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Shedding off a few extra pounds is not only healthy but also mandatory, mandatory in the sense that if you continue adding on weight, you will be putting your life in danger. Excess weight has been a source of all manner of self-esteem issues, and not only that, doctors today attribute some life-threatening health conditions to excess weight. If you are looking for a solution to your weight issues, probably to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, to look and feel good about yourself, to lead a healthy lifestyle or all, then you need to give the Special K Diet a serious consideration.

If the current statistics are anything to go by, then this is the revolutionary weight loss diet that the world has been waiting for literally. It is a diet plan that revolves around the special K cereal and recommends the intake of cereals. There are different types of cereals out there, some which are plain while others come with additional flavors such as vanilla, almonds, and berries to mention but a few. Dieting is not for the faint hearted, especially if you are the kind of person who gets bored by monotony. This is where you need to include a variety of these cereals to constitute your Special K Diet.

The other thing you need to know about this special type of diet is that it needs to be complemented by certain foods. Man cannot survive on cereals alone now can you? Generally, the diet plan is such that you take the cereals as a snack or part of one of your large meals and then the rest of the time you eat a healthy dinner or lunch plus a few other healthy snacks. Like any other type of diet today, you will need to remain full throughout the day so you do not end up starving yourself. Remember that if you starve yourself, you might be forced to binge eat the next time you get the opportunity. The special K weight loss diet plan has several examples of the types of foods that you should include in your program.

By the same token, a Special K Diet needs to be complemented by a sufficient supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean meats. Most people prefer to use skim milk when taking the cereals, which is perfectly OK. Water is life, or so the saying goes. You need to ensure you drink enough water throughout the day, at least the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. There are several reasons why water should be part of your daily diet. For one, many people would confuse thirst for real hunger pangs and they may end up over eating.

Secondly, water is known to facilitate the flushing out of harmful toxins from the body, thus ensuring you have an optimal metabolism that would promote healthy weight loss. While a Special K Diet is often a well balanced diet, complementing it with a daily dose of vitamins will help accelerate the pace at which you lose weight.

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Overview of diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic lifelong condition where there are elevated blood sugar levels in the blood. The condition is brought about by insulin in the body, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to help control the blood sugar levels in the body. The condition occurs as a result of too little insulin in the body, a resistance to the same or both. Individuals who suffer from diabetes end up having elevated blood sugar levels because of their body’s inability to convert sugar into fat, and to store it in muscle cells as energy. This could be because the muscle cells are not responding as they should to insulin or because of an insufficient supply of insulin from the pancreas.

There are three main types of diabetes, with the risk factors and causes for each being different. Type 1 diabetes is the first type which is characterized by an insufficient or no supply of insulin. This is where one would need to use daily insulin injections in order to keep the blood sugar levels in check. The second type of diabetes is the type 2 diabetes, which happens to be the most common type of diabetes among people today. It mostly affects adults. The third category of diabetes is the gestational diabetes, which is often temporary as it occurs during pregnancy and will often disappear on its own once the baby is born.

General Symptoms of diabetes

- Frequent urination
- General body fatigue
- Blurry vision
- Unexplained weight loss/weight gain
- Excessive thirst
- Hunger

How to control diabetes with a diabetic diet
Being a lifelong condition whose causes are unknown, the best tried and tested method of controlling diabetes is with the use of a diabetic diet. Portion control and your own will power are what will help you live with this condition. The reason why you need to do some portion control is because of the simple fact that the most common type of diabetes, the type 2 diabetes, is often as a result of poor lifestyle habits and a poorly managed diet. In other words, if you do not eat the right foods as prescribed in a diabetic diet, you will be wasting your time and money on something that will not help you in any way.

Important Constituents in a typical Diabetic Diet
A diabetic diet is simply a portion controlled diet that’s coupled with the right food choices. A typical diet is one made up of controlled amount of carbs, specifically complex carbs, non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower plus non-starchy foods such as peppers, eggplant, and carrots to mention but a few. This should make up half of a typical plate for someone suffering from diabetes. The other half of the plate should be divided into two i.e. protein such as turkey, chicken, lean beef, fish etc and the last portion should constitute fresh fruits.

Be advised that carbs are available in two main forms simple and complex carbohydrates. The only difference in these two types of carbs is how the body breaks the carbs down. Simple carbohydrates take very little time to elevate the blood sugar levels. These are the recommended carbohydrates to take when you need to spike up your blood sugar levels once they drop. The second type is the complex carbohydrates which are the exact opposite of the simple carbs. These carbs take longer in the body before they are broken down, hence will not elevate the blood sugar levels as fast as their simple counterparts. They are the perfect remedy when you need to control elevated blood sugar levels.

Another very important constituent in a diabetic diet is minerals which help facilitate biochemical reactions in the body. A perfect example is vitamins, which are known for their ability to control blood sugar levels. Further, minerals are a great constituent as they help reduce insulin resistance in the cells, a very common problem in a typical diabetic case. This justifies the reason why most foods in a typical diabetic diet are often rich in minerals.

