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From time immemorial, our ancestors have eaten foods that have been introduced in our genes long before pollution was even heard of and to ensure that we eat the right foods today and nourish our bodies to keep them as healthy as our ancestors, the Paleo diet has been introduced. In the earlier days, the concept of wheat, sugar, domestic cattle and harmful foods were unheard of for cavemen and yet they lived very healthy lives.

Based on the recognition of the many illnesses that have surfaced today, because of the unnatural foods that we consume that slowly poisons our metabolism, this type of diet takes into account natural foods that were eaten, before they were treated with harmful chemicals. Today, people are paying attention to natural foods produced on farms.

We realize that the present day foods are responsible for tooth decay, obesity and illnesses resulting from poor metabolism, such as allergic reactions, diabetes and other similar problems. Modern foods create problems, apart from the expenses involved and if we try to eliminate them from our diet and substitute them with the natural options available, we will be able to eat healthy.

The agricultural revolution that is being touted today is nothing more than foods that are grown with harmful ingredients. We should take it upon ourselves, to stop eating foods that harm and try to incorporate foods that heal, so that we can effectively control our weight as well as our overall health, as we overcome our unnatural eating habits.

When you eat something, stop and think if these foods were eaten by cavemen in the early days. It was only after farming was introduced about ten thousand years or so back that grains were grown. Therefore, this is something that is not recognized in the Paleo diet.

In the early ages, there were no domestic animals and therefore, milk, butter and cheese were unheard of and this is something that introduces lactose intolerance, for many people and therefore should not be eaten. Sugar, is another food that was planted in the past few decades to introduce over-refined tastes to humans and has proved to be one of the worst foods, for human beings. Natural honey that is collected from bee hives and wild bees are ideal for replacing sugar. Honey can be used moderately in this diet plan, though children under ten years should not eat this food, as they may by subject to small doses of botulism that may be present in honey.

Cavemen lived on fruits that they plucked from the branches of trees and relished. We are all aware of the advantages of eating fruits and drinking fruit juices for nutritional values. Limited quantities of eggs were taken down from nests and eaten, as there were no chicken farms in those days that were set up for producing eggs, on a large scale. Eggs are recommended in this diet, both white and the yolk and this should be restricted to about six in a week.

The mainstay of this diet is nuts and meats. It is recommended to eat all kinds of lean meats and organ meats as they are high in protein content and will help to boost the energy and lose weight. You get sufficient quantities of calories and proteins, when you eat nuts without worrying about fats that are harmful and you can gorge on them, though they are more fattening than eating meat.

Incorporate root vegetables as part of the Paleo diet, as these were key foods that were foraged and eaten by cavemen, for nutritional values. You can use these to supplement the portions on the side, which include nuts, fruits and meat. You are essentially avoiding the intake of grains, sugars and bakery products and substituting the same with the above foods, which was exactly what was enjoyed by our ancestors, who lived in caves and hunted and foraged for food. The Paleo diet therefore holds promise of a healthy life, where you will not have problems with the metabolism of our body and avoid all illnesses.

You may now start pondering on how to get more details of this diet plan if you have only recently learnt about the goodness of this diet plan. Your next concern is to source out the right ingredients and start preparing the recipes that are laid out in this diet plan.

Many people start out enthusiastically on a diet and are motivated enough, to continue on this plan for a few days, when everything works to advantage. However, this feeling does not last for long and many people just lose interest and stop working on the diet plan altogether. Let us examine the reasons for this.

Before you begin to adopt the Paleo diet, spend considerable time planning the new lifestyle that you need to adopt. We need to introduce discipline, along with motivation, if we want to adhere to the diet. What are the things we require to get onto this plan? The first things are to lay our hands on a Paleo recipe list that is comprehensive. It is not enough to be faced with just three recipes, as options for dinner, perhaps two for our breakfast and eat a plate of salad every day for lunch! We would find it extremely monotonous. It is essential therefore to get a recipe book that has several recipes for various meals.

The next essential items to consider are to make sure you own a fridge with a freezer. We may not always have the time to stock up the fridge with items to cook. We tend to eat anything that comes our way when we are exhausted after a hard day. You can skirt around this problem by cooking large amounts, when you have the time and freeze some in convenient size portions, so that you do not have to scrounge around, looking for food in the fridge.

Make sure you fix a day for shopping. You can get foods that should be eaten according to the diet plan in several places, though you may not be able to find everything, in a one-stop shop. Therefore plan a day, when you can spend grocery shopping once or twice a week, so that you can stock your larder.

Have fun selecting the meals by browsing through the recipes and planning the grocery list. Buy the right ingredients and enjoy the experience of shopping around in an organized manner. You will find that you are automatically charged with enthusiasm and feel motivated to continue on this diet plan. Your diet can be kick started with great results.

When you are hungry, you do not have to get into a state wondering what to eat and how to go about it as you will have the necessary ingredients to get you started on what you can and wish to eat. You will have many Paleo recipes to choose from and you could perhaps chalk out a menu for the week, so that you know exactly what you are going to have to breakfast, lunch and dinner on each day of the week. Make each day different with the tasty Paleo recipes and enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, so that you are inspired and motivate to continue on this sensible diet plan. Once you cross the initial difficult phase, where you will have to make necessary adjustments, you will realize how easy it is to stick to the diet plan.

This diet plan has been referred to as the Hunter-Gather Diet or the Caveman Diet, but these names are just synonyms for this plan, which basically works around shifting your lifestyle. Your overall performance and stamina will see a complete transition for the better, when you work on this diet. You will find that you feel younger and have more drive and enduring powers that you normally lacked and put it down to the fact that you were advancing in years. If we avoid eating the processed foods that are introduced in the market today, our performance will dwindle. We eat all the wrong nutrients that encourage illnesses and diseases. Our bodies are not charged with energy, as they should be and we only end up introducing toxins, in our systems. Our bodies begin to work sluggishly and our defense mechanisms take a toll, when we do not get the necessary fuel that our bodies need.

