job, exercise and try maintaining a controlled weight. One can relieve stress by devoting more time to the family. After all, health is more important than money or career.

Improving Weight and Health with Exercise

It is sometimes difficult for men to incorporate daily physical exercise in the tight schedules. One out of every two American men refrains from any type of physical activity according to studies carried out. This is bad news in the medical field. Exercising is the best way to avoid diseases attacking our system and also ensuring that we improve the quality of our lives.

This gives rise to the perfect Catch-22 situation. A man works very hard to provide for his family. He spends time working rather than worrying about his health and exercising. He ends up contracting a major disease, because he does not take care of himself. He incurs heavier insurance bills and ends up retiring early due to ill health.

The best way to overcome obesity is to go for a general-check and consult your doctor. Given that your condition is fairly good, start walking for at least half an hour every day. After about 2-3 weeks, increase the tempo of your exercise from light to moderate for about 45 minutes a day. You notice that your appetite has improved and you are breathing, eating and sleeping well. Begin each exercise with warm up stretches so that you do not overstrain any muscle in your body.

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Of the many diseases that affect men today, erectile dysfunction is one very special disease that not only affects their physical wellbeing but also their soul. While there are very many dangerous diseases out there, some of them life threatening, erectile dysfunction, inability to have and maintain an erection, is a very delicate issue as it affects the intimate part of a man’s life.

While erectile dysfunction is a multiple sexual disorder condition, most often it is thought to be the continuous inability to erect or maintain an erection for a significant period of time. It is no wonder it is sometimes referred to as impotence, though this isn’t as precise as impotence at times is accompanied by significant symptoms such as ejaculation problems, and the complete absence of sexual desire.

Erectile dysfunction could be permanent or temporary depending on a number of factors. The causes for this health condition are attributed to several factors, so there is no one-size-fit all universal treatment for erectile dysfunction. In other words, an old man suffering from an erectile dysfunction could attribute it to psychological factors, injuries, diseases, or old age. Not to be discouraged though, erectile dysfunction is treatable and one can get complete recovery especially if diagnosed and treated in its onset.

They say prevention is better than cure. While there are several ways of combating this condition such as by the use of prescription medication, psychotherapy, vacuum devices and sometimes even surgery, it is always advisable to prevent an onset of the disease. There are several known risk factors such as alcohol, tobacco, stress, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, etc. Thus, even if you know that advanced medical science can help your erectile dysfunction condition, it is always good to prevent than to cure it when it would be out of your control.

There are many prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are meant to fight erectile dysfunction, and which are mostly taken several hours before an actual sexual encounter. Just like any other medications, pills too have their share of side effects. But did you know that the whole problem could be lying on poor dietary choices? You can significantly boost your sexual prowess by reviewing what goes into your mouth. An imbalanced diet can cause vascular diseases that tend to restrict sufficient flow of blood to the penis, thus leading to a dysfunction. It is estimated that over 18M men in the US alone suffer from this emotionally debilitating condition.

The only way out of an erection dysfunction is to take erectile dysfunction vitamins. Unlike prescription drugs, they are natural hence have no side effects. These vitamins are what most men suffering from this condition turn to while trying to resolve their sexual problems. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and zinc are few of the common vitamins that you should consider taking if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. You might also want to make regular exercise part and parcel of your life if you want to recover from erectile dysfunction.

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There are a plethora of products that have filled the shelves in the market that target penis enlargement and it are difficult to steer through these without prior knowledge on the subject. The various options available may or may not work and therefore, it is possible for men to get thoroughly frazzled about choosing the right one.

Are there any Golden Rules for men to heed that can make them go out and select the right product for enlarging and enhancing their manhood. Are there any rules that can help them achieve their target for penis enlargement?

1. Machines and Devices: It is necessary to exercise your penis just like the rest of the body if you want to see amazing results. Try exercising using Traction devices and Weights to develop your penis. Do not bother about creams, instant gels, pumps, patches or pills.

2. You reap what you sow: Nothing is easy. You need to work hard if you want to see results. Simply spend more time and energy to reach your goal for penis enlargement.

