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Teenagers are normally faced with this predicament, when their skin is covered with acne. One of the underlying factors that cause this is the male hormones. The other causes can be related to hormonal problems which also affect acne.

“Acne vulgaris” (acne) affects both men, as well as women, especially when they are in the adolescence stage. It also surfaces during the menstrual period, when women are expecting or during menopause. At the adolescent stage, the endocrine sex glands that protect body tissues are secreted. Androgen is the name given to these type of hormones and since it is commonly found in men, they are the worst affected, for this type of skin eruptions.

Androgen has the effect of inducing oil (sebaceous) glands that are generally associated with the hair follicles or pores of the skin. Though the sweat glands continue to secrete and become lively, they are unable to reach the surface of the skin. They begin to form a white dot known as the “white head” when the gland expands and stretches the tissues surrounding it. For some, this secretion becomes discolored, when it undergoes a chemical reaction. This is how blackheads form at the hair shafts. Both the human gland, as well as the hair follicle, continue to stretch and finally rupture, causing infection in the area. It starts by producing the papule and then becoming a pimple or pustule.

Are there any treatments to cure acne that is caused by the hormones? Acne can be cured by you as you practice self-treatment. You have to learn how to take care of your acne by following these steps. Wash your face and upper part of the body, using a mild soap and warm water, thrice daily. Steam the gently, after washing for about fifteen minutes daily. Do not use cosmetics. Never try to prick the pimple or pustule with your fingers and refrain from touching the face with dirty fingers. It is important to flush your system with cool fresh water and fruit juices. Try to sleep for about seven or eight hours daily and avoid chocolates, starchy foods and nuts. It is important to follow a healthy, wholesome and well-balanced diet, which incorporates vegetable and fruits.

The other option is to use the topical acne treatment. This means using any type of lotion, cream or gel that suits your skin type and condition of acne, which could range from mild, moderate, or severe. You could opt for oral treatment that is prescribed by skin experts. They can advise you on the best acne treatment for inducing oil from producing in the tiny glands that contain sebum. Anti-androgen treatment may also be prescribed to treat acne. You may be able to reduce the production of the sebaceous gland to a certain extent but not fully. The role of sebum is important for the functioning of the body and cannot therefore be totally stopped.

Hormonal therapy is another type of hormonal acne treatment. The excess male sex hormones produced are reversed during the process of this treatment and this may control androgen. How you take care of your skin will yield results and help to improve the condition of your health, as well as your skin. The hormonal acne treatment should be done importantly to ensure that the skin acquires an acne-free young, healthy and flawless skin.

The introduction of the latest innovations in technology for acne have resulted in many expensive brands of cosmetics hitting the market and many people now try to use affordable options that are mild and easy to use home products. These methods are inexpensive and more effective than the cosmetics that are over-hyped by the media.

There is no doubt that one has to use the right methods to cure the problem of acne from the root, which is dealing with the bacteria that causes acne, removing excess oil that forms on the skin, clearing clogged pores and healing inflamed skin. These are the four most potential causes that trigger acne and should be dealt with, when trying to control acne apart from dealing with low self-esteem, depression and so on, that generally affects people when acne spreads.

Most of the face washes, creams and bar soaps, including those that contain acne formulas, contain Benzoyl peroxide nowadays. This has to be used sparingly as excess causes the skin to redden and dry.

Salicylic acid is also used in quite a few facial pads and washes. It helps to unclog the skin pores and prevent pimples, acne skin or skin scars from re-grouping. This should be applied sparingly on the skin or it could have negative effects on the skin.

Using Olive Leaf extract is also beneficial as it is capable of annihilating viruses that are present in the cells, as they interact with the amino-acids produced and gets rid of viruses that lie in the body of the cells. The Olive Leaf extract has powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that kills microorganisms and prevents production of “mycotoxins,” which are harmful to hormonal regulation, as well as toxic elimination. This powerful leaf extract can also, break and destroy the external lining of the bacteria in acne, which will help to control the spreading of this condition. Therefore try to use this amazing leaf extract that has great properties which can take care of eliminating the acne quickly.

Like any other home acne treatment, the response varies from person to person and you need to have patience to wait for results which may be slow, but if you are consistent with the acne treatment for a few weeks, you are bound to see results. There is also the possibility that these home treatments may not work for you, but may worsen the condition, so use them with caution. Check with your dermatologist before you plan to try anything new from home. They will help you to be cautious, as well as guide you on the right methods of following these treatments for effective results.

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