All of us need to incorporate changes in our lifestyle if we wish to promote health. Avoid anti-nutrients and foods that harm rather than heal and eat the foods that your bodies were meant to eat. Our bodies basically hunger for the ingredients laid out in the Paleo diet plan because that was what was eaten from the beginning of time. The difference will be record performances that we never thought we could achieve in our lifetime. Make this shift as soon as you can if you wish to see the results of good wholesome food, going the right way into your system. Enjoy the variety of recipes, when you are on this diet plan and work your way to adopting this for the rest of your life for maximum gains.

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The gluten diet is very healthy as it removes additives as well as starch from the diet and makes people conscious of the foods that they consume. Many recipes are now being introduced that are free of gluten which can be eaten by all. These can be prepared easily as deserts, with turkey or several varieties.

People who are type two diabetes and those who have problems such as celiac disease are advised to go on a diet that is gluten free. Be wary of contacting any type of contaminations, when you handle gluten-free foods, as most foods that are processed with various types of grains that include gluten may contaminate easily.

When we go on a diet, we may try to avoid salt and starch in our foods and worry about what we can or cannot eat. Some people have allergic reactions to gluten which is found in most of the foods that are processed today. Wheat bread contains gluten. Other foods that may be considered safe and include gluten are potatoes, corn, soybeans, rice, sunflower seeds, amaranth and buckwheat, among others. Malt vinegar contains gluten while white vinegar does not.

You could try and rinse the bread dough, to eliminate gluten from the bread by removing the starch, but a better way of going about this is to avoid the bread in the first place. It may take you awhile to get used to this started a gluten free diet of but you can work your way slowly as it is worth the results.

People who have problems eating gluten, have a tough time dining out, but if you can avoid it altogether, it is definitely healthier. Nowadays, there are some many products that are added to foods that are unhealthy, so it is advisable to know what we are eating.

Make a carefully grocery list when you go shopping if you are on a gluten free diet. Though some companies stock these types of foods, make sure you pay enough attention to the labels and know what you are purchasing. Some products may say they are included in gluten free diet when they are not. Since it is easy for a person to suffer from contamination, by developing an allergy to gluten, they should approach these products cautiously. Check if the label reads, flavoring, emulsified, stabilizer or starch as these are things to watch against and put back on the shelf.

The best course to adopt is to include vegetables in the diet to ensure you are off gluten. This is done by cooking vegetables without any fancy type of sauces. Be wary when preparing your food as you cannot afford to be lax.

You can gather enough information on the gluten diet. People with gluten allergy problems should prepare their own foods, as they are sure of the oils and ingredients used at home, rather than in a restaurant. Before you go on a diet, you should try and research as much as you can, or consult your dietician, or family doctor, who can advise you on how to keep your body healthy and eat the right foods. This is the best way to ensure that you are not consuming foods that may be harmful for your health.

We are responsible, as parents, for understanding any disease that affects our children. You need to be able to communicate with your child and explain why they need to be on a diet. They should be aware of what they can eat or should avoid. They will learn to share things with you and know that they can come to you with their problems once they will confident of your care.

However, depending on their age, you will have to get things across to them. If children are very small, they may understand how to intercept pictures and know what it good or bad for them. They should figure out if the food contains gluten or not and this comes to them with maturity. Smaller children ask many questions which we should be prepared to answer. They should be taught the difference between foods that contain gluten and those that do not for their own safety. It may be difficult to explain to a toddler, but if we persist in our teaching, they will get the message and get used to a certain way of eating.

Listed below are a few tips and suggestions for children who have gluten intolerance and those who are unaware of what to do in such cases. For instance a babysitter should be instructed on the types of food a child can eat and how it make it taste good. It is necessary to learn how to make alternative dishes that do not have gluten and let them enjoy their diet just as they would enjoy normal food. Children normally prefer to eat what the family members are consuming and this is an important point to keep in mind. Therefore, when you are entertaining, make sure you incorporate dishes that are in gluten free diet so that children can also sit at the table and eat along with the others.

Decide carefully on the type of foods that you can make that will make the meal enjoyable and keep them in a happy mood as it is something they like. For instance children are fond of eating cereals at breakfast time. Avoid cereals, such as Frosted Flakes and Cream of Wheat and opt for cereals that are rice based, while ensuring that they do not contain malt that is extracted from barley. Some of the good cereals for breakfast are Nature’s Path and Doves Farms as they are gluten-free. Give your child toast that is gluten-free and eggs, fruits, or healthy yogurts. Make sure you read the label carefully before you choose a flavored yogurt.

Satisfy their sweet cravings with gum drops, marshmallows or hard candies and if you plan to celebrate their birthday, make sure your local bakery can come up with cakes that are from the gluten free diet. Give them advance notice and they will certainly oblige.

Do not give them pasta such as macaroni, spaghetti or shells. Some children insist on macaroni and cheese or pasta, so get them at special stores which sell them gluten-free or try introducing rice noodles. You can give your child fish and meats provided you do not coat the same with any bread product. Avoid Buffalo wings as they normally have a coating of gluten.

Read and arm yourself with as much information as you and choose good alternatives to traditional meals. There are innumerable ways to attract children to eating the right types of food when they need to follow a diet. When children are small they need help with this transition, as they try to live their lives surrounded by other children with normal habits and diets. Make sure you spend time working on this aspect and help them becoming more comfortable. This will help your child in the long run, as they realize that you are doing the best you can, to help care for them.

The number of gluten-free products that have been sold in the past few years has seen a steady growth of at least 30% as more and more pro athletes are also going on this gluten-free diet. Many people are advised to try out this diet even if they do not suffer from celiac disease and check if it suits their system or not. A major amount of them seem to suffer from sensitivity to gluten and generally report similar symptoms as celiac disease, when they eat foods with gluten, though it is best for each person to know how their bodies react to gluten.