3. Set realistic targets and abide by it: Try not to set unrealistic targets, such as an increase of about three inches within two weeks. Disappointment can make you lose interest in pursuing your goal. Be realistic! Plot out your goals like you would a roadmap and plan a target. Use this template to reach your desired goal and be successful in your venture.

4. Avoid areas where you will be met with Negativity: A lot of information can be gathered by looking up Forums and Boards for information and advice. Negative people who prefer to find fault with solutions and results and complain about everything and anything if they do not get instant results use a few forums. You may be turned off if you read their verdicts, so stay away from such areas. Read Forums that send out positive vibes from people who are making sincere efforts, rather than those who whine and crib at the least opportunity.

5. Excellent reviews – Chances are that the product is good. When a product yields promising results of penis enlargement, many people give good referrals. One has to watch out for products that spell impossible and astounding results that sound farfetched and best avoided.

6. Eating Right Yields the right results. We all know that we are what we eat. Tissues, like any other part of the body, require proper food and nutrients to grow. During penis enlargement, the tissues are stretched and there is considerable strain involved. One cannot achieve great results by living on junk food. It is important to increase the intake of Vitamin C, imbibe amino acid supplements and drink tons of water. This will boost your health no end. Indulge in eating plenty of nuts and fresh vegetables. Avoid eating processed or canned foods. Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes altogether.

7. Before starting a program, take proper measurements: This is very important to reach your goals. You will be able to check out the male penis enlargement results if you do this initially. You can learn how to take proper measurements by reading several articles on the subject. It would be futile, if you try to measure yourself after a few days and have nothing, with which to compare your present measurements.

8. Do it Leisurely. The best advice you can get is to take things in your stride. Take a break for a day or so, after a week before you begin exercising again. This helps to restore and heal the stretched tissues. It is imperative that your body gets rest when exercising or there may be adverse results.

9. Know what you want and why: Prior to starting the program, ask yourself a few questions as to the need for wanting to enhance your libido. Give this some serious thought and examine the consequences of the results in your daily life. Jot down a few points and remember to read them every day. You will remind yourself of your ambitions and goals and be energized into looking and feeling better. This motivation is what you require to excel in your efforts. Stay motivated to avoid losing interest.

10. Stay Focused: You should ensure that you do not let outside forces distract your attention so shut off loud music, your phone and television. These things only tend to slow down your determination to progress well. Remaining focused when exercising will yield excellent results. Trust me! Your penile tissues begin to grow and respond, when you exercise and by focusing on this, you will feel this happening as you let your mind and heart dwell on the enhancement. Go along with the flow and benefit from the results of penis enlargement. Concentrate on the exercise and feel the stretch.

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Sildenafil, which is sold as simply Viagra as it commonly referred to is mostly used to treat male sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, male importance, inability to maintain and retain an erection, among many others. It works by blocking the phosphodiesterase – PDE5 enzyme in the body, which, when combined with sexual stimulation and excitement, will facilitate the flow of blood towards the penis so an erection can not only be achieved but also maintained for a significant period of time to enjoy maximum sexual satisfaction. It might interest you however to know that Viagra isn’t just for treating erectile dysfunctions, it can also be used to treat various other health complications such as:

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
It might surprise you to discover that initially, Viagra was intended to treat angina and pulmonary arterial hypertension, as Pfizer, Viagra’s manufacturer explains. These two conditions occur as a result of a blockage in the chest arteries, a condition that increases the pressure of blood to levels that could lead to stroke or heart attack. The active ingredient in Viagra, Sildenafil, is a great PDE5 inhibitor that will work by dilating and unblocking the arteries, thus subsequently reducing blood pressure. It is after being used for several years that it was later discovered that this active ingredient could also help men with their sexual dysfunctional issues.

Used by athletes and other sportspersons
There have been reasons to believe that Viagra has the potential to boost the performance of sportspersons in the field. As previously mentioned, Sildenafil has the ability to dilate the blood vessels, boost blood circulation, and provide much needed quick oxygen to body muscles. This is believed to give an unjust advantage to people using Viagra for such purposes. As a result, Viagra has been put on the wanted list by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) as research is ongoing as to whether it has these effects on an athlete or not.

