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Bench press is one of the most important aspects of going to the gym and exercising. Actually, many will fight over an attractive bench just because it helps bring out the best in them as they exercise and tone up their body. Sadly, no matter how attractive or effective a bench has been designed to be, if you do not get the most out of it, all your sweating and effort will go down the drain, so to speak. It isn’t uncommon to find people stuck in the gym for months on end with no improvement at all despite all their hard work doing the bench press. Could it be they are doing it the wrong way, or is it just the fact that they are not dedicated to their presses?

Like any other form of exercise, it is common to reach a moribund point in your workout and become dormant, especially when you are trying to get the most out of your 1 rep bench press. This is where most people would stagnate and sometimes even backslide on their already achieved efforts. The reason for this is when you go full blast constantly. So how do you ensure you get the most out of your press?

1. Workout on the bench only once or twice a week. Do not overdo it.

2. Schedule your exercises in different varying phases, at least 4 phases with each phase taking up to a week. During the first week, ensure you cover 50% of your max reps, the next phase cover 65%, the third phase cover 80%, and the final phase is where you complete your set. Give yourself a break and then start all over again from the start. You will realize that as you progress, each set will become easier and doable by the day. Such exercises help workout your slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers, and eventually your body will become more responsive.

3. You should also concentrate on your supporting muscles and not just the regular bench press.

4. Avoid overworking your body with other exercises, particularly if your main focus is on the legs and triceps. Like doing any other form of exercise, it is always important that you take regular rests in between to allow your muscles enough time to recover and rejuvenate. Remember that if your muscles do not recover well and you start to work out, not only will your gains be limited, you also risk suffering muscle tear. If you must work out during your off days, light exercises such as crunches, sit ups and stretches will do.

5. Do not let anything come in your way, even your genetic composition as many people assume. Say for instance you have short arms and a wide chest; naturally you tend to do more presses on the bench than people with long arms and short chests. Generally, ensure you do everything in moderation and you will be good to go.

6. When all is said and done, it is important to remember that nothing complements your bench presses better than a well balanced diet. Unless you eat well, you are not going to gain anything.

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Resistance Training, or as it is most commonly known Weight Lifting, is just one component that is required by a wrestler, when he begins to prepare for a competition. However, this is an essential component, as it helps to increase the endurance, power and strength of the wrestler. The advantages of resistance training are that your tendons and ligaments that connect muscles and bones increase the muscular strength, to reduce the chances of injury, during a wrestling match. The bone density also increases, when you practice resistance training, which helps to prevent fractures developing due to stress. According to Dan John, the term used for building muscle is “armor building” for a sports athlete.

Many wrestlers get confused when they look at the various weight lifting options available. Many were keen to try out P90X after looking at the TV infomercials. Several people may have read various magazines, such as Iron Man, Flex and Muscle and Fitness, when checking out the various routines for bodybuilding. Powerlifting USA is another interesting magazine in the market. Many of us are impressed when we watch the Olympic Weightlifting on Television.

According to Tudor Bompa, “prime movers” refers to the muscles that perform certain technical moves. When one is in a strength training program, they should know which muscles have to be targeted for the type of sport involved and work on them. Since wrestling is all about pulling an opponent by his leg, pummeling and fighting for top position, the strength training will target those particular prime movers. The shoulders, back muscles and biceps are all involved and have to be strengthened. Grip strengthening to secure holds for fighting with the hands and pulling is required along with strengthening of the hips and legs to succeed in a wrestling match. It is essential to focus on exercising these prime movers.

Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus, popularized High Intensity Training (HIT) in the 1970s. Here only a particular set of exercises are targeted as against multiple sets and these are performed in a very controlled slow manner. The exercises are done till the person tires out and develops muscle failure. This helps to build up muscular strength as well as the size. It is necessary to work out with HIT, only two or maximum three times in the week as these workouts are intense, though brief. Some of the noted HIT advocates were Ellington Darden, Matt Brzycki, Drew Baye, Ken Leistner and champion bodybuilders, Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.

Since HIT workouts are brief and last for about half an hour, it is ideal for people who do not have much time to practice weight lifting. However, some people are of the opinion that working high intensity, for short periods, leading to muscle failure has too many drawbacks. Many debate on the advantages of working out one set, as against multiple sets for producing more gains at greater strength. Studies on the subject reveal that one set is equally effective, as performing three sets, while there are conflicting opinions. Anyone who wishes to try out HIT workouts should carry out some research before making a decision. Since there are recorded instances of athletes finding this type of HIT training usefully, it is worth giving it a shot.

