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To get the body detoxified, it is necessary to make changes in the habits of eating with a special detox diet that will help to remove the contaminants, as well as toxins, from the system. The benefits of this diet, is that you are able to raise your energy levels, improve your digestion, health and mental state and increase resistance, to various diseases, as well as lose weight in the process. To be on a detoxification diet, it is essential to make a few modifications in the normal diet, which should include fasting, where you drink only water. or some fruit juices and try to increase the consumption of certain types of fish, such as salmon. When you restrict your calorie intake, by using a herbal detox, or a lemonade diet, you will find immense benefits as you cleanse your system. You should also ensure that you take more vegetables and fruits in the normal day diet and limit your intake of processed foods, alcohol, as well as smoking.

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Many people know the importance of going on a detox diet, as the body tends to retain a lot of water, air and food that is in the air. The chemicals that are fat soluble in the diet, settle down in the cells of our bodies. If one is eating unhealthy foods, the body cannot get rid of the toxic wastes that build up and this is the reason why people are subject to various problems, such as hormonal imbalance, illnesses, weak metabolic rate and nutritional deficiencies.

You will find that you will be able to increase your energy levels, improve your bowel movements and concentration levels as well as focus on things with greater clarity. Your skin will glow and your digestion will improve. Make sure you consult your doctor and check if you are on the right detoxification diet. It is unsafe for children, pregnant or nursing mothers to go on such diets. Unless you are advised by the doctor, refrain from using this diet, if you suffer from problems with your kidneys, liver disease, cancer, diabetes or suffer from low blood pressure or anemia or even if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

This type of diet for detoxifying the system may be tried out by an individual after consulting a doctor. The doctor will warn the patient about any adverse reactions that can occur during the program for various reasons. It is beneficial when the doctor is able to assess the situation correctly, so as to prevent any problems that might trigger off, during the detoxification process.

Pregnant women, as well as children, should avoid going in for this type of detox program. Patients who have problems due to genetics, such as cancer, must never attempt this detox diet. If they wish to follow any program, it should be done under the guidance of their caregiver.

The advantage of this detoxification diet is that the individual loses weight, unlike many other types of diets, where they only succeed in losing the initial water weight from their bodies. The other benefits of this diet are regular bowel movements, better digestion, elimination and prevention of gas, indigestion and feeling bloated all the time. The individual is able to breathe deeply and does not react as much to allergens in certain foods. One experience less signs of congestion and mucus and incidences of coughs and sniffles are reduced. The overall health improves as the patient feels more energetic when the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently in the system. The alkaline levels increase, while the acidic level decreases, due to a balanced pH. The main advantage is weight loss and the fact that one can still enjoy their food by ensuring that they eat right. There is a marked sense of satisfaction along with higher energy levels that allow the individual to want to improve their eating habits and choose their foods with care.

There are of course disadvantages, as well, with the detox diet. People complain of headaches, when they begin this diet, as there are withdrawal symptoms of caffeine which, according to the practitioners, should be gradually decreased, before one begins this diet. It is also possible to experience diarrhea that may cause loss of electrolytes, which again leads to dehydration, resulting in constipation. The chances of becoming constipated increases, when people increase their intake of fiber and do not drink adequate liquids, at the same time. The other minor reactions that people may experience are hunger pangs, fatigue, acne, weight loss and irritability. It is possible also to lack nutrients, such as protein and calcium, while on this diet.

Given below is a food list that will help you follow the detox diet with effective results.

Take vitamin C in the form of lemons. Vitamin C works effectively as the vitamin for detox as it converts toxins in the body to water-soluble forms that can be flushed out of the system easily. Garlic is also an excellent food, as it can be added to salads, spreads, as well as sauces. The liver enzymes get activated when you consume this bulb and filter out waste from the body and it is also beneficial for the heart. Green tea is another healthy brew, which is rich in antioxidants, which helps to keep the system hydrated. Catechins in the green tea are good for promoting the activity in the liver.

Eat cabbage as it helps to detoxify both the types of enzymes that are present in the liver. Coleslaw is excellent in a diet. Last but not least, eat plenty of fruits as they contain essential fiber, vitamin C, plenty of fluids that are nutritious and are full of antioxidants. Enjoy biting into a pear, a mango that is ripe, or some fresh berries.

Since there are various ways you can perform a detoxification diet you should make sure that you know which is right. You could adopt a special diet, or follow one that uses supplements, or herbs. Hydrotherapy is another method that can be followed. Some other common methods are colon hydrotherapy, liver flush, breathing techniques or chelation, which are all well recommended.

The advice generally recommended by practitioners is simple, yet gentle detox diet plans that help to clean the liver, colon and kidney. These organs benefit the most during detoxification. It is always a safe practice to consult your doctor for the best diet that best suits your needs.

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