To ensure a healthy weight loss, the important criterion undoubtedly is to eliminate refined carbs such as hamburger, pizzas, pasta, bagels and buns from the diet. These types of carbs create hormonal imbalances by spiking insulin levels and encouraging storage of fat in the body instead of burning it. However, it is not recommended that you completely stop eating carbs, such as the Atkins diet, but you should ideally replace the refined carbs with healthy sources, such as beans, fruits and vegetables. Quinoa, millet and wild rice are excellent carbs that can be obtained from a good health store.

Eating refined carbohydrates is not advised, even if you do not have any allergic reactions to gluten, or find no good results with going on a gluten free diet. It is best to avoid eating them as you will find that you lose weight easily and have energy to digest foods better in the day. Try focusing on eating learn proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and limit your intake of refined carbs, as well as sugars as this will only make you gain weight. Not everyone may succeed with weight loss on a gluten free diet, but if you stay away from refined carbs, you are bound to see great results.

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Dr. Simeon has completed extensive research on the HCG hormone and developed a program that proves popular, compared to the many that have been worked out for effective weight loss.

Human Chrionic Gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone that is produced in our bodies. According to DR. Simeon, this HCG hormone brings about changes in the metabolic functions in the body by stimulating removal of excess amounts of stored fats from our bodies.

You can opt to use HCG shots, or go for the oral tablets, when you decide to follow this diet plan. It is very essential that you restrict your diet strictly so as not to exceed 500 calories. This helps the organic foods that are prescribed, cleanse the body and free it from chemicals that cause weight gain.

There are three different phases that you go through when on the HCG diet plan. The first stage, also referred to as the Loading stage, lasts for 2 days, when the dieter has to take 6 to 10 HCG drops six times in the day, for effective results. At this time, they have to eat food high in calories to build up the reserve fat, so that it can adjust and cope, when on the diet of low calories.

The Maintenance phase is the second stage which lasts for 21 days. During this stage, the dieter has to again take about 6 to 10 drops of HCG, for about 6 times in a day for effective results. The “very low calorie diet” or VLCD is then started, where a strict regimen of 500 calories has to be adopted, according the regimen of the HCG diet Plan.

During the third or Stabilization phase, which will last for the next 21 days, or longer, depending on the goal that has been set, the dieter has to continue with the 6 to 10 HCG drops for six times in the day effectively. The calorie intake can be increased and the dieter is allowed to eat organic foods but has to refrain from starchy and sugary foods.

The effective result after these three phases allows the dieter to lose 40 kgs! However, the dieter should ensure strict adherence to this diet plan in order for it to succeed.

People who eat far too much food than the body requires increase the intake of energy. Abnormal amounts of fat get accumulated as a result. This is the primary reason for nearly one-third women becoming obese and nearly 50% becoming overweight.

Many obese and over-weight people have found the HCG plan to produce significant results. Anyone who wishes to lose weight, or finds it difficult to maintain weight for long periods, can avail of this diet effectively.

The body starts burning up about 2000 calories a day, in the third day of the HCG diet plan, by restricting their intake to 500 calories. The calories that have been accumulated in the fat, burns, causing weight loss, without any loss of muscle, vitamins, or minerals stored in the body. The HCG hormone, which is administered daily, triggers the metabolic rate while releasing fat with the measured doses. The calories continue to burn when the dieter starts consuming food that has low calories.

There are many advantages to this HCG Diet Plan. Not only does one imbibe healthy foods, you stay healthy with good eating habits and avoid storage of fat in the body that causes weight gain. Several millions have benefited over the past years by following this program. This Diet Plan is safe, convenient and healthy. People are able to lose weight due to the strict diet regime. Once they lose weight, they can stabilize their body weight by maintaining and managing their weight for years.

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Many people today who are in their golden years strive to apply anti aging therapy in order to feel great. Some would like to be active to take care for their grandchildren and others simply prefer to enjoy their life when the kids are grown up and they are alone again. Whatever the reason is, you can opt for an inexpensive and risk free procedure that will make you look younger.

There is a theory according to which free radicals cause the process of aging to increase and happen quickly. These radicals are everywhere – in our body, in environment and food and destroy the cells from inside. Young people have more defensive straight against these free radicals, however not this is the case for older people, which is the reason for aging.

Many scientists agree with Free Radical Theory. In fact, these radicals are thought to cause many diseases, like dementia, cancer and hearth diseases as a result of their damaging effect upon our bodies. Medical professionals differ of their holistic health colleagues mainly with the way they deal with the free radicals.
Body cleanse practice is performed by the holistic professionals as a way to keep the body healthy. This is preferred practice, since it doesn’t force the organism to cleanse. On the contrary, this method stimulates the natural cleansing process in the body to work better and more efficiently.

In order to apply body cleanse, the person needs to follow a healthy diet. Thus, he/she will have to exclude from their daily food all processed foods, fast foods and junk foods and substitute them with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, beans, nuts, dish and sprouts. Using of organic food is essential in order to leave out all the chemicals and pesticides that contain in processed products. This method helps in reducing the free radicals in our organism.

Some other factors that promote natural body cleanse, are nutritional supplements. The intestinal tract sweeps better after consuming a large amount of fibers. If this waste does not completely leave the organism, this can be dangerous for the health, keeping all toxins and pollutants in. So it is imperative to keep the way for them open in order to properly detoxify and cleanse your body.

Among the most effective supplements is spirulina, which can be used for a body cleanse. According to some researchers, this supplement can effectively attract and absorb all those harmful toxins that have free radicals in them. It is said, that by their absorbing them, the body can easily eliminate them.