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Your body can be build to look outstanding and perform magnificently. However, most of the workouts, diets and solutions that are presented by professionals may not always work to help you gain major muscle the right way. Most of the people, who work in the fitness industry, do not suggest normal methods to help you gain excess muscle, when you train for natural bodybuilding. Most of them introduce secret pills and add drugs in injections for the hormones amidst various options. They however do not inform you of this when they suggest certain medications. You can refuse to consider these options and go in for the real methods instead.

People are always on the lookout for options that gives them a cutting edge. Always opt for weight gain, using natural methods, as it is not worth trying to manipulate your body to secrete hormones, or allow your body to respond to stimuli, which have bad repercussions. If you ponder on this, you will realize that you may end up building up some areas of your body that was not on the cards and this will make the whole effort futile.

The most popular supplements that people take when they want to get bigger are various types of powders and proteins for weight gain. These are available in many health stores but many manufacturers conceal the fact that the same foods are available in your own home where you can follow a good diet and get the right proteins easily in the foods you eat. Why drink something that tastes like chalk when you can eat wholesome natural foods. Enjoy eating eggs, fish and lean meats to get the very same results. This is one natural option for all bodybuilders, who would like to keep their health and at the same time save some money on expensive products. You start natural bodybuilding by introducing natural foods in the system and avoid downing drinks loaded with sugar.

You can also improve the condition of your body by taking certain recommended supplements and vitamins. For example you will notice your energy levels rising when you take a multivitamin every day. This is a natural way to boost your system, instead of going in for synthetic substitutes, which may have adverse reactions. Introduce Creatine in your system, as you must realize that your body also produces this substance and slowly starts depleting, as you advance in age. People start feeling tired because of this and also some other factors such as heredity, age and other issues.

Make sure you are on the alert and maintain hormone levels by using natural methods as far as possible. Men often forget to avoid encouraging estrogen secretion in their body. Men have small amounts of estrogen in their bodies and if they block, it they can work out faster and more competently, with a traditional work out.
Remember that natural bodybuilding is not impossible. You just need to consider you options and use the best ones to promote muscle gain. Stay away from synthetic products and ensure that you always opt for natural options.

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There is no better way to lose the excess fat from your body than carrying out exercises, such as aerobics. as well as other low intensity workouts. It is essential to try and perform some exercises that will help tone the belly muscles. The ones that really work effectively are the torso twist and crunches as they lose fat while building up the muscle mass in the stomach area.

If you try the low intensity workouts properly, you will find prompt results. You can even perform cardio exercises, as they are also equally effective for burning fats and expending energy, usefully. Therefore the role of exercises for reducing belly fat cannot be overstated.

The first important criterion is to go on a diet that is low in fat. This will help to reduce belly fat. Avoid foods that are high in calories and fat content. Eat more protein enriched foods as these are highly recommended for the body. It is also important to drink plenty of water as these are all great ways to lose your abdominal fat quickly.
What does a proper diet entail? It does not mean eating less quantities of food. When you exercise, your body has to accommodate more food to help it cope. The chances of growing weak are greater, if you do not eat the right quantities and when there is insufficient nutrition and the metabolic rate is lowered, you are prone to contracting several diseases.

You should ensure that you get sufficient hours of rest. Sleep is essential for letting your body get a chance to lose abdominal fat. Studies on the subject indicate that people, who do not sleep enough, have nearly 70% chances, of becoming obese. The protein Leptin, informs our brain when we have had enough food in the body. The craving for food is less when we are full. When we do not get enough sleep, less leptin is produced in the body and this causes our appetites to increase and we start gorging on foods. This food gets stored in the stomach as fat.

The body is unable to produce sufficient insulin, when we lack sleep and this insulin is required, for controlling the levels of sugar in our blood. The body begins to store fat if the sugar levels fluctuate. Hence we need to ensure that our bodies get enough rest as this also can play a vital role increasing belly fat.
Here are a few valuable tips to help you lose abdominal fat and prevent fatty tissues from accumulating around the belly.

