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Many of us are aware of the advantages of a liquid detox, but if one can get hooked on to a liquid diet to kick start a regular diet for weight loss, it will work very well to help become slim quickly. Normally, liquid detox diets are not generally prescribed as it is not easy for a person to sustain it for a long period of time and the disadvantage is that you put back the weight you lose, as soon as you stop this diet. Juice diets, or different vegetable broths are much healthier to help flush out toxins that collect in the body and there is nothing better than liquids to detox the system. Your skin tone improves as you lose weight and you feel on top of the world.
It is essential to know what this type of diet constitutes before following one. The best type of a liquid diet is a combination of juice and broth that is extracted from fruits and pure vegetables and also herb teas. The water that is collected, when you boil vegetable, is the broth that you should consume. During this stage, avoid taking any sugar, salt, honey, artificial sweeteners or caffeine drinks. There is nothing more effective than healthy liquids to detox the system.

How much weight can you lose with this type of a liquid diet? Try losing weight, by opting for the best liquid detox diet, for rapid results. You will not lose only fluids, as you will be consuming fewer calories and no protein, or fats at all. The minerals and vitamins that you get from this diet will help to improve your health as you lose weight in a healthy manner. You give your digestive tract the rest it deserves, though you will find it very difficult to maintain this diet, in the initial days. You may be prone to headaches, or be subject to dizzy spells, especially when you wake up every day. Stop if this continues and start eating raw fruits, or a salad with light dressing, but without salt and then slowly resume your normal diet again. Follow this liquid detox diet again after about a week or two.

Is it possible to affect a weight loss by going on this liquid detox diet? You should embark on this diet only if you are in reasonably good shape. Check with your doctor before you go on a diet, even though he may not sound encouraging, when you explain your intentions of following this type of diet. Doctors generally like to be on top and take control, rather than allowing patients, to take their health in their own hands.

For the diet to work to your advantage, you should consider colon cleansing. To ensure that you are on the right track, you should take an enema at least once in the day, when on this liquid diet, to help flush out unnecessary toxins that accumulate in the colon. These toxins are generally responsible for creating complications in our system and giving rise to various illnesses. You can take an enema at home by using a kit that you can purchase from your pharmacist in the locality or even order the same by mail. When the colon is healthy, you can expect to promote a weight loss that you can maintain for a longer period as you work around a healthy diet plan.

It is possible to lose about four to five pounds when you go on a liquid detox diet in the first couple of days and then lose a steady pound, a day, as long as you are on the diet. Your weight will come back, when you stop this diet as your bowels, intestines, and stomach start filling up again with the food that you start consuming again. The substances that were there have all been flushed out with the liquid detox diet. The way to go about it therefore is to break this diet gradually, so that you continue to lose weight, even though you are on the juice and broth diet.

You should be able to do moderate exercise, when you are on the liquid weight loss diet, where the calorie intake is drastically reduced. Stick to light yoga, or walking and refrain from working out strenuously with aerobics, or any type of weight training, until you stop the diet. You will gain maximum benefits, when you combine the detox diet with light exercise, to maintain the metabolism.

Once you get off the diet, try to maintain a healthy regime, where you continue to lose weight gradually but steadily. Try eating only raw foods in the first few days and then slowly work towards heavier foods to help your digestive tract adjust, with the diet. To help you break the liquid detox diet gently, start eating a few raw foods in small portions and then graduate to whole foods for a few days before you get back to normal eating habits. This gradual weaning away from the excellent liquid detox diet is essential, as you do not want to undo the benefits accrued with the detox diet.

When you are on any liquid type of diets, you should be aware that you are also missing out on important nutrients. You get about 36% only of the daily fiber that is recommended along with 18 of the 23 amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for good health. You will not be able to fight infectious diseases, if you do not imbibe these necessary nutrients. If you continue on this type of diet for long, you will end up with complications, such as anemia, muscle cramps, constipations, dizziness and/or menstrual abnormalities. The biggest drawback is that you will regain all the weight you lost quickly. Therefore, try to use this type of liquid diet for short-term only. You could use it, when you wish to look good for a high school reunion, or a wedding that is coming up shortly as you can bear with the consequences for only a brief period but try not to remain on a long term liquid detox diet.

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