There are some exercises, which people can use to improve the process of cleansing, such as body wrap and massage. Colonic is also an effective method, which can physically help move the waste along with toxins out. In addition, lymph and blood flow can also be stimulated through regular exercises to make the process of free radical removing easier and more effective. This is why the healthy lifestyle that includes regular workouts is not less important than proper nutrition and supplements intake.

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The 3 day diet was a very popular fad diet that was started in 1985 but like many fad diets was soon lost its popularity. This diet is still practiced by a few, who wish to shed weight quickly, reduce their cholesterol levels, clean and boost their energy levels. There are a few books that are still in existence. This diet plan does not recommend any accompanying exercises.

Some people wrongly refer to this 3 day diet as “Cleveland Clinic Diet”. As the name suggests, this diet has to be followed for three days continuously and followed by a normal diet for four or five days, before it has to be followed again. Dieter’s who adhere to this plan will be assured of a definite weight loss of nearly 10 pounds in the first 3 days. The issue one has to deal with here is whether there is any weight loss, or if this diet just takes into account the liquid weight loss, during this period.
It is necessary to follow a strict diet and eat only the specified proportions of certain foods during this 3 Day Det. The dieter will not benefit from the diet if he/she strays from the diet by overeating or under eating during these 3 days.

Here is what the 3 day diet Plan recommends:
For breakfast on the first day of the Plan, you are allowed to have a cup of black coffee or tea with one toast slice. Spread 2 tablespoons peanut butter on this and eat half a grape fruit. For lunch you can have one slice of toast with half cup tuna. Eat about seven slices (3 ounces) of lean meat at dinner time (according to your choice.) You should also eat one cup each of beets and string beans together with one small apple and finish this with a regular cup size of ice cream (vanilla.)
For Breakfast on the second day, eat one egg with one slice toast and have a cup of black coffee or tea. Eat half of a banana. You can have either half cup of either cottage cheese, or tuna with five saltine crackers (regular.) Enjoy your dinner with two slices beef and add a cup of either broccoli or cabbage and half a cup of carrots, half banana and a regular half cup of ice cream (vanilla)

On the last day of the 3 day diet plan, you can drink one cup of black coffee or tea, eat five regular pieces of salt crackers with one apple and one ounce cheddar cheese. For lunch, have one cup of black tea or coffee with a toast and an egg which is preferably hard boiled. At dinner time, have one cup of tuna with one beet. Finish this off with half of one cantaloupe topped with half cup of vanilla ice cream (regular.)

The other criteria when on this 3 day diet is to drink nine glasses or more of water. You can have any other drink which contains no calories. However, you cannot substitute any of the above foods when on this diet, neither can you add any type of flavoring or seasoning except salt and pepper.

What is the magic behind this diet that one can lose weight in just 3 days? There is no written evidence on how this diet works in lowering cholesterol levels, cleansing the system, burning down fat, or augmenting the energy levels. The way it is supposed to work is explained below.

The combination and proportions that have been worked out for this 3 day diet Plan, works uniquely on the metabolism, to create the right reaction in the body. Some chemicals in food are able to raise the metabolic rate and burn fat faster than it does on a normal basis.

The reason the diet is not continued for over three consecutive days is to avoid the metabolic rate from slowing down, so that you do not develop hunger pangs and prevent the body from storing fat again. This is the reason for alternating this diet with eating normal food, for the next 4 or 5 days, so that you can continue on this diet for as long as you like.

There are several disadvantages that have been noticed when on this diet plan. The first is that the diet does not factor in many carbohydrates, which are essential for retaining water and results in lot of water weight loss, from the body. You will easily put this back again when you start eating normal food again. The nutritional value of the food is insufficient for the body. For dieters who love to eat normally, this diet could prove very monotonous which may prevent them from sticking to the diet for long. Hence, there is less chances of people resolving to lose weight by sticking to this diet.

The other criteria are that there is no recorded proof that the 3 day diet plan introduces any type of metabolic reaction whatsoever. The reason why one loses weight is because of restrictions in the amount of calories consumed, which may work adversely. Dieters may have to go on loss of pay for three days if they had to follow this stringent diet. The other negative factor is that people who exercise regularly may not be able to continue exercising, due to lowered energy levels. This is a surefire way of getting off the track and you may find it difficult to get back to the usual routine. The other factor is that it is possible to put back all the weight loss, as this is a temporary way of losing weight rapidly. The danger here is that your body may get into a mode where you begin to starve.

It is better to be warned at this stage that one should give up the diet if you begin to feel lightheaded, or extremely exhausted, as the diet involved is very stringent. It is essential to take care of one’s health!

You would benefit tremendously if your follow an Award Winning program for weight loss that introduces various types of exercises along with the variety of menus that will work for your body. Nearly 2 million members are opting for this type of diet plan as they find it very successful. The diet plan allows to you discuss with online dieticians, have access to virtual trainers, experts on fitness, mentors and also get group support from the 2 millions community members, who have the same desire as you to lose weight.

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The term Mediterranean Diet refers to the traditional delicacy of various nations in the Mediterranean region such as Greece, Crete, Spain and Southern Italy. It’s actually a cultural heritage of these nations including Morocco in North Africa. Recently in 2010, UNESCO recognized the awesome benefits of the diet to mankind as well as its contribution to promoting international culture on the global scene. The diet is no longer considered as the prerogative of the Mediterranean nation. It has already assumed a worldwide status. Anybody from any part of the world can partake of it.

However, Mediterranean Diet as seen today is not actually prepared to look very much like the Mediterranean cuisine. Several countries have now come up with their own recipes for the diet. In Northern Italy, butter and lard are usually used in preparing the diet. The Italians also use olive oil for the dressing of the cooked vegetables and salads used for the diets. In Northern Africa, the diet is also richly prepared in grand style. In most cases, the olive oil and sheep’s tail fat together with butter are used in preparing the diet.

Meanwhile, Mediterranean Diet has attracted lots of researches and writings over the gears. So many dieticians and scholars have come up with their own versions of the diets. Some recipe books have also been published concerning the diet. A good number of such resources are now available online. You can even download many of them in PDF formats.