The other important constituent in a typical diet for diabetics and one which many people are finding very useful is chromium, a very handy supplement that helps facilitate blood sugar control. This is a natural diabetes supplement that is gaining in popularity today more than ever before because of its ability to break down carbohydrates and fats in the process of food metabolism. The other reason why most people would go for this supplement is because many diabetic patients often have a mineral deficiency, specifically chromium.

Magnesium equally plays an integral role in a typical diabetic diet. This is a very important mineral that plays over 300 important biochemical functions, and facilitates so many processes in the human body, blood sugar levels control being one of them. In addition to helping with the stabilization of blood sugar levels, this mineral also helps reduce glucose levels in the body especially during fasting.

Important non-mineral supplements in a diabetic diet
There are non-mineral supplements available in the market today which have proven very effective when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels in the body, hence can form a very integral part in a diabetic diet.
- Cinnamon is the first example of such a supplement which is widely known for its ability to control blood sugar. As a matter of fact, most health professionals today encourage the use of cinnamon because of the fact that it has shown positive results in controlling glucose levels in the blood, it is very safe to use as it does not counteract modern medication for diabetics, and more importantly it is readily and easily available. On the contrary, cinnamon helps oral diabetic medication regular glucose levels in the blood more efficiency.
- Gymnema is the other notable non-mineral supplement which is finding its way in most people’s diabetic diet plans today. This is an ancient herb and natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years in India and parts of Africa for its medicinal properties. In relation to diabetes, gymnema helps in reducing insulin resistance in the body by making the cells more receptive to this important hormone. This it does by stimulating dead nerve cells.
- Ginseng, yet another very important and functional herb in a diabetic diet. Although many people associate this herb with its ability to promote energy, it has more uses than many care to learn or find out. One of the many uses of the ginseng herb is its ability to effectively control glucose levels in the blood.

Important nutrients that should form part of a diabetic diet
While a diabetic would need to avoid certain foods that trigger or worsen the condition, this should never be construed to mean that one does not have to enjoy their favorite meals. The secret is to ensure you include all essential nutrients that your body requires. The most important nutrients here include:-

Complex fiber-rich carbohydrates – fiber is a very important constituent in a diabetic’s diet since it slows down digestion and facilitates carbohydrates absorption in the body. Further, it boosts insulin sensitivity in the body cells thus controlling glucose levels. It is highly advisable that you avoid the consumption of highly refined carbohydrates. Whole grains, legumes, cereals, peas, oats, and fresh fruits and vegetables are a perfect source.
Omega fatty acids – this includes omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids plus the alpha-lipoic acid. Omega 3 fatty acids are mostly found in fish oil meaning a high consumption of tuna, mackerel, herring, and salmon can help control your blood sugar levels. Omega 6 fatty acids on the other hand are derived from blackcurrant and borage oils, and are known for their ability to fight diabetes neuropathy. The alpha-lipoic acid is a very powerful antioxidant which helps facilitate the absorption of glucose in the body.

Precautionary Measures to take when on a diabetic diet
While it is a well known fact that a diabetic diet will help control blood sugar levels in the body and hopefully keep your diabetes in check, granted, many will follow the advice they get on the internet and follow any diet they think will be helpful in their situation, or one which someone else has used and have become successful in managing their condition. When it comes to your health, you need to take serious precautionary measures to ensure the diabetic diet that you are following will indeed help you. The right course of action would be to consult your endocrinologist or at the very least a professional nutritionist.

Based on your type of diabetes, its severity, the different signs and symptoms that you are exhibiting and your general fitness level, there is no reason why your nutritionist or doctor should not help you formulate the perfect diabetic diet. While at it, ensure you enquire about the herbal supplements and remedies on your diet. They can always advise you better on the best course of action to take. When it comes to diabetes, be advised that there is nothing as a one-size-fits-all kind of diet. You will need to have one specifically formulated for your type of diabetes.

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People are generally of the opinion that weight loss resulting from any particular diet is not a permanent one. Therefore, they plan out a routine that combines exercise, with a diet plan that will work to retain the weight loss. Those who suffer from anorexic problems should refrain from going on any diet as it will prove detrimental to their health.

If a person suffers from anorexia, they may find it difficult to sleep after a meal and develop anxiety problems. Therefore, their first reaction is to throw up food that they have just eaten. This sort of problem is generally triggered due to lack of self-confidence.

People who want to shed pounds find it difficult even though they make great efforts. Since they do not adopt a proper diet plan, they find it difficult to lose weight. In order to develop a good physique, they look for a good diet plan that will help them in their resolve.

Many people get frustrated, when they try to adopt a plan that includes tasteless food, devoid of fat. They become depressed, especially when they follow a low carb diet. For those who are looking to lose weight quickly, they can study “The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results” to lose weight successfully. This plan has been successfully developed by Dr. Mike Moreno who incorporates various choices to make the diet plan workable.

The diet introduces a balanced plan, including low carbohydrates and it is necessary to adhere to the plan as it may prove effective. Each body has a different metabolic rate, which should be taken into account, when following any diet plan.

