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A defect in a certain gene that is popularly referred to as Cystic fibrosis transmembrane –conductance regulator or CFTR, brings about the condition known as Cystic Fibrosis. People of European descent are known to have this problem in the ratio of 1: 25. However, it is not likely to attack most people, as it may occur only if both parents have this gene and the chances are perhaps 1, out of 3,000 people which roughly totals to about 25% chances for 1out of 625 people. CF is not so common for people who are not of European descent.

Since our genes differ from race to race, Cystic Fibrosis can affect us in different way. The medication for this disease will also vary for different racial groups. The main requirements for avoiding this type of issue, is a well balanced diet and good amount of exercise, as this is a common ground for all types when trying to promote fitness.
Various symptoms are manifested with Cystic Fibrosis. The liver, pancreas and the epithelial cells, which line the lungs, as well as the reproductive tract and skin, transport chloride ions. The concentration of chloride ion differs, both inside, as well as outside the cell that is not normal. This occurs due to the concentration of abnormal chloride concentration which tends to produce less watery and sticky mucus. The pancreas and lungs get affected. When the sweat glands start producing excess chloride within the skin, it is necessary to carry out the test, to check on the CF levels.

Lung problems are the result of blockages to the smaller airways because of sticky mucus which causes difficulty in breathing. Microbes that are present are not easily eradicated. The mucus becomes more viscous as it is unable to pass though the airways as it normally does like the travelator. People suffering with CF find it difficult to eliminate the microbes which firmly get established in the lungs. The result is that it brings about an inflammatory response that is chronic and slowly leads to scarring (fibrosis) or tissue and cyst formation. This is how “cystic fibrosis” occurs. The treatment for lung problems, is inhaling substances that cause dilations of the bronchioles, in the form of steroids. Ibuprofen works well to reduce inflammation.

These microbes that are present in people, who suffer from CF, may cause harm to others therefore it is not advisable they mingle with others. People with CF used to share their inhalers which were also a dangerous life threatening practice.

The juice that is created by the pancreas helps to digest foods as they help to absorb the nutrients. However, when people contract CF, the sticky much blocks the enzymes in the pancreatic juice from breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, as well as fats. While bread, cakes and pasta (carbohydrates) and chicken, soya and tuna (proteins) can be chopped into small pieces, it is difficult to break down fats for easy digestion. The enzymes gastric lipase and lingual lipase may be able to break down a little fat in the mouth as well as stomach. However they do not work effectively to break down fats so that they are easily absorbed. People who suffer from CF therefore lack in these important fatty acids and some vitamins that are fat soluble.

The best course of action therefore is to exercise. Strength and cardiovascular exercises are recommended strongly for people who suffer with CF. The advantages are that the airways get cleared in the lungs. When oxygen supply improves, the bacteria that get lodged in the lungs do not increase and multiply. This makes it easier for patients to breathe since the capacity of the lungs increase. Patients are able to get their strength up with endurance. The lung infection, together with the deficiency in nutrition, reduces endurance though one can exercise to the best of their ability. Patients should try to perform exercises, such as weight bearing and cardiovascular exercise, which involves shifting weights or by using bodyweight. The patient is able to eat more nutritional foods as they start to feel hungry. The bone density also increases and this is very necessary, as most of them suffer, when the bones become weak, due to lack of vitamins K and D in their systems.
People who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis should eat foods that contain a variety of nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, K & E and should include fatty acids, as well as salt, essentially in their diets. It is not clear whether calcium is required, or if one has to supplement vitamins that are fat soluble as this issue is still being debated. Vitamins that are fat soluble can be absorbed by the enzyme supplements that are pancreatic. The best recourse for people who have CF is to eat foods in sufficient quantities that are listed below.

People who have CF should eat more food than normal people, as the lack of pancreatic digestive enzymes, prevent proper absorptions from the gut. Omega 3 and 6 should be included as essential fats as they contain good sources of fatty acids. People can opt for omega 3 fats easily by including oily fish like salmon, trout, pilchards, sardines and kippers in their diet. The other important supplement is cod liver oil that has good omega 3 contents. It may be easy to include Omega 6 fats as these are easily available in our modern diets. Protein should be taken in sufficient amounts as it is not absorbed easily. Protein helps children to grow and adults to maintain and repair their bodies. Therefore one should eat plenty of fish, meat and dairy products to get protein. Foods that contain carbohydrates supply good energy though one should restrict the amount as it causes sharp spikes in the blood sugar levels which may end up with problems, such as glucose intolerance and diabetes. Foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potato are starchy foods that need to be consumed in moderation though one has to ensure that they eat the basic minimum.
Vitamin A is vital for production of red blood cells, boosting the immunity system, aiding good vision and normal growth. You can get this in high doses when you eat liver. It is also available in dairy foods, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt and eggs. You get vitamin A when you eat vegetables that are dark green and also yellow as they contain beta carotene in good amounts. This is an important vitamin that should be taken daily.

Vitamin D is very important for promoting good bones and also works to boost the immunity system, our general growth and cardio health. You can get this when you eat good amounts of liver, though natural sunshine is great, for getting enough of this vitamin. People who perform outdoor exercises will find that they benefit greatly when their airways clear and they get vitamin D, which is good when they suffer from CF.

Vitamin E is available in foods, such as seeds, nuts and most of the oils derived from these foods contain generous amounts of Vitamin E. Margarine, avocados, egg yolks as well as green leafy vegetables will give you vitamin E. Check the oils from nuts and seed as well as margarine as they also contain unhealthy trans-fats. Try to opt for peanut butter and similar nut butters that may prove healthier sources of vitamin E. Palm oil does not contain as much Trans fats as safflower, sunflower, or most vegetable oils. Read the labels before purchasing oils. It is safer to eat the seeds, nuts, leafy vegetables and avocados with peanut butter, rather than go in for their oils to ensure good supply of vitamin E.

Vitamin K is excellent for prevention of blood clots and uncontrolled bleeding. Your bones become stronger and form well. You can get vitamin K in chard, kale, green leafy vegetables, parsley and broccoli.

People who suffer from CF tend to sweat profusely and lose salt from their bodies. It may help to take salty snacks though this is not normally advised for healthy people. However, patients tend to perspire excessively, when they exercise, or are subjected to hot weather. Olives, as well as oily fish, are good sources of normal salt. Breads that are commercially produced also contain salt. Infants should not be given these foods as they may be subject to salt poisoning at this delicate age.
People with CF, may not require eating too much calcium as they are prone to getting kidney stones, when they are afflicted with this problem. If excess of calcium is taken, it may lead to production of stones, such as calcium oxalate due to super saturation of the kidneys. It is true though that people who have CF find that their bones become weaker and may need to take calcium for strengthening them. This particular issue is under much debate and no conclusive evidence has been found on the topic of whether taking calcium is good or not for people who suffer with CF.

