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The “Master Cleanse”, otherwise popularly referred to as the “Lemonade Diet Detox,” was developed originally by Stanley Burroughs. The main ingredients used for this detoxification was the green tea and lemonade, which made sense, both biochemically as well as economically. The lemon has the highest vitamin concentration, as well as essential nutrients among all the citrus varieties and probably costs least and also lasts for a longer time. The flavor of lemon complements those of maple syrup, green tea and cayenne. As an effective anti-oxidant, with a very low glycemic index, the lemon is the most potent in the entire citrus family for working efficiently and introducing scarce amounts of sugar, when used to detoxify the system with the lemonade diet.

Each ingredient that has been incorporated in the master lemon detox diet is a powerful cleanser that performs essential homeopathic functions. Cayenne pepper works as the catalyst for the ingredients and is packed with vital medicinal properties. When you opt for the “Master Cleanse,” you are helping the major systems and organs in your body, to adjust and restore their functions optimally by helping to prepare for dietary changes long-term.

According to Burroughs, people learn to “fast” for ten to forty days and then continue to eat foods that are packed with health, to nourish and cleanse their systems. Burroughs is of the same opinion as most homeopaths and naturopaths that food products that are mainly grown from plants should be eaten. He does not refer to veganism, but endorses all types of vegetables, legumes and fruits. He cautions strongly against eating of animal products and dairy, including yeasts. Yogurt is the only exception that has been made when specifying no “dairy products.”

Perhaps Burroughs was not able to enjoy maintaining a juice bar during his time as he concentrates on more practical ingredients. It is worth while investing in a juice aisle that is well-stocked as fruits, vegetables and legumes are now grown organically, throughout the year. It is not therefore necessary to stick to just lemons and the syrup in the lemonade detox diet. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of nourishing and cleansing with the original diet plan from Burroughs and use tasty and affordable alternatives. Nutritionists argue that you can get more anti-oxidants if you substitute the juice of cranberries in various varieties, instead of using lemons, as it is beneficial for improving the urinary tract. Fresh peppers are also advocated as substitute to preparing drinks and dishes with cayenne flavor, as this vegetable is packed with nutrients that you may not get from spices.

You will be faced with two issues when you start discussing the lemonade cleanser. First, people argue fiercely about omitting dairy products. Those who love to eat meats are distressed when meats are omitted from the diet.

Yoghurt has proved to be the only dairy product that has been allowed in this diet. This product is important, due to the cultures produced that are great for enhancing digestion and can satisfy cravings for food, due to the creamy smooth texture. It is easy to stick to a lemonade diet that allows you to incorporate this delicious food when trying to cleanse the system. Nutritionists also make exceptions in some cases by introducing some select cheese, as they feel that these types of strict regimes for detoxifying the system may not introduce sufficient proteins. Therefore, they allow the consumptions of cheese that has reduced fat and good flavors, as well as texture, to be incorporated in some of the cleansing recipes.

Dieters may also find themselves deprived of vital omega-3 with the fatty acids, when they follow a strict cleaning diet, using lemonade. Some nutritionists, as well as naturopaths, may recommend products made out of soy, or vegetable burgers, for satisfying intense cravings for meat. Others will allow certain types of fish filets that may be broiled and liberally sprinkled with lemon and cayenne, at least twice a week. It is essential to ensure that you check out which fish you can eat, as many may contain contaminants that are water-borne, or traces of mercury. It is strictly advised that you avoid eating crustaceans even though your taste buds cry out for chewy and rich flavors. Perhaps if you also refer to the lobster, as a “cockroach of the sea” as most nutritionists do, you may not want to eat this food and lose your craving for it.

What are the options that are available for losing weight? One is to go in for bariatric surgery but the cost for this is very exorbitant and there are certain risks involved. Exercise is a great option, but many people rely on their personal trainer to goad them stick to a routine or motivate them to adhere to the schedule for working out. Personal trainers are also equally expensive. Diet pills may work, but if there are no scientific conclusive proofs, then you may just consume some harmful chemicals that are wrongly advocated for weight loss. Diet pills are being taken off the market almost daily, as many prove to contain harmful substances that could cause detrimental results. How is one supposed to lose weight? Try this Lemonade Diet which consists of lemon with water that will help you to lose weight.

The Lemonade Diet uses natural ingredients to help you lose weight without the danger of ingesting harmful chemicals. The diet consists of maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper for detoxifying the body and losing weight. We all know how powerful the ordinary lemon is as there is documented proof on its merits. Cayenne pepper helps to clear your bowels. Maple syrup has many nutritional qualities and also contains B vitamins. Now you can just take a pill with this formula incorporated and combine it with a sensible meal plan and exercise regime to help you melt those pounds successfully.

You will find that you have been able to successfully jumpstart the weight loss safely. The properties of lemon have been extolled scientifically. It is a great way to follow a healthy part to achieve a slim body by deciding to adopt the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet.

When you remove toxins from your body, you become healthier. You can rid your body of the nasty toxins that have been building up for a long time, when you combine the diet, with a healthy exercise and meal program.

The other advantages are that your skin will begin to clear and glow and you will find you are steadily losing weight, concentrate better and find you enjoy greater clarity of mind. It is possible to lose nearly 17 pounds within the first two weeks, when you stick to the Lemonade Diet.

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