People are prone to craving for food as they feel that they are not getting enough calories in their diet. According to the doctor, the body can be fooled into maintaining the metabolic rate, by successfully combine certain types of food.

It is important to stick to a diet, as far as possible, if one is planning to reduce weight. People are known to suffer from disorders, resulting from depression, when the fat is suddenly omitted from the diet for long periods. The body begins to feel the absence and the person concerned has behavioral shifts.

Dr. Mike Moreno has worked out a successful 17 Day Diet plan, where he balances these problems, by helping you lose weight and maintain the loss. The body metabolism rate is affected with his groundbreaking diet plan that works to burn fat day or night. During this 17 day’s period, you work to “Achieve, Accelerate, Activate and Arrive,” using modifications and based on this, the amount of calories that you consume, works according to plan.

Dr. Mike Moreno attributes this loss of weight, as being the direct result of confusing the body to retain the same metabolic rate, to help shed 10 to 12 pounds within the first 17 days. The going is tough in the first period as the body has to be cleansed of all the toxins that sap up energy and prevent you from losing weight. This Diet plan has been tested and includes recipes for making simple, healthy and delicious food. You will find, once you are on this 17 Day Diet plan that it will help to jump-start weight reduction and promote a healthy slim body, whether you plan to lose 10 pounds, or drop down to a 10 size!

Dr. Mike Moreno is of the opinion that most people lose their inclination to continue a diet as they get bored with eating the same thing day after day. The magic here is the Number 17! The diet is changed every 17 days so that the dieter has something to look forward to rather than feel depressed at going through the same foods, week after week.

You will find that it is not really all that difficult to adhere to the master plan though the first stage is often the toughest as your body is deprived of additional carbs and vegetables, fresh fruit and milk products that are probiotic, are added as the general plan, to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. It is not so difficult to arrest food cravings as the dishes allowed can be made tasty. Several recipes are also included to promote interest. Dieters can look forward to nearly 101 recipes that offer low carb dishes that are allowed throughout the 17 days. The advantage here is that you can gorge on these types of foods regardless of the quantities and not have to worry about adding an inch!

Dieters are interested in shedding weight quickly. It is not advisable to lose weight drastically as you tend to put back most of the weight soon after stopping a diet. This is true nearly 95% of the time, as individuals put back the fat lost, soon after reaching their specified target! The best way to go about this is to lose weight gradually and refrain from fad diets, follow a good regime of diet, along with regular exercise, to help lose fat steadily and shed weight. The 17 Day Diet brought about a lot of various reactions, when it was first introduced, due to the revolutionary methods adopted.

According to Dr. Mike Moreno, his 17 Day Diet is based on “quick effects.” The aim of this diet is to burn fat, at a consistent rate, by following a diet that is well-balance with regular exercise.

The Diet is not restricted to just 17 days as the name suggests. There are three primary phases followed by a maintenance period, once the target is reached. During this 17 days diet period, “Accelerate” is the motto, as the sugar in the blood is reduced, to encourage weight loss and fat. The second phase, “Activate”, aims to confuse the metabolism by shifting the amount of calories that can be consumed. According to this theory, the body performs at full power, when it cannot fathom the metabolic confusion that takes place in the diet. The food and quantities that you consume during this 17 day plan has helped many people tremendously, who have written testimonials and reviews about their success, including certain celebrities who have praised this diet.

Here is how this 17 Day Diet works:
The first step is to “Accelerate” the diet plan. This is the tricky, where the amount of food you consume is restricted to 1200 calories, in a day. The diet predicts a loss of about 10 or 15 pounds during this phase, most of which is due to reductions caused, by water weight.

The second stage is when you work to “Activate” the metabolic rate. During this phase, you are encouraged to increase your calories. This is because it is targeted to confuse the body’s metabolism and reduce fat content.

During the third stage, “Achieve,” you are tested on how serious you are about following the diet. You need to focus on eating healthy foods that concentrate on carbohydrates. During this stage, it is possible to decrease 2 or 3 pounds in a week.

You “Arrive” at the fourth phase, during which period, you are allowed to eat controlled portions of healthy foods. You can, eat something that you really like during the weekend.

Dieticians maintain that you can lose weight slowly and steadily by adapting a diet program that is nutritious so that you can reduce fat and lose weight optimally. However, Dr. Moreno disregards this general theory. According to him, it is best to try to achieve fast weight loss and go on a sustained low carb diet, with a few chances of binging in between, for effective results. Scientific research on the topic, together with testimonials written by many followers of this diet, reveals that the doctor’s theory may be right.

The 17 Day Diet plan may or may not seem as popular as the Atkins diet as this theory has not been fully expounded and therefore it may prove an effective way for people to lose weight successfully.

Dr. Moreno, from California, first introduced this 17 Day Weight Loss program, for people who put on weight, when on holidays. Therefore, he worked on effectively reducing this weight quickly. However, it has to be proved whether it is just another fad that offers a quick fix, or whether it will prove to be the latest hot success.
The 17 Day Diet is therefore one that is based on shifting calories or eating in different cycles so that the metabolism is confused. When you change your eating habits every few days and weeks, it will work to confuse your system, so that it is always in a state of uncertainty.