Would you prefer to join a gym where you have to pay exorbitantly to alter your body shape? You could try the high impact cardiovascular fitness regime that was introduced by Keli Roberts to try and lose belly fat successfully. Just 10 minutes of exercising will help you to burn 150 calories in a day.

You start by Jumping Rope in the first two minutes to burn fat. Begin with two jumps when you turn the rope. Make sure you use the right size of jump rope and land on the balls of your feet softly (the upper part under your foot.) Tell yourself that you are losing weight.

For the next two to three minutes, work up a Push up with a Squat Thrust. For this exercise, stand with your feet apart at shoulder width and let your arms relax at your side. Squat slowly bringing your head forward as you bring your hands to the ground slightly out where your feet lie. Make sure you point your hands forwards. In one move, push your legs behind you and out so that you are in a pushup position. When you complete one pushup, jump back in the squat position and stand upright again. Continue to tell yourself that the fat is reducing.

During the third to fourth minute you should again Jump Rope but restrict it to one jump every turn. You are telling yourself all the time that the fat is melting.

In the fourth to fifth minute get back to performing the Squat Thrush and Push Up but this time you will add the Side Plank to this routine. For this, lift your left arm of the ground once you complete the squat thrust and push up and rotate it over the head. Your left foot should rotate and rest on top of the right foot. Rotate your neck during this time and look up at the ceiling. Rotate the center again and repeat this exercise with the other side. When you finish, hop back in the squat position, rise to standing position and begin again. Repeat that your belly is going to vanish.

During the fifth and sixth minute you Jump Rope repeating the same procedure as with minutes three to four. You are losing belly fat.

In the sixth to seventh minute, you should get back to the Squat Thrust plus Push Up, but this time you will add the Leg Lift. This is the exercise you did in the second and third minute, but now you will have to lift your toes of one foot twelve inches from the ground, after you have completed the push up. The repeat the other side once your lower the foot. Get back to the squat position, rise and begin again. You can now start wishing your belly goodbye!

In the seventh to eighth minute you Jump Rope as you did earlier (three and four) Remind yourself of your shrinking belly.

Get back to the Squat Thrust plus Push up during the eight and nine minute but you will now add Mountain Climbers. Repeat the same routine up to two and three minutes but now after you complete the push up, start jogging in the same place, when you complete the push up. Bring your knees close to the chest with each rotation. You will now perform 5 jogs and repeat the entire routine and tell yourself that you are losing weight.

During the ninth and tenth minute you start with the Jump Rope like you did for the first two minutes. Tell yourself that if you continue this routine daily you will lose abdominal fat. Best of luck to all!

We suggest that you use a yoga mat, or some soft padding, when you perform these exercises. You will prevent injuries from occurring and also add cushioning, so that you do not hurt your knee joints. For more information on how to order yoga and gym mates, visit Ultimate Fitness Equipment to learn all about fitness equipments.

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Stretching exercises are part of the workout routine. The exercises performed with stretching are an important contribution to keep physically fit. It is necessary to do a few stretches before a workout, so that the body becomes flexible. You benefit because you are able to carry out a much more effective workout. These stretching exercises performed after a workout helps to repair muscles.

One can go through a varied selection of stretching exercises that are used for specific applications. When you do these exercises, make sure that you not only look for the right type of stretches, but also ones that you find most comfortable for you. After all, you have the choice of doing those that suit you most.
When you begin exercising, concentrate on how your body feels with each stretch. Begin by doing a set of exercises and focus on how your body reacts to the exercise. Slowly build up a few stretches and you will soon get into a pattern of working out with the stretches that suit you best. You will enjoy your exercises when you begin to design your own stretches that work best for you. A good personal trainer could help you plan a workout as per your requirements. Given below are a few points on why people wish to try these stretching workouts.

Change of Lifestyle

Many people get tired of leading a sedentary lifestyle and look for ways to become more active. These people certain require starting with stretches. These are preliminaries to be done before getting onto more active exercises, such as jogging, hiking or walking. This is because, when one has been inactive for long, there is every chance of getting injured. Therefore stretching will definitely be of immense value.

Coping with the after effects of Injuries

The after effects of an injury can last a long time. Many people need to use therapy techniques to recover from an injury. Stretches have proved to be indispensable for quicker recovery. One needs to perform stretches before considering any activity that is high impacted. One can use stretching exercises safely after any serious injury daily before trying to do any other major form of exercise.