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The need for low LDL cholesterol in the body system and blood stream cannot be over emphasized. When the level of cholesterol is low, your cardiovascular system is further enhanced to function effectively. There are several Cholesterol Lowering Foods that can do the magic for you. Listed and discussed below are some of them.


Oatmeal is made up soluble fiber ingredients which are known for reducing the level of the bad cholesterol also known as LDL. This kind of fiber is also found in various food products such as pears, apples, beans, prunes and barley. It’s also contained in oat bran and other high fiber food items. When soluble fiber is in the right proportion, it can easily reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. The recommended dosage for soluble fiber is 5 to 10 grams per day. You can get this when you take oatmeal. You can equally boost the production of soluble fiber by taking banana and other related fruits.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
This is one of the most necessary elements found in some Cholesterol Lowering Foods. The Omega-3 fatty acids can be gotten from fatty fishes. The fatty acid substance can reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood stream and also keep your heart healthy. It can also help a lot in reducing the risk of blood clots and blood pressure. If you’re already having heart attacks and other cardiovascular disease, the omega-3 fatty acids and the fish oil can as well help in dealing with the diseases. In order to have regular supply of the omega-3 fatty acids, you’re expected to be eating fish at least two times in a week. Among the best kinds of fishes that contain the fatty acids include Lake trout, Herring, Sardines, Mackerel, Albacore tuna, Salmon, Halibut and so on.

In order to avoid the inclusion of unhealthy fats, you can grill or bake the fish. You can equally get the omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and canola oil. There are also various supplements that contain the fatty acids. You need to be using them from time to time in order to lower the cholesterol level in your body system.

Almonds and Walnuts

Several nuts kinds such as almonds and walnuts are capable of reducing blood cholesterol when taken regularly. They are usually very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for lowering the bad cholesterol level. Walnuts in particular help a lot in keeping your blood vessels healthy. The FDA recommends that people should be taking a handful of various nuts in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such recommended nuts include, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, peanuts and pistachio. To enjoy a lot from the nuts, you’re not to coat them with sugar or salt. Many of them are very high in calories. You need to avoid taking too much of them. You may need to go for foods that are high in saturated fats with nuts to get better results.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is indeed one of the best Cholesterol Lowering Foods substances that are very effective. The oil contains powerful antioxidants that help in lowering the LDL which is the bad cholesterol. It also makes the HDL cholesterol untouched since that is the good cholesterol needed in the body. According to the FDA, 2 tablespoons or 23grams of olive oil is required in the body for the good of the human heart. You may add vegetable to the oil in order to get better results. You can as well mix it with vinegar or marinade for better results.

In most cases, the effect of the olive oil in lowering cholesterol is even greater when you go for the popular extra-virgin olive oil product. It’s very high in antioxidants and it’s always better processed than the rest of the other kinds of olive oil. Extra virgin olive is non-fat and very light in color.


Apples are among the best Cholesterol Lowering Foods. They contain soluble fiber which helps in lowering the cholesterol level. Apples also contain flavonoids and antioxidants that also fight the bad cholesterol.


Beans are rich legumes that are also very rich in soluble fiber. They help a lot lowering the level of the bad cholesterol in the body. When you combine beans with brown rice, cord, seeds, and wheat, you’ll even get better results. The combination can be an excellent alternative to red meats which are said to be very high in saturated fat.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is also among the best Cholesterol Lowering Foods. It contains oil and fiber which help in lowering bad cholesterol level. You can combine it with beans to get better results. The rice also supplies B Vitamins, fiber and magnesium which are vital for a healthy heart.


Cinnamon when taken accordingly has the propensity to reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. When you take half teaspoon of cinnamon per day, you’re sure to see huge result.


Garlic comes with the chemical known as ‘allicin’. It’s usually very efficient in killing fungi and bacteria. It also helps in correcting digestive disorders. The product reduces the risk of blood clot and bad cholesterol as well.


Grapes are made up of Flavonoids which helps in dealing with LDL, the bad cholesterol. They lower the level of the cholesterol and also make you look healthier.


Soy is very good in reducing the bad cholesterol. It contains soluble fiber and isoflavones which raise the level of the HDL, the good cholesterol and also lowers the LDL, the bad cholesterol. Among the best Soy products that can serve include soybeans, soy milk, soy nits, and tofu and so on.

Other Cholesterol Lowering Foods
There are other normal Cholesterol Lowering Foods you still need to know more about. Many foods with added plant sterols or stanols help a lot in blocking the absorption of cholesterol. Certain drinks such as orange juice, margarines, and yogurt come with added sterols which help in lowering the LDL or bad cholesterol.

Getting the Most out of the Cholesterol Lowering Foods
To gain a lot from taking Cholesterol Lowering Foods, you need to make necessary changes to your diet. You need to cut back on your fat and cholesterol intake. There are certain food items that can easily increase the bad cholesterol level in your system. Such food items are loaded with saturated fats. Among them include red meats, fat dairy products, fatty oils, margarines, cakes, crackers and several kinds of fast foods being sold in eateries. You need to avoid them at all costs. If you’re the type that likes sugary content, fast foods, and other high content diets, you’re sure to suffer incessant heart attacks and other ailments as well.

There’s every need for you to check the diet you eat on daily basis. You need to be taking balanced diet rich in all the necessary nutrients that can help in lowering your cholesterol level. You need to engage the services of a dietician to help you in selecting the diet.

Meanwhile, you need to take proper precautions when going for Cholesterol Lowering Foods. There’s every reason for you to consult your doctor especially if you’re suffering from terminal diseases. Sometimes, cardiovascular diseases and other dangerous ailment may prevent you from taking the right foods and drink. You need to let your doctor know for proper medical attention.

If you’re having issue with the level of the cholesterol in your system, wisdom demands you go for proper check-up. Your doctor will be in the best position to advice you on the right step to take. You’re sure to benefit a lot from Cholesterol Lowering Foods when you take time to know about them and how to make them available in your body system.

Finally, you have to support you intake of Cholesterol lowering foods with aerobic exercises. They help a lot in boosting the level of the HDL cholesterol while they also lower the LDL cholesterol level. Apart from this, aerobic exercises ensure the smooth functioning of your cardiovascular system. You’re also sure to be healthier and happy when you engage in the exercises.

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The term HDL Cholesterol refers to the good organic compounds which are required for sound health in the body. It’s actually known as the “good Cholesterol” as opposed to LDL cholesterol which is said to be the bad type. The HDL Cholesterol is therefore known to be good because of its friendly nature and movement in the bloodstream. As it cruises in your bloodstream smoothly, it goes ahead to remove the bad or harmful cholesterol from your system.

The Good thing about HDL Cholesterol
Indeed, HDL Cholesterol is very vital for sound health. It sanitizes your blood stream and rids it of unwanted and harmful cholesterol. Actually, the term “HDL” is the short form for “High Density Lipoprotein”. Hence, every single bit of HDL cholesterol serves as a microscopic blob that is made up of rim of lipoprotein. The organic compound is usually very dense when compared to other forms of cholesterol particles. That’s why it’s known to be in high density.