The four cycles that constitute this diet plan starts with “accelerate,” (remove fat), goes on to “activitate,” (reset metabolism), “achieve” (choose carbs that work) and “arrive,” where you can take a break and eat your favorite dish.

The general consensus on this 17 Day Diet plan, according to the various testimonials written is that it helps to quickly lose weight and works, as a great motivator for people, who are interested in losing weight.

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Though many fitness experts insist on consuming large amounts of protein, there is no need to include these in a regular bodybuilding diet. The thumb rule generally followed is a gram of protein, for each pound of one’s body weight. A dieter who weighs 200 pounds would therefore have to eat about 200 grams protein daily. Most of the magazines on body building insist that they eat much more than this amount.

An average adult should ideally eat 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of their body weight according to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for protein. A person who weighs 175 pounds should therefore consume nearly 64 grams protein per day. The reason these numbers vary is because RDA bases their suggestions on research carried out on men who were attending college. It was found that men require a certain amount of nitrogen to balance their system, though this has not proved very effective, for deciding on the muscle gain or loss. This may cast aspersions on whether the RDA estimate for intake of protein is relevant when considering a diet for body building.

The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range (AMDR) is of the opinion that the amount of protein consumed in the calories should be at least 10% to 35% of the total quantity. This body was established in 2005 by the Institute of Medicine. It has been observed that both the AMDR and the RDA do not factor in the key component, exercise, when they made their recommendations as they concentrate only on the protein consumption, based on the total calorie intake. For people, who exercise regularly, the amount of proteins incorporated is crucial when following a bodybuilding diet plan.

Since both the AMDR or RDA have not been very clear on this factor, when suggesting a proper diet for body builders, dieters check out magazines that are written exclusively on this subject. The recommended allowance of protein is 2 grams per pound of body weight. This means that a man, who weighs 175 pounds, has to consume at least 350 grams of protein, daily. Here again, most magazines try to advertise products, as one of their ways of earning an income. Protein supplements as we all are aware, is always advertised in all magazines where body building is included. Therefore, taking all factors into consideration, one can safely assume that 2 grams proteins are ideal per pound of the body weight.

Remember that you will not promote muscle by ten times if you consume that much excess protein. Research on the subject indicates that excess proteins consumed, get converted to fuel by the amino acids in the body and not carbohydrates, or fats. The body requires fuel from proteins, carbs and fats and the fuel is adjusted according to the energy that is being expended. The protein required therefore, is a certain amount, after which it stores as excess in the body. Therefore a safe assumption after checking out various factors would be to consume about 70 to 120 grams of protein, when on the bodybuilding diet for building up muscle gain optimally.

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To get the body detoxified, it is necessary to make changes in the habits of eating with a special detox diet that will help to remove the contaminants, as well as toxins, from the system. The benefits of this diet, is that you are able to raise your energy levels, improve your digestion, health and mental state and increase resistance, to various diseases, as well as lose weight in the process. To be on a detoxification diet, it is essential to make a few modifications in the normal diet, which should include fasting, where you drink only water. or some fruit juices and try to increase the consumption of certain types of fish, such as salmon. When you restrict your calorie intake, by using a herbal detox, or a lemonade diet, you will find immense benefits as you cleanse your system. You should also ensure that you take more vegetables and fruits in the normal day diet and limit your intake of processed foods, alcohol, as well as smoking.

More information on the right detox diet can also be found at this helpful resource at:

Many people know the importance of going on a detox diet, as the body tends to retain a lot of water, air and food that is in the air. The chemicals that are fat soluble in the diet, settle down in the cells of our bodies. If one is eating unhealthy foods, the body cannot get rid of the toxic wastes that build up and this is the reason why people are subject to various problems, such as hormonal imbalance, illnesses, weak metabolic rate and nutritional deficiencies.

You will find that you will be able to increase your energy levels, improve your bowel movements and concentration levels as well as focus on things with greater clarity. Your skin will glow and your digestion will improve. Make sure you consult your doctor and check if you are on the right detoxification diet. It is unsafe for children, pregnant or nursing mothers to go on such diets. Unless you are advised by the doctor, refrain from using this diet, if you suffer from problems with your kidneys, liver disease, cancer, diabetes or suffer from low blood pressure or anemia or even if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

This type of diet for detoxifying the system may be tried out by an individual after consulting a doctor. The doctor will warn the patient about any adverse reactions that can occur during the program for various reasons. It is beneficial when the doctor is able to assess the situation correctly, so as to prevent any problems that might trigger off, during the detoxification process.

Pregnant women, as well as children, should avoid going in for this type of detox program. Patients who have problems due to genetics, such as cancer, must never attempt this detox diet. If they wish to follow any program, it should be done under the guidance of their caregiver.

