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Teenagers are normally faced with this predicament, when their skin is covered with acne. One of the underlying factors that cause this is the male hormones. The other causes can be related to hormonal problems which also affect acne.

“Acne vulgaris” (acne) affects both men, as well as women, especially when they are in the adolescence stage. It also surfaces during the menstrual period, when women are expecting or during menopause. At the adolescent stage, the endocrine sex glands that protect body tissues are secreted. Androgen is the name given to these type of hormones and since it is commonly found in men, they are the worst affected, for this type of skin eruptions.

Androgen has the effect of inducing oil (sebaceous) glands that are generally associated with the hair follicles or pores of the skin. Though the sweat glands continue to secrete and become lively, they are unable to reach the surface of the skin. They begin to form a white dot known as the “white head” when the gland expands and stretches the tissues surrounding it. For some, this secretion becomes discolored, when it undergoes a chemical reaction. This is how blackheads form at the hair shafts. Both the human gland, as well as the hair follicle, continue to stretch and finally rupture, causing infection in the area. It starts by producing the papule and then becoming a pimple or pustule.

Are there any treatments to cure acne that is caused by the hormones? Acne can be cured by you as you practice self-treatment. You have to learn how to take care of your acne by following these steps. Wash your face and upper part of the body, using a mild soap and warm water, thrice daily. Steam the gently, after washing for about fifteen minutes daily. Do not use cosmetics. Never try to prick the pimple or pustule with your fingers and refrain from touching the face with dirty fingers. It is important to flush your system with cool fresh water and fruit juices. Try to sleep for about seven or eight hours daily and avoid chocolates, starchy foods and nuts. It is important to follow a healthy, wholesome and well-balanced diet, which incorporates vegetable and fruits.

The other option is to use the topical acne treatment. This means using any type of lotion, cream or gel that suits your skin type and condition of acne, which could range from mild, moderate, or severe. You could opt for oral treatment that is prescribed by skin experts. They can advise you on the best acne treatment for inducing oil from producing in the tiny glands that contain sebum. Anti-androgen treatment may also be prescribed to treat acne. You may be able to reduce the production of the sebaceous gland to a certain extent but not fully. The role of sebum is important for the functioning of the body and cannot therefore be totally stopped.

Hormonal therapy is another type of hormonal acne treatment. The excess male sex hormones produced are reversed during the process of this treatment and this may control androgen. How you take care of your skin will yield results and help to improve the condition of your health, as well as your skin. The hormonal acne treatment should be done importantly to ensure that the skin acquires an acne-free young, healthy and flawless skin.

The introduction of the latest innovations in technology for acne have resulted in many expensive brands of cosmetics hitting the market and many people now try to use affordable options that are mild and easy to use home products. These methods are inexpensive and more effective than the cosmetics that are over-hyped by the media.

There is no doubt that one has to use the right methods to cure the problem of acne from the root, which is dealing with the bacteria that causes acne, removing excess oil that forms on the skin, clearing clogged pores and healing inflamed skin. These are the four most potential causes that trigger acne and should be dealt with, when trying to control acne apart from dealing with low self-esteem, depression and so on, that generally affects people when acne spreads.

Most of the face washes, creams and bar soaps, including those that contain acne formulas, contain Benzoyl peroxide nowadays. This has to be used sparingly as excess causes the skin to redden and dry.

Salicylic acid is also used in quite a few facial pads and washes. It helps to unclog the skin pores and prevent pimples, acne skin or skin scars from re-grouping. This should be applied sparingly on the skin or it could have negative effects on the skin.

Using Olive Leaf extract is also beneficial as it is capable of annihilating viruses that are present in the cells, as they interact with the amino-acids produced and gets rid of viruses that lie in the body of the cells. The Olive Leaf extract has powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that kills microorganisms and prevents production of “mycotoxins,” which are harmful to hormonal regulation, as well as toxic elimination. This powerful leaf extract can also, break and destroy the external lining of the bacteria in acne, which will help to control the spreading of this condition. Therefore try to use this amazing leaf extract that has great properties which can take care of eliminating the acne quickly.

Like any other home acne treatment, the response varies from person to person and you need to have patience to wait for results which may be slow, but if you are consistent with the acne treatment for a few weeks, you are bound to see results. There is also the possibility that these home treatments may not work for you, but may worsen the condition, so use them with caution. Check with your dermatologist before you plan to try anything new from home. They will help you to be cautious, as well as guide you on the right methods of following these treatments for effective results.

