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Substances that contain acid are generally used in cleaning detergents. Our stomachs definitely do not require to be cleaned with acid. However, today our modern diets are all hyped up to promote acidic foods for commercial remunerations. How is it that we never notice good advertisements on the TV, in magazines, or even the internet that promote the purchase of fruits and vegetables? This is because the products sold or bottled are all processed for quick sale and fail to nurture the natural processes in our body Our bodies are the victims of consumerism and enterprising to a great degree.

Anything that we touch is either alkaline or acidic. We are required to consume foods that are alkaline and seek foods that that help to this end. The foods we eat determine the pH levels of our bodies. Since our blood is acidic in nature our bodies do not perform as they should because they are unable to cope with the effects of viruses that inflict diseases, or the effects of oxidation in the air.

Here is a top selection of the 10 best alkaline foods that you should eat to energize your body and boost your health. In the top 10 list, ripe bananas, avocados, carrots, berries, dates, celery, garlic and currants are listed. These fruits and vegetables are antioxidants and record a number 8 as pH value. These foods are able to react chemically to pH 5.0 acidic foods and bring them up to the alkaline level requirement. The top three here are dates, berries and garlic as their properties are excellent for regulating blood pressure.

Under the top 9 category are sweet apples, alfalfa sprouts and apricots as they have high fiber content and are easily digestible. Not only are they enzyme-rich but they balance the hormone levels. We are familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” However, apricots are equally good fruits to include here. Alfalfa sprouts from the seeds of beans and are used in salads and various preparations of sandwiches.

From the top 8 category, go for sweet Grapes, Pineapples, Passion fruit, sweet Pears, Umeboshi plum, Raisins and vegetable juices. This group is classified at a pH of 8.5 and is rich in vitamins A, C & B and antioxidants. You are able to regulate and lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease with fruits such as plums, grapes and raisins. Eat pineapple regularly as it is high in L-Carnitine which helps to reduce your waistline as it uses the fat from the body as the energy source. It is important to drink vegetable juices, which contain large amounts of iron and help to detoxify cells.

Under the top 7 category, opt for fruit juices, chicory, and kiwifruit as these contain natural sugar without turning acidic when digesting. The alkaline properties create more energy for the body as these fruits contain rich chemical compound, known as flavonoids at the pH level of 8.5, which has excellent antioxidant properties. You can get more vitamin C from kiwi fruit than the orange. The bitter Chicory, which closely resembles the lettuce, contains insulin that is beneficial for people with diabetes.

Under the Top 6 group, Asparagus, Seaweeds and Watercress have a pH level of 8.5 and prove to be excellent for reducing acid levels. Watercress was the first vegetable in the leafy category that was eaten by humans and is generally tossed in salads. Like Seaweeds, it contains sufficient amounts of calcium and iron. The asparagines contained in Asparagus are noted for the amino acids present that are essential for the nervous system.

The foods listed under top 5 are Papaya, Melons, Mango, Parsley and Limes. This group of fruits has a pH of 8.5, which has proved effective, for cleaning the kidneys. The best laxative that helps to clean the colon works, as a healthy laxative, is the Papaya. Parsley, taken raw, sweeps out the dirt from the intestines, apart from being a diuretic and works equally well as a kidney cleanser. The benefits of mangoes, melons and limes are that they are rich in vitamins and digest as alkaline foods.
Capsicum (Cayenne) and Cantaloupe are listed under group 4 as the foods that have pH of 8.5 and have the best reactive alkaline properties among foods in this category as they produce rich enzymes required by the endocrine system. Cayenne is rich in Vitamin A and has excellent antibacterial properties which fight free radicals that are responsible for inducing illness and stress. Though the cantaloupe is quite similar to melons, it contains less sugar, it is high in fiber.

Agar Agar is an organic gelatin that has a pH of 8.5. Agar Agar is made from seaweeds and is a substitute for gelatin with rich contents of calcium and iron. The fiber content of this food is the highest among foods and it has good digestive properties.