High Altitude Pulmonary edema (HAPE)
This is a life threatening condition that needs urgent medical attention. When people go high up above the sea level, most will find it increasingly hard to breath since the air will grow thinner the higher you go, meaning your lungs will have to work overtime in order to absorb the right amount of oxygen. Some good news however is that Sildenafil can treat HAPE as it facilitates effective oxygen absorption from the atmosphere.

If you are allergic to sildnafil or such like ingredients in Viagra, you are advised against using Viagra. You should also not take Viagra if you are under any nitrate medication in whatever form – these are medicines used to relieve angina or chest pain. By mixing the two, you risk having a severe drop in your blood pressure which could eventually lead to you feeling dizzy, fainting, having stroke, or even a heart attack. Viagra should also not be taken by any person who has been advised by their medical practitioner not to engage in sexual activity because of any of many reasons.

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The best way to feel energized, active and ensure longevity is to exercise the good old-fashioned way.

One cannot undermine the good effects of being physically active on a regular basis. Chronic diseases are held at bay as well as one sleeps well and sheds pounds faster. Regardless of your age, gender or abilities you benefit in every way. Let us take a look at how exercise proves beneficial in one’s life.

1. Overall Mood Improves with Exercise.
Exercise, be it in the form of a good workout or a brisk walk, can help calm a person down and help to let off steam after a hectic day at work
Weight maintenance: Ideally, one should work their way up to performing 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises and 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercises or a combination of both every week. There is good evidence to prove that one can maintain their weight with regular physical activity. The amount of time spent on this activity differs from one person to another. Some may even require exercising more than the recommended 150 minutes moderate intensity workout prescribed to derive any benefit.

Keep the weight down: It is possible to refrain from gaining weight, if you exercise using high intensity aerobics, as well as make sure you reduce the calories you consume. Maintain a healthy diet and be physically active by exercising regularly. You can get a CDC when you visit “Healthy Diet” to get more information and suggestions on proper nutrition, exercise and weight reduction.

Regularly working out leaves you feeling relaxed and happy as this allow the chemicals in the brain to be stimulated. Your confidence and self-esteem rises, as you begin to look and feel better. You begin to feel less depressed when you undertake to carry out physical activities regularly.

Do not consider exercise as a form of drudgery. You can opt for several different activities, such as ballroom dancing, hiking trails or even a local climbing wall. You can join your children, when they go on the jungle gym or you can push them on the swings. Get involved in planning activities, such as football or kickball in the neighborhood. Get interested and look for new opportunities, as long as you continue to be physically active.

2. Exercising can prevent Chronic conditions
Exercising regularly is the answer to keeping heart conditions and osteoporosis at bay.

You can avoid getting cholesterol or high blood pressure when you exercise regularly. Your triglycerides decrease, while the “good” cholesterol or high density lipoproteins (HDL) increase in the body. There is good blood flow and you lessen the danger of plaque formation, which can clog the arteries.

The other benefits are that you can avoid certain types of cancer, Type II diabetes and osteoporosis, as well as other major diseases that can be contracted when one does not remain physically active.

3. Maintain Proper Weight with Exercise
Knock off those extra pounds by getting off that couch and walking or get involved in any kind of physical activity.

We all know that we burn calories as we exercise. The more we burn, the more weight we lose. Use different ways to burn off those extra calories. Try the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Take a walk during the lunch break. Perform a few jumping jacks during breaks in TV programs. It would prove even more effective if one could switch off the TV and go for a long walk instead. While it is great to work out with moderate to high intensity, it helps to be physically active during the day so that calories continue to burn.

4. Boost Energy levels with Physical Activity
Do not get fazed when household chores or grocery shopping tire you. Exercise regularly instead of giving up.

Your tissues get the desired oxygen and nutrition. Your entire system benefits, as the blood circulates efficiently to the heart and lungs and boosts the cardiovascular system. You are certainly at an advantage, when your heart and lungs are bursting with vitality.