Make the most of sports activities

Many people find it necessary to take part in sport activities for many reasons. These types of activities help the person in many ways. They become more mobile, flexible and are able to endure much more than those who do not exercise. Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to perform stretches, before they start their workout during and after they complete some sporting event. By stretching for at least 5 minutes after a sport activity, athletes benefit tremendously.

Workouts that increase flexibility

You become flexible when you begin working out. You will find it to your advantage if you perform aerobics or yoga. You need to follow the right techniques and implement them in the workout routine. Of course, one has to factor in the safety element when combining stretches with workouts. Your body begins to get suppler and you are able to perform better with a wide range of movements.

Coaches always harp on the need to perform static stretches before carrying out the more difficult ones. Anyone, who is an athlete, knows the necessity of “warming up”, however, amateurish they are. You hear clients talk about stretching after they have had an injury though they may or may not do it. Any expert in the field will preach the importance of warming up. The need to increase circulation and increase at least the muscle temperature is paramount, even if the entire body is not fully warmed up.

Recently several studies conducted at different centres including University of Nevada and Center for Disease Control reveal the importance of dynamic stretches. According to the studies, the static stretches that are performed where positions are held for 20 -30 seconds under muscle tensions, weakens the muscles that are priming for injury, though it actually increases muscle length. The art of dynamic stretching helps to reduce injury and strengthen the muscle performance overall and this proves more beneficial than static stretches or warm ups. The reasons attributed are that there is much more blood flow, ensuring better muscle warm up and oxygenation that allows the body to withstand forces connected with the load factor. Apart from the multi-benefits of enjoying various sports activities, the mental performance also improves with good physical activity.

Walking briskly is another good alternative for those who are not athletes. However, use good form when walking, as one has to focus using the right techniques. Start slowly and work your way up gradually. You will not succeed, if you try to overdo the exercise, because you wish to make up for lost time. You should never attempt going to sixty from zero. You benefit greatly when the muscles become supple and flexible after a good warm up session as it sends out neurotransmitters to energize the muscle and make them willingly perform.

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It is essential to treat our bodies well, if we wish to enable them to serve us well and therefore we should take care of them, like we would look after machines. This means that we should take our exercises and diet seriously. When practicing Reflexology, one should bear in mind that they can omit these important basic criteria of diet and exercise and that would prove disadvantageous. It is important that one should make sure that they balance all these issues when working on the Reflexology therapy.

There are certain basic preliminaries that we have to follow when we begin the therapy of Reflexology. The therapist gets all the information from you about your lifestyle and then makes alterations and offer advice on how to go about it in order to lead a healthier life before you get onto the actual therapy of Reflexology.
During the Reflexology session, you are not required to remove any clothes. This therapy basically concentrates on the legs and arms, so you may just have to remove your socks and shoes and men may loosen their ties. Do not wear clothing that is constricting such as belts and stockings. You are instructed to lie on the couch or sit on a modified chair in the office of the therapist. Your feet should be ideally placed for the reflexologist to be able to work on you.

The feet basically have to be relaxed during the session. The therapist massages one foot first using a special technique. His thumbs and fingers are used to work smoothly around the feet and encourage the energy to flow to all the zones by using mastered Reflexology techniques. Any blocks and imbalances encountered receive special attention for effective release. The reflexologist will enquire, if he finds any imbalances of energy, to try to figure out how that particular disorder was brought about. Patients feel relaxed during this treatment and some even fall asleep during the massage. Water is given to the patient after the treatment and a little rest period is advised till they are able to orient themselves and rise.

The treatment of Reflexology is not an alternative to any treatment that is used for medical problems that is life threatening. It is not possible to diagnose a problem or prescribe treatment for such conditions and should not be considered as a good alternative. However this type of therapy is popular with people who look for complementary type of treatments. The two common types of treatment offered are Reflexology of the hand and Reflexology of the foot. Pressure is applied on certain points in the hands and feet and when this is stimulated, the blood circulation increases and the muscles start functioning, with more activity. People, for the most part, do not realize that the hands and feet are as sensitive as the other body parts.