Meanwhile, it’s very good you know that Cholesterol in itself is never bad. It’s actually an essential fat compound that ensures the stability of body cells. For the compound to move well in your bloodstream, it has to go through the help of the molecules known as lipoproteins. Each of the molecules acts differently on the specific cholesterol it carries.

In any case, HDL Cholesterol is known to be very good because of its benefits to the bloodstream and the entire body system. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This can actually make you to be healthy on daily basis.

Again, the HDL Cholesterol deals mercilessly with the LDL cholesterol which is said to be the bad type in the bloodstream. It usually removes this bad cholesterol in a systematic way. The HDL also recycles and reuses the LDL cholesterol by moving it to the liver organ where it can be reprocessed for better usage.

In the inner walls of the blood vessels known as “endothelium”, HDL Cholesterol maintains the entire surroundings of the blood vessels wall. In most cases, strokes and heart attacks occur when your endothelium is damaged. HDL comes to the rescue by making sure the walls of the endothelium are maintained. It scrubs the entire surroundings of the endothelium and make sure it’s kept properly healthy and clean. This enhances your immune system in the long run.

Meanwhile, when the HDL Cholesterol is very high, it can easily reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease but when it’s very low, the risk is then on the increase. Hence, there’s every need for you to know the right steps to take in making your HDL high.

The Recommended level for HDL Cholesterol
Having seen the importance of HDL Cholesterol, the next thing you need to know is the recommended or right dosage of the compound you require. In order to decode this, a cholesterol test also known as lipid panel test is usually carried out.
Basically, if your HDL Cholesterol level is greater that 60mg per deciliter, it’s said to be high and therefore good. On the other hand, if it’s less than 40mg per deciliter, it’s said to be very low and therefore bad.

Now, if your HDL cholesterol is discovered to be low after the test, you need take some steps in boosting it. This is very necessary for the minimizing the occurrence of heart attacks. Here are some tips that can help you increase the HDL level.

• Engage in Aerobic Exercises
You can increase your HDL Cholesterol by engaging in aerobic exercises. You need to do those 30 – 60 minutes on daily basis.

• Desist from Smoking
Tobacco smoking is known for lowering the HDL level especially when you smoke daily or regularly. You can easily increase the HDL level by quitting the habit. Taking solace in Electronic Cigarettes will not help matters either. They still have the capacity to lower your HDL level. The best you can do is to quit smoking entirely. Although this may be difficult, you can still be determined to pay the price in order to safeguard your health.

• Lose Weight
If you’re obese, your HDL Cholesterol is sure to be very low. You need to lose enough weight in order to improve the level. When you lose weight, you prevent yourself from heart diseases and other conditions.

To be on safer side, you need to consult your doctor before taking any step in increasing your HDL. In most cases, your doctor will take you through the required test. After that, he goes ahead to proffer solutions to your case. The doctor will let you know the right steps you need to take in order to improve your condition.
In some conditions, the doctor may also recommend you take some medications to improve your HDL Cholesterol. You might also be referred to a specialist if your condition is very bad. Oftentimes, there are several other conditions that may lead to heart diseases apart from low cholesterol. Smoking, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and so on, have the capacity to cause cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it’s always better you consult your doctor before taking any further step.

There are important food items you need to be taking in order to improve the level of your HDL Cholesterol. Your doctor stands in the best position to advice you on that. You have to avoid self medication at all costs in order not to cause serious complications in your body system.

In all, when your HDL level is high, you’re sure to be free from heart disease. On the other hand, when it’s low, the reverse becomes the case. Always make sure you keep the HDL level at all times in order to be free from the onslaught of heart attacks.

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Substances that contain acid are generally used in cleaning detergents. Our stomachs definitely do not require to be cleaned with acid. However, today our modern diets are all hyped up to promote acidic foods for commercial remunerations. How is it that we never notice good advertisements on the TV, in magazines, or even the internet that promote the purchase of fruits and vegetables? This is because the products sold or bottled are all processed for quick sale and fail to nurture the natural processes in our body Our bodies are the victims of consumerism and enterprising to a great degree.

Anything that we touch is either alkaline or acidic. We are required to consume foods that are alkaline and seek foods that that help to this end. The foods we eat determine the pH levels of our bodies. Since our blood is acidic in nature our bodies do not perform as they should because they are unable to cope with the effects of viruses that inflict diseases, or the effects of oxidation in the air.

Here is a top selection of the 10 best alkaline foods that you should eat to energize your body and boost your health. In the top 10 list, ripe bananas, avocados, carrots, berries, dates, celery, garlic and currants are listed. These fruits and vegetables are antioxidants and record a number 8 as pH value. These foods are able to react chemically to pH 5.0 acidic foods and bring them up to the alkaline level requirement. The top three here are dates, berries and garlic as their properties are excellent for regulating blood pressure.

Under the top 9 category are sweet apples, alfalfa sprouts and apricots as they have high fiber content and are easily digestible. Not only are they enzyme-rich but they balance the hormone levels. We are familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” However, apricots are equally good fruits to include here. Alfalfa sprouts from the seeds of beans and are used in salads and various preparations of sandwiches.

From the top 8 category, go for sweet Grapes, Pineapples, Passion fruit, sweet Pears, Umeboshi plum, Raisins and vegetable juices. This group is classified at a pH of 8.5 and is rich in vitamins A, C & B and antioxidants. You are able to regulate and lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease with fruits such as plums, grapes and raisins. Eat pineapple regularly as it is high in L-Carnitine which helps to reduce your waistline as it uses the fat from the body as the energy source. It is important to drink vegetable juices, which contain large amounts of iron and help to detoxify cells.

Under the top 7 category, opt for fruit juices, chicory, and kiwifruit as these contain natural sugar without turning acidic when digesting. The alkaline properties create more energy for the body as these fruits contain rich chemical compound, known as flavonoids at the pH level of 8.5, which has excellent antioxidant properties. You can get more vitamin C from kiwi fruit than the orange. The bitter Chicory, which closely resembles the lettuce, contains insulin that is beneficial for people with diabetes.

Under the Top 6 group, Asparagus, Seaweeds and Watercress have a pH level of 8.5 and prove to be excellent for reducing acid levels. Watercress was the first vegetable in the leafy category that was eaten by humans and is generally tossed in salads. Like Seaweeds, it contains sufficient amounts of calcium and iron. The asparagines contained in Asparagus are noted for the amino acids present that are essential for the nervous system.