Your sex life also gets a boost when you regularly exercise. You begin to look and feel better. Women, who are physically active, feel sexually aroused more quickly and men are able to prevent getting into problems with erectile dysfunction, as they advance in years.

5. Sleep Patterns Improve with Exercise
Exercise helps you to sleep well and long. You feel energized and ready to exercise when you have had a good night’s rest.

You begin to feel more productive, as your concentration improves and your mood is uplifted. After a good exercise, you get better sleep. However, you should be careful not to exercise near bedtime, as this may prevent you from falling asleep. Preferably, concentrate on exercising earlier on in the day for best results.

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The testes produce an androgenic hormone that is known as Testosterone. These hormones are responsible for the sexual characteristics that manifest themselves during the time men reach adulthood from puberty. If these hormones are missing, it can result in side effects. When a man reaches middle age, his testosterone levels begin to decrease and drops to less than normal as he advances from 50 to 70 years of age. The symptoms experienced with low testosterone levels are primarily fatigue, mood swings and decrease in the sex drive.

When the hormone levels decrease, they are not able to produce the right amount of testosterone in males. This in turn, affects the male system and creates severe complications, physical and mental as well as chemical and adverse hormonal changes.

The pituitary gland and hypothalamus are the main hormones that determine the levels of testosterone in the body and the reason for decrease in the production of the important hormones in the body.

The reasons attributed are several. Many drugs give rise to adverse side effects, which are detrimental to health. Sometimes cortisone, which is an adrenal hormone, can cause malfunctioning of the testes. Most often damage to the testicles is the cause of testicular dysfunctions. The other reasons for low testosterone levels could be rare dysfunctional syndromes and fewer hormones in the system due to these congenital problems. There could be other reasons, such as alcoholism, chronic illness, trauma, starvation, aging, infections, or cancers that result in low testosterone levels.

A man can develop this symptom due to excessive smoking, drinking or leading an unhealthy sedentary life devoid of exercise and a proper diet. This can damage the glands and lower the levels of testosterone in the body dramatically. These bad habits could be kept in check if one wants to modify the situation. Psychological problems, hypertension, poor circulation and use of improper medication are also responsible factors for a man to end up with low testosterone levels.

Replacement therapy is the perfect solution for combating low testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris is a popular herb, which works competently to increase the male testosterone levels.

Male characteristics are generally determined by his testosterone levels. The growth of pubic hair, sperm production and even depth of vocal chords are all the direct result of the amount of this sex male hormone in the body. This testosterone is found in woman’s ovaries, but in a miniscule quantity, even though it is better known to represent the male organ. Men begin to suffer from impotence, low self-esteem, depression, lessening sex drive and reduced sex drive, including muscle loss, diabetes, cardiac and obesity related complications. When the testosterone levels drop, men especially suffer from the terrible negative effects as this hormone is responsible for almost 70% of the well-being of men. Natural as well as artificial remedies are available for treating low testosterone level problems.

Some patients are advised to go in for artificial treatment to help boost the levels of testosterone in the body. This could be delivered by way of injections, hormone replacement therapy or capsules. This normally ends up with adverse side reactions, which can be problematic. For instance, men suffer from severe mood swings, liver problems, acne, prostate cancer, sleep apnea or become sterile, due to less sperm count, when the red blood cells increases or even get heart attacks.

It is therefore advisable to treat low levels of testosterone with natural supplements, as they contain less or no side effects. We list below a few way of combating low levels of testosterone:
- Exercises, especially training with weights can help to keep the levels of testosterone normal. However, it is not advisable to exercise excessively, as it can negate the effects of producing testosterone. Perform short stretches of intensive exercises, such as pull ups, squats, bench press and dead lifts, etc. more frequently to help raise the testosterone levels.

- One should maintain a healthy diet, which incorporates enough protein to get the right response from the glucagon and anabolic hormones to help increase the testosterone levels. The patient should eat more fruits and vegetables and refrain from imbibing in foods and sugars that are loaded with carbohydrates. One can incorporate foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can be got from eating certain types of fish and other foods, such as flax seed or those with monounsaturated fats to raise testosterone levels.