It is a fact that our hands and feet get stressed as well and the reflexologist identifies the changes that occur, when performing this therapy and feeling the delicate points. When the therapy is done, other organs that are linked to the hands and feet also feel the effects of the massage and experience changes. The end result is improved self-esteem which automatically gives a person positive approach to life and confidence. One is able to maintain an emotional balance physically and psychologically with this type of massage therapy.

Certain nerves run through the soles of our feet and connect to different areas in our body. These nerves get relaxed when pressure is applied on them by using the right techniques of Reflexology. Blockages, if any, are released during the therapy of Reflexology. The fingers are used by the therapist to exerting certain pressure. They may also use wooden sticks and other simple tools for working on the patient. When acupressure techniques are applies, small pins are stuck in strategic points, to stimulate the areas that require treating as part of the therapy for Reflexology.

Creams, or lotions may also be used, when giving a foot massage. It is necessary to remove socks, shoes and gloves during this session. The advantages of this Reflexology therapy are that anyone can avail of this therapy and there are no adverse reactions that can occur. People suffering from undue stress related problems find good relief with this technique of massage. It encourages a better sleep pattern after a few sessions. Severe cases of back pain, headaches and migraines are also treated with Reflexology. Problems with the digestive tract are corrected effectively and it is also indicated that infertility issues can also be solved with this type of massage. This is a great alternative method that one can resort to trying out safely for good and effective results.

Nowadays, many massage chairs are incorporated in Reflexology. The feet are generally targeted when you use these chairs. Through various points on the feet, major organs are connected and when certain points are stimulated, the person finds that they feel totally relaxed and get relief from that particular problem.

Nodules are fitted into the foot wells, where the leg rests in massage chairs that use Reflexology. Some of the plates can be removed if they are not required for that particular Reflexology massage. The Panasonic EP 30004 for example has the facility of removing plates.

Foot Flex technology is also incorporated in the Montage Elite massage chair that are manufactured by Omega. Here the nodules are mounted onto foot airbags for Reflexology. These activated nodes push into the feet gently and target certain spots to induce the entire body to relax completely.

The chair continues to massage the entire body when the feet are receiving the Reflexology massage. Massage chairs are run with automatic programs that are capable of handling the entire body. It is possible to target particular areas where you require relief. All this is possible by just pressing a few buttons. Therefore this method proves to be an excellent way of getting maximum relief from a lot of problematic areas.

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The Human Growth Hormones, acronymed HGH has gained so much in popularity in the recent past. HGH is a natural body hormone manufactured in the pituitary gland located in the human brain, and is tasked with facilitating the growth and continuance and maintenance of healthy body cells in all parts of the body. Just like all other hormones in the body, as you age, your body’s ability to manufacture HGH is compromised, and your cells will start receiving less and less of this hormone. This significant decline in HGH levels is what is responsible for the common aging sides that old people have such as hair loss, loss of bone density, wrinkled skin, and a decline in lean muscle tissue.

With that being said though, there is a reason to smile again as you age, thanks to HGH. According to recent medial researches and studies, when supplementary HGH is taken in adulthood, it has proven to have the ability to not only halt but also reverse the side effects of aging… if that is not good news to the aging population I don’t know what is for sure. The market has presented different options when it comes to supplementing HGH levels in your body. First off, your doctor can write you a prescription and recommend injections of the HGH; alternatively, you can take OTC supplements. These HGH supplements are natural and are targeted at boosting the body’s natural ability to manufacture HGH. HGH supplements are available in powder form, sprays, effervescent tablets, and capsules.

While the benefits of the Human Growth Hormone are remarkable, they are not with their share of risks. There are some notable side effects of supplementary HGH, some of which are short-term while others are long-term and could be life-threatening to say the list. Hypoglycemia, onset of diabetes, enlarged kidneys and heart, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in the joints, stiff joints and muscles, high blood pressure, fatigue, disturbing nightmares, pain or tenderness at the point of injection when it is administered subcutaneously through injections are few of the many side effects of HGH.

As is therefore apparent that the side effects are many, it is always advisable that before starting any supplement program, HGH included, you should consult a practicing medical professional so as to be able to determine the best supplements to use to boost your HGH levels, those that will have minimal side effects on you as an individual. In addition to the above-mentioned side effects, there have also been reports of people having allergic reactions to some of the major ingredients in these supplements. Some of the notable signs of reaction include chest pain, tightness in the throat and/or chest, itchy skin, skin rash, swollen skin, or hives. It is advisable that if you see any of the abovementioned signs of reaction you alert your medical doctor immediately for further professional guidance and counseling.