The advantage of this detoxification diet is that the individual loses weight, unlike many other types of diets, where they only succeed in losing the initial water weight from their bodies. The other benefits of this diet are regular bowel movements, better digestion, elimination and prevention of gas, indigestion and feeling bloated all the time. The individual is able to breathe deeply and does not react as much to allergens in certain foods. One experience less signs of congestion and mucus and incidences of coughs and sniffles are reduced. The overall health improves as the patient feels more energetic when the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently in the system. The alkaline levels increase, while the acidic level decreases, due to a balanced pH. The main advantage is weight loss and the fact that one can still enjoy their food by ensuring that they eat right. There is a marked sense of satisfaction along with higher energy levels that allow the individual to want to improve their eating habits and choose their foods with care.

There are of course disadvantages, as well, with the detox diet. People complain of headaches, when they begin this diet, as there are withdrawal symptoms of caffeine which, according to the practitioners, should be gradually decreased, before one begins this diet. It is also possible to experience diarrhea that may cause loss of electrolytes, which again leads to dehydration, resulting in constipation. The chances of becoming constipated increases, when people increase their intake of fiber and do not drink adequate liquids, at the same time. The other minor reactions that people may experience are hunger pangs, fatigue, acne, weight loss and irritability. It is possible also to lack nutrients, such as protein and calcium, while on this diet.

Given below is a food list that will help you follow the detox diet with effective results.

Take vitamin C in the form of lemons. Vitamin C works effectively as the vitamin for detox as it converts toxins in the body to water-soluble forms that can be flushed out of the system easily. Garlic is also an excellent food, as it can be added to salads, spreads, as well as sauces. The liver enzymes get activated when you consume this bulb and filter out waste from the body and it is also beneficial for the heart. Green tea is another healthy brew, which is rich in antioxidants, which helps to keep the system hydrated. Catechins in the green tea are good for promoting the activity in the liver.

Eat cabbage as it helps to detoxify both the types of enzymes that are present in the liver. Coleslaw is excellent in a diet. Last but not least, eat plenty of fruits as they contain essential fiber, vitamin C, plenty of fluids that are nutritious and are full of antioxidants. Enjoy biting into a pear, a mango that is ripe, or some fresh berries.

Since there are various ways you can perform a detoxification diet you should make sure that you know which is right. You could adopt a special diet, or follow one that uses supplements, or herbs. Hydrotherapy is another method that can be followed. Some other common methods are colon hydrotherapy, liver flush, breathing techniques or chelation, which are all well recommended.

The advice generally recommended by practitioners is simple, yet gentle detox diet plans that help to clean the liver, colon and kidney. These organs benefit the most during detoxification. It is always a safe practice to consult your doctor for the best diet that best suits your needs.

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Overview of a low carb diet
If you are diabetic or a looking to shed off some extra pounds then without a shadow of a doubt you would need a low carb diet. A low carb diet, as the name would suggest, is a diet characterized by significantly low amounts of carbohydrates. Cutting out on carbs however is not the easiest of things you could do, especially if you have a sweet tooth or if you love pasta and bread. The good news is that once you get the hold of it, you will be good to go. Did you know that even most of the fruits you thought were ‘safe’ contain significantly high levels of carbohydrates than you could be willing to use?

To get started on a low carb diet, the first course of action would be to read labels on all the items on your list. This move alone can be a great eye opener as you may be very surprised at the amount of carbs available in the foods you have been taking on a daily basis. The first step therefore that would help you lower your carbohydrate intake and ensure you stick to a low carb diet is to be conscious of your intake.

Once you know the carbs available in your daily foods, the next course of action would be to sit down and formulate a viable plan i.e. determine the amount of carbs that you need to be consuming on a daily basis. This is best done with a professional dietician or nutritionist’s help. Remember that for you to be able to formulate a viable diet; you will need to have your fitness level determined so you can get a customized low card diet.

Important Facts of a low carb diet
One thing that should be mentioned here is the fact that a low carbohydrate diet is very different from a low fat or low calorie intake. Unlike a low fat or low calorie diet where you need to have a daily ration of fat or calories whereby you can use them as and when you please as long as you do not exceed your daily allotment, with a low carb diet, it is highly recommended that you learn how to balance your carbohydrate intake throughout the day. Rather than have a daily allocation, it is always best to have a target of carbs intake for each meal you take throughout the day. This is especially important if you are diabetics.

The reason for this is because you will be able to control your blood sugar levels and have then evenly distributed throughout the day. Even if you are simply looking to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake, you may find this tip especially important. The reason for this is because going for a significant period of time without taking sufficient amounts of carbohydrates can be detrimental to your health. It is believed that insufficient supply of carbs in the body elevates the ketone levels i.e. an indication that you will be using stored fat to fuel your body instead of the fat that you derive from your daily diet.

While this is a great thing when seeking to shed off some pounds, elevated ketone levels can be very dangerous, and sometimes even lead to a coma if you go for longer periods without consuming enough carbohydrates. The secret therefore would be to regulate and spread out your daily intake of carbohydrates so that your body gets used to it.

Additional Low carb diet tips
- Complement your low carb diet with fiber and protein which are derived from cheeses, meats, eggs, peanut butter and vegetables. By the same token, you might want to consume carb products from whole grains since they are highly concentrated in fiber… which aids in digestion among other helpful functions in the body. Rather than eat white bread, you are better off eating whole grain bread.