The foods listed under top 5 are Papaya, Melons, Mango, Parsley and Limes. This group of fruits has a pH of 8.5, which has proved effective, for cleaning the kidneys. The best laxative that helps to clean the colon works, as a healthy laxative, is the Papaya. Parsley, taken raw, sweeps out the dirt from the intestines, apart from being a diuretic and works equally well as a kidney cleanser. The benefits of mangoes, melons and limes are that they are rich in vitamins and digest as alkaline foods.
Capsicum (Cayenne) and Cantaloupe are listed under group 4 as the foods that have pH of 8.5 and have the best reactive alkaline properties among foods in this category as they produce rich enzymes required by the endocrine system. Cayenne is rich in Vitamin A and has excellent antibacterial properties which fight free radicals that are responsible for inducing illness and stress. Though the cantaloupe is quite similar to melons, it contains less sugar, it is high in fiber.

Agar Agar is an organic gelatin that has a pH of 8.5. Agar Agar is made from seaweeds and is a substitute for gelatin with rich contents of calcium and iron. The fiber content of this food is the highest among foods and it has good digestive properties.

Watermelon is very alkaline and has a pH level of 9.0. 90% of its total weight is made up of water and high fiber content which makes it aid as a mild diuretic. Watermelon also contains Vitamin C, lycopene and beta-carotene and regarded for its energy and thirst-quenching properties. It is possible to fast for a week and use the juice of this fruit effectively to clean the colon.

Lemons head the list as the top amazing foods. It has a pH level of 9.0 and contains electrolytic properties which make them alkaline foods. It gives tremendous relief when used for heartburns, cough, colds, flu, hyperacidity and other ailments that are virus-related. Wounds heal fast when lemons are used as an antiseptic to naturally heal and disinfect wounds. Lemons detoxify and serve as an excellent energizing tonic for the liver.

Once you are aware of which foods are alkaline or acidic and their function in our bodies, you can take giant leaps towards improving your health by eating good foods. If your body is acidic, the chances of contracting diseases, ailments, cancer, as well as turning prematurely grey, are greater. We should work towards changing our body’s pH levels and oxygenating our system by eating proper alkaline foods. We are aware that if our body is healthy and functions well, we can prevent sickness and diseases like cancer. We should ensure that we promote healthy alkaline tissues and avoid acidic cancerous tissues from developing in our bodies. All we have to do is opt for alkaline rather than acidic foods. This will prevent us from falling sick or contracting various problems that arise.

It is essential that we understand what the pH levels in our body are and learn how to control them. On a pH scale of 0 to 14, all numbers that are below 7 are acidic which indicates that the body does not have sufficient oxygen. Anything over 7 is considered alkaline, which should ideally be our goal. The blood, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph in a normal healthy body should register at a pH level of 7.4. At this level, there are dormant cancer cells. As the pH level goes up to 8.5, it kills the cancer cells and promotes healthy cells. Therefore if we maintain a balanced diet we can maintain good pH levels.

When the body starts developing acidic conditions, cancer cells will start thriving. Excess acid from the blood is diverted to other areas in order to try to keep the blood alkaline. Acidity results in the areas, where this excess acid is deposited and cause cells to die, in the area. Problems arise when these cells do not die but try to adapt to the situation. They end up becoming abnormal cells which are also referred to as malignant. These cells behave abnormally and do not respond to brain functions. Neither do they fit in with the existing DNA. Therefore they tend to grow rapidly out of control and this is what brings on cancer. The acid content in the blood increases and the number of white blood cells increase while the red blood cells start decreasing.

It is therefore vital that we are able to differentiate alkaline foods from acidic foods and go on a proper nutritional diet. Our way of eating in the modern world is to include many processed foods and avoiding vegetables and other natural foods. This encourages the pH levels to become more acidic. The types of foods in our body are mainly acidic or alkaline in the body. One type contain acids, or alkaline in the foods, while the other type form acid, or alkaline content in the body, on consumption of various foods. When you eat natural foods, they produce alkaline, whereas processed foods or those that are manufactured, are mainly acidic in nature. It is up to the individuals to learn to make a sensible choice. Eat more berries, fruits, dairy products and vegetables which are good alkaline foods because they also contain potassium, cesium, magnesium and calcium. Grains, nuts, legumes and seeds are foods that are mildly acidic whereas soft drinks, meat, eggs, fish are strongly acidic. Check for more details online and arm yourself with a wealth of information about how to make good diet choices with healthy alkaline foods.

The advantages of choosing alkaline foods are that you can slow down the aging process and control serious degeneration of cells. You will not feel so exhausted all the time and display more signs of vigor and vitality when you de-stress. You will be energized as you are able to take part in many outside activities. A healthy person is able to stave off illness better than one who is always tired and unhealthy. Make sure you follow a new regime of eating alkaline foods to help you cure many chronic problems such as arthritis etc.
We cannot overstate the importance of eating alkaline foods. You will find that you attain inner satisfaction when you become healthy and can achieve much more in day-to-day life when you are full of vitality.

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Just a recap of high protein foods, you should know that they come from three major sources. The first source category is the protein that comes from animals i.e. dairy and meat products. The second source category is the protein that comes from legumes and would include peas, chick peas, peanuts, and beans, and the third source category is what comes from fruits such as lentils, tree nuts, and tofu. Knowing what you eat, how you eat it, and when you eat will go a very long way in ensuring that you are getting sufficient amounts of protein from your meal. Here is a detailed overview of high protein foods.

Meat – this is the ultimate source of protein in most diets today. Meat is an encompassing term and includes both red and white meat. As any health nutritionist will tell you, the healthiest proteins come from white meat i.e. turkey, chicken, harm, fish etc. Red meat should therefore be taken in moderation for optimal health and metabolism. Lean meats are often the first choice of many and would form a great part of most healthy diets today. When formulating your diet, you should know that an ounce of chicken breast will give you up to 12g of protein in one serving. Generally, avoid any meats that are rich in saturated fats.

Dairy – when high protein foods are mentioned, dairy products will often come up in the list. Dairy in this case includes cheese, cottage cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt, clarified butter to mention but a few. Generally, a cup of yogurt supplies your body with 8g of protein per serving. Because dairy products are readily available, it is always very easy to have them as part of your daily dirt. In addition to being a potent source of protein, milk is a known potent source of calcium which facilitates the formation of strong bones.

Legumes – legumes comprise of peanuts, chick peas, peas, beans etc, and are also a great source of protein. A cup of kidney beans will give you 15g of protein per serving. Probably the best thing about legumes is the fact that most of them are fiber rich, hence will often facilitate digestion.

Tree Nuts – the composition here includes Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, almonds and all other types of nuts that fall under this category. They are a special source of protein where an ounce of almonds has up to 6g of protein. The best part about tree nuts is the fact that they are a great source of unsaturated fats, hence you can eat as much as you wish without having to worry that you are blowing up your weight.

Lentils – these are not only high protein foods but are also potent sources of iron and fiber. Lentils can make you mouthwatering soups and curries among other food items. A cup of cooked lentils can make up over 35% of your daily protein needs.

Chicken peas – otherwise referred to as garbanzo beans, chicken peas are very delicious and are a great source of the much needed protein in the body. A cup of chick peas can give you a whopping 30% of your daily protein needs. You can have them in curry, in salad, or decide to mash them up for a delectable falafel.