- It is advantageous for men to get their quota of sleep and rest, which will aid in boosting low testosterone levels.

- Herbal supplements are the best and quickest way to try and raise the levels of testosterone. These can be procured in the natural or herbal supplement form. The most noted of these herbal supplements are Passion RX, TRibulus Terrestris, Rhodiola Rosacea, Catuba bark powder, Mucuna Pruriens etc. These various herbs work toward increasing the testosterone production and helping to boost their self-esteem by working on the pituitary gland. One should also ensure that they follow a strict diet and exercise well with enough time to rest and recuperate to be able to produce the right level of testosterone that their body requires.

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The disease Cancer occurs when the cellular DNA undergoes a genetic mutation transformation. It begins with a clone formation, which quickly proliferates at an alarming rate in the system. These cells grow and begin to acquire characteristics that are invasive and penetrate the surrounding tissues. In other words, malignant neoplasms are the term used for these cells that grow rapidly without any physiologic necessity.

Prostate Cancer is one that begins in the prostate gland. This is located just below the male bladder, which produced seminal fluid. This cancer may slowly spread to other areas in the body such as the lymph nodes and bones. A patient may feel pain and difficulty in urinating. He may even begin to suffer from extreme discomfort, when performing sex or end up with erectile dysfunction. Men above the age of 50 normally are liable to get this type of cancer. There is no record of why this type of cancer is caused. According to the 2004 American Cancer Society records, Prostate cancer proves to be the 2nd prominent cause of death for people in the United States.

Grading and Staging
It is necessary to systematically approach the treatment with a thorough diagnosis. This helps to identify and evaluate the grade and stage of the condition. Once this is done, it forms the baseline for subsequent treatment evaluation data.

During the process of Staging, it is possible to determine the size of the cancer as well as check out the metastasis present. The system adopted is TNM, (Green 2002) where “T” refers to the actual size, “N” determines the involvement of the lymph node and “M” indicates the level of metastasis in the tumor.
The Grading process helps to define from which type of tissues the tumor emanated. Numeric values are assigned to the tumor, ranging from I to IV. The Grade I tumor looks almost like the original tissue in function and structure and generally referred to as the “well-differentiated” tumor. Grade IV tumors are those that are termed “poorly different” as they do not look like the original tissue in function or structure. At this stage, the tumors do not respond well to any treatment and tend to flare up quite a bit.

Symptom and Signs
There are no symptoms in the early stage of prostate cancer. Initially, it resembles the same symptoms of BHP (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). The patient feels the need to urinate frequently at night, especially and finds it difficult to start urinating in a steady stream. There may be blood in the urine, which makes it painful. The only way to confirm this is to perform a biopsy and sent it for diagnosis.

The chances of a prostate cancer patient surviving the disease are based on the survival rate, which cannot be specified in terms of time. There is no way of indicating what will happen next but they can only make presumptions based on how the medication has worked for other patients under the same circumstances. The family of the patient can decide on a course of action for treatment, or just resort to sedative and painkillers.

This type of cancer occurs in men, who have crossed 50 years of age. The prostate tissue begins to overgrow in some cases, as men advance in years. Most often, this excessive tissue growth is found to be benign, though in some cases it succumbs to cancerous cells that grow and cause the cancer. A patient may be imagine his health to be perfect until he suddenly finds it painful and difficult to urinate or suffers from erectile dysfunction.

In comparison to other types of cancer, the rate of survival for prostate cancer patients are high. Today, about 3% of men fall prey to this disease in the United States. Statistics reveal that men with Prostate cancer survival rate of 5 years is 100%, 10 years is 92% and 15 years if 91%. This is largely due to the fact that early detection helps to localize the cancer and prevent it from spreading to the nearby areas in nearly 91% of the cases in the United States.

The Grading System forms the base for treatment and prognosis. The Gleason system allocates grades from 1-10, taking into consideration the number of cancerous cells present, which look like normal tissue. Of this, one can consider 2-4 to be low grade, 5-7 to be intermediate grade and 8-10 is generally high grade. The cancer spreads quickly as the grade increases.