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Teenagers are not the only ones who suffer from acne as this problem afflicts adults as well. Studies on the subject indicate that incidences of acne have increased, in the recent years especially in adults. There have been no conclusive evidences of the specific causes for acne, but studies are being conducted at a more focused level on the causes of acne, resulting due to hormonal reasons. Hormones become imbalanced during the various stages of puberty, pregnancy, menopause or menstruation and this in turn, stimulates the sebaceous glands, which trigger acne.

Acne can prove devastating for adults as none of the drugs that are sold over the counter for teenagers work to arrest this problem.

Acne that is brought about by hormonal imbalances gets activated when teenagers are in their twenties and continues till they are adults. During the ages of 11 to 14, acne is brought on when the teenager goes through puberty and, androgen production is at its maximum. Since hormonal acne is directly associated with androgen, the glands get over-stimulated with the hormones and this is the reason for acne development.

Due to problems with hormonal imbalance, women tend to get affected with acne twice as often as men. Women get acne when they are beset with Premenstrual Symptoms (PMS.)The other reason for acne is when women suffer from PCOs (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,) which is a disease that affects hormones, due to lack of or irregular menstruation, hair loss, infertility and various other factors. Adrenal Hyperplasia is another condition that is similar to this problem.

Women who are 35 years and older and approaching menopause may find themselves subject to acne flare-ups even though this is a new development in their lives. Menopause has the power to trigger acne due to the hormonal imbalances induced during this period.

Stress is another important factor that brings about hormonal imbalance. Our bodies start producing Cortisol, in large numbers, to cope with the increased rate of processes that begin to take place due to stress. The processes that take place may result due to glycogen being released when protein is converted to energy. Cortisol is also responsible for digestion, repressing cell regeneration and endocrine regulation. When the body is stressed out, it begins to focus on the Cortisol levels instead of the processes and this brings on acne, depression, fatigue etc.

Doctors normally prescribe oral corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, anti-androgens etc. There are various options available to try to stabilize this problem. These treatments may bring about adverse reactions, so one should be careful not to worsen the conditions. Most people prefer to use natural methods to treat hormonal acne, as it is safer and more convenient.

Dermatologists are of the opinion that diet does not affect acne but many people who are plagued with this problem know the benefits of avoiding carbs, trans-fats and refined sugar to control the levels of acne. It is definitely a plus point to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to balance hormones to deal with hormonal acne.

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Improvements in the facial appearance is what makes more and more many men and women search for the help of estheticians for obtaining a fresher, smoother and more attractive facial skin. Currently, dermabrasion has become quite widely used procedure, although it is very complicated and painful.

Dermabrasion is a method that helps in reducing scars and wrinkles, as well as in improving the skin quality. Do not confuse this method with micro-dermabrasion, which method uses crystals to polish skin and to remove the dead cells. In fact, dermabrasion improves skin reproduction qualities not only in the top layer, as it is in the micro-dermabrasion method, but also in the lower dermal layers. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and cleans the pores, making skin smoother and soft.

This procedure is also applied in cases of bleeding in the skin epidermal layer. Electric brush is applied along with a special system that contains either micro crystals or rough edges to get rig of dead cells. A brush is moved very fast, thus exfoliating the skin from unnecessary elements. Some time ago this medical procedure was applied with a device working with abrasive agents.

There is more advanced and painless method of laser dermabrasion for effective removing of prominent scars, thus preferred from many clients. Unfortunately, it is not so effective for other skin problems. Simply said, classic dermabrasion is much more complicated and effective method compared to laser dermabrasion, which purpose is only to control calibrate and bleeding without causing any bleeding.

There are certain cases, in which dermabrasion is simply necessary and very effective mean for curing.

It helps in chicken pox and acne scars removing. The procedure is performed by applying local anesthesia or by taking a sedative given by the doctor. Since the scars are located in the top layer of the skin, this method removes it, stimulating reproduction of new cells by applying medication. The recovery time is not long and the procedure itself is fast.

