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The good results of HCG diet are based on a minimum amount of calories taken for the period of dieting. One of the good sided is that this diet offers a quick way to lose weight. However, this low calorie consumption can be hazardous for your health if you are not aware of potential HCG diet dangers you need to avoid.

During the diet period, you are allowed to take up to 500 calories daily, which is about 4 or 5 times less than the energy, required for the proper body functioning. This is why many dieters have some doubts regarding this diet safety. According some reports, the body becomes very exhausted after going trough such diet, which may lead to serious side-effects. In order to avoid these HCG diet dangers, you need to precisely follow the protocols prescribed to you and don’t be.

Several science studies are conducted to reveal all HCG diet dangers. This for example could be speeding up the metabolism in such extend that some of vital organs can lose muscle and proteins, which may lead to physical breakdown.In order to prevent this consequence, the diet includes proteins and fibers, and the most important period us the period of loading up calories foe augmentation of stocks.

There are very big potentials threads in following HCG diet; however, an intelligent dieter, who strictly follows all prescribed instructions, will be able to prevent all that risks and take advantage of the diet. If you choose this weight loss plan, be aware that it is not unsafe, so you cannot make an experiment with your body. The most severe problems with HCG diet plan may occur if the dieter is too fanatical and he will go to any length in order to reach the desired success in weight reduction.
People who do not stick to a diet regimen may face problems as there are many clauses and suggestions that need to be adhered to strictly. The HCG diet also has to be followed strictly whether one is on drops or shots. The other reason why people face HCG diet dangers is that they become very obsessed with wanting to lose weight successfully.

When one is on the HCG diet and takes injections or drops, they do not feel very hungry, so it is not difficult to follow a diet that is low in calories with the hormone HCG. People should be careful to take the doses as specified. One of the dangers people face is using too many products to speed the dietary process, or eating far less than is prescribed in the hope of experiencing quicker results. Therefore, if a person takes more of the dose than suggested they may develop immunity to the HCG injection, or drops, which will only make the whole purpose of the program futile.

The other danger is that overdose in the normal diet routine can bring about throbbing headaches, major mood swings and general physiological weariness or weakness. People, who follow a diet with low intake of calories that are not connected with the HCG diet, may experience the same symptoms.

The other important factor is when people do not follow the phases of the dietary program according to protocol. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you follow the diet regiment, as instructed, if you wish to see good results when you are on the HCG diet.

The HCG weight loss program will not work for people who are on the program and then go off it regularly. It is essential that the right foods are eaten so that the weight loss is steady and not work like a yo-yo, which makes us irritated or leaves us confused. People who take the HCG shots and are on the weight-reduction plan should maintain the protocol strictly, while making sure that they take the right mix, when injecting themselves.

The HCG drops may be a better alternative as there are not so many problems with adhering to the right dosage. The problem is that the shots can leave you sore when you take the injections regularly. The other disadvantage is that you require time to take these shots and if you miss any, the entire program is interrupted and you do not experience any good results.

People are therefore encouraged to take the HCG drops if they wish to follow the diet fastidiously. The benefits of the diet therefore are not related to the hormone or the process as such in the HCG weight loss plan, but the attitude of the dieter who takes it easy when on this regimen. There are problems and many HCG diet dangers with following this weight reduction plan, but an intelligent person can avoid the potential risks and understand how to get the best out of the program.

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