Basic Components of the Diet
There are lots of components usually used for the preparation of the Mediterranean Diet. It all depends on the particular version of the diet you’re preparing. Generally lots of plants resources are used in the preparation of the diet. Fresh fruits are normally used as desserts for the diet while olive oil serves as the major source of fat for it.

Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and fish are also part of the diet. They are usually consumed in smaller amounts. The diets may involve the consumption of 1 to 4 eggs per week. It also involves the consumption of low amounts of red meat weekly. Wine is also consumed in low amounts weekly in the diet. The total fat in the diet stands at 25% to 35% of calories. Saturated fat in the diet stands at 8% or less of calories.

In any case, the major aspects of the diet involve the high intake of olive oil, unrefined cereals, fruits, legumes and vegetables. It also involves moderate consumptions of dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. The diet also involves a high consumption of fish with low intake of meat as well. Wine in the diet is also taken moderately.

Meanwhile, the olive oil is the principal characteristic of the diet. It usually contains high levels of monounsaturated fats known as oleic acid. This is very vital for the reduction of coronary heart disease. The olive oil also contains lots of antioxidants which help a lot in improving cholesterol regulation in the body system. The olive oil also has lots of anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory effects when consumed regularly in the diet.

In any case, a typical Mediterranean Diet is expected to the following characteristics:

• High level of virgin olive oil

• High level of fruits, legumes and vegetables

• Availability of non refined carbohydrates

• High level of oily fish

• Availability of dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheeses. The types with saturated fats are preferred.

• Availability of 1 to 4 eggs to be taken per week

• Moderate consumptions of saturated fats and meats

• Daily Wine intake (1 or 2 glasses per day). Red wine is preferred but you can also take beer and white wine as alternatives.

• Availability of nuts to be used as snacks

The Pros of Mediterranean Diet
There are lots of benefits you stand to gain when you go for Mediterranean Diet on weekly or regular basis. If you must gain more from the diet, you have to adopt it as a lifestyle. Actually, the diet used to be a way of life for many people in the Mediterranean region especially in Greece, Spain and Italy. Hence, if you must enjoy the benefits of the diet, you also need to adopt it as a way of life.

Mediterranean Diet is considered as one of the healthiest diets in the world today. This is because of the rich benefits loaded in it. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

• Mediterranean Diet helps a lot in keeping your body in good shape.

• It makes your skin look clean and smooth all the time.

• it cleanses your internal organs and makes them perform maximally

• When thinking of losing weight, the diet can help you a lot. It’s actually a natural diet that can help you slim down very easily.

• Mediterranean Diet doesn’t endanger your health in any way since it’s’ components are purely natural.

• It balances your daily nutrition when taken regularly

• The diet helps a lot in disease prevention. It improves your immune system and helps your body to stay clear from all kinds of illnesses. In most cases, the diet tackles stroke and brain ictus which are the leading cause of untimely death in women. The diet also deals with heart attack which is the leading cause of untimely death in men. It also helps in the prevention of asthma, lung diseases, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, and other allergies that plague the lives of various individuals. The diet also reduces the incidence of cancer in the human body.

• Mediterranean Diet helps a lot in the prevention of metabolic syndrome which includes health disorders such as excess fat around the waist, high blood pressure, unbalance levels of cholesterol, high insulin level, and so on.

• Mediterranean Diet increases live expectancy. People who take it have 70% of life expectancy. They also have brighter chances of enjoy better living.

How to Benefit More from Mediterranean Diet
Having seen the above rich benefits of Mediterranean Diet, you need to discover how best to benefit from it. In the first place, you have to learn how best to prepare and follow the diet. You can follow specified recipes and guidelines on that. To get the recipes, you simply need to go online. There are lots of guidelines on how to prepare it. Most of the guidelines will always contain the basic components of the diets already discussed above.

Again, there’s every need for you to adopt the diet as a way of life. This helps you a lot to gain more from it. You have to include it in your daily habit. You must follow it consistently in order to gain from it. You may need to set up a time table for the intake of the diet. You have to make sure you follow the time table in order to enjoy more of the diet.

Meanwhile, you need to check your eating and drinking habits in order to benefit from the diet. You have to avoid junk foods and other food items that can interfere with the rich benefits of the diet. You must avoid smoking at all cost since it interferes with the rich benefits of the diet. You must also avoid taking hard drugs and alcohol if you must gain more from the diet. This is because alcohol can limit the action of the diet when you take it. The same scenario applies to hard drugs. When you take cocaine, heroin or other drugs alongside with the diet, the drugs are likely to have a very bad effect on the richness of the diet. In fact, the diet may turn poisonous when contaminated with the drugs. You must avoid that at all cost.

However, it’s important you obtain useful pieces of advice from a good dietician before you go for Mediterranean Diet. You’re sure to discover the right components to go for when you locate a reliable dietician. In most cases, he or she wills advice on the right amounts of components to use in preparing the diet. The dietician will also let you know the right way to take the diet. If you’re on medication or you’re having series of health challenges, you need to consult your doctor before going for Mediterranean Diet. Your doctor is in the best position to let you know how to go about taking the diet. He or she will also let you know the right time to use the diet.
In all, Mediterranean Diet is indeed a very rich and nutritious diet to go for. It’s actually loaded with the best of benefits that can transform your life. The diet is now available through the internet. There are several websites that offer the diet in various manners. You’re sure to have a better life when you begin to take the diet on weekly basis.

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Most of us are interested in diets that will help us shed some pounds and make certain it does not come back. In France, many men and women have found it possible to look less obese than the Americans. What is the secret? This article will give you conclusive evidences of the reason they are able to remain slim.

