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The surgical procedure for Mammoplasty is carried out cosmetically for augmentation, reconstruction, or reduction of the breast. Women, as well as a few men, opt for any of these categories due to psychological or medical reasons. Breasts can be reduced due to a personal desire, physical incapability, or perhaps certain medical risks. Many women go this procedure of breast reduction, because they may suffer chronic pain, poor posture, rash developing under their breast or deep grooves cutting their delicate skin due to pressure from the bra-strap. The size of their breasts may prevent them from carrying out certain important exercises, or any other activity, due to the pain involved. Some find this type of reduction an incentive, rather than having to face embarrassment, due to sporting large breasts and suffering from low esteem, social stigma or hearing some cruel jokes because of this.

This type of cosmetic surgery can be performed even when one is in their teens. It is wise to be cautious and understand that one may not be able to breastfeed after this surgery is performed. Remember that the size of the breast also changes, when one gives birth to a child, so it is wise to wait and consider this option, after you have had children. The plastic surgeon will discuss the size of breasts that you wish to possess and give you a low down on the benefits, while discussing issues of importance, in this connection. He will also make careful notes of your general health, medical history and measure and examine the breasts, take photographs and maintain these medical records.

Since breast reduction surgery is considered necessary, removal of excess fat, implants, glandular and skin tissues may be covered, by the insurance plan. The doctor can find out from the insurance company, for you, as to the amount that will be covered by them. Some companies insist that they will cover the surgical procedure, only if a minimum four pounds is removed, from each of the breasts. Make sure you refrain from smoking much before the due date of the surgery. Avoid taking any type of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal supplements, at least a week before undergoing surgery, as any one of these can put a spoke to quick recovery and get a list from your doctor about medicines that should be avoided. He should be informed of the herbs and vitamins that you are taking.

Be informed about the incisions that will be made, the amount of tissue that has to be removed and what to expect, as the breast reduction surgery will be carried out, as per the final decision made by both of you. Tubes will be inserted during the surgery so that once your breasts are bandaged, excess fluids from the body, can be drained successfully, to hasten the healing process. The bulbs that are lodged at the other end of the drainage tubes are emptied as and when necessary for a few days till the doctor decides to remove the tubes.

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