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Water is very essential for everybody, as our body requires sufficient amounts to remain hydrated, in order to be able to perform all the important bodily functions. When we drink plenty of water the extra liquid helps to breakdown the fat cells. Nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins, are easily transported to the cells. Your body requires additional water, especially when you exercise, so that you maintain good levels of hydration as this is the best way to lose weight.

One of the worst things that anyone can do is skipping breakfast as this will prevent you from getting hungry during the day. It is vital to eat a heavy breakfast and have a light dinner. Trying to follow instant or extreme fad diets are dangerous. At no stage of any diet, should you reduce more than 500 calories in a day as you may end up losing muscle mass when you diet rather than fat content which is not the best way to lose weight.

A good way to start is to jot down the calories you consume, item wise and record it in a diary, as you go along. There are bound to be setbacks, when you try to maintain a diet, but if you maintain a diary you will be able to work around your problems and learn to adjust, once you realize how the food works in your system. It would help immensely if you had someone to motivate you and encourage you as this often is the best way to lose weight.

Given below are 7 steps that you can follow to lose pounds safely yet steadily if you wish to know the best ways to lose weight.

It is vital to remain focused. Start by setting a short-term target and make out a statement. Try to visualize how you will look once you achieve this goal. This is very important. You should work toward this end, by maintaining a laser-like determination, to help you achieve quick success.

You need to ensure that your energy levels are maintained at all times. It is necessary to raise the energy levels which will help to boost natural energy.
Start off by fasting which is the best way to lose weight. This will detoxify the system, boost energy and jumpstart the metabolic rate. Try out the “lemon water,” or any juice fast, one or two days to notice effective loss in pounds.

Try to maintain a paleo-style diet which is ideal for fast weight reduction. This type of diet includes natural carbs that are found in vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts along with lean meats. You should not indulge in any processed foods, but you should add legumes and beans to control your appetite and you are off and running!
During this diet phase, it is necessary to carry out interval exercise. To work out for interval training, you need to carry out short cardio workouts with intense strength as this will help you in your endeavor to shed weight.

It is essential to take proper supplements as it is the best way to lose weight. The best ones that promote weight loss are protein powder with whey, multivitamin and omedga-3 fats. This will help to optimize the metabolic rate and also be able to withstand tough exercise workouts.

Try to get some expert advice as you build up momentum. The best way to lose weight is to ensure that you have set mini-goals, which you should continuously work at, for building momentum and maintaining it. Therefore good advice is important. You will find that you will lose weight when you follow a good recommended diet, by any fitness expert, on losing fat.

You will not lose permanent weight if you try and adopt some fad diets or some crazy weight loss programs. You only lose weight, when you follow some tried and tested program that is recommended by experts in the field from experience, so that you can shed weight and maintain the loss.

Dieters who are successful can be categorized as people who share common characteristics, when they try to lose weight, by burning more calories than the foods they consume in a day. These dieters will make sure they exercise regularly and maintain a diary of their progress. They look for emotional support from fellow-enthusiasts and also make sure they record their weight regularly.

Just follow these simple rules and you will find you can successfully lose weight.

Health experts are of the opinion that it is advisable to follow a low fat diet, with less calories, so that you do not consumer more calories than what you burn when you exercise. To help you do this, you can multiply your present weight by 15. This will give you a fair indication of how many calories you can consume a day to maintain your weight provided you exercise at least half an hour every day.

Since one pound roughly requires 3,500 calories, you should reduce your calories by at least 500 every day if you want to lose a pound a week. Health professionals always insist that you should not lose more than two pounds in the week. They do no advice you to eat less than 1.200 calories per day. You have to ensure that your entire fat intake for the day should not exceed 30 to 35%.

It is vital that you exercise regularly, if you wish to avoid incurring problems, with your health. You will find that you have more energy, you do not get depressed and you do not suffer physical aches and pains, reduce the sensation of bloating and generally keep illnesses at bay. We are all aware, through research on the subject, that people who exercise daily lose more weight than people who do not exercise.

When you maintain a diary and write down what you eat daily, you will find that you can lose more weight. Research on the subject that was recorded in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” indicated that those who made a note of their daily food intake found that they had lost twice the number of pounds as against a group of people who failed to jot down these details.

Try to garner support from other dieters as it is better to work with others to try and lose weight. You get support from like-minded people who also have the same desire. There is no greater motivation that getting social support.

Join the Overeaters Anonymous, which is an organization recognized worldwide that helps people who require emotional support come together. You have to pay a small donation that is voluntary. This is pretty similar to the principles set down by the Alcoholics Anonymous. Your doctor will be able to put you on to the right support group in your local community.

Checking your scale regularly will also motivate dieters to maintain their diets and exercise, in order to continue to lose pounds, as against those who do not watch their weight regularly. It has been recorded by the National Weight Control Registry that people, who were able to maintain their weight loss for over two years, weighed themselves once a week at least regularly.

You may have to effect certain lifestyle changes to help you to shed those extra pounds but this is not an impossible feat. To lose weight effectively, you need to focus on the above five principles and you will find it is easy to keep those extra pounds returning forever.

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