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The term “Alternative Medicine” refers to any healing practice that is different from the usual medical methods of treatment. In most cases, it’s usually based on cultural, historical or traditional practices and beliefs of a people. Such a healing approach doesn’t normally have any scientific evidence to boost its effectiveness. Nevertheless, it can be a veritable source of dealing with several health challenges that have defiled medical science.
The prevalence of alternative medicine is now a subject of study in various quarters. Actually, this kind of native medication varies from nation to nation. The processes and the ingredients used in preparing such a medicine also vary from nation to nation. Several nations have come up with specific medicines that have their roots on herbs and other traditional sources. In most of the nations, such alternative medications have been proven to be very effective in dealing with some chronic diseases.
Indeed, the use of alternative medicine is actually on the increase in all the continents of the world. In Africa for instance, almost every nation has all sorts of medications manufactured from herbs and other traditional or cultural sources. In most cases, such medications are very different from the conventional drugs out there. They can be in the form of liquid contents, leaves, powder or even tablets. In the Asian countries such as Japan, India, South Korea and so on, there are lots of alternative medicines being used for treating all kinds of diseases. They showcase in the form of herbs, supplements, tables and so on.
Over there in Europe and American continents, the issue of alternative medicine is raising dust. Several native doctors are propagating the efficacy of such medicines while many other health care practitioners are standing against that. Lots of issues ranging from the authenticity of the native medicines to their effectiveness are actually causing ripples in various quarters.
There are several methods of treatment used in alternative medicine. Among them include spiritual beliefs, folk knowledge, and self-healing, traditional beliefs and so on. While some of these methods have been very effectives, others are not. In most cases, it all depends on what you belief and practice as an individual under a certain cultural location.
There are claims about the efficacy of the alternative medicine. For instance, it has been used in dealing with Cancer, stomach pain, and many other health conditions. While these claims are true in various countries, they still remain to be seen or proven in many other nations. In most cases, the use of various kinds of alternative medicines is seen in developing and under-developed nations. In such nations, there are self-made native doctors who have discovered various avenues of healing people through the use of natural herbs and other products. However, in most developed nations like the US and Europe, lots of questions have been raised concerning the efficacy of alternative medicine. This is because several of such medications have not yet been proven by medical science.

Source of alternative medicine
There are several sources from which alternative medicine is made. In several countries, such medications are derived from herbs, plants, flowers, roots and other related sources. In most nations, the production process of these native medications is not scientific. This is the main reason why medical science is still frowning at the efficacy of the alternative medicine issue.
Meanwhile, alternative medicine has been classified into 5 major groups. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Whole Medical Systems
These include native medications and processes such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Mind Body Medicine
This kind of alternative medicine focuses on healing the entire human person beginning with the mind region. It cuts across the realm of the mind, spirit and body.

3. Biology Based Practices
These refer to the use of natural substances in manufacturing alternative medications. Among such substances include herbs, roots, flowers, and food items.

4. Body Based Practices
These involve the manipulation of body parts naturally for the purpose achieving healing without recourse to conventional medicines.

5. Energy Medicine
This refers to the use of verifiable energy fields in dealing with several health conditions. It can be in the form of biofield or bioelectronmagnetic therapies.
Benefits of Alternative medicine

The benefits of alternative medicine abound. They are mainly seen in the reality of health conditions already cured with the approach. In various countries, the alternative medication approach is used in diagnosing various health conditions. It can be used as an effective therapy for dealing with various diseases such can cancer, migraine, fever, stomach ache and so on.

In the recent times, there are several reports pointing out the efficacy of alternative medicine. So many people who benefit from it are testifying to the efficacy. Currently, several improvements are now being made concerning alternative medications. Many local health care practitioners have started getting involved in the use of alternative therapies.

The Negative Aspects
It’s true that alternative medicine has real benefits as seen above. However, it can as well be a source of potential health risk in the lives of many people. One negative aspect of the approach is that it’s yet to be certified okay by medical science. The scientific community is yet to come to terms with the much celebrated efficacy of the alternative medications.

Again, several kinds of alternative medicine can be very harmful to individuals who are having cardiovascular diseases. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are also at high risk of being affected adversely when they go for such medication without the approval of the doctor.

In all, alternative medicine is actually real. It can be very effective when used in dealing with some diseases. However, you’re not advised to use it as a form of self-medication. There’s every reason for you to follow the advice of your medical doctor. If you’re in doubt concerning the efficacy of any alternative medicine approach, you don’t need to go ahead using it. Wisdom demands you go for proper counseling before attempting the usage.

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