While supplying the body with HGH is advisable to help stop and reverse some side effects, an excessive use of the hormone can lead to undesirable side effects. Long-term use of HGH can lead to acromegaly, increased growth of hair all over the body, enlarged heart, significantly low levels of blood sugar which could lead to diabetic coma, excess fluid retention, live damage to the thyroid, diabetes, cancer, and worst of all premature death.

It is also to be noted that continuous use of HGH can lead to a condition known as carpel tunnel syndrome, a condition that can lead to loss of coordination in the limbs movement. This condition is however very common among people who don’t follow their doctor’s advice and prescription of the HGH, reason again to consult a professional medical practitioner who will prescribe the best HGH supplement based on your fitness level, age, body mass index, among other factors.

Most HGH uses focus mainly on giving short-term results in creating a hormonal symmetry in the body, thus slowing down the pace at which aging signs and symptoms occur. So, if you find that you are adversely affected by HGH, the surest way to reduce these side effects is to shorten the period of time that you use the hormone. You can also reduce the severity of the symptoms of side effects by lowering your HGH dose. But always remember the cardinal rule of consulting your doctor before starting any type of body supplement program.

But when all is said and done, aging is inevitable; it is a natural course of justice for all. While HGH supplements and injections can indeed slow down the process of aging, if you want to remain young for as long as you will live, the best way to go about it is to eat right, exercise regularly, and stay fit, avoid stress, and above all else assume a positive mental attitude towards life. By doing all these, you wouldn’t need any artificial additions to keep you young; your body’s immunity will be boosted significantly and in turn will boost the performance of the pituitary gland to produce the Human Growth Hormone in significant amounts.

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static stretching

The maximum distance you can passively stretch your muscle around a joint defines the term “Static stretching”. An example of this is the stretch you feel, when you try to touch your toes.

You perform this type of stretching routinely to ensure that the muscle lengths are lengthened, when in a resting position to improve the overall posture of your body. This especially helps a person during the rehabilitation period, reduces incidents of injury and enhances performance in various sporting activities.

Anyone, who has a problem with stiff muscles, can perform these passive stretching exercises three or four times a week. You can feel the difference by performing any of the three main types of static stretching exercises that concentrate on the increase of muscle length. The end results are achieved by lengthening the muscle mechanically or by using the central nervous system to affect the same result.

The muscles that require to be stretched
The muscles that feel stiff and need to be relaxed are the ones to be concentrated on. One may find it difficult to decide which ones to stretch, but if the muscle is tight, it can result in injury. Tightness of the muscle is relative, as one cannot determine whether flexibility of movement is good or not, unless one compares it to the behaviour of the other muscle groups. One can get injured even if one side of the body is stiffer than the other. Therefore, being able to touch one’s toes or performing hamstrings better with the left leg, rather than the right leg are all relevant factors to avoid injury.

Perform some stretch tests to determine which muscles are tighter than the rest. Concentrate on focusing on those muscles and change your stretching moves to alternate between the muscles that become more flexible or stiff, as the situation demands.

Know when to stretch
It is important to remember to perform static stretching exercises, after a session of stretching routine in the daytime actively. That is when the body loosens up and one can make good progress. Do not try to do them before getting into bed late in the night.

Vital factors to be considered
Stop when you begin to feel pain when you stretch, as it is advisable not to overdo the stretching. Many people try to overdo the stretch and suffer severe back pain due to this. It is better to follow certain techniques patiently. Work at it slowly, but steadily and try not to worry about how long to hold each stretch. Rather, concentrate on the tension created on the muscle and work accordingly.

Methods used for stretching
Basic hold – Stretch till you feel the tightness of the muscle. Hold for about twenty to thirty seconds.

Hold and relax
Stretch to a point where the muscle is comfortably tight and holds that position for about twenty to sixty seconds until the muscle begins to relax. Inhale deeply and stretch until you reach the next level of tightness. Repeat.

Hold and contract
Stretch to the position where your muscles are tight. Contract the stretched muscle firmly for about five to ten seconds. Now relax and count up to three before stretching the muscle tightly again. Repeat the contraction again for five to ten seconds. Do this for about five times and then do another stretch before repeating this again.

