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Colon Cancer has been recorded in America as the third common cancer that afflicts people and a major contributor to deaths that are related to cancer. It can however be treated and prevented. It is essential for everyone to learn how to prevent this type of cancer. The colon cancer awareness month is March and each one of us should learn how to take proactive steps and reduce the risk factor by protecting ourselves.

Statistics reveal a frightening 141,000 people will suffer from colon-colorectal cancer by 2011 and nearly 50,000 of these cases will face death. The American Cancer Society however reports that nearly 50% of these deaths can be prevented by effective screening. One of the important issues here is to maintain a healthy diet essential to reduce this risk.

Many people have a misconception that only individuals who have a family history of this type of cancer need to worry. Statistics however, indicate that only one out of five people that have this colon-colorectal cancer have this family history, which proves that this type of cancer has no connection with genetics.

We are all aware of the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet and combining this with exercise. Our lifestyle and the nutrition that we enjoy will make a difference that will help prevent this problem. Your weight, food habits and levels of exercise clearly determines the possibilities of contracting this type of cancer.

It is advisable to perform regular screening of the colorectal area to check whether there is cancer. The Polyps are identified in the early stages and can be removed in time. If you make a conscious effort to eat the right foods and leading an active life with plenty of exercises thrown in, you will be taking a major step to help prevent getting this type of disease.

People are always worried about making changes in their lifestyle for a long period. When we hear of such problems, we decide to make the necessary changes, as we worry about the prospect. Many of us are so eager to start that we do not know where or how to begin. Others may start off on a war footing, but after a few weeks, lose the initiative as their fears subside and get back to their old habits.

We should all try to get a Health Coach to help us. This will make a great difference as they provide the necessary support, guidance and education required, to help implement programs that are programmed individually to address specific goals. When you use an approach that makes incremental changes in the lifestyle and get support and motivations, you are energized to stick to it for a long period. It has been noticed that people, who opt for these health coaches, are able to lead a more disciplined lifestyle. Individuals learn how to eat healthy, lose weight and eat proper foods that will give them the nutrition required when they utilize the services of a Health coach.

Given below are a few valuable suggestions on how you can reduce the risk of colon-colorectal cancer.

Make sure you make appointments for regular screening of the colorectal. Try to incorporate plenty of cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, cauliflower and broccoli and eat whole grains and all types of colorful fruits. Green leafy vegetables provide good calcium and you must ensure that you eat plenty of these types of foods. Try to limit the intake of red meat and processed meats. Try to control your weight and maintain it. When you are overweight, you increase the risk of contracting this type of cancer, so begin working on a program that will help you lose weight effectively.

The other factors that will help to prevent this disease is to ensure that you are not deficient in Vitamin D. You can determine this by getting a simple blood test done to check the levels in the body. Do not forget to exercise as often as you can. Try to refrain from smoking and consuming excess alcohol.

The survival rate of colon cancer refers to the number of people who are still alive after being diagnosed with this disease for five years.

Millions of Americans have been and are still being diagnosed with this disease even today. In the year 2005, about 140,000 men and women were diagnosed with this cancer. Out of this nearly 25,000 men and 25,000 women died in the US. Today, thanks to medical discoveries, the rate of survival is markedly higher every year.
We are able to enjoy good health care facilities today and thanks to recent advancements, in the medical fields, we can enjoy fast treatment. Physicians are of the opinion that if the cancer is detected early, it is possible to save the lives of millions. Similarly, if cancer of the colon is detected early as more people undergo colonoscopy, they will be able to detect and treat the cancer successfully.

Doctors are trying out less intrusive techniques to carry out these tests in hospitals. This will be easier for people and also take far less time which will make it convenient for everyone concerned.

A general consensus reveals that the survival rate for patients in Australia is 62% while it is 68% in Korea. The survival rate for patients in Europe is 43% while it is 62% in the US.

There is no doubt that early detection can help people survive and prevent the disease from spreading. The stage that the patient is diagnosed makes a lot of difference to the survival chances. When detected early, the cancer cells can easily be removed, as they are confined in a small area and therefore the survival chances are over 95%. Therefore, people should necessarily undergo the screening process, as they can get help in time.

The general opinion is that at least 25,000 Americans can prevent dying, because of this type of cancer, every year, if they were regularly examined. People should take advantage of this chance to lead a second life. Therefore it is best to intercept the problem in the early stages. Make sure you see a good practitioner who can take the right decisions. Eat healthy foods and maintain a good lifestyle.

Colon Cancer is a very common type of cancer that is diagnosed in America as both men and women are afflicted by this problem. Learn how to avoid risks and change your lifestyle to ensure that you do not become a victim of this deadly disease.

Adenomatous polyps begin to surface, as clumps of cells, which results in the large intestine turning cancerous. The symptoms are manifested when these polyps form in the colon. They have to be removed immediately or it can turn cancerous. Therefore it is recommended strongly that regular screening is done to identify and eliminate the problem before it escalates.

Regular screening is the best way to prevent a person dying of colon cancer. Once they cross the age of 50, the risks are higher for nearly 90% of people, who can develop colorectal cancer. Anyone who reaches the age of 50 should get a colon screening done and this is strongly recommended by the American Cancer Society. You may want to perform this screening even before the age of 50 if you have a family history of the problem.

The processes that one has to undergo when screening for this cancer is flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and a stool test. The physician will recommend the frequency of getting these tests done.

There are several factors that may increase the risk factor apart from your age. One is your racial origin. African-Americans develop this disease as they stand a higher risk than others. Family history is another factor, as many children and sibling including parents are at risk of contracting this disease. Another factor is one’s personal history of cancer or the polyps. Check if the intestines are inflamed. The other two common conditions that can occur are Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. People, who are obese and lead a sedentary lifestyle, or eat foods that are low in fiber and high in fat, stand greater risks. Diabetics should keep their sugar levels in check. People who smoke and drink alcohol excessively are also at risk of contracting this disease.

We cannot change our age, or our racial origin, but we can make alterations in our lifestyle to prevent the risk of countering this type of cancer. You may not develop this cancer even if there are a few risks that are involved. However, it will help if you talk to a physician and discuss these risk factors and get proper guidance on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the symptoms that may be exhibited by some patients are persistent abdominal discomfort, weight loss, change in bowel habits, and blood in the stools, rectal bleeding, extreme fatigue or weakness. These symptoms may or may not manifest themselves, but regular screening and proper tests can be conducted by the physician to help find out if there you are at risk or have developed colon cancer.

It is heartening to know that this colorectal cancer is treatable. If one identifies the polyps early and the cancer is detected, spreading of the same can be prevented. People can survive much longer, once they are aware of the problem through regular screening as the cancer can be prevented by taking the right precautions.

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