- Reduce your intake of sugar, which you can simply do by cutting out that sugar-laden cereal and replacing it with a whole grain cereal or eggs. It is to be mentioned that reducing your carb intake is not something that happens overnight. You will need to get used to it. The good thing is that the moment the body is used to it, it will be a life-long commitment to healthy eating and you get to maintain your optimal body weight.

- Many people believe that it is a little tricky to take a low carb diet when dining out at a restaurant. Actually it is one of the easiest things to do because you will simply need to divide your carbohydrate rich foods by two. This way, you will end up eating much less than if you took a whole plate full of carb rich foods.

Rules to guide you when on a ½ carb meal
- The best course of action when eating your meals is to pay attention to what and how you eat. In other words, switch of the Television, do not drive, and switch of your mobile phone if you need to until you are done eating. This way, you will be conscious of what you are taking in and you will end up taking less.

- You are better off taking tinier bites and chewing each bite severally before you swallow. Breaking down the food through chewing ensures it is easily absorbed in the body.

- Avoid sugary products and white flour under all costs

- Ensure you have 2-3 servings of low carb fruits on a daily basis. Should you get a very sweet fruit, such as a banana, apple or orange, half a piece per serving would do.

- Should you feel hungry while on a low carb diet, you are free to increase your protein intake. Be careful though not to exceed the 12 ounces limit. By the same token, avoid over-fried and highly salted food items.

- You typical caloric intake per day for optimal performance is 1200-1500 for the ladies and 1500-1800 for the guys. A total of 40-80g of carbohydrates should complement your caloric intake per day.

- The role that water plays when on a low carb diet can never be overemphasized enough. Water plays a very integral role in the body. For one, it accelerates the metabolism and keeps it in check all throughout, meaning it will always be at its optimal performance as long as you are taking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. By the same token, water helps flush out harmful toxins in the body, which should come as good news to diabetics since the accumulation of toxins in the body can wreck havoc on an otherwise mild case of diabetes. If you feel that water is tasteless, you can always add lime or squeeze in some fresh lemon and you will be good to go.

- Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. If you must drink anything in addition to water, stick to pure fruit juices.

- Always complement your low carb diet with regular exercises to ensure you remain fit and active all throughout. Exercising can be as simple as walking fast, jogging, cycling, swimming etc.

Common Myths about low carb diets
Having said that, and despite the well known fact that a low carb diet is essential when it comes to controlling insulin levels in the body, an important factor in weight loss and specifically in diabetes, you are not supposed to embark on a low carbohydrate diet without the help of a professional, unless of course you are a professional in your own right. Talk to your dietician or nutritionist, your doctor, and your physical fitness expert so that the right diet can be formulated based on your fitness level.

Many people have been led to believe that low carb diets are a bad approach to successful weight loss. Rest assured that with a well-formulated, professionally guided diet, it is a perfect approach to long-term sustainable weight loss, especially because of the fact that it does not demand a lot, hence can be a total lifestyle approach to healthy living.

The second widespread misconception about low carb diets is the fact that exercise a carbohydrate restricted diet do not mix. This leaves many confused, especially if the body is yet to get used to using fat as its main source of fuel. The good news is that once you get a professionally formulated fitness plan, you can be able to gradually maintain a good balance between your carb restricted diet and exercising.

In conclusion therefore, it can be categorically mentioned that although it takes a significant period of time for the body to get used to a low carb diet, over time it will become second nature to you and your body will start responding positively. Take your time to go through online resources that talk about low carb diets for you to be able to find more information and tips on how you can survive on a low carb diet without feeling restricted.

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The latest popular fad that is breaking news in Hollywood is the baby food diet. This article reveals interesting information on how to lose weight as well as the merits and demerits of following this diet.

What is the baby food diet? You eat the same portions as a baby eats! Baby food contains nutritious vitamins which are easily digestible. Many Hollywood stars have been able to achieve their targeted weight by following this diet of mainly organic processed foods. Choose foods that are not highly processed, packed with nutrition, less sugar and sodium content. It is necessary to eat three whole meals but refrain from over-eating. Food takes time to process in the body, so one can eat about three or four of the small jars, daily.

What are the demerits of eating this type of food? Not everyone can sustain this type of mushy diet of processed baby foods. It may not allow you to feel satiated. People who develop hunger pangs may tend to binge suddenly. The merits are that not many additives are found in baby foods and they are packed with vitamins. You can control your appetite and choose the flavor of your choice. There is no need to waste time planning a diet meal as they can be bought. Try to keep hunger at bay by monitoring how much you eat to see results.

Hedi Slimane, the 43 year old fashion designer from France (and ex-Christian Dior) who is a leading fashion guru in New York, introduced the idea of substituting a couple of regular meals a day with small portions of vegetables and fruits. He claims that his svelte figure is the result of sticking to baby food.

