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Dermatomyositis refers to a connective tissue disease that is usually characterized by the inflammation of the skin and the muscles of the body. It’s also known as “DM” for short and it’s so much related to Bramaticosis and Polymyositis which are also connective tissue diseases.

Actually the root cause of Dermatomyositis is not well known. However, several factors may lead to it. The disease can showcase as a result of a viral infection. It can also be as a result of autoimmune reaction. In most cases, several people who have been found to be living with the disease were said to have had Epstein Barr virus or Mononucleosis. In some instances, the disease may showcase in the combination of other autoimmune ailments such as lupus, vasculitis, and scleroderma and so on. Again, some cases of disease are also associated with various kinds of cancer which plague several areas of the human body.

Dermatomyositis basically falls under the class of autoimmune connective tissue diseases. It’s in the same class with body mystic and Polymyositis. In the lives of children, the disease is known as Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM).

When you have a case of Dermatomyositis, there are several symptoms that will begin to show in your body. You need to be aware of them in order to know exactly the right step to take. Among them include:

• Skin rash
• Muscle weakness
• Body Pain
• Cracked skin
• Mechanic’s hands
• Changes in the scalp
• Streets on the trunk
• Calcium deposits in the skin
• Dysphagia or difficulty in Swallowing foods

Actually, the body pain may showcase like the type you have after engaging in a strenuous physical activity. Some people suffering from the Dermatomyositis may also have little pain depending on the level of the disease per time. The symptoms vary from person to person depending on the conditions on ground. In some cases, the muscle weakness may deteriorate to paralysis. The individual involved may not be able to run, walk or even rise from the bed. He or she may also begin to have difficulty in swallowing foods and taking drinks.

All the symptoms mention above may not show in every case of the disease. In the lives of some individuals suffering from the ailment, the symptoms may be very minimal while in others, they may be too much.

Dealing with Dermatomyositis
Dermatomyositis has no real cure although several researches are still going on concerning the cure. However, it can be successful handled when discovered on time. The very first step towards a better treatment is to go for proper diagnosis. There are specific methods that can be used during the diagnosis. Muscle biopsy can be carried out to determine the presence of the disease. Blood test can also be carried out.

Several kinds of x-rays may also be used in determining the presence of the disease. An x-ray may be carried out on the knees and other muscle sections of the body. When an x-ray is conducted, dystrophic calcifications may be found in the muscles of the patient. The individual may also have lots of calcium deposits under his or her skin. Some people however may not have the calcium deposits.

Again, rashes indicating the presence of the disease may appear and disappear from time to time. Pink patches on the knuckles may also showcase. All these are to be discovered in a well planned diagnosis session.

When the presence of Dermatomyositis is ascertained, the next thing that will follow is the actual treatment. Actually, the disease has no real or known cure. However, several exercise therapies are usually used as alternative treatment to it. The exercises are meant to help the patient enjoy better life while suffering from the disease.
Several medications are also used in treating the disease. Actually, the drugs are meant to relieve the symptoms involved. Among the best medications usually used in the treatment include Prednisolone, Mycosphenolate, Methotrexate, Azathioprine, Intravenous Immunoglobulin, and some others.

Indeed, Dermatomyositis has no real cure. It can only be managed or controlled. The drugs usually engaged are meant to relieve the symptoms. Hence, the best form of dealing with the disease is to prevent it from occurring. The only way to actually prevent it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The actual root cause of the disease is not known yet, but the truth is that ugly lifestyle can lead to that. What you eat and drink can cause you to develop all manners of diseases. You need to avoid smoking at all cost since it can lead to the cancer of the lungs which might even open the door for Dermatomyositis. You also need to avoid excessive involvement in alcoholism. This may not cause the disease but it can as well be factor that may lead to it. Again, the kind of diet you eat matters a lot. You need to be taking balanced diet every day in order to maintain sound health and be free from all kinds of ailments.

Finally, there’s always the need to be in touch with your doctor. You need to be going for regular medical checkups all the time in order to forestall any occurrence of Dermatomyositis as well as other diseases. In most cases, you doctor stands in the best position to let you know the right steps to take in living healthy. He or she will also handle your case when such a disease occurs.

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