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Cardiovascular Disease refers to a set of ailments that plagues the human heart. It’s also known as heart disease in various circles.The disease also affects the blood vessels, arteries, veins and every other element that make up the cardiovascular system.

Technically speaking, Cardiovascular Disease refers to the classes of ailments that affect the entire cardiovascular system. Apart from this, it’s also used to refer to arterial diseases and every other related disease that may have a lot to do with the human heart.

All over the globe, Cardiovascular Disease remains the leading cause of death.It showcases in the form of a heart attack which can easily cause you to stop breathing at any time. over the years, countless number of men and women including children has lost their lives as result of the disease. The worst part of it all is that, the disease can send you on a visit to your early grave when life is at its enjoyment stage.An estimated number of 17 million were said to have died globally from the disease in the year 2008 alone.This shows you the kind of havoc the disease has been causing every passing year.

In America, it’s a known fact that Cardiovascular Disease terminates people lives faster than cancer.The rate of the disease in the lives of American women is quite alarming. Each year, thousands of women in the American continent lose their lives as a result of the disease. It’s actually more deadly than breast cancer.

Factors Responsible for Cardiovascular Disease
There are several factors that can lead to Cardiovascular Disease in the lives of men and women.Let’s take a look at some of them.

• Tobacco Smoking
This is in fact, the leading cause of the disease in the lives many people all over the world. Smokers are indeed liable to die young since the ugly habit affects their cardiovascular system. The nicotine content of cigarette as well as the ugly smoke can rake havoc in your cardiovascular system. Lots of diseases can also come up when you smoke uncontrollably.

• Poor Eating Habits
When you eat anyhow, there’s every chance of developing the Cardiovascular Disease.Several fast food items such as canned foods and drinks have the propensity of causing all kinds of heart diseases when you take them.

• Lack of Physical Exercise
When you fail to engage in regular or daily physical exercise, you can easily develop Cardiovascular Disease.Physical exercise normally helps in keeping the cardiovascular system in top function. When you fail to engage in that, the regular functions of the heart may be hampered.

• Alcoholism
Several alcoholic drinks are potential causes of Cardiovascular Disease.When you engage in daily gulping of such drinks, your cardiovascular system is sure to be affected.

• Obesity
If you’re obese, you stand the risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease.This is because such a condition prevents the smooth functioning of the Cardiovascular system. You need to lose some pounds in order to be free from any incidence of the disease.

• Other Diseases
People who are diabetic have high risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease.The same scenario applies to people who have chronic kidney and liver diseases.

Sign and Symptoms
When you’re suffering from Cardiovascular Disease, several signs and symptoms are bound to showcase. Among them include:
• Incessant Chest Pain
• Heart Attack
• Difficulty in breathing
• Loss of Blood
• Body Weakness
• Depressions and so on.

Dealing with Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease can be treated or controlled when it’s discovered on time. The very first step towards dealing with the disease is to go for proper check up. once you begin to notice signs of heart attack, chest pain and other heart related symptoms, you need to go for proper check-up at the hands of a reliable doctor.
Several kinds of screening method can be used during the diagnosis. Heart scan and other kinds of x-rays can be carried out in order to discover the actual stage of the disease or its type.

After the diagnosis, several treatment methods can be engaged in dealing with the disease.A heart transplant might be necessary in situations where the heart is grossly damaged. Surgery, chemotherapy and other forms of treatments can also be used. It all depends on the type and level of the disease.The doctor handling the disease also knows the right kind of treatment to engage.


The best form of treatment for Cardiovascular Disease is to prevent it from occurring.This is because; the disease might defile treatment especially when discovered lately. Oftentimes, the symptoms of the disease may not even show up on time. they may begin to appear when the disease has gone haywire in your system. In such situations, the disease may become very difficult to be treated.

There’s every need for you to prevent the disease from occurring in the first instance.You have to watch your lifestyle and eating habit.If you’re into the ugly habit of smoking, you really have to quit before you’re dead.To take solace in the much celebrated Electronic Cigarette will not even help matters.This is because, electronic cigarette are also very dangerous.They do contain nicotine and other dangerous elements that can harm your cardiovascular system.

Again, you have to watch and control your eating habit.You must avoid taking fast foods especially the canned types. They are usually prepared with chemical preservatives that increase the risk of Cardiovascular Disease.You need to be taking low fiber diets rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.You also need to be taking balanced diet on daily basis. you must avoid alcoholic drinks at all cost.You must also fight stress and conditions that can lead you into depression. Finally, you have to be engaging in daily or regular physical exercises in order to help your cardiovascular system to function maximally.

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