If the cancer happens to breach the prostatic capsule, then the survival rate for patients suffering is very low. Only about 32% can hope to survive for about 5 years, while 46% of those who suffer from metastatic prostate disease die within 22 months of being diagnosed.

This type of cancer generally progresses slowly and is quite commonly found in developed countries. This could probably be attributed to the fact that men fall prey to many other sicknesses much before the prostate cancer can grow to the point, where it can be life threatening.

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Feeling proud is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing wrong in priding oneself in public. Take for instance, a man who drives around town, showing off his new sports car so that his friends and enemies can see him driving around in style! He makes sure he uses top quality gasoline, the best hand wash and wax that money can buy, so that the exterior of the car is sparkling. He may even give the car a pet name affectionately. In all this, man likes to exhibit his acquisition for the whole world to see.

Alternatively, if a man is driving a dowdy car, which does not do anything for his manliness, he will try his best to avoid people take devious roundabout routes or perhaps even wear something that disguises his countenance when driving the car. He will try for the main part to keep as much distance as possible from the said car.
However, the sad truth is that men cannot hide their man-breasts or “moobs” which is how one refers to man boobs. It is right there and there is no way you can escape getting away from them. There is no decree that spells out these facts about Men and their Body Parts. The unspoken verdict is that it great to be able to fill the pants area but it is terrible for men to have big breasts or man boobs.

Men are not proud of the fact, when they develop an awesome pair of man boobs, even though the statue of Smiling Buddha sporting a pair of moobs displays a cheerful person. This is easy to understand. Women are never satisfied with the size of their breasts throughout history. They complain that they are either too small, sag too much, look lopsided and can carry on a litany about the size of their breasts.

However, women are fortunate because they have several options:
1. It is possible to wear special bras and inserts to camouflage the real size and look.
2. Cosmetic surgery is an option if they wish to permanently alter the look and size.
3. They are able to turn to their girlfriends for solace, comfort and get encouraging advice from them.

In actuality, men who suffer from this acute problem called Gynaecomastia, do not like to disclose their problem or speak about it due to extreme embarrassment – bordering on mortification – about the fact that they actually have developed a pair of man boobs. This biological function is necessary for women to possess. Men have no need for them to maintain good health.

Men would not feel so upset, if they were able to hide their man boobs easily. However, they do feel miserable, especially if they are keen on getting into a relationship with a woman. The fact is that women would find this extremely hard to digest.

Men suffering from Gynaecomastia, therefore, begin to shy away from people and hesitate to even step out of their homes and simply refuse to walk anywhere without their shirts. This problem has not really surfaced enough for it to be discussed about openly. Men prefer not to talk about it for fear of being humiliated by their counterparts. Therefore, the problem of men suffering with Gynaecomastia can be a serious one, since it is never discussed about openly.

Men, who suffer from this problem, need not worry about keeping it a closely guarded secret. Be assured that there are several options of dealing with the problem and if you know someone, who has this problem, try to discuss these options of reducing or removing them altogether rather than trying to hide and suffer in silence.

Taking natural supplements are one way of handling the problem. Supplements tackle the fatty acids and try to reduce them from the mammary glands.

Since these products do not cause adverse reactions, natural supplements are quite the obvious choice with people. It is also easy to pop these supplements, as they do not involve any type of preparations. One just has to ensure taking the right dosage. However, the downside to this is that, unless some exercise or hard work is involved, it is not that easy to get rid of any type of change in the body.
If one is ready to work hard at getting rid of these moobs, there is yet another solution. Take a look at some of the programs that target reduction of man boobs that are available in the market, which yield fantastic results. There are two programs: one is “The Chest Coach System” and the other is “Get This Thing Off My Chest.”
The above-mentioned programs educate you on how to start reducing the moobs so that you regain your manly look again. Men, who have suffered from this problem, have done a lot of research and actually tried it out before launching their theories and actions for getting the desired results.