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People are generally of the opinion that weight loss resulting from any particular diet is not a permanent one. Therefore, they plan out a routine that combines exercise, with a diet plan that will work to retain the weight loss. Those who suffer from anorexic problems should refrain from going on any diet as it will prove detrimental to their health.

If a person suffers from anorexia, they may find it difficult to sleep after a meal and develop anxiety problems. Therefore, their first reaction is to throw up food that they have just eaten. This sort of problem is generally triggered due to lack of self-confidence.

People who want to shed pounds find it difficult even though they make great efforts. Since they do not adopt a proper diet plan, they find it difficult to lose weight. In order to develop a good physique, they look for a good diet plan that will help them in their resolve.

Many people get frustrated, when they try to adopt a plan that includes tasteless food, devoid of fat. They become depressed, especially when they follow a low carb diet. For those who are looking to lose weight quickly, they can study “The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results” to lose weight successfully. This plan has been successfully developed by Dr. Mike Moreno who incorporates various choices to make the diet plan workable.

The diet introduces a balanced plan, including low carbohydrates and it is necessary to adhere to the plan as it may prove effective. Each body has a different metabolic rate, which should be taken into account, when following any diet plan.

People are prone to craving for food as they feel that they are not getting enough calories in their diet. According to the doctor, the body can be fooled into maintaining the metabolic rate, by successfully combine certain types of food.

It is important to stick to a diet, as far as possible, if one is planning to reduce weight. People are known to suffer from disorders, resulting from depression, when the fat is suddenly omitted from the diet for long periods. The body begins to feel the absence and the person concerned has behavioral shifts.

Dr. Mike Moreno has worked out a successful 17 Day Diet plan, where he balances these problems, by helping you lose weight and maintain the loss. The body metabolism rate is affected with his groundbreaking diet plan that works to burn fat day or night. During this 17 day’s period, you work to “Achieve, Accelerate, Activate and Arrive,” using modifications and based on this, the amount of calories that you consume, works according to plan.

Dr. Mike Moreno attributes this loss of weight, as being the direct result of confusing the body to retain the same metabolic rate, to help shed 10 to 12 pounds within the first 17 days. The going is tough in the first period as the body has to be cleansed of all the toxins that sap up energy and prevent you from losing weight. This Diet plan has been tested and includes recipes for making simple, healthy and delicious food. You will find, once you are on this 17 Day Diet plan that it will help to jump-start weight reduction and promote a healthy slim body, whether you plan to lose 10 pounds, or drop down to a 10 size!

Dr. Mike Moreno is of the opinion that most people lose their inclination to continue a diet as they get bored with eating the same thing day after day. The magic here is the Number 17! The diet is changed every 17 days so that the dieter has something to look forward to rather than feel depressed at going through the same foods, week after week.

You will find that it is not really all that difficult to adhere to the master plan though the first stage is often the toughest as your body is deprived of additional carbs and vegetables, fresh fruit and milk products that are probiotic, are added as the general plan, to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. It is not so difficult to arrest food cravings as the dishes allowed can be made tasty. Several recipes are also included to promote interest. Dieters can look forward to nearly 101 recipes that offer low carb dishes that are allowed throughout the 17 days. The advantage here is that you can gorge on these types of foods regardless of the quantities and not have to worry about adding an inch!

Dieters are interested in shedding weight quickly. It is not advisable to lose weight drastically as you tend to put back most of the weight soon after stopping a diet. This is true nearly 95% of the time, as individuals put back the fat lost, soon after reaching their specified target! The best way to go about this is to lose weight gradually and refrain from fad diets, follow a good regime of diet, along with regular exercise, to help lose fat steadily and shed weight. The 17 Day Diet brought about a lot of various reactions, when it was first introduced, due to the revolutionary methods adopted.

According to Dr. Mike Moreno, his 17 Day Diet is based on “quick effects.” The aim of this diet is to burn fat, at a consistent rate, by following a diet that is well-balance with regular exercise.

The Diet is not restricted to just 17 days as the name suggests. There are three primary phases followed by a maintenance period, once the target is reached. During this 17 days diet period, “Accelerate” is the motto, as the sugar in the blood is reduced, to encourage weight loss and fat. The second phase, “Activate”, aims to confuse the metabolism by shifting the amount of calories that can be consumed. According to this theory, the body performs at full power, when it cannot fathom the metabolic confusion that takes place in the diet. The food and quantities that you consume during this 17 day plan has helped many people tremendously, who have written testimonials and reviews about their success, including certain celebrities who have praised this diet.

Here is how this 17 Day Diet works:
The first step is to “Accelerate” the diet plan. This is the tricky, where the amount of food you consume is restricted to 1200 calories, in a day. The diet predicts a loss of about 10 or 15 pounds during this phase, most of which is due to reductions caused, by water weight.

The second stage is when you work to “Activate” the metabolic rate. During this phase, you are encouraged to increase your calories. This is because it is targeted to confuse the body’s metabolism and reduce fat content.

During the third stage, “Achieve,” you are tested on how serious you are about following the diet. You need to focus on eating healthy foods that concentrate on carbohydrates. During this stage, it is possible to decrease 2 or 3 pounds in a week.

You “Arrive” at the fourth phase, during which period, you are allowed to eat controlled portions of healthy foods. You can, eat something that you really like during the weekend.

Dieticians maintain that you can lose weight slowly and steadily by adapting a diet program that is nutritious so that you can reduce fat and lose weight optimally. However, Dr. Moreno disregards this general theory. According to him, it is best to try to achieve fast weight loss and go on a sustained low carb diet, with a few chances of binging in between, for effective results. Scientific research on the topic, together with testimonials written by many followers of this diet, reveals that the doctor’s theory may be right.

The 17 Day Diet plan may or may not seem as popular as the Atkins diet as this theory has not been fully expounded and therefore it may prove an effective way for people to lose weight successfully.

Dr. Moreno, from California, first introduced this 17 Day Weight Loss program, for people who put on weight, when on holidays. Therefore, he worked on effectively reducing this weight quickly. However, it has to be proved whether it is just another fad that offers a quick fix, or whether it will prove to be the latest hot success.
The 17 Day Diet is therefore one that is based on shifting calories or eating in different cycles so that the metabolism is confused. When you change your eating habits every few days and weeks, it will work to confuse your system, so that it is always in a state of uncertainty.

The four cycles that constitute this diet plan starts with “accelerate,” (remove fat), goes on to “activitate,” (reset metabolism), “achieve” (choose carbs that work) and “arrive,” where you can take a break and eat your favorite dish.

The general consensus on this 17 Day Diet plan, according to the various testimonials written is that it helps to quickly lose weight and works, as a great motivator for people, who are interested in losing weight.

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