Tofu – this is one of the byproducts of soy milk and is known for its potent protein sources. They make up for 20% of your total daily protein needs in your body.

Uses of High Protein Foods
Foods rich in protein can be used for several reasons in the body, but are mostly used for muscle building purposes. Some of the most common types of foods used for muscle building include fish, eggs, chicken, and beans. Because protein plays an integral role in helping build muscle, if for any reasons you are not getting sufficient amounts of protein from your daily dietary intake, it is always advisable to take it as a supplement. Luckily, it is available in a variety of powders including whey isolate protein powder, whey casein protein powder, soy protein powder, and egg white protein powder to mention but a few.

You need a daily protein intake of 1-1.5g per pound of your average body weight. It is however important to keep in mind that proteins contains calories. As such, when planning your meals, you will need to factor that in so you do not end up piling up calories in the name of consuming high protein foods. While protein is known to facilitate muscle building, overeating it can be detrimental to your health, especially if you do not work out as required. This is why it is always recommended that you complement your dietary plan with daily regular exercises to ensure the food is evenly and well distributed in the body, and to ensure you burn sufficient amounts of calories. Exercise actually helps build muscle much faster than just eating foods in rich protein and loafing on the sofa all day long.

Another important factor worth mentioning about the intake of proteins is that taking too much of it can lead to dehydration. This is often as a result of the kidney requiring more water so it can facilitate the excretion of excess nitrogen load brought about by the high protein intake. By the same token, you also need to know the ideal time to take your high protein diet. Taking a heavy meal immediately after undergoing heavy or strenuous training can lead to incomplete substitution of the all important glycogen for muscles, hence lead to an impaired performance. As a result, because of the muscle and system overload, you may end up feeling sluggish and fatigued all throughout.

One widespread misconception about high protein intake is that it will facilitate the rapid building of muscles. Contrary to that popular belief, it will make you gain weight excessively because of the additional fat build up. What this means is that you will need to work a little extra hard than normal to be able to shed off that extra fat pile up. When everything is taken in moderation though, and you compliment your daily intake of protein with regular exercises, you can rest assured that high protein foods will help sculpt your body.

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Vitamin K refers to a group of similar fat soluble vitamins that are required for blood coagulation and posttranslational modifications of some proteins in the body system. They are necessary for the development of bones and other tissues of the human body.

Two Major Forms
Vitamin K showcases in two major forms namely Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Actually, Vitamin K1 is usually synthesized by plants. It’s normally found in green leafy vegetables and soybean oil. On the other hand, Vitamin K2 showcases in form of homologs which are characterized by the number of isoprene residue in the side chain. It’s usually produced by certain bacteria in the small intestines.

There are also other synthetic types of Vitamin K which showcase in the forms of Vitamin K3 K4, and K2. In most cases, these synthetic forms have some toxicity while the natural K1 and K2 forms are non-toxic.

Functions of Vitamin K
Vitamin K is known for several unique functions in the human body. Let’s take a look at the following points.

• It helps in the clotting of blood in the body system. That’s why, it’s known sometimes as Clotting Vitamin. Blood clotting is actually the primary function of the vitamin. It’s a process that usually begins whenever an injury produces a tear in a blood vessel. This usually involves the collection of molecules which circulate profusely throughout the bloodstream. Vitamin K helps a lot in regulating the blood clotting process by assisting the transportation of calcium in the body.

• It also helps in the maintenance of strong bones. Elderly persons who take enough dosage of Vitamin K usually have strong bones. The same scenario applies to infants and adult who take the vitamin accordingly.

• The vitamin plays a major role in bone formation. In the lives of women undergoing menopause, the vitamins help them to maintain strong bone formation.

• Vitamin K helps a lot in the calcification of arteries and a number of other soft tissues in the human body.

• It plays a major role in the regulation of blood sugar.

• The vitamin also reduces the risk of liver diseases. It reduces bleeding in the liver.

• It also minimizes jaundice whenever it occurs.

Major Sources of Vitamin K
Vitamin K is usually found in various food items. Among them include:

• Green leafy vegetables like kale, turnip greens, spinach, Swiss Chard, parsley, collards, green leaf lettuce , mustard green, romaine and others.

• Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and so on.

• Fish

• Cereals

• Animal sources such as meat, liver and eggs.

• The bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract also produce Vitamin K.

Vitamin K Deficiency
Vitamin K deficiency is usually rare but it still occurs when your body fails to absorb it from the intestine tract or when you fail to eat enough food items that produce the vitamin. The deficiency can also occur when you go through a long-term treatment with several antibiotics.

Oftentimes, people with Vitamin K deficiency are prone to have bleeding and bruising from time to time. The deficiency can also be as result of impaired absorption of the vitamin.

Newborn babies are usually prone to have Vitamin K deficiency. This is mainly because their digestive tracks don’t contain the bacteria that produce Vitamin K. However, as they begin to grow, the deficiency begins to subside. In most adults, Vitamin K deficiency is very rare since their digestive tracts are still capable of harboring the bacteria that produce the vitamin. When the deficiency actually occurs in adults, it may be as a result of several cases of diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Cholestasis, Celiac disease and others. In any case, the general symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency include gastrointestinal bleeding, bruises, hermaturia, and epistaxis and so on.

Vitamin K Overdose
The overdose of Vitamin K is known for having no toxicity in individuals. However, it’s not recommended for individuals who are going through medications. If for instance, you’re taking blood thinning drugs like anticoagulants, you need to limit your intake of foods rich in Vitamin K. this is because, the vitamin can limit the potency of the medication.

Dosage Recommendations for Vitamin K
The actual dosage of Vitamin K required for individuals depends on age and gender. Other factors such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, illness may also determine the amount of dosage required. There are specific Recommended Dietary Allowance for the intake of Vitamin K according to age and gender. These stand as follows:
• Infants within 0 – 6 months are required to take 2.0 mcg per day

• Infants within 7 -12 months are required to take 2.5 mcg per day

• Children within 1-3 years are required to take 30 mcg per day

• Children within 4-8 years are required to take 55 mcg per day

• Children within 9-13 years are required to take 60 mcg per day

• Adolescents and Adults within 14 – 18 years are required to take 75 mcg per day.

• Males and females within 14 – 18 years are required to take 75 mcg per day

• Males and females within 19 years and older are required to take 90 mcg per day

The above dosage recommendations are to be followed by anyone who really wants to benefit more from Vitamin K. To be on a safer side, it’s important you consult a dietician when looking for quality sources of the vitamin as well as the right dosage. It’s also very important you go for regular checkup in a good medical center in order to know the current status of all the vitamins required in your body. This helps you to maintain steady health on daily basis.

In all, Vitamin K remains very vital for sound health. It’s important you eat the recommended food items as stated above when looking for the right dosage for the vitamin. You’re sure to enjoy sound health all through life when the vitamin is at work in your system.