People who want to get rid of keratoses also can take advantage of dermabrasion. These small growths can be hazardous, since if left may turn into a cancer. The procedure of keratose removal is a bit different from the previous one, because the doctor has to freeze the area first, applying a Freon spray, then to remove one growth at a time. The patient will not feel any pain during the procedure and will recover completely for the period of only one week.

Dermabrasion is effective approach for removing stretch marks, appeared after the pregnancy, and wrinkles. During the pregnancy women develop undesirable stretch marks around midsection and abdomen. The procedure however proved to effectively combat with the cellulite deposits, which are under the skin surface. To fix and remove facial wrinkles, the physician pulls harder the skin, thus eliminating these unpleasant signs of aging. The recovery period for this procedure lasts for one or two days only, which will depend of patient’s age and the expertise of the doctor.

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There are more cases of adult acne reported than what is expected. Adults find it very frustrating to deal with this problem as it is something adolescents normally have to struggle with. The reasons for this could be due to stress, hormonal changes, or changes occurring in the body chemistry. There are several ways to treat this problem.

The reason acne afflicts adults is because their body produces excess oil and the pores may be clogged as a result. Thirty percent of women witness this problem of acne, as they mature and are anywhere from the age of 20 to 60, whereas only about 20% men are faced with the acne condition.

It is important to keep your face clean by washing it twice daily with a product of good quality. Try to opt for mild and gentle products that clean the skin effectively. Avoid choosing soap with beads in them, as they can cause abrasions and inflame the skin further.

Remember it is essential to keep the skin hydrated well. The products you purchase should ideally have Retinol in them. This will help to keep the pores open and stay clean. Use products with Glycolic or Salicylic Acid in them if you have scars that are pronounced as it will help to reduce the appearance on the body from adult acne conditions. Benzoyl peroxide will also help to destroy bacteria that cause acne.

If you do not wash your face correctly, you may be attracting acne, even though you think this is not possible. Examine the products you use for your face. If there are chemicals in them, they start working aggressively on the skin. You should not rub your face vigorously, after washing, but pat it dry gently instead. Exfoliate your face weekly to remove any dead skin present. These dead skins attract bacterial and clog pores which worsen the condition.

It is essential to keep the skin hydrated by making sure you drink lots of water. Your body will be able to flush out the toxins. When you do this, you succeed in restoring the chemical balance to the body. This allows the regulation of oil production naturally. Make sure you consume foods with antioxidants, such as vegetables and fruits to help you get rid of the toxins faster.

Sleep is important, so make sure you get sufficient hours of uninterrupted rest to reduce stress levels. This is important as adult acne can surface with lack of proper sleep. Your body starts reacting to the chemicals that get stored in varying amounts. Therefore make it a priority to maintain a good sleep schedule.

You can get pressurized, if you do not de-stress, so it is important to learn how to cope with stress and reduce the levels. Learn how to de-stress by making the necessary changes to your lifestyle, regular exercises and talking to friends and you will be able to reduce the chances of bringing on the condition of adult acne.

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Plastic surgery is recommended by doctors for acne scars treatment and because insurance companies do not reimburse costs incurred for this cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to pay for the treatment out of one’s own pocket. The cost of the procedure varies, depending on the severity of the case, the size of the acne scars, the location and the doctor who performs the surgery. This again depends on the doctor’s expertise in the field. The price can range from $600 to nearly $ 6000 so it is essential to make detailed enquiries before agreeing to the surgery.

Given below are a few popular treatments that are recommended.

One is the laser acne scars treatment. Intense light is used only on the first layer of by a pulse treatment and not the second layer. The skin is tightened simultaneously with stimulation of the collagen. The damaged older layer of the skin is replaced by the second layer that remains unaffected. This type of procedure costs on an average about $792 and requires about five more sessions, costing roughly $4000 for the patient. Payment plans are generally offered by the doctors.

Laser Acne Scar Removal Video:

The second type of acne scars treatment is the use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm. This treatment uses either the permanent or temporary dermal fillers. Since the temporary fillers get absorbed within two to six months, it is necessary to repeat the treatment frequently to retain the desired look and this can prove very expensive. Silicone is used for the permanent fillers. The side effects are generally pain, infection and some allergic reactions. These type of dermal filler cost in thousands and last only from three to nine months.

The third type of acne scars treatment available is using Chemical peels. This procedure is good for toning and evening out skin, smoothening wrinkles and clearing the scarred areas. The sun’s rays cause excessive damage to the skin. This type of Chemexfoliation is the best in terms of being least invasive and improving the overall look of the skin, neck or hands, depending on which part requires the treatment.