Pierre Dukan, who is a French physician, introduced the Dukan Diet nearly a decade ago. Dr. Dukan is a Nutrition specialist, who has received wide acclaim for this diet, when it was introduced. Dr. Dukan got a brainwave when people started approaching him desperately for ways to shed pounds. He decided to try out a new diet, when he found patients avoiding meat completely, as they wanted to lose their extra fat. He asked these patients to eat only meat and reduce carbohydrates, as well as starchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes from their diet.

Recent media reports indicate that more than 1.5 million women in France exist on this diet successfully and most of them are prominent political figures, models and movies stars. They are tempted with the thought of maintaining their slender figures while enjoying foods that they really like. Many of the high profile models, including Jennifer Lopez and Giselle Bundchen have found that their figure is now as slim as never before. People around the world heard of this miraculous diet and are showing keen interest in the same.

The Dukan Diet consists of four different phases. It starts with the Attach Phase, or the “pure protein phase” and goes on to the Cruise Phase. The third phase is the Consolidation Phase and finally you graduate to the fourth, which is the Stabilization Phase.

The effectiveness of this diet lies in the fact that it derives the protein, minerals and vitamins from foods that are high in protein, to determine how the body reacts. Proteins are harder to absorb when compared to fats and carbohydrates. The body requires at least 3 hours to digest foods that contain protein ,before the system reacts and it takes at least 30% calories, to digest foods rich in protein.

In other words, when you consume more protein, your body expends more calories. We are all aware that protein contains fewer calories than fats and carbohydrates. Therefore when we eat foods high in protein value, they help to expend more calories, as well as controls the amount of calories that people will consume as the food remains longer in the system, because of the slow rate of digestion. According to Dr. Dukan, this diet is based on academic solutions that explain the importance of various food groups and the order in which they are used in the diet. The first step is to consume vital foods, then foods that are indispensable, followed by essential foods that are required by the body, before ending with consuming superfluous foods.

Dr. Dukan concentrates on logic based on science, when he maintains that you can “eat anything you want,” as long as you ensure it has protein value. This type of diet proves successful and attractive for people, who cannot do without their proteins, especially when one is able to maintain their weight loss after reaching the desired target, since people can start eating as much as they want all over again. While enjoying foods that one normally craves for, it is possible to enjoy eating and losing weight at the same time, without compensating on reducing the quantities of foods imbibed.

As with every diet, there are merits and demerits of following any diet. Before starting on any diet, it is advisable to consult a medical professional, especially if you suffer from any issued related to health. This is a sound practice to follow regardless of the type of diet one is planning to follow. Here one has to be doubly sure, as the Dukan Diet requires that you restrict particular types of food groups, such as fats and carbohydrates.

The advantages of this diet are that you start losing weight. The Dukan Diet helps you to shed excess weight that is required so that you are able to lead a healthier life. You may find that the loss of weight helps you to reduce other problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks etc.

There are positive feedbacks in testimonials that have been written about the famous Dukan Diet. In the first phase, (Attack) which lasts for about two to ten days, incredible weight loss is noticed which inspires and motivates the individual tremendously. According to the diet, you should stop counting the calories you consume, as you may feel less tempted to eat, when you have to count every morsel you swallow. Since the diet is easy to follow and allows the dieter to gorge on the foods that are permitted without restricting the portions, it works well.

During the 3rd (Consolidation) and 4th (Stabilization) phases, you can eat your favorite foods which makes this diet worth considering. By doing this, you can continue to lead a near normal life and keep up your social obligations. People who are addicted to meat and have carnivorous appetites can take heart with this exemplary diet.
Vegetarians may not find this diet helpful in any way for them. The diet is not expensive if people are comfortable with eating cheaper cuts of meats that still abound with protein. The Dukan Diet seems to be making waves for the simple fact that you not only lose weight, but you can retain the weight loss, by eating pure high protein for a whole day. Rejoice!

The disadvantages of the Dukan Diet are that this is also a crash diet program that allows you to lose considerable weight in the initial phases. The fact that this diet restricts certain types of food groups, may pose a few problems that you need to consider. Your body may not react kindly to cutting down fats and carbohydrates from the diet, while only ingesting foods that are high in protein and this may manifest itself, with adverse side reactions. The danger of increasing cholesterol levels, by eating protein foods, such as red meat and eggs in large quantities is imminent. The other problem that could occur is that people on this diet may develop gout.

Genetics is something that all of us have to pay heed, as this plays an important role in the types of foods we consume. Some people may find that they are constipated when they eat large amounts of proteins. Dr Dukan advises oat bran and plenty of water for tackling this problem.

While the Dukan Diet is effective potential for weight watchers, it may not prove effective for everyone. Many may not be convinced of this diet especially when the foods they consume during the first two phases have a lot of restrictions. The social life of a person could suffer due to the type of foods recommended in the Dukan Diet.

It is advisable to check out the merits and demerits of the diet carefully, as one may wish to lose weight, but may not remain healthy as a direct result. These types of diets are difficult to assess at times and therefore your best bet would be to consult a dietician, or physician, about the effects of the diet before you get started on one.

Many people are not very sure of how to approach the Dukan Diet especially those who are self-conscious about their eating habits and their figures. They have not checked out the great recipes that may help them shed weight or help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people seriously consider opting for surgery or medication in order to shed pounds. Others try to go on a diet to lose weight. However, the one thing that will eventually succeed in staving off those unwanted pounds is being disciplined and having the will power to maintain a diet and work on till their reach their desired weight goal.

The high protein diet is recommended for people who have a hard time dealing with weight issues. It would be possible to lose weight using this type of diet and avoid taking any type of oral pills to shed pounds. The ideal meats that one can eat are chicken, fish, eggs, soy and lean meat and the ones to avoid are lamb and pork, as these contain excess fats. Another important rule is to drink plenty of water, as it will help to flush out the toxins and help maintain the metabolic rate.