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Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is greatly needed by the retina of the human eyes. It’s very vital for the enhancement of color and low-light vision. It’s also a generic term for related compounds such as retinal and retinol. The vitamin also has alternative names such as Retinol, Retinoic acid, Cartenoids and Retinal.

Functions of Vitamin A

• Vitamin A helps a lot in the maintenance of a healthy skin, mucus membrane, teeth and other soft tissues of the body.

• It helps a lot in enhancing vision since it produces enough pigments for the retina. Usually when light passes through the lens of the eyes, it’s picked up by the retina and then converted to a nerve impulse by the brain. Vitamin A or Retinol is usually transported to the retina through a circulation process whereby it accumulates as pigments in the retina. This helps a lot in vision enhancement.

• Vitamin A enhances breastfeeding in women and the process of reproduction.

• It also helps in the regulation of gene expression.

• It promotes immunity and also prevents your body system from diverse illnesses.

• The vitamin is also required for growth and development. It’s very essential for the development of the embryo in the uterus. During fetal development, vitamin A helps a lot in the growth of the limbs and other parts of the fetus. It also helps in the formation of the fetal eyes, ears and heart.

• Vitamin A helps a lot in the production of Red Blood Cells. It facilitates the mobilization of iron from various storage locations for the development of the red blood cells.

• Vitamin A interacts with various body nutrients with the aim of promoting good health. For instance, Zinc deficiency interferes with Vitamin A metabolism is various ways. Vitamin A deficiency may also enhance iron deficiency in the human body. When Vitamin A works hand in hand with Iron, anemia is greatly reduced in the human system.

Various Sources of Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be derived from various sources such as Beef liver, Cheddar Cheese, Egg yolk, fortified milk, sweet potato, carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkin, Apricots, Broccoli, Collard greens, pink grapefruit, leafy vegetables and Spinach. It can also be gotten from animal sources such as kidney, cod, and halibut fish oil and so on.

Vitamin A Deficiency

When you lack Vitamin A, you’re sure to suffer a lot of deficiencies in your body systems. Discussed below are some of the deficiencies that will show when the vitamin is lacking.

• Vitamin A Deficiency and Vision
Vision impairment is inevitable when Vitamin A is lacking in your system. In most cases, the issue of vision impairment abounds in the lives of children and even adults who don’t take foods rich in Vitamin A. When such is the case, the individuals involved will encounter series of vision problems such as night blindness, dry eye and so on. In most cases, mild deficiency of Vitamin causes bitots’ spots or changes in the conjunctiva. When the deficiency is very severe, dry eye will showcase.

• Infectious Diseases and Vitamin A Deficiency

When you lack enough supply of Vitamin A, lots of infectious diseases will have inroad in your body systems. Vitamin A is known for boosting the immune system when it’s present in full scale. However, when it’s completely or partially lacking, you’re bound to contact lots of dangerous diseases. Children who lack the vitamin easily develop respiratory impairments and diarrhea. There’s also a high rate of infant mortality when the vitamin is lacking in children.
Again, pregnant women living with HIV who lack Vitamin A are very much likely to transfer the virus to their kids without delays.

Other Side Effects of Vitamin A deficiency

When you lack enough Vitamin A in your system, you’re prone to fall sick often. Your immune system is drastically reduced. You’ll be very susceptible to any air-bone diseases that fly across your direction. Again, you’re sure to have vision problems when the vitamin is lacking. You might even become blind if care is not taken.

The side Effects of Excess Vitamin A

It’s quite clear that deficiency of Vitamin A comes with lots of health challenges. In the same vein, there are also health challenges when the vitamin is in excess. If you have too much of it, you’re likely to become very sick. Large doses of the vitamin can lead to birth defects in the lives of infants.
There’s also what is known as “Acute Vitamin A poisoning”. This occurs when you take large amounts of vitamin A sources. This can be very dangerous to your health. Children who also get involved in the poisoning are likely to encounter several health challenges.

Recommendation for Taking Vitamin A

Since excess of vitamin A and its deficiency are both dangerous, there’s every need for you to know the right dosage required. It’s generally recommended that women should take 800 mcg of Vitamin A daily, while men should take 1000 mcg on daily basis.
However, the best way to get a balanced Vitamin A dosage for better health is to consume specific fruits and vegetables on daily basis. You also need to take legumes, whole grains, lentils and other vitamin sources on daily basis.

Meanwhile, certain recommendations concerning the proper intake of Vitamin A has been made by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine as follows:

• Infants within 0 – 6 months are required to take 400 mcg per day

• Infants within 7 – 12 months are to take 500 mcg per day

• Children within 1 – 3 years are to take 300 mcg per day

• Children within 4-8 years are to take 400 mcg per day

• Children within 9 – 13 years are to take 600 mcg per day.

• Males from 14 years and older are to take 900 mcg per day

• Females from 14 years and older are to take 700 mcg per day.

How to know when you have too much or too little of Vitamin A?

It’s always important you get to know about the right dosage for Vitamin A in your body system. However, it might be very difficult to actually know exactly when you’re having too much of it or too little of it. You don’t really need to worry too much. All you need is to watch out the reactions from your body system. If you begin to notice traces of night blindness or eye irritation, you ought to know that Vitamin A is lacking. When you begin to fall sick often, you’ll notice that your immune system is weak. This may also be a sign of Vitamin A deficiency.

However, when you begin to notice nausea, blurred vision or irritability, this may be a sign of overconsumption of Vitamin A. Again, when you take too much of Vitamin A, the palms of your hand and the bottoms of your feet may turn orange in color. Your skin may also turn yellow.
On the other hand, excess lack of Vitamin A may lead to hair loss, enlarged spleen, liver damage, increase risk of bone fractures and growth retardation.

Taking Precautions
Having seen the above pieces of information concerning Vitamin A, there’s every need for you to take adequate precaution. The vitamin can make or mar you. When you take excess of it, your health is endangered. When it’s lacking in your system, your health is also endangered. There’s need for you to strike a balance here. You need to make sure you have the right dosage for vitamin A at any point in time.

The right precaution to take is to make sure you consult a dietician to help you arrange the right quantity of food sources that can give you the right dosage of Vitamin A. Your dietician should be able to let you know the right kind of food to go for per time.

Again, when you begin to notice unusual symptoms in various sections of your body, you need to go for proper check up. If you begin to notice some forms of eye problems, that may be an indication of lack of Vitamin A. You need to consult an oculist to help you out. It’s always important you go for regular medical checkup at the hands of a good doctor in order to know your health status per time.

In the final analysis, Vitamin A still remains a very vital vitamin the body requires for healthy growth. It’s very important you know the right sources of the vitamin and make the most out of them. You don’t need to look very far when looking for suitable sources for the vitamin. You can always have the best of the vitamin from the local fruits and vegetables you take on daily basis. All you need to do is to exercise some caution when eating and drinking. You’re sure to enjoy a better life when you have adequate supply of Vitamin A on daily basis.