Jennifer Aniston maintains, in the magazine, Marie Claire, that she has been able to maintain her slim figure, because of the “purer, nutrient-packed gluten-free foods that she was eating. Reese Witherspoon stated in a US TV show that she restricted her food to just one regular adult portion in a day. Most of the baby foods that are available in grocery stores are devoid of fillers, added fats and additives, because they cater to the delicate digestive system of babies. There is no website or support group that establishes these facts as yet. You only pay the cost of the baby products when you go on this diet.

The good part of this baby food diet is that nearly all of them contain no additives, are pure and packed with vitamins. Choose from a wide range of products that are gluten-free if you are particular. The jars are easy transportable. The portions are already cut out for you. The advantage is that you may pay hardly anything to be on this diet as the cost of these baby foods range from $.60 to $3 a jar!

The disadvantage of following this plan is that there is no sense of satisfaction when you cannot chew. As a meal replacement, the baby food does not provide sufficient calories to satiate your appetite. Since this is a new fad diet, not much has been reported on how this diet has been received.

This type of diet is not healthy as we see it. It is just one of those Hollywood fads that have been thought up overnight. You may benefit when you reach out for a jar of Gerber fruits instead of attacking a bag of Fritos as a healthier option when trying to watch your figure.

The bottom line is that you may remain hungry, throughout the day, when you try to swap baby food instead of eating a proper meal. You are bound to lose weight with this plan but you will not be able to sustain it for long. If using baby food is the healthier option for a snack replacement, eat a real plum rather than go for the pureed version!

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If you have been diagnosed by a life-threatening condition such as a heart disease or stroke, or if you are battling high cholesterol issues, then the first recommendation, and often the most viable of all, is to formulate a low cholesterol diet plan. What is a low cholesterol diet plan? How is it created? What constitutes it? If you are like many people, you would have very many questions regarding the diet. This can not only be frustrating but also time consuming.

While your doctor or nutritionist can help you formulate the perfect diet that will help reduce your elevated cholesterol levels, more often than not the buck will stop with you. Luckily, like all other things in life, with a little patience, some time to spare, and practice, you will be able to become a master in planning cholesterol free meals. Here is a guide to get you started.

The first place to start when looking at formulating a low cholesterol diet plan is to look at your daily diet plan. This will guide you into knowing where changes need to be made. Are there any dairy products in your dietary plan? Most of the dairy products that we consume on a daily basis are often very rich in fat and cholesterol. The first course of action therefore would be substituting them with their low fat counterparts. Get rid of the milk, butter, and cheese and substitute with soy or skim milk. The same holds true for eggs. The egg yolk is one of the most potent sources of cholesterol, hence it is a great idea to ensure you eat in moderation, or get rid of it altogether by separating the egg-white from the egg-yolk.

The second place you need to look at when formulating the perfect cholesterol diet is the meats. As any nutritional expert will tell you, red meat contains lots of saturated fats hence should be eaten in moderation, or avoided altogether. Opt for white meat i.e. fish and chicken and ensure you skin the chicken before eating it as it contains high levels of cholesterol.

By the same token, it is important to mention that how you prepare your meals also has a great impact on the level of cholesterol in your food. Baking, broiling, and grilling food ensures most fats are drained away. On the flip side of the coin, frying food can worsen the condition because it will encourage the buildup of more cholesterol. When it comes to preparing your meals, you also want to ensure that you bake or steam your vegetables that will complement your main dish.

This is just an overview of a low cholesterol diet. As mentioned, you can always talk to a nutritionist or your doctor when it comes to formulating the perfect diet that will ensure your cholesterol levels are well maintained. Further, there are many resources available both online and offline which can help you formulate a perfect diet. A low cholesterol diet plan doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless, as long as you dedicate some time into formulating the perfect plan; you can rest assured that you will be well on your way to a healthy you.

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Just the mention of Cheryl Cole and the first thing that will come to the minds of many is her now famous dieting principle… one that is known as the blood type diet. As the name would suggest, this is a special type of diet that is formulated around one’s special blood group/ blood type. Probably the most attractive feature of the diet is the fact that one does not need to work out when under the diet. Indeed this is a very attractive feature of a diet considering the fact that most people hate the idea of having to work extremely hard in the gym. Actually, the reason why most people are dealing with weight loss issues is not because there are no effective weight loss programs in the market, but because they loathe the idea of going to the gym.

The blood type diet recommends that if you want to lose weight, you are only supposed to eat the foods that are in line with your blood group and avoid all other ‘bad’ foods. As Cheryl Cole and many other people who have tried out the diet would say, sticking to your blood group foods is enough to ensure you remain in tip-top shape and that you maintain your ideal body weight without compromising on your health. Cheryl Cole believes that it is the diet, coupled with her busy and tight working schedule that ensures she remains in such an admirable shape. Following is a list of some of the foods ideal for the different blood groups.

Blood group AB – this is a very rare blood group to find, however, should you fall into this category, you can eat foods ideal for people in blood groups A and blood groups B. For best results, you are advised to follow a vegetarian diet with an occasional fish, meat, and some dairy products.

