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The term HDL Cholesterol refers to the good organic compounds which are required for sound health in the body. It’s actually known as the “good Cholesterol” as opposed to LDL cholesterol which is said to be the bad type. The HDL Cholesterol is therefore known to be good because of its friendly nature and movement in the bloodstream. As it cruises in your bloodstream smoothly, it goes ahead to remove the bad or harmful cholesterol from your system.

The Good thing about HDL Cholesterol
Indeed, HDL Cholesterol is very vital for sound health. It sanitizes your blood stream and rids it of unwanted and harmful cholesterol. Actually, the term “HDL” is the short form for “High Density Lipoprotein”. Hence, every single bit of HDL cholesterol serves as a microscopic blob that is made up of rim of lipoprotein. The organic compound is usually very dense when compared to other forms of cholesterol particles. That’s why it’s known to be in high density.

Meanwhile, it’s very good you know that Cholesterol in itself is never bad. It’s actually an essential fat compound that ensures the stability of body cells. For the compound to move well in your bloodstream, it has to go through the help of the molecules known as lipoproteins. Each of the molecules acts differently on the specific cholesterol it carries.

In any case, HDL Cholesterol is known to be very good because of its benefits to the bloodstream and the entire body system. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This can actually make you to be healthy on daily basis.

Again, the HDL Cholesterol deals mercilessly with the LDL cholesterol which is said to be the bad type in the bloodstream. It usually removes this bad cholesterol in a systematic way. The HDL also recycles and reuses the LDL cholesterol by moving it to the liver organ where it can be reprocessed for better usage.

In the inner walls of the blood vessels known as “endothelium”, HDL Cholesterol maintains the entire surroundings of the blood vessels wall. In most cases, strokes and heart attacks occur when your endothelium is damaged. HDL comes to the rescue by making sure the walls of the endothelium are maintained. It scrubs the entire surroundings of the endothelium and make sure it’s kept properly healthy and clean. This enhances your immune system in the long run.

Meanwhile, when the HDL Cholesterol is very high, it can easily reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease but when it’s very low, the risk is then on the increase. Hence, there’s every need for you to know the right steps to take in making your HDL high.

The Recommended level for HDL Cholesterol
Having seen the importance of HDL Cholesterol, the next thing you need to know is the recommended or right dosage of the compound you require. In order to decode this, a cholesterol test also known as lipid panel test is usually carried out.
Basically, if your HDL Cholesterol level is greater that 60mg per deciliter, it’s said to be high and therefore good. On the other hand, if it’s less than 40mg per deciliter, it’s said to be very low and therefore bad.

Now, if your HDL cholesterol is discovered to be low after the test, you need take some steps in boosting it. This is very necessary for the minimizing the occurrence of heart attacks. Here are some tips that can help you increase the HDL level.

• Engage in Aerobic Exercises
You can increase your HDL Cholesterol by engaging in aerobic exercises. You need to do those 30 – 60 minutes on daily basis.

• Desist from Smoking
Tobacco smoking is known for lowering the HDL level especially when you smoke daily or regularly. You can easily increase the HDL level by quitting the habit. Taking solace in Electronic Cigarettes will not help matters either. They still have the capacity to lower your HDL level. The best you can do is to quit smoking entirely. Although this may be difficult, you can still be determined to pay the price in order to safeguard your health.

• Lose Weight
If you’re obese, your HDL Cholesterol is sure to be very low. You need to lose enough weight in order to improve the level. When you lose weight, you prevent yourself from heart diseases and other conditions.

To be on safer side, you need to consult your doctor before taking any step in increasing your HDL. In most cases, your doctor will take you through the required test. After that, he goes ahead to proffer solutions to your case. The doctor will let you know the right steps you need to take in order to improve your condition.
In some conditions, the doctor may also recommend you take some medications to improve your HDL Cholesterol. You might also be referred to a specialist if your condition is very bad. Oftentimes, there are several other conditions that may lead to heart diseases apart from low cholesterol. Smoking, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and so on, have the capacity to cause cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it’s always better you consult your doctor before taking any further step.

There are important food items you need to be taking in order to improve the level of your HDL Cholesterol. Your doctor stands in the best position to advice you on that. You have to avoid self medication at all costs in order not to cause serious complications in your body system.

In all, when your HDL level is high, you’re sure to be free from heart disease. On the other hand, when it’s low, the reverse becomes the case. Always make sure you keep the HDL level at all times in order to be free from the onslaught of heart attacks.

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