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Breast cancer has been recorded as the second major cause of death mainly among women. Many women are aware of checking regularly as they are aware of the importance of detecting it early and taking prompt remedial action. It is also essential to know the various types of treatment available which will help to fight this dreaded disease aggressively.

Treatment can prove effective if this type of cancer is detected early to arrest it in time. Pre-screening is also important, therefore, one should conduct a self-breast examination at least once a month. The doctor will instruct you on how to go about doing this. You will have to pay special attention to see if there are any changes in the size or color, if any bumps or lumps appear and if any particular area feels painful or tender. Inform your gynecologist or physician if you notice any of the above. They will ask you to undergo a few more tests to check if you have contracted cancer.

Mammograms are recommended for women especially as they advance in years. Depending on the risk factor, you will have to check periodically with mammograms. This is a sure way of checking for cysts or tumor formations in the breast.

It is entirely positive that some of the tests conducted may show positive results of this type of cancer detection. Remember that you should not lose hope at this point. Several options are now available for treatment. The first treatment that is used on patients initially is the traditional ones. These include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, mastectomies and radiation therapies. Since these treatments are invasive, there is bound to be serious adverse reactions.

Several new options are now available apart from the traditional ones mentioned above to treat cancer. Many people opt for the holistic approach. Others opt for alternative treatments and many clinics have opened up to offer their services. It is important that you consult your medical practitioner before deciding on any one of these options. You should continue to have your condition checked by a licensed physician when you are seeking alternative treatment. It may not be easy, but it would help if you get a medical professional to oversee the processes for you.

Many people are resorting to magnetic and electronic therapies as these modalities show encouraging results for treatment of different types of cancer including breast cancer. Treatment for these types of therapies includes magnetic resonance and electrotherapy. Electrical stimulation is used for treating breast tumors with electrotherapy. Tumor is destroyed gently with this technique. Since the procedure is mildly invasive, it can be performed with local anesthesia. Radio waves are used for treatment using magnetic resonance. The frequency used here is to ensure that it resonates with the cancer cells that do not have the same frequency as normal cells that are healthy.

Nowadays, people are being made aware of treating cancer, with its accompanying symptoms with good nutrition. Certain types of minerals, vitamins and nutrients help to fight breast cancer. A liquid extract of soy bean, known as Haelan, has proved to be helpful in helping to block blood supply to the cancer cells, apart from boosting the immune system and reducing the size of tumors. Another important nutrient is flax seed oil. It has proven effective in slowing down growth of cancer-cells and giving a tremendous boost to the immune system. It is also important to eliminate some things from one’s diet to prevent cancer from developing. For instance if you starve cancer with a low-sugar diet, it can arrest the growth of cancer-cells. Fiber also helps in fighting cancer as it aids digestion and does not make you hungry quickly. The benefits therefore from maintaining a high fiber diet prove advantageous for women.

Research conducted on various levels indicates that people, who maintain a diet that is high in fiber, can control the levels of estrogen, a hormone that is known to promote breast tumors.

Extensive research conducted by nearly 10 different studies were examined, after they were monitored for seven to eighteen years, during which time the diets followed by these women were traced as well as their far reaching effects with the chances of contracting cancer.
The tests conducted on 710,000 women proved that only 2,4% of women, who were on a high fiber diet were detected with breast cancer and the chances of contracting this disease was 11% lower, than for women who were not on this diet. These conclusions were drawn even after taking into account factors, such as overweight, HTR, family history and alcohol consumption.

While the results do not indicate that women who eat more fiber do not contract breast cancer, there is evidence that the chances of contracting this is less than that of their counterparts if they eat a healthy diet full of fiber content. They may also be following a regimen of healthy foods and behaviors that prove beneficial to warding off this dreaded disease. These are all assumptions based on facts, though it cannot be used as conclusive evidence of what may happen, if they did not eat the way they did.

The effect of consuming fiber may not be much, but it is recommended by experts, who believe in prevention being better than cure, apart from reducing cholesterol levels and helping to shed a few pounds all of which prove effective in the long run to help fight against cancer.

Statistics reveal that one out of eight women, in the US alone, will have to go through invasive treatment for this type of cancer, in their lifetime. The risks increase, as you advance in age and especially if you are female, both of which one can do nothing about.

The above methods are just a few of the various options available today for treating breast cancer. You should remember, importantly that your mind is your best bet to fighting cancer aggressively. You need to be strong in your beliefs and positive about the condition of your body.

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