Chemical peels cost anywhere from $600 to $900. The price depends on the peel for which you are willing to pay. It costs from $150 to $ 400 for a light peel, or about $600 for the deep peel. It is also possible to get read of small creases, blemishes and fine wrinkles by getting a medium peel treatment that uses Trichloroacelic acid which costs $1000 to $2000. However, you need to maintain this once in three months. The deep peel chemical treatment yields long lasting results and costs from about $2500 to nearly $ 60000 which includes follow ups.

Your insurance company can guide you on opting for the right treatments that are considered necessary, medically. Choose your doctor carefully because these types of treatment that include cosmetic or plastic surgery carry with different risk factors. Less does not necessary mean more when you are looking to be treated by a good professional of skin healthcare. It is better to check out the experience and qualifications of the doctor rather than take an acne scars treatment based primarily on the cost factor.

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The place to find information on every aspect of skin care is Revitol site. All problems regarding skin care for men as well as women are addressed here as they excel in finding solutions for natural skin care. You do not have to go to different places to get answers for your skin problem as Revitol have the required information and solution for all kinds of skin problem. Check out their products and see which one will work well for you.

To combat aging problems, such as lines and wrinkles, one can use their complete solutions for Anti-Aging. It is possible to diminish the lines and wrinkled appearance, enhance skin tone and follow 3 easy steps to achieve young looking skin. The eye-cream from reduces puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and smoothes the wrinkles and fine lines to make them nearly invisible. Your skin will see results in next to no time.

Acnezine is another product that offers complete skin care in the treatment of Acne. Acnezine effectively tackles the problem of acne from the root to clear the skin in a few weeks. Their Cellulite Solution is the cure to elimination of cellulite, inches and dimples in a few weeks, as it contains natural ingredients that can be applied easily. Other products, included in the range are available for removing visible and ungainly stretch marks so that the skin looks healthy again. Try the different products available with Revitol that help to exfoliate the skin, remove unwanted hair and brighten the skin to give you overall protection and a beautiful radiant looking skin.
You can approach for any of your skin care problems and they will come up with comprehensive solutions by way of their extensive products, which are manufactured to handle most skin problems. The experts in the field will help you to care for your skin so that your skin glows with the perfect skin care.

Revitol has introduced a top-notch scar cream removal product, which they claim will be the ultimate solution for getting rid of scars. They use effective ingredients to target scar removal and this has resulted in a depilatory cream that is specifically targeted to remove scars. The company Revitol is confident that this cream that they have concocted, will work to remove various types of scars that have been caused by acne, burns, injury, or surgery and other problems. Readers, who are interested in using the product to remove scars, should take note of the ingredients contained in the cream. This may help to figure out whether the cream can actually stand up to the promise made by Revitol regarding the quality and success of their product.

There are basically 4 major ingredients that are used in the Revitol scar cream. Hundred percent natural ingredients are used that blend perfectly, so that they are easily absorbed by the skin. Skin is rejuvenated as a result, as this perfect blend reacts with the oxidants that cause skin aging. The elasticity and firmness of the skin is restored with regular applications of the Revitol scar solution. The results are visible in a few weeks.

- Hydroquinone
Dark skin cells are lightened with the use of this component and scars reduce. People who have problems with skin pigmentation generally scar easily. Hydroquinone reduces not only scarred tissue but also fine lines, age spots, blemishes and wrinkles that appear due to the aging process.

- Dimethylaminoethanol
Sardines, salmon and anchovies generally contain this compound, which works beneficially to make the brain function well. Dimethylaminoethanol helps to produce acetylcholine, which plays a vital role in arresting blemishes and other marks appearing on the skin. This is primarily related to the conditions that bring about premature aging. This compound is excellent as a treatment for developing, improving and maintaining healthy skin.

- Retinol
Retinol has the ability to penetrate deeply to the lower layers due to its excellent cellular properties. This ability to reach the lower layers helps the skin as it provides two important components, such as elastin and collagen, which protects the skin from wear and tear that one is subjected to on a daily basis. Retinol has the constitution to improve skin tone, texture, color and keep it moist and hydrated so that the skin is protected.

