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One of the most essential vitamins that we require to include for ensuring optimal health is vitamin D. This essential vitamin works as a steroid hormone, rather than a vitamin in our body, as it goes in the nucleus of all the cells in our body to regulate the genes. It is important to ensure that we get sufficient amounts of this vitamin in our bodies naturally.

The most important role that is associated with this vitamin is the one it plays on our bone health. People, who suffer from this vitamin deficiency, may develop problems, such as rickets. People who do not get affected in the early stages, because of lack of this vitamin will feel the effects, as they advance in years and develop osteoporosis. At this point, it may be too difficult to correct the deficiency as the symptoms may become severe. It is therefore advisable to check the levels regularly and make sure that the system absorbs enough of the vital vitamin in the system.

Low levels of vitamin D cause other problems apart from issues connected with bone health. These are acne, muscular disorders, cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart, obesity and many other types of problems. People, who develop mysterious complications, should not forget to check out this vitamin deficiency, when consulting with their doctor. Therefore make sure that you are getting enough of this vital vitamin before it is too late and you develop a serious disease. It is advisable to get a blood test done to see if you require taking supplements of this vital vitamin.

Gluten products reduce the absorption of important nutrients in the intestine, as well as the benefits of this vitamin that is in the system and cause blood levels to drop. Make sure you get enough magnesium in the system as this will help to increase the absorptions of this vitamin. People, who suffer from deficiency of this important vitamin, may have problems with depression, or develop heart problems. Though there is no conclusive evidence to support the fact that this vitamin can prevent these types of illnesses, research indicates that the chances of contracting these problems can be reduced significantly.

Scientific research on the subject suggests that this vital vitamin may be the cause for the numerous illnesses that are affecting western countries. Continuous tests and researches are constantly being conducted on the subject, though the government institutes have not come out with any solid recommendations.

Though the benefits of this vitamin have been made aware to people, many people still suffer from a deficiency and this is difficult to comprehend, as it is not difficult to ensure getting this requirement We can get this important vitamin daily through sunlight and it is easy to understand why it is called the “sunshine vitamin.” The body only absorbs as much as it requires from the sun though supplements of this vitamin do not have the same effect. People who consume too much of these supplements may develop toxic problems. If you get 20 minutes in the sun thrice a week, it will give you enough of this vital dose of this vitamin. Try not to use sun blocks as this will not allow you to get enough and you may end up with deficient amount in your system which can cause further complications.

We have therefore covered the fact that this essential vitamin can be obtained through our food supplements and most importantly, from the sun. We also know that overdose of these supplements may cause adverse reactions though the amounts available in foods is not enough for our bodies. When we consume too much of this vitamin, we may develop several symptoms, such as increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, vomiting and nausea, excessive urine production, stomach pain, loss of weight, dehydrations, loss of appetite, constipation, mild/severe headaches or diarrhea.

Be aware that you may not have to worry about overdosing yourself as the results are not manifested immediately. The body stores the excess amounts in the fat cells and problems surface only after a period. You can always get the levels in the blood checked out by the doctor, who will suggest the right treatment, if overdose of this important vitamin is noticed. Make sure that you continue to check periodically so that you are able to maintain optimal levels. This is the best way to ensure that your bones are healthy and bone tissue growth is promoted when you take this vitamin along with calcium. People who cannot get enough of Vitamin D should ensure that they take them in the food or as supplements.

Clinical studies on the subject indicate that Vitamin D may have significant effects on the prevention of cancer. However these results are not conclusive as there are many contradictory takes on the subject and clinical tests are being carried out all the time to determine the results in various different cases.

A recent clinical research study indicates that a deficiency of this vitamin may lead to colorectal cancer deaths. These studies have been carried out innovatively and the prospective results that were published in the latest issue of “Cancer” (journal) suggest that this deficiency of the vitamin may be linked to higher deaths rates for people, who contract colorectal cancer.

It has been noticed from the various types of clinical studies conducted that this type of deficiency that led to fatal results with colorectal cancer was more prominent with Afro-Americans than Caucasians. Studies were conducted on people with dark pigmented skin to check the reasons for this vitamin deficiency when they were getting sufficient amounts of this vitamin through natural exposure to sunlight.

A Survey was conducted in the years 1988 to 1994, which was called the NHANES III (The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, where the blood levels of various volunteers were measured to check the levels of this important vitamin as part of a public healthy investigation. The limit for patients who were declared deficient in this vitamin was set at 20nd/dL or less. These tests were carried out on many volunteers and recorded. People with dark skin were seen to be more susceptible to colorectal cancer when they had insufficient amounts of this important vitamin in their systems.

It was ascertained that Afro-Americans were seen to suffer from fatal results with colorectal cancer, as against Caucasians, who were not victims as per the health studies conducted. It was noticed that African-American patients who had normal levels of this vitamin reduced the risk of developing colorectal cancer, as against those who had low levels of this vitamin in their blood. Therefore, it was concluded that African-Americans could develop this type of cancer, if they did not maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D in their system and decrease their chances of contracting this dreaded disease. The clinical studies indicated that patient volunteers whose blood levels indicate that there was less than 20ng/dL of this essential vitamin in their system developed colorectal cancer which proved fatal in most cases.

These results were summarized after extensive tests and studies were carried out to check the effects of this important vitamin, on people and the risks that could develop, when there was deficiency of the vitamin noticed among various races of people. The association of people contracting colorectal cancer and dying because of this deficiency was also recorded. It was noticed that there was a 25% to 40% reduction of cases of colorectal cancer, in people who had their blood levels record 30 to 40 ng/dL. These clinical studies have been recorded, to determine the level of reduction in the cases of colorectal cancer patients before and after their consumption of this vitamin was checked and the levels recorded. These studies have been accepted by other people, who conducted similar clinical tests, to record the reduction of risks for patients contracting colorectal cancer due to deficiency in the levels of this vitamin.

People who suffer from parathyroid gland and kidney diseases should be wary about overdosing themselves with this vitamin as it may lead to severe health complications. Therefore consult your doctor before you take supplements of the vitamin to safeguard your health.

The type of sedentary lifestyle we live by eating fast foods, spending more time indoors than outdoors and trying to protect ourselves constantly from the sun by using sunblock may cause health complications. We are aware of the consequences and yet we do not take sufficient care and doing the right things. We are fed with so much information about the harm caused by sun rays that we try to protect ourselves with creams that prevent the natural absorption of vitamin D which in turn, causes deficiencies in our bodies. This is the reason people develop problems, when they do not get enough of this vital vitamin, in our systems. It is therefore in your best interests to check periodically and see if you have adequate amount of this vitamin in your body and take precautions if there is deficiency.

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