Watermelon is very alkaline and has a pH level of 9.0. 90% of its total weight is made up of water and high fiber content which makes it aid as a mild diuretic. Watermelon also contains Vitamin C, lycopene and beta-carotene and regarded for its energy and thirst-quenching properties. It is possible to fast for a week and use the juice of this fruit effectively to clean the colon.

Lemons head the list as the top amazing foods. It has a pH level of 9.0 and contains electrolytic properties which make them alkaline foods. It gives tremendous relief when used for heartburns, cough, colds, flu, hyperacidity and other ailments that are virus-related. Wounds heal fast when lemons are used as an antiseptic to naturally heal and disinfect wounds. Lemons detoxify and serve as an excellent energizing tonic for the liver.

Once you are aware of which foods are alkaline or acidic and their function in our bodies, you can take giant leaps towards improving your health by eating good foods. If your body is acidic, the chances of contracting diseases, ailments, cancer, as well as turning prematurely grey, are greater. We should work towards changing our body’s pH levels and oxygenating our system by eating proper alkaline foods. We are aware that if our body is healthy and functions well, we can prevent sickness and diseases like cancer. We should ensure that we promote healthy alkaline tissues and avoid acidic cancerous tissues from developing in our bodies. All we have to do is opt for alkaline rather than acidic foods. This will prevent us from falling sick or contracting various problems that arise.

It is essential that we understand what the pH levels in our body are and learn how to control them. On a pH scale of 0 to 14, all numbers that are below 7 are acidic which indicates that the body does not have sufficient oxygen. Anything over 7 is considered alkaline, which should ideally be our goal. The blood, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph in a normal healthy body should register at a pH level of 7.4. At this level, there are dormant cancer cells. As the pH level goes up to 8.5, it kills the cancer cells and promotes healthy cells. Therefore if we maintain a balanced diet we can maintain good pH levels.

When the body starts developing acidic conditions, cancer cells will start thriving. Excess acid from the blood is diverted to other areas in order to try to keep the blood alkaline. Acidity results in the areas, where this excess acid is deposited and cause cells to die, in the area. Problems arise when these cells do not die but try to adapt to the situation. They end up becoming abnormal cells which are also referred to as malignant. These cells behave abnormally and do not respond to brain functions. Neither do they fit in with the existing DNA. Therefore they tend to grow rapidly out of control and this is what brings on cancer. The acid content in the blood increases and the number of white blood cells increase while the red blood cells start decreasing.

It is therefore vital that we are able to differentiate alkaline foods from acidic foods and go on a proper nutritional diet. Our way of eating in the modern world is to include many processed foods and avoiding vegetables and other natural foods. This encourages the pH levels to become more acidic. The types of foods in our body are mainly acidic or alkaline in the body. One type contain acids, or alkaline in the foods, while the other type form acid, or alkaline content in the body, on consumption of various foods. When you eat natural foods, they produce alkaline, whereas processed foods or those that are manufactured, are mainly acidic in nature. It is up to the individuals to learn to make a sensible choice. Eat more berries, fruits, dairy products and vegetables which are good alkaline foods because they also contain potassium, cesium, magnesium and calcium. Grains, nuts, legumes and seeds are foods that are mildly acidic whereas soft drinks, meat, eggs, fish are strongly acidic. Check for more details online and arm yourself with a wealth of information about how to make good diet choices with healthy alkaline foods.

The advantages of choosing alkaline foods are that you can slow down the aging process and control serious degeneration of cells. You will not feel so exhausted all the time and display more signs of vigor and vitality when you de-stress. You will be energized as you are able to take part in many outside activities. A healthy person is able to stave off illness better than one who is always tired and unhealthy. Make sure you follow a new regime of eating alkaline foods to help you cure many chronic problems such as arthritis etc.
We cannot overstate the importance of eating alkaline foods. You will find that you attain inner satisfaction when you become healthy and can achieve much more in day-to-day life when you are full of vitality.

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