The art of static stretching
By following some simple stretch tests, you can determine which muscles require to be stretched. Try stretching the entire body to discover which muscles require to be stretched more than others are.

Target your tight muscles by performing stretch exercises. You can concentrate on any stretching exercises that work for you to get you the desired results without worrying about being injured in any other part of the body.

Do this for at least three or four times a week, ideally after a good workout or when you are in the house. Make sure you stretch just enough to feel the tightness and not overdo it. Concentrate on the hold and relax or hold and contract exercises for stiff muscles and try not to get your partner to stretch your muscles for you, as they may push too hard and hurt you in the process.

The ideal time to perform stretch exercises is after a good workout and when you are cooling down. Complete all exercises that involve running before you start on static stretching. You will benefit by increase of flexibility and less recovery time. Be cautious about doing this before a workout for your own good. The advantage of static stretching is that it helps the muscles to grow in size by actually stretching the muscle fibres. You also end up strengthening your muscles much faster.

Try incorporating different activities when you learn to stretch during a warm up session or cooling down one. Light cardio is highly recommended along with stretching before a workout. If you are attempting specific lifts, try to do two light sets before doing them and then a few static stretches. You will find that you stand less chances of injury and recover in record time.

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The following are the basic health benefits you get from a regular exercise regime.

1. Reduce cholesterol
As you age, your cholesterol starts to move in the opposite direction. Low-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as bad cholesterol will increase while high-density lipoprotein otherwise referred to as good cholesterol will start to reduce. Sadly, that isn’t the perfect combination for optimal health as it makes you vulnerable to diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and arthrosclerosis. The only guaranteed way to maintain the perfect balance of your cholesterol levels is to exercise and review your diet to one which is low in saturated fats.

2. Reduce triglycerides
The only way you can have a low triglyceride level is to exercise, there is no shortcut. Triglycerides are a type of fat mostly found in blood and whose high levels are linked with heart disease risks.

3. Reduce your high blood pressure risks
With a high blood pressure, you become vulnerable to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Sadly, blood pressure levels will increase as you age, but they don’t have to if you maintain a good regular exercise regime. The more physically active you remain, the lower your chances of developing hypertension.

4. Reduce inflammation
By exercising regularly, you reduce your levels of the C-reactive protein, what measures inflammation. A reduced inflammation is very important since if the lining of your arteries is heavily laden with cholesterol, you will be vulnerable to heart attacks the moment they become inflamed. According to a study done back in 2006 by Mayo Clinic researchers in Rochester, Minnesota, it was established that men who are physically fit and active had low levels of the C-reactive protein, together with other indicators of inflammation.

5. Fortify your blood vessels
Regular intake of alcohol, smoking, aging and the accumulation of cholesterol all tend to stiffen your blood vessels, thus making you more vulnerable to heart attack. There is enough evidence to believe that exercising helps maintain your body’s ability to respond to changing demands. Note that for your body to be able to respond as expected to changing demands for oxygen and stuff, the blood vessels ought to be flexible enough, they ought to narrow and widen without showing any signs of stiffness.

6. Reduce your diabetes risks
One of the biggest health concerns in the world today is adult onset diabetes, which is mostly attributed to too much fat in the body. The only way you can reduce your risks of getting diabetes is by remaining active and keeping your weight in check. Different studies have actually indicated that even with people who are suffering from obesity or being overweight, exercising diminishes their risks of diabetes. A recent research done by the Diabetes Prevention Program established that regular exercise reduces the risk of getting type II diabetes by up to 58% over a 3-year period.

7. Reduce your risks of colon cancer
Experts believe that over 80% of colon cancer can be prevented by simple exercises coupled with a healthy diet characterized by whole grains and fiber. Colon cancer is the leading cause of deaths today, and can be combated by a simple physical activity program, which could diminish the risks by up to 30-40%.

8. Fortify your bones
Thinning and weak bones are another uninvited effect of aging, which can make you prone to many health complications, including fractures, osteoporosis etc. A study conducted for 3,262 men who ranged in between the ages of 40-60 showed that strenuous physical activity significantly reduced the risk of hip fractures.