Many teenagers today are anorexic as they pay too much attention to the shape of their bodies. This is a dangerous and abnormal condition that has to be identified and tackled immediately by a specialist. It is always good to consult your doctor before you go on any diet especially if you have issues relating to your health. As a general practice, doctors dissuade people from following particular diets, as they feel you can work naturally on the weight problem to lose weight in a healthy manner.

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Whenever anyone decides to go on a diet, it is essential to be aware of side effects, if any, especially if they suffer from a specific medical condition that prohibits them from following one. Before even considering the HCG treatment for weight loss, it is essential to be educated on the diet and the danger and problems that could occur. There have hardly been any cases reported, with adverse effects, when people practiced this HCG diet plan and even those are quite similar, to what one experiences, when they are on a diet plan that is based on eating low calories. Some of these symptoms include light-headedness, headaches, slight water retention and irritability. These problems have been experienced by a few patients when they reached a certain stage in the diet plan of this particular treatment for weight loss.

A patient who has opted for injections, instead of taking the HCG oral pills or hormone drops, may experience side effects. It is also essential to know how to administer the HCG injection carefully, as it is possible to develop swelling and redness around the area, where the skin has been injected. It is advisable to get a doctor to inject the patient or to go in for the pills, or drops option. One of the common symptoms that can be experienced, when taking hormone injections, is the development of a hyper-stimulation syndrome in the ovaries. (OHSS) Those who were following the HCG diet reported that they experienced various side effects, such as crankiness and headaches, amidst other common effects, which disappeared in a few days. They also reported that they did not crave for excess food and did not feel hungry as before. The side effects experience, when on the HCG hormone, was far less than those felt when people were being treated for obesity. Many even reported that their migraine headaches had subsided. Diabetic patients found that their blood sugar was stabilized and many reported higher energy levels.

The body seems to benefit, when using HCG hormone, with a side effect that has an amazing effect on the body and this is when the hypothalamus gland is reset. The metabolism increases in the body and this helps to burn off excess fats quickly and with lasting effects. People are elated when their confidence is boosted, as their weight drops and they begin to enjoy the pleasures of simple living again.

When people lose weight they begin to feel important and self-worthy. This brings with it a heady sensation of happiness when one begins to feel and look better. People report that their skin starts to glow and becomes taut, which are the direct results of the HCG hormone.

The decision of course to use this diet plan finally depends on the individual. It is best to evaluate the merits, as well as the demerits, before deciding which technique to adopt and learn as much about it before starting the regime. Read online and find information, from people who write testimonials about the pros and cons of using this HCG hormone diet plan and finding successful results, with this protocol. More information on the topic is available on the internet for learning how to successfully implement this method.

There are certain factors that should be considered when following the HCG diet plan. If one has overeaten, there are certain steps that should be followed as many are bound to be tempted at times to over eat.

Once is to try avoiding foods that contain starch or sugar. Insulin is stimulated when sugar is consumed and this in turn converts fat into inches and pounds. According to Dr. Simeons, it is essential to avoid consuming starch, or sugar in the three weeks, after completing the HCG diet. These foods should definitely not be consumed when one is on the diet plan. Therefore, it is vital to be able to say “No,” when offered a donut, or chocolate when one is at work. Here are a few more suggestions.
It will prove beneficial when following the diet to eat foods that are recommended in the diet plan. There are many foods that people are now aware of that can be incorporated in the plan that are recommended in these diet clinics.

The third criterion is to understand the effects of food and the levels of satisfaction that one gets. This will give one a fair idea of what to expect when on the next time around. It is necessary to record the foods that one eats and the effects of the food. This will help to check the progress. Try and recall what was eaten and the feeling experienced shortly after along with the final outcome. It may be difficult to figure out whether one pound,, or half pound was lost that day but it is worthwhile making the effort.

Some people may want to splurge on a particular type of food that is not recommended in the diet plan. This type of “loading day,” is not a good idea, as it takes nearly three days to start losing weight from scratch again. This sort of binging should be restricted if it cannot be restricted to once in 23 or 40 days. You can prepare yourself for “loading” on a particular day as planned and may it prove useful once a certain plateau in the weight loss status has been reached.

The best way to dissuade one from overeating is to recall the exorbitant amounts that are being paid to follow this diet. Many factors such as the syringes used for HCG, sterile water bottles, alcohol wipes and shipping costs, apart from other expenses, should be calculated and divided by the number of days that one is on the plan and multiplied by another 3 days. This will give a fair idea of the financial setback incurred. Bear in mind the expenses of the clinic and consultation charges for the doctor.

People often get discouraged psychologically if they do not notice a difference in the weight loss after 3 days. This is due to the fact that any food imbibed,, which is not included in the diet plan will show a marked increase in weight. Further weight loss will start coming into effect only on the third day.

Remember that one needs to think before putting something in their mouth. Before trying to pop a candy bar in the mouth, consider whether it would be better to substitute this with a slice of watermelon. This would be far more beneficial and satisfying. People, who follow Dr. Simeons diet, should not heed this advice, as watermelon is not on the diet plan list. However it has been noticed that watermelon has been included in some of the HCG diet clinics. Eat more vegetables and fruits when possible.

Another good practice when one is hungry and requires a snack between meals is to eat a piece of chicken and make a sandwich by wrapping it in a lettuce leaf. This makes an appetizing snack and the amount of chicken, fish or meat can be reduced when taking the next meal.

Take advantage of the fat and sugar free salad dressing and marinades. Try the Maple Grove Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette that is available at Walmart, as it makes a great dressing that can be safely added, to a dish.

Iced coffee that is mixed with Stevia is another great idea for a snack. It may not taste like the coffee served at Starbucks but one can try it out. The other good option is to make a smoothie with just a bunch of strawberries and drink it. Add ice, water and Stevia to enjoy a great drink that will not make you feel guilty about eating the wrong foods.

