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Cancer has been one of the most dangerous diseases all over the World. The word “Cancer” refers to a group of diseases that is set out to control cell growth. It’s a very harmful disease in the body. When it affects the body, the cells divide uncontrollably and they form masses or what we call lumps of tissue also know as tumors.

Classification of cancer
There are five major classes of cancer. They include
• Sarcomas cancer
• Lymphomas cancer
• Carcinomas cancer
• Adenomas cancer
• Leukemia cancer

Let’s examine them one after the other

1. Sarcomas cancer

This is one of the classes of cancer which features cells that are found in fat, muscle, cartilage, bone and connective tissue.

2. Lymphomas Cancer
This refers to cancers which are located in the immune system tissues and I the lymph nodes.

3. Carcinomas
These are cancers which are grouped by cells that cover the internal and external supportive parts of the body. These include breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

4. Adenomas
These are cancers which always rise in the adrenal gland pituitary gland, the thyroid and other tissues.

5. Leukemia

This is one of the cancers that start in the bone marrow and most of the time accumulates in the bloodstream.

Causes of Cancer

There are several causes of cancer you need to know about. Oftentimes Cancer is as a result of cells which grow uncontrollably in the body while refuse to die. Discussed below are other usual causes of cancer.

1. Gene – DNA type
The DNA type of gene is one the major causes of cancer in the body. Cells may begin to grow uncontrollably if there are mutations or damages in the DNA. There are four basic kinds of gene that control cells division process. The first is Oncogenes which inform the cells when to separate. The second is the tumor suppressor genes which inform the cell when not to divide. The third is the suicide genes which tell the cells when to kill themselves. The fourth is the DNA repair genes which instruct the cells to repair the damaged genes.

2. Carcinogens
These are substances which damage DNA and also promote the occurrence of cancer. Among them include asbestos, tobacco. Radiation such as the sun, gamma and x-rays, the compounds in car exhaust fumes. It’s been observed that when the body is exposed to carcinogens, several kinds of cancer can form.

3. Genes of the family type
Cancer can also be the result of a genetic predisposition that is often inherited from the family tree. It can also be possible for the individual to be born with a certain genetic mutations in the body; a member of a family can be born with a fault that can make him or her to develop Cancer later in life.

4. Medical factors
There more other medical factors that can cause are cancer in the body. Among them includes age, as we get older there is an increase in cancer causing mutations in the DNA. Again, there are some viruses which can lead to cancer. They include human papillomavirus, hepatitis B and C, HIV, Epstein Barr and so on. The Human Papillomavirus is usually responsible for cervical cancer. Hepatitis B and C is usually responsible for liver cancer. Epstein Barr virus is usually responsible for cancer in the lives of children while HIV can suppress the immune system of the body which will in turn lead several kinds of cancer.

5. Diet
Several kinds of diet especially the types that are very low in vegetables, whole grains and fruits can lead to the occurrence of cancer. Certain meat products especially the red types can also lead to cancer.

6. Tobacco Smoking
Tobacco smoking is well known to be the major cause of several kinds of cancer in the body. For instance, it’s the leading cause of lung, bladder and stomach cancers in the lives of many people all over the world. The truth is that tobacco smoking is very dangerous to life. Apart from causing cancer, the habit can damage your cardiovascular system. Many smokers are also liable to die young. Several cases of cancers seen in the world today are as a result of continual indulgence in tobacco smoking. Going for electronic cigarettes will not even help matters since they also contain nicotine and other substances that lead to cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer
There are several kinds of symptoms that will showcase when you have cancer. Basically, the symptoms can be divided in three major groups. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Ordinary Symptoms
These are basic symptoms that occur at the primary site of any cancer. They include lumps, swollen tumors, pain, hemorrhage or bleeding from the anus, skin and mouth. Other symptoms include ulcer, swellings in various parts of the body, body weakness and so on.

2. Metastatic Symptoms
These are symptoms that showcase when cancer spreads to other parts of the body. They show up as enlarged lymph nodes usually felt under the skin. They can also showcase as enlarged spleen or enlarged liver which can be felt in the stomach. The symptoms can also include fractures in the bones, pains in the body and other several signs.

3. Systematic Symptoms
These are symptoms that occur when cancer has stayed very long in the body system. They may not be related to the spread of the cancer. Among such symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, body weakness, anemia, and so on.

How Cancer can be staged and diagnosed

Early notice of cancer symptoms can greatly improve the treatment. The use of information from the symptoms is most common way to diagnose cancer of any kind. There are some techniques that are used for diagnosing cancer. Among them include ultrasound scans, MRI scans, x-rays, PET scans and CT scans
One of the best ways to diagnose cancer in the body is by extracting cancer cells and observing them under a Microscope. This method is called a biopsy.
Sometimes it is important to see Physicians who will analyze your the level of proteins, fats, sugars, and DNA in your body system.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer can be treated depending on the type and the level of its spread in the body. There has been observation that there is no single treatment for Cancer .but oftentimes patients receives palliative care and a combination of other therapies. Treatments can be done in the following categories: Immunotherapy, radiation, therapy, and surgery.

Actually, Surgery is the most common treatment of cancer. It involves the removal of the malignant tumors using several instruments. Chemotherapy is another treatment option for cancer. It’s the use of several medications in controlling the growth of the cancerous cells.

To be on the safer side, there’s always the need to consult a well trained medical doctor that handle cancer issues when you have such a problem. You don’t need to wait until your condition becomes very bad. You need to go for the proper diagnosis on time. In most cases, your doctor stands in the best position to engage the right kind of diagnosis required. He or she will also decide on the kind of treatment method to use in dealing with the situation.

Cancer Prevention
Prevention is indeed better than cure. The best way to deal with cancer is to prevent it from occurring. There are several steps you need to take in order to prevent cancer. Your daily lifestyle is very important here. In most cases, Cancer occurrence is always linked to certain behaviors that can be controlled or stopped. For instance choosing not to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco cigarette can lower the risk of several kinds of cancer- most notably liver, mouth, lung, and throat cancers. Even though you are presently a tobacco user, quitting the habit can reduce your chances of getting cancer of any kind. It’s not all that easy to quit the smoking habit, however, if you’re determined, you can always succeed in stopping the habit. There are several tips and steps you need to engage in order to stop smoking. You really have to discover them in order to be free from the ugly habit.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to prevent lung skin cancer is by protecting yourself with a hat and shirt when you are in the sun. You may need to stay under a shade or use a sunscreen as well.

Finally, the diet you eat must be checked if you must control the occurrence of cancer. Physicians suggest that healthy diets should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to avoid diets that are very high in saturated fat. Again, you have to run to your doctor whenever you begin to notice any awkward sign or symptom in your body.

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