9. Lose Wright
If pride is enough to push you to the gym, think about this – an era of regular exercise, even simple activities such as walking for half an hour each day, can significantly help keep that unsightly belly from showing above your belt. According to findings recorded from the National Weight Control Registry, people who are physically active manage to lose, and keep off, over 10% of their body weight for at least one year. Physical activity for weight loss could be as simple as doing aerobics, swimming, weight lifting, walking, jogging, cycling, climbing the stairs, running, etc, simply anything that has the potential to burn an extra 3298 calories each week.

10. For a longer fulfilling life
How do you wish to spend your sunset years? With diseases that will keep you confined in bed or happy and strong touring the world and enjoying your retirement benefit package? Well, if you want to have a future free of diseases, you should start being active now. In a study conducted back in 2004 at the Finland’s University of Kuopio, it showed that men who did regular physical activities in their leisure time such as playing ball, swimming, jogging, skiing, walking, cycling, or serious gardening, had up to 25% less risk of developing cardiovascular related diseases or experience premature deaths.

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Most people today associate stretching exercises with physical workouts and while stretching exercises play a pivotal role in any physical fitness routine, they also have other notable benefits worth mentioning. When you start any workout program, stretching is important, if not for anything else because it will help your body attain maximum flexibility. Needless to mention, this will play a very critical role in how effective, or ineffective thereof, your workouts will be. Professionals also recommend stretching after a thorough workout so you can repair your worn out muscles. Simply put, stretching exercises can be applicable in different situations for the same effective and beneficial results.

With that being said, there is a wide choice of exercises to choose from when it comes to stretching. So, you should ensure you not only look for the right stretching exercise for you as an individual but also the ones that you are much comfortable in. Go for the stretching exercises that will give you maximum results. To get started, once you pick out a type of stretching exercise you feel is ideal for you, you can practice it long enough to see and feel how your general self responds to it. This will give you a pretty good idea of whether it will work for you or not.

After you get the first stretching exercise, you can then go on to build the list and before you even know it, you will have a long list of customized stretching exercises to work with. By designing your exercises this way, you will be increasing your pleasure of exercising while at the same time reaping maximum benefits out of it. If however you feel you are not good enough to formulate an effective workout plan, you are always at liberty to seek advice from a professional trainer. Professional trainers are competent enough to help you customize a very effective workout program.

Here are some reasons that would warrant some stretching exercises.

Change of lifestyle
Many people who have been leading sedentary lifestyles today realize the importance of exercising. In an effort to get active and busy, they introduce stretching exercises in their life to help complement and enhance the efficacy of other effective exercises such as jogging, walking, or hiking. If you have led an inactive lifestyle, the only way you can prevent injury and accidents is by including stretching exercises in your physical fitness routine.

Starting to recover from an accident or injury
If you have been involved in an accident or injury, it doesn’t mean you should stop working out until you recover fully, you can do some easy stretch outs to keep your body in good shape, and stretching exercises have proven very effective during this recovery process. The more you do stretch outs the easier it becomes for your body to respond to treatment and recover from the injuries.

To help make the most out of sports activity
Sporting activities happen to be an integral part of many people today… activities that have proven effective in benefiting the boy in very many ways. Mobility, flexibility, and endurance all play a critical part. By stretching regularly prior to, in the course of, and just after any sport-related exercise you will be able to get the most out of your activities.

Make your workouts flexible
If you do regular workouts then flexibility should be your goal. This is regardless of whether you are involved with aerobics or yoga; you need to be very flexible and stretching exercises guarantee maximum flexibility. There are always techniques which you can incorporate easily on your physical fitness program to enhance your flexibility. Couple these with exercises customized to your fitness level and you have a great workout plan where your safety is well taken care of. It helps prevent injury and also promote the right range movement.

When you stretch prior to exercising, you will be warming up your body so it can be less vulnerable to injuries and accidents. When warming up, you should have stretches of between 20 and 30 seconds. Stretching during and after workouts helps increase your muscle and joint flexibility to give you great workout. Also, they will relive any muscle stiffness, improve your flexibility, and more importantly cool your body down. Once your body opens up to workout, you will realize you will be able to stretch more than you did prior to the workouts, so you should have stretches of between 30 and 60 seconds.

While stretching, normal breathing is always advisable, and holding of breaths is not encouraged at all. You should focus on the stretches that you are doing and on your breathing, so you could have a relaxed mind and body. Perhaps the best thing about stretching exercises is that they can be done anywhere anytime, in any environment or setting whether you are at work or out shopping.