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You can lose about ten pounds per week with cabbage soup diet. Sounds unbelievable? However, it really works! In order to follow this diet, no special food is required, no exotic ingredients, no pills, etc. No tricks are connected with this kind of diets; it’s all about soup, which helps you feel full.

This diet plan does not require that you eat only cabbage soup and nothing else. On the contrary, it provides you with a menu for seven days and each of them varies. During this week you are able to eat your usual food, like meat, baked potatoes and some other foods, but also you need to include brown rice, more fresh fruit and vegetables also. This variety in food is not going to make you bored and in addition, you are going to feel full.

The key in this diet is that you can eat the cabbage soup as soon as you feel hungry and to eat it as much as you wish. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the soup recipe, so choose the one you like the best. Add the spices you love and make this soup desirable to you. That will be a great way to drop some pounds without the need of starving.

What makes this diet really preferred is that a person drop several pounds immediately, which makes him motivated to go on. All people with weight problems are aware of the fact that when they search for a long-term solution for weigh loss, the short-term diet will not work. In order to receive a long-term weight loss effect, you should make your metabolism rate higher. The diet is not the only factor to achieve that, so you have to make regular workouts. However, if you need to lose some pounds very quickly, you can stake on the cabbage soup diet. Keep in mind, that the right attitude to you and high motivation will help that diet be more effective for you.

What does one cup of cabbage soup contain? Taking in one cup of cabbage, you get all Vitamin C and Vitamin K you need for a day. In addition, the cabbage will keep your energy up in contrast to many other diets, which make you feel weak and nerveless.

After you have received the needed results, you can adjust your normal weekly menu for maintaining the good results long-term. If you feel that you’re starting to gain pounds again, you can return again to that diet for a certain period. This diet is also considered a good mean for cleansing and detox. So the cabbage soup diet is not only going to bring you some benefits in weigh loss, but also in cleansing your body and improving your health.

Actually, this diet is not a modern invention, but has been around for several decades. Even back in 1950’s, some people have followed it as a meaning to lose some weight. It continues to be popular and well-liked today, because it doesn’t contain any side effects.

The following paragraphs will help you take a a closer look on this diet, so you can consider whether this weight loss solution is right for you. Its basis is simple and allows you to eat whatever you wish. If you feel any hunger during these days, the soup will help you to deal with that feeling. Be prepared to feel moments of hunger, since the diet will cut down your calories intake; however, that is what makes it effective.

This seven-day plan is low in calories and nutrients, so you can make a big break after each 7-day period. In order to avoid some health complications, do not prolong it for more than a week and if you would like to renew it, make sure enough time have passed from the previous cycle.

Find detailed information for each day of your cabbage soup diet below:
Day 1: Soup plus various fruits. You are allowed to eat soup in addition to all kind of fruits except for bananas, which are not allowed.

Day 2: Soup plus various vegetables. You are allowed to eat soup and all kind of vegetables, but without any fruits. You can add one baked potato for dinner.

Day 3: Soup with various vegetables and fruits. You can consume all kind of fruits and vegetables except for bananas and potatoes.

Day 4: Soup plus a lot of skim milk and bananas. You may add to your soap menu skim milk as per your wish and up to eight bananas.

Day 5: Soup plus tomatoes and beef. You can add as much as 6 tomatoes along with 10 ounces of beef for that day.

Day 6: Soup plus beef and various vegetables. There are no restrictions in beef and vegetables quantity during that day. The only exception is that no potatoes are allowed.

Day 7: Soup plus brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables. Drink fruit juice without added sugar.

It might seem to be quite a restrictive menu, since you cannot eat many products during this diet and no proteins are taken until the day 5. According to some diet experts, cabbage soup diet makes you lose pounds with water weight instead of reducing fats. They do not recommend it considering unhealthy, due to the loss of nutrients.

Keep in mind that loosing weight and especially maintaining it off after achieving good results is a complemented and hard process. Overweight people are trying various ways to get rid of unwanted fat and usually lose their motivation quickly after they get no visible results fast. The cabbage soup diet is a diet for exactly these people, since it offers quick weight loss. However, is it really effective, or it is the next scam people follow in order to clutch at a straw?

This diet should be followed for a week only and doesn’t require changing your diet plan for a long-term. The cabbage soup exists in several variations. For example, the coup can contain except for cabbage and seasoning, some other vegetables like bell peppers, onion, celery, tomatoes, etc. You can even add spicy seasonings in order to make the soup more delicious. Some would like to reduce their sodium intake, so add only a little of salt, not making to spicy soup. On the other hand, modern versions of this soup contain protein shakes or tofu, which add some proteins for balanced diet. When the 7-days period ends, you can switch back to your daily eating habits.

However, the question does this kind of diet offers efficient way to get rig of excess fat and remains. There are no formal researches that has examined this diet, so there is no scientific prove that it really works. On the other hand, people who have tried it, report different results. Some report they could get rid of up to 10 pounds for that week, however they didn’t manage to maintain the new pounds, since they started to gain weight again after returning to a normal diet. Other dieters experienced no results at all. Some other report some side effects like light-headedness, lack of focus and even fatigue, during the period of dieting.

Some say this diet is effective weight loss tool, because it turns the body into a sort of a machine that successfully burns the fat. They think that while taking in a soup, the body should produce the energy that has to break down the cabbage, thus accelerating the fat burning process.

Don’t forget, however, to consult your doctor or a diet expert before starting any kind of diet. The cabbage soup diet should not be followed by teenagers or children, who do not reach age of 18, due to some health complications, which could eventually arise. In addition, strictly follow the diet plan and do not prolong the 7-days period. If you wish, you may repeat the diet a few months later. This rest is essential for recovering and for giving a chance to your tummy to process other kind of foods, much easier for digesting.

There is another chance for people, who cannot receive benefits in cabbage soup diet. The so-called weight loss hypnosis is considered by many as an excellent weight loss tool using in appetite reduction. The weight problems fat people have are due to the uncontrolled appetite, which in turn comes from the “emotional eating”. This habit has become an unconscious urge to take in more and more food, even though they do not really feel any hunger. The hypnosis reprograms the mind on the unconscious level, thus extinguishing this constant urge and controls the appetite without any drugs.

In addition, hypnosis reduces the anxious thoughts. It increases your motivation to continue with the current diet and with the workout regime. If some of those negative thoughts appear again, disturbing the process of weight loss, hypnosis makes changes in your mind, substituting this thought with a positive one. This makes you feel more relax and confident in your final success, which is very important moment for successful weight loss program.

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