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Our bodies are constantly being exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals in the air. Free radicals abound in large numbers and create havoc with our health and the immune system. If we ensure that we take sufficient antioxidant supplements, herbs and vitamins, we will be able to fight these harmful elements. It is possible to lead a long and healthy life by taking precautions to guard against this onslaught. We should be able to safely say that we are doing the best we can to make sure that our bodies are guarded and protected with natural supplements to keep it healthy.

Taking antioxidant supplements help you fight many diseases and free radicals naturally. They work positively to reduce the harmful onslaught of free radicals that constantly try to work their way into the system.

Research on the subject by the medical fraternity indicates that these free radicals can cause very serious problems that are detrimental to health. By taking antioxidant supplements, you will be able to provide building blocks, with the oral enzymes that will counteract the harmful effects and stop them in their track. Zinc, copper and magnesium are minerals that work well to keep out bodies fighting fit.

Minerals and vitamins, apart from the millions of enzymes are provided by the antioxidant supplements, which absorb easily in our bodies. You get beta carotene in vitamin C and coenzyme, lycopene, cysteine and lutein, from the amino acids in vitamin B2. Some of the other extracts, such as aloe vera, ginkgo, pine bark extracts and turmeric, are also found which have been found efficient for helping the body fight off harmful radicals that cause health problems.
Fortunately for us, by taking these antioxidant supplements, we do not have to try to consume these various ingredients in large amounts, which could prove quite challenging. These supplements are also found naturally in vegetables and fruits. If you have problems with dietary constraints, you can just take these foods in the supplement form.

We have been commonly exposed to the term antioxidants recently. With the help of research we are made aware of the properties of these sources and know that the properties of alkaline are created by water ionizers. How do you define antioxidant? To put it simply, anything that is able to counteract or stop oxidation is known as an anti-oxidant. The term oxidations refers to the chemical reaction that takes place, when oxygen atoms are mixed with a substance and try to bring about destructive results, for the most part. When these oxidants which are referred to as free radicals miss an electron, they become unstable and try to replace these electrons from the other molecules. When they come in contact with the molecule, they in turn become new free radicals that look for other electrons and this sets off a chain reaction.

For example, hydrogen peroxide is formed through a metabolic process, when it combines with oxygen at the level of the human cells. When this happens, the free radicals which are over produced start damaging the cells and tissues making them weak and susceptible to disease and causing people to age prematurely. Another example is when rust forms on any iron pieces exposed to the elements. When oxidation takes place with the oxygen combining with the molecules, it continues to rust and finally destroys the price of iron.

The effect of free radicals has opened up doors to several ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and so on. Therefore it is important to understand how antioxidants play a vital role in taking care of our health. Though we require free radicals, to defend our system by killing bacteria, removing acid content from our foods and drinks and protect us from smoking and pollution, they can also cause harmful effects, if they are produced excessively. What is the role of antioxidants in our system for controlling oxidants on the warpath? To encapsulate the truth, it is capable of donating an electron to free radicals, without converting to a free radical and by this method; it neutralizes the process of overproduction of free radicals. When we take foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables, some types of fruits, teas, mineral and vitamin supplements, nuts, dark chocolate, wine, and alkaline water that is ionized, it helps to restore the balance to our vital organs. This also helps to arrest premature aging and oxidation.

Our bodies comprise of 70% water normally and therefore if we ensure that we drink alkaline water, we will find that it makes a significant difference, as it helps to correct the free radicals. What is the reason for alkaline water to have properties of antioxidants according to the testimonials that we read? The Ionizer machines split water molecules electronically into hydrogen acidic atoms that are positively charged and hydrogen alkaline atoms that are negatively charged. This split is accomplished by the machines when it is processed by electrolysis. The alkaline water that we drink is produced from the molecule that is negatively charged 0 H- Hydrogen atoms. The large amount of electrons additionally produced in the water is donated to free radicals when they require the electrons. Since this donating of an electron can be accomplished without processing it into a free radical, it is able to control the damage caused by molecules in the system.

The H20 clusters found in water is also reduced by the ionizers by nearly half the quantity. Since the smaller sized water clusters are very stable, this structure will assimilate more easily into the cells and therefore, help to hydrate our bodies quickly. The dual role of creating smaller clusters and the properties, as an anti-oxidant, helps to reduce the acidic content, fight the free radicals that enter the blood stream, carry oxygen efficiently and make sure essential minerals are provided. Apart from this, they also fight the process of aging, ensure effective hydration of the body and flush toxins from the cells, thereby promoting the working of the immune system.

Free radicals cause harm to the body cells, when they are released from foods that we consume and this can easily be prevented, by antioxidants. The substance found in antioxidants is capable of protecting the cells from damaging and preventing cancer. The Vitamins A, C & E, lycopene and beta-carotene stabilize free radicals, as they contain antioxidants.

Though various clinical tests were conducted on the effects of antioxidants on the development of cancer, there were no conclusive results until the year 1990, when it was evident that they did have a role, in the prevention of cancer. Extensive tests were carried out on beta-carotene and its effects on various groups of patients who had cancer. The first prevention study was published on cancer in 1993. Clinical tests were conducted on healthy Chinese women, as well as men, to check the results of selenium, vitamin E and beta-carotene on the risk of contracting gastric cancer. Results indicated that the combination of these antioxidants proved effective for reducing the risk of gastric as well as other cancers.

In 1994 more studies were conducted on the prevention of cancer. Regular doses of vitamin E, prescribed for Finnish males who were smokers, did not prove effective for reducing the rate of lung cancer. This was a clinical test carried out for preventing cancer with use of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol) and Beta-carotene. Tests and studies through the years 1994 and 1996 to 1999 proved that the effects were neutral when antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and Vitamins, A & E were used to fight cancer.

Chemical tests and studies carried out recently have provided better and positive results. There are concrete evidences of the effects of antioxidants for preventing cancer along with other tests conducted with the studies of animals and cell culturing. The molecules that are electrically charged, otherwise referred to as free radicals, tend to remove the electrons from the molecules that work to improve cell functioning. To ensure that the free radicals leave the molecules undisturbed, the antioxidants donate electrical charge to neutralize them, so that the free radicals are prevented from removing electrons, or damaging them. People, who ate sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, were able to stave the onset of cancer, thus proving that antioxidants worked effectively to prevent the risk of contracting cancer.

The role played by antioxidants, therefore, is to eliminate free radicals so that our bodies function well and continue to remain healthy. Our body cells, as well as their organelles, can suffer extensive damage by the free radicals that are found in our body. If the DNA gets disrupted because of this, then there is all likelihood of developing an illness, or disease. Therefore, it is essential that we take antioxidants, as a daily routine to ensure that the effects are neutralized. Regular intake of antioxidants will remove the toxins from out body and ensure that our immune system stays strong as our cells continue to function well and we delay the onset of premature graying.