- Copper Peptide

- Copper Peptide helps the skin to regenerate inherently. Studies reveal that this component also plays a unique role in producing elastin and collagen. It works as an excellent antioxidant to promote and develop skin that radiates and glows. Therefore, an important ingredient is used in skin treatment solutions.
Revitol has proved to be exceptionally unique with the scar removal product results for both men as well as for women. It is always advisable for readers to study a product and the ingredients used before making any purchase that is used on their skin.

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Baby acne, otherwise referred to as acne neonatorum or neonatal acne, is a very common condition prevalent in newborns. It is believed that over 20% of all newborns are affected by baby acne. The condition is characterized by the presence of red bumps or pimples on the newborn’s forehead, scalp, and particularly the cheeks. Another common indication of this condition is a rough patchy skin, with whiteheads, pustules, and blackheads.

Many people tend to confuse baby acne with the zits and acne that affect teenagers during puberty or one that affects adults. Baby acne, as the name would suggest is mostly found in newborns and will normally be evident within a few weeks after birth. Baby acne mostly affects the face, chest, behind the ears, and sometimes on the scalp. There is a very widespread misconception that baby acne is caused by un cleanliness, i.e. not keeping the baby clean enough. Another school of thought is of the opinion that baby acne is caused by breast milk and the whole process of nursing a new born.

Baby acne is basically caused by a mother’s hormones that came into being during pregnancy. Allegedly the hormones cause acne by over-stimulating a newborn’s oil glands on the sebaceous gland, thus triggering the appearance of the bumps and unsightly pimples. Baby acne isn’t a serious issue since the moment the hormones stabilize things will get back to normal. As such, it requires no medical attention or the use of harsh medications. It is even believed that using lotion or cream on the affected areas can worsen the condition. The best course of action when your baby is suffering from baby acne is to wash the affected areas with warm plan distilled water and then gently pat dry; avoid rubbing too hard or scrubbing as you might irritate the delicate skin of a new born.

With that being said, there are so many widespread misconceptions and myths about baby acne, some of them include:-

1. Baby acne is similar to teenage or infantile acne. This isn’t true at all since infantile acne affects babies who are above 3 months old.

2. Baby acne can show its ugly face anytime in the course of childhood. This is another myth since baby acne only affects infants who are 3-4 weeks old. There some newborns who will even show signs of baby acne immediately after birth. Baby acne symptoms may appear and disappear intermittently as the infant grows.

3. Baby acne is caused by nursing and poor hygiene. As previously mentioned, there is enough evidence to believe baby acne is caused by hormones the mother releases during pregnancy. The hormones, which are absorbed via the placenta, play a pivotal role in the development of the fetus especially in the last stages of pregnancy. Be advised though that the symptoms of the condition can be made worse when the skin reacts to external irritants like detergent left on beddings or clothing.

4. Baby acne is a serious health condition that requires urgent medical treatment. This is another myth since the condition is very harmless and wouldn’t need any treatment. Within a few weeks after development, the symptoms tend to disappear on their own once the hormones start to stabilize in the body. As is therefore expected, applying lotions and/or acne creams on the affected area can aggravate the condition, hence it is advisable that parents avoid the use of harsh chemicals on the delicate baby skin. The best remedy for baby acne is washing the affected areas gently by the use of plain water and maybe baby soap.

5. The only cause of baby acne is a mother’s hormone – this is another widespread misconception about baby acne. as previously mentioned, use of harsh products when washing baby clothes or using very strongly perfumed soaps can also irritate the skin and cause baby acne. If this is the cause of baby acne, the best course of action would be to stop using the detergent or soap that is causing the irritation and within a few days the acne will start to fade away on its own.

It is to be mentioned that many people fight the strong and uncontrollable urge to pop out a pimple or bump when it appears on their face. Whether this is an acquired habit or a mistaken attempt to remove the unsightly pimples off your face, you should never ever squeeze a baby’s acne. Needless to mention, this is more of torturing your little bundle of joy than actually helping getting rid of the baby acne. You will only cause discomfort and pain when trying to pop out these unsightly zits.

With that being said, now that you have a rough idea of causes of baby acne, and you understand that it is normal and will disappear on its own within a few days or weeks after showing up, you need not to panic as there is no treatment needed. Only in severe cases of baby acne does the condition persist and extends to over four weeks after onset, in which case you are advised to visit a pediatrician.