A great pick-me-up, between meals, is a sliced cucumber or tomato with salt and pepper sprinkled on it. Hunger pangs will be staved till the next meal. To enjoy the tomato, grill it with a few spices in the toaster, or oven. It is very satisfying though one does not know why. This is strongly recommended though the calories from fat and sugar free products were not. However this did not seem to pose a problem for hindering weight loss.

Eat a hardboiled, or scrambled egg, if you tire of eating fish or chicken. Eggs are recommended in the diet plan for vegetarians that can be viewed in the manuscript “Pounds and inches” The scrambled egg may be cooked in a non-stick pan with dash of water.

The author states that it is possible to lose weight quickly by eating salads and adding a new vegetable to it at every meal.

The HCG diet plan is all about eating 500 calories a day so that you do not gain weight. That is how it works. It is important that you follow the VLCD or very low calorie diet to lose fat from your body. Try out the website to learn more about how to calculate calories including proteins and fats.

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Cellulite is a common problem that afflicts millions of people globally. It is essential to know how to get rid of cellulite by taking the right anti cellulite treatment. It can be done surgically using medical procedures but they cost exorbitantly and is not always a permanent solutions as it is possible to get it all back if a proper lifestyle is not maintained.

Is there a good treatment for cellulite? Anti cellulite topical creams are available and considering various options this could be a good treatment. However, if one wants to get the maximum advantages, it is necessary to combine using of this cream with changes in the dietary habits as this is the only way to notice a considerable difference. Before you decide to use the treatment it is vital to understand what cellulite is and its effects on our bodies. When the cellulite fat cells get infected in a particular area, it becomes enlarged. When the fat cells cling together and form clumps, they form cellulite on the body which becomes worse if left neglected. Your skin becomes dimpled in certain areas that affect the surface areas of skin.

It is essential at this point to make a few dietary changes. First you need to cut the saturate fats as these are major contributors to enlargement of fat cells. Processed foods contain large amount of toxins and therefore it is in your best interests to cut these types of foods from your body as you will only promote bigger fat cells developing. When you eat sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, you will prevent toxins and saturated fats from settling on certain areas of your body. Try to detoxify your body regularly by eating the right foods that will remove toxins and fates from your body and prevent cellulite.

It is important to follow an exercise regime. You only require working out for half an hour three times a week to encourage the anti cellulite cream to work on your body. Make sure you pay special attention to the areas that have the most cellulite. This normally settles on the thighs and back of the thighs so you should concentrate on jogging, exercise training your dog or similar routines. When you exercise, you improve the blood circulation and these aids in removing toxins from the body. Excess fat is burned off by regular exercise.

How does the cellulite cream work? The elasticity and cell structure of the tissues found under the skin is damaged. It is not possible for the body to repair the damage without getting the right nutrients. The anti cellulite cream contains the required nutrients that will help to remove the cellulite. Your body will rectify the damage done to your skin with the nutrients available in the anti cellulite create and produce smooth skin again.

Trying to get rid of cellulite is not easy. You may not be able to remove the dimpled areas that are prominent on your skin even though you use the best products available in the market today. You need to follow the instructions in this article to witness the amazing results that you can achieve in a few months by our suggestions.

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The following are four common diet-busting fast-foods that you must avoid, and their healthier alternative that you can easily make easily and conveniently at home. Since many people end up eating ‘bad foods’ because they do not have the time to prepare all the 3 typical meals at home, here are some healthier options that you can carry with you from home.


Make an informed decision with the following suggestions.

- From Diet-Busting Salads, it is Wendy’s Southwest Taco Salad. It packs 680 calories, 39g fat, and1, 620mg sodium.

- Healthy Alternative to order when out in a restaurant is Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad. You will receive only 570 calories, 25g fat, and 1,370mg sodium.
With this, you save a whopping 14g of fat, 250mg of sodium and 110 calories total.

- Healthy home-made alternative to is Well’s Taco Salad. It contains 361 calories, 583mg of sodium, 16g of fat and in addition 10g of fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and the much needed Vitamins A n’ C.

With this, you end up saving a whopping 23g of fat, 1,037mg of sodium and total 319 calories.


Soups are known to produce greater feelings of fullness than many types of foods. They can make a great filling addition after a hearty meal or can even pass for a full low-calorie lunch. However, you should be very careful since even the tiniest of soup serving can be laden with lots of calories and unwanted fats than you could ever care to imagine.

- From Diet-Busting Soup, the priority is given to D’Angelo’s Lobster Bisque. It packs 360 calories, 820mg of sodium and 29g of fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is the so-called D’Angelo’s Broccoli & Cheddar Soup. It contains 19g of fat and 840mg of sodium as well just 250 calories.
You get to save 10g fat and 20mg sodium and 220 calories total.

- Healthy home made alternative is crab Bisque with Avocado. This Tomato & Corn Relish contains only 7g of fat, 230calories and 441mg of sodium
You get to save 22g of fat, 130 calories and a whopping 379mg of the equally important sodium.

Turkey Sandwich

- From Diet-Busting Turkey Sandwich, the best one is Panera’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich. It contains 970 calories and 51g fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is Panera’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich. It contains 15g fat and 560 calories.

Therefore, you get a saving of 36g of fat and 410 calories.

- Healthy homemade alternative is Turkey & Tomato Panini. It contains 4g fat and 272 calories where you get to save over 47g of fat and 698 calories.


- From Diet-Busting Burrito you need necessary to try Moe’s Homewrecker. In its original size made with chicken on a entire-wheat tortilla, it contains 38g fat and 925 calories.

- Healthy Option to Order – you will never go wrong with the junior size of Moe’s Homewrecker. On an entire-grain tortilla, it contains only 7g fat n’ 283 calories.
You get to save 31g of fat and 642 calories in total.

Healthy homemade option is Barbecued Chicken Burritos. It contains 353 calories and 9g fat and you get some iron and fiber.

You end up saving 29g of fat and 572 calories.