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The following are four common diet-busting fast-foods that you must avoid, and their healthier alternative that you can easily make easily and conveniently at home. Since many people end up eating ‘bad foods’ because they do not have the time to prepare all the 3 typical meals at home, here are some healthier options that you can carry with you from home.


Make an informed decision with the following suggestions.

- From Diet-Busting Salads, it is Wendy’s Southwest Taco Salad. It packs 680 calories, 39g fat, and1, 620mg sodium.

- Healthy Alternative to order when out in a restaurant is Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad. You will receive only 570 calories, 25g fat, and 1,370mg sodium.
With this, you save a whopping 14g of fat, 250mg of sodium and 110 calories total.

- Healthy home-made alternative to is Well’s Taco Salad. It contains 361 calories, 583mg of sodium, 16g of fat and in addition 10g of fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and the much needed Vitamins A n’ C.

With this, you end up saving a whopping 23g of fat, 1,037mg of sodium and total 319 calories.


Soups are known to produce greater feelings of fullness than many types of foods. They can make a great filling addition after a hearty meal or can even pass for a full low-calorie lunch. However, you should be very careful since even the tiniest of soup serving can be laden with lots of calories and unwanted fats than you could ever care to imagine.

- From Diet-Busting Soup, the priority is given to D’Angelo’s Lobster Bisque. It packs 360 calories, 820mg of sodium and 29g of fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is the so-called D’Angelo’s Broccoli & Cheddar Soup. It contains 19g of fat and 840mg of sodium as well just 250 calories.
You get to save 10g fat and 20mg sodium and 220 calories total.

- Healthy home made alternative is crab Bisque with Avocado. This Tomato & Corn Relish contains only 7g of fat, 230calories and 441mg of sodium
You get to save 22g of fat, 130 calories and a whopping 379mg of the equally important sodium.

Turkey Sandwich

- From Diet-Busting Turkey Sandwich, the best one is Panera’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich. It contains 970 calories and 51g fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is Panera’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich. It contains 15g fat and 560 calories.

Therefore, you get a saving of 36g of fat and 410 calories.

- Healthy homemade alternative is Turkey & Tomato Panini. It contains 4g fat and 272 calories where you get to save over 47g of fat and 698 calories.


- From Diet-Busting Burrito you need necessary to try Moe’s Homewrecker. In its original size made with chicken on a entire-wheat tortilla, it contains 38g fat and 925 calories.

- Healthy Option to Order – you will never go wrong with the junior size of Moe’s Homewrecker. On an entire-grain tortilla, it contains only 7g fat n’ 283 calories.
You get to save 31g of fat and 642 calories in total.

Healthy homemade option is Barbecued Chicken Burritos. It contains 353 calories and 9g fat and you get some iron and fiber.

You end up saving 29g of fat and 572 calories.

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Today, the hottest news on health and diet supplements is the Acai Berry. These berries are constantly being featured on news programs, talk shows, newspapers and magazines. People are however concerned that they will be robbed off their money so they deny themselves the benefits that they can receive from the healthy Acai berries. You can make a smart decision if you read all about the fruits and stop worrying.

A scam that is associated with the Acai berries is that it is franchised to distributors. You pay a substantial amount to get the rights to buy the supplements at reduced rates and you then make a profit by selling it at a higher rate. The distributorship cost can be reimbursed when you get your first order with this type of business. If you have to pay a lot of money to a company to get the “right” to sell any of their products, it is possible that the product is not good.

Another type of Acai Berry scams is that people sign up for a free trial and then get billed for supplements that they did not order. It is important to check when you sign up for anything, especially when it says “free.” We are all aware that nothing comes free as there is always a tag involved. Many food supplements are advertised free, but you end up paying shipping costs every month for the health products. This holds good for other industries such as when you pick up CDs that are offered by Columbia House.

The first thing you should do is cancel the shipment when you get supplement on trial basis, before it gets charged to the credit card. You can check the pills you order and make sure you do not open the ones that you did not order and then find out from the company how you can return them. Most companies that are reputable will agree to take them back.

What is really scary about most Acai Berry scams is that companies tempt you by offering free trials and then go out of business, after charging you on your credit card. You can prevent this from happening. Find out if the company is legitimate in the market and has a standing. Secondly, you use the prepaid card that has just enough money to cover the free trial. When your credit card gets charged, the charge will be denied, as there is insufficient money to pay for the same.

The Acai Berry has been regarded as a popular health supplements, though many controversies have arisen globally, on the properties of these tiny purple berries that are mainly found in Central and Southern parts of America. These berries grow in swamps and flood plains and are noted for the fiber content, fatty acids and as antioxidants. The berry has been touted as excellent for promoting weight loss. Acai Berry works to suppress appetite as well as boosts the immune system and prevents free radicals from attacking and destroying cells. Your skin looks radiant when you take these berries.

Many people, out to make a quick buck, have capitalized on the new craze and set up fictitious sites and offer free trials that are pure scam. You end up having to deal with recurring orders appearing from your credit card, which you cannot cancel and you are subjected to various forms of tricks and Acai Berry scams from these unknown frauds. Robert Pearce, who is a security expert online, maintains that the problems here are not the Acai Berry, but the people who create problems, so you should learn how to avoid becoming victims of the Acai Beery scam online.

There are several factors you should be pay heed. Check if the site you visit has a phone number. It is perfectly legal to check if the company is honest, by calling and checking if they are legitimate, before you considering placing any orders. The other point to check is whether they have an address that they display online. It should have the company address and not just a PO-Box or a geographical address. If you look up independent review sites, you will be able to read reviews and know whether the people are genuine or not, to help you make sure that the site is safe. You can Google the name of the company or website and know whether they have a good reputation, as there is bound to be talk on several forums.

If a reputable large company makes billing mistakes, they make sure they resolve the misunderstanding quickly. However, small companies do not work legally and since the government is hard-pressed to keep up with their Acai Berry scams, they do not bother about customer satisfaction. Always ensure that you read the fine print carefully when you visit any site. If there is mention about any recurring billing on the website, you should stay away from the site and if they mention free trials and you have to cancel before a certain period in the billing cycle, beware for it is definitely a scam! Signing up for free trials is always a risk as they offer deals that are literally too good to be true!

The Acai berry is rightly considered a super food, as it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, for which there is no real substitute. These berries are grown in the heart of the Amazon jungles and grow like grapes in clusters. The Acai berry and the Palm tree stand tall in the forest canopy and the juice is used medicinally by the natives and as a great marinade for meats. This Acai berry therefore is considered more a super food that diet supplement.

Vitamins such as A, B1 & D are found in the Acai berry. The vitamins A & D aid in soaking up calcium by the body effectively. You get your daily energy from Vitamins B1. It is not good to get discouraged with these Acai Berry scams but you can look for diet supplements that work equally beneficially as the Acai berry. Watch out for companies that create Acai Berry scams and take credit for popularizing the fruit. Read the consumer comments and testimonials to know whether you should shop for these supplements and check out the evidences and images of the progress reports for your own benefit.