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The skin scars are result of a damaged dermis, the same is with the acne scars. Although picking acne is not recommended, many people cannot stand the temptation to pick those white spots. However, this habit can be considered as the man reason for acne appearance. Find here a few tips of how to prevent acne:

1. The healing will be successful, if you start treating acne at the earliest possible stage, not letting it to become chronic. Use only medical means to deal with the problem. If the acne go to a chronic stage, it will multiply and may resist to antibiotics, if they are taken for a long time.

2. Picking the lesions is a beginning of infection spreading all over the face. Pus can be drained at the physician’s office if that is necessary.

3. The necessity of good hygiene is obvious, so clean the area regularly with water and soap. Hibiclens is also a helpful preparation with antibacterial action and is ideal for acne prevention on oily skin.

People, who suffer from this skin disorder, have several effective options to choose from. For example, laser resurfacing offers a method of burning away the scars and replacing it with a healthy tissue. Dermabrasion works approximately the same way. However, you can first try some cheap and natural methods for acne healing, since they have proven to be effective for this condition. You will find below some great acne treating tips that you may try.

Aloe Vera has a lot of benefits for overall health and it included acne treatments as well. Apply the aloe Vera gel on the affected skin, which is going to sooth and clean up the skin from acne scars. It is also an effective remedy in supporting the skin tissue regeneration. Apply this get for an hour to receive the needed benefits before washing it off.

An oatmeal paste that is formed by combining an oatmeal powder a rose water can effectively be applied and have excellent effects in scar reducing and removing the pimples. To have the desired effect, this paste has to be applied every day for approximately 15 minutes after which you have to wash it off.

Honey is another effective remedy that has to be applied the same way as the oatmeal cleanser. Apply it directly to the affected skin for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. The enzymes that honey contains will neutralize the bacteria that cause acne and will heal the acne scars.

Another good natural remedy is applying the lemon juice for a several minutes, using a cotton swab and than wash it of. The lemon acid will penetrate trough the upper skin layers and will remove the redness caused by the inflammation.

Although these natural remedies should not cause any allergic reaction to most people, if you notice any reaction, immediately stop applying them. In addition to this treatment, you can include drinking of 5 pints water per day, which will wash off toxins from your body. The benefits of healthy diet that should include a lot of vegetables and fruit are indubitable in acne scars treatment.

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Many first time parents get alarmed when they see a red rash that appears like acne on the skin of their newborns. If you experience this, you can rest assured you are not alone, most newborns suffer from baby acne, an otherwise harmless skin condition that would appear within the first few weeks of birth. Sometimes some babies are born with an already established acne outbreak while to others it may appear several days after birth. Luckily, baby acne is a transitory condition and in most cases it will disappear as quickly as it appeared without any form of treatment.

There are three very common skin conditions in newborns and baby acne is one of those. In most cases, it will start in 2-3 weeks of birth and is characterized by red bumps appearing like pimples on the forehead, cheeks, and temples. Baby acne does not cause any sort of discomfort or irritation to the newborn, although it can be very worrying to parents, especially first time parents. Baby acne is believed to be caused by hormonal changes that take place in the mother’s body, especially during the last stages of pregnancy. So once the baby is born the only possible reaction would be in the skin. Luckily, the rash will disappear on its own within a few weeks. There are no special creams, lotions, and ointments made for baby acne as the condition is always very mild and the baby is always very delicate to handle any acne products. As such, you might want to avoid using acne products meant for teenagers or adults as you might end up worsening the condition.

The second common type of rash that affects infants is seborrheic dermatitis, which tends to occur when the baby is one month old. Seborrhea is normally characterized by red bumps that tend to be significantly smaller in size than the acne pimples. It is also characterized by flakes and crusty scales on all hair-bearing parts of the body such as the scalp, the eyelashes, and the eyebrows. Seborrhea commonly affects the neck and the shoulders and even though its cause is still vague, scientists believe it related baby eczema. Many people tend to believe that seborrhea is caused by an allergic reaction to what the baby is feeding on or by nursing and breastfeeding, but it is always not the cause. Just like baby acne, seborrhea disappears on its own but if it is distressful enough, your pediatrician can prescribe a steroid-based topical application cream.

