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A vegetarian diet is interpreted differently by people around the world. Therefore if a person informs you that they are vegetarian, you need to probe a bit further as they have various concepts on what a vegetarian diet constitutes. The foods that are allowed, or restricted, differ according to the person’s perception and they should look for foods to substitute, so that they get the right nutrition that their bodies require. This is how they can succeed in keeping their weights down and leading healthier lives.

We give below a list of headings that are adopted by vegetarians who decide the type of foods that they would like to consume.

A Vegan is a person who does not eat any meats at all. They abstain from eating eggs, fish, all dairy products, meat and poultry. They even avoid any by-products that come from these sources. Some vegans will not even eat honey!

The Lacto-vegetarian consumes dairy products but will refrain from eating fish, poultry, meat or eggs. The Ovo-lacto-vegetarian will consume dairy products and some eggs but will avoid poultry, fish or meat.

If you are planning to switch over and becoming a vegetarian, consider these salient factors, if you wish to lose weight, before you change your diet plan. Do not give up eating meat suddenly, especially if you have been partial to meat in your diet till now. Slowly make a transition from eating non-vegetarian meat to becoming a vegetarian. Do this by increasing the days you do not eat meat slowly by introducing a vegetable delicacy, such as a stir fry as replacement.

Once you get used to not eating meat at every meal, you can look at substitutes and opt for versions such as fake ground beef or faux chicken to substitute when you crave for meat. These taste good and will prove healthier options than meat itself. Use alternatives for variety and you will see great changes in your waistline.

It has been observed that people who eat vegetarian foods consume lesser calories than their counterparts who eat meats on a regular basis. A vegetarian can eat enriched proteins when they wish by selecting various cheeses. However, you can opt for proteins that are low fat so that you get maximum benefits out of a vegetarian diet. Look for low fat options even when you select cheese, as they will work out to your advantage if you are keen on shedding weight quickly.

You should cook foods in such a way that you get maximum nutrients. Try to avoid fried foods, when you are on the vegetarian diet, if you are keen on losing some weight. Opt for grilled, steamed or baked foods instead of gorging on fried and fatty foods. Enjoy experiencing with various tasty dishes, which will work out optimally for you, especially when you are trying to shed some pounds. If you are fond of stir fry dishes, try to use less oil so that you get the maximum benefits of a healthy diet.

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