Blood group 0 – this is the commonest of blood groups around. The blood type diet recommends the consumption of low-carb, high protein meals with some fish, red meat, and olive oil on occasions. One thing that is omitted in the diet is dairy products

Blood Group A – blood group A is also a common blood category today and the diet recommends the consumption of nuts, cereals, rice, seeds, vegetables and fruits, and beans to mention but a few. Generally, this blood group can eat anything and everything. To complement your intake of ‘everything’, you are advised to undertake calming exercises such as meditation and yoga.

Blood group B – only 10% of the world’s population today falls under the blood group B category. The recommended intake in your blood type diet for blood group B people is tiny amounts of carb-rich foods.

Because of the huge popularity that this type of diet has enjoyed in the recent past, many scientific researches have been conducted to make the consumer aware of the pros and cons of the diet. Some school of thought is of the opinion that the diet is enough to aid in successful weight loss. On the flip side of the coin though, another school of thought believes that the concept is not a practical long-term weight loss solution. They cite the fact that some blood groups have very restrictive meals while others are too liberal.

Myths and Facts of the Blood Type Diet
Most weight loss diets in the market today are standardized in the sense that they advocate for a specific action plan to be followed by all who use the diet. One notable difference between these diets and the blood type diet is the fact that it recognizes the simple fact that there is no one-size-fits all diet. The diet shows that a diet plan can be personalized to work as effectively, and sometimes even better than the standardized ones.

Extensive research has been conducted on this diet and all results came out to be consistent across all the blood types. Even so, academicians and doctors still question the science behind the effect of a diet on someone’s blood type and how it can contribute to weight loss. The reasoning behind this diet is

The logic behind the diet is such that the different blood groups and their adjacent food categories are evocative of the kind of life that ancestors led and specifically their eating habits. Blood Group 0 for example was the hunter hence is recommended a potent protein diet. Type A blood group ancestors were cultivators; hence their diet notably lacks red meat and recommends a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The nomads were the type B blood groups, hence are a group that is believed it can survive on dairy products. The enigma was the rare blood group AB, an intermediate of A and B blood groups.

Granted, many would eat their recommended foods and loaf on the couch all day. It is important to remember that our ancestors led a very active life. There were no cars at the time hence they did a lot of long distance walking to reach their destinations. This justifies the reason why most of their diets were a success. This should not be construed to mean that you should do a lot of long distance walking; however, you might want to avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. As Cheryl Cole clearly puts it, her active and busy life is what complements her blood type diet to make it a practical choice for her.

The good news is that you do not have to do boring exercises in the name of leading an active lifestyle. Just move your body and your blood type diet will work for you. Some things as simple as swimming, playing tennis, cycling can be fun activities to make your body system active so that you can create a perfect platform for weight loss. Eating without working is detrimental to your health and can be the source of otherwise avoidable lifestyle related diseases. When all things remain constant though, you can be guaranteed that this diet is as effective as any other successful weight loss diet out there.

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If you are looking for a crash diet that can help you lose a significant amount of weight in the shortest time possible, then look no further beyond the grapefruit diet. This is a type of diet that recommends a restricted caloric intake combined with half a grapefruit after every meal. It is a well known fact that this diet is very effective in aiding rapid weight loss; however, it may not be the most viable solution if you are looking for a long-term weight loss program. This is because of its dietary deficiencies which might compromise on your overall health if followed in the long-term.

This article therefore seeks to caution you against using the grapefruit diet as your ultimate long-term weight loss solution. The best approach is to take the grapefruit solution, which is a specially formulated grapefruit diet pill prepared by the pulverization of an entire grapefruit into a single pill capsule for daily consumption. It is a well known fact that grapefruits have been used since time immemorial for their potent nutrients, specifically when it comes to positive effects on the digestive system. So good and effective are grape fruits that most of them often work perfectly well with most prescription medications.

Even so, should you want to include these pills in your daily diet, it is highly recommended that you talk to your nutritionist or doctor if you are under any prescription medication that could be affected by the use of the grapefruit diet pill.

Why should you opt for the grapefruit diet pill?
The reason for this is because the entire grapefruit i.e. the pulps, peel, pips, and juice are specially macerated to become a single potent tablet that you can carry with you anywhere you go. Organic grape fruits are taken and washed thoroughly before they are macerated into fine puree. After the process, they are dried using a pharmaceutical grade process that exerts low steady pressure on the pureed grapes to get rid of all water. This results into fine powder which is then made into a capsule. Considering the fact that it follows a natural process of making the diet pills, it makes the grapefruit diet pill more of a food product than a pill or additive really.

During the pulverization process, the active enzyme that normally interacts and affects the efficacy of prescription medication is removed. As such, it makes the tablet a safe one to use anytime, whether you are under medication or not. This diet has been an effective remedy for weight loss as is evident from various studies and researches done over the years.

Having said that, for you to be successful in weight loss with this diet pill, there are some things that you need to know. First and foremost, despite the high level of efficacy, you will need to complement your grapefruit diet with regular exercises and more importantly, lead a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to what goes into your mouth. Ensure you undertake a lifelong viable weight loss approach for you to emerge successful and attain sustainable weight loss results.