The last type of skin condition that affects newborns is infant eczema which starts between the ages of 1 and 5 months. It is characterized by red bumps and scaly patches in different parts of the body, although it commonly affects the face, specifically the cheeks. Some kids suffering from eczema outgrow it as they age but the condition can persist throughout childhood. Moisturizing agents can treat the condition and in severe cases, the use of steroid creams among other prescription medications can be recommended. Whatever it is that your newborn is suffering from, it is always advisable you consult a pediatrician so you can get the best possible treatment.

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As strange as it may sound, almost every person in the world today has had to deal with hyperpigmentation of some sort. You could be thinking, ‘I have never suffered from this mysterious condition?’ You have, in one way or another. Remember those unsightly dark spots that were as a result of old pimples during your teenagehood? Yes, that’s one form of hyperpigmentation. Sun damage after exposure to harmful sun rays and freckles you develop on your skin are also considered hyperpigmentation… so yes, you too have suffered from this condition from time to time.

Basically, it is any area on your skin that appears darker or even brighter than your normal skin tone is as a result of the formation of excess pigment. Naturally, the color on your skin is as a result of a pigment known as melanin, which is naturally formed within the skin and is meant to protect the body from harsh UV sun rays while at the same time define your natural skin tone. At times though, too much of this melanin can be formed in a specific area, leading to dark patches or spots, and is what is referred to as hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is one of the commonest problems of the skin we have around, and interestingly, it assumes different forms. By the same token, the cause of this discoloration can vary from one person to another. Basically, any spot that is dark colored qualifies for hyperpigmentation – melasma, acne scars, age spots, sun damage, uneven skin tone to mention but a few. Many a times, the sun and its harmful UV rays is responsible for hyperpigmentation as it triggers an over production of melanin on the skin.

There are also internal causes, such as acne, and hormonal changes and imbalances. Other cases of hyperpigmentation could be external such as surgical scar or due to a chemical burn. Even though hyperpigmentation has no health risk to you as an individual, it can be problematic and can really bruise your self esteem especially if it appears on the face. It is because of this and other reasons that people will go for skin lightening beauty creams so as to lighten the dark toned areas.

Hydroquinone was one of the most used treatment for this condition – a synthetic ingredient available in both OTC and prescription skin lightening creams. Thanks to advancement in technology though, today you are not tied down to hydroquinone alone, there is a wide gamut of products to choose from. Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production, and an over use of it leads to a condition known as cytotoxic. Because it has proven to really bleach the skin, and because it has posed various health concerns, today hydroquinone has been banned in various countries. In the USA, although still available, but at very minimal concentrations – OTCs have a 2% while prescription have a 4% concentration of the hydroquinone ingredient.

Because of health concerns, the FDA is thinking of banning all OTC products with the hydroquinone ingredient in the USA. It is because of this that many people are opting for safer alternatives and accordingly, not to be left behind, cosmetic manufacturers have started to introduce safer ingredients which simulate the skin lightening abilities of hydroquinone but without the adverse side effects reported. Some popular alternatives of hydroquinone include vitamin C, kojic acid, AHA’s acid, and arbutin, to mention but a few.

One beauty product that is taking the market by storm is the Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex manufactured by the world famous Civant Skincare. This is a formulation that brings together all the tested and proven skin lightening ingredients such as licorice extract, Alpha-Arbutin, Lactic acid, and Kojic Acid to mention but a few. The active ingredients then combine their effective abilities to inhibit the production of melanin in areas that are already hyperpigmented.

Further, it contains liposomes that have proven effective in paving way for the ingredients to get deep into the skin, thus working from the inside out to reduce hyperpigmentation without having to use hydroquinone. Upon using this product you will get results in as little as 203 weeks, but more apparent results will be visible circa 2-3 months of continuous regular use. If the current reviews and statistics are anything to go by, then there is reason to pay close attention to this product. It is clearly evident that the company behind this product have done a thorough homework on the problem before coming up with the Meladerm formula.

Even though a 1.7oz pack of Meladerm formula retails at $49.99, to many this may seem a bit on the higher side considering there are other cheaper alternatives. However, considering what you stand to gain, especially because the pack can last very long, you will realize significant savings in the end. When a typical 1.7oz pack is applied twice daily on the whole face, it can last for up to 7 weeks, meaning if it is applied on small areas e.g. the neck and hand, the pack can last even longer.