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The latest popular fad that is breaking news in Hollywood is the baby food diet. This article reveals interesting information on how to lose weight as well as the merits and demerits of following this diet.

What is the baby food diet? You eat the same portions as a baby eats! Baby food contains nutritious vitamins which are easily digestible. Many Hollywood stars have been able to achieve their targeted weight by following this diet of mainly organic processed foods. Choose foods that are not highly processed, packed with nutrition, less sugar and sodium content. It is necessary to eat three whole meals but refrain from over-eating. Food takes time to process in the body, so one can eat about three or four of the small jars, daily.

What are the demerits of eating this type of food? Not everyone can sustain this type of mushy diet of processed baby foods. It may not allow you to feel satiated. People who develop hunger pangs may tend to binge suddenly. The merits are that not many additives are found in baby foods and they are packed with vitamins. You can control your appetite and choose the flavor of your choice. There is no need to waste time planning a diet meal as they can be bought. Try to keep hunger at bay by monitoring how much you eat to see results.

Hedi Slimane, the 43 year old fashion designer from France (and ex-Christian Dior) who is a leading fashion guru in New York, introduced the idea of substituting a couple of regular meals a day with small portions of vegetables and fruits. He claims that his svelte figure is the result of sticking to baby food.

Jennifer Aniston maintains, in the magazine, Marie Claire, that she has been able to maintain her slim figure, because of the “purer, nutrient-packed gluten-free foods that she was eating. Reese Witherspoon stated in a US TV show that she restricted her food to just one regular adult portion in a day. Most of the baby foods that are available in grocery stores are devoid of fillers, added fats and additives, because they cater to the delicate digestive system of babies. There is no website or support group that establishes these facts as yet. You only pay the cost of the baby products when you go on this diet.

The good part of this baby food diet is that nearly all of them contain no additives, are pure and packed with vitamins. Choose from a wide range of products that are gluten-free if you are particular. The jars are easy transportable. The portions are already cut out for you. The advantage is that you may pay hardly anything to be on this diet as the cost of these baby foods range from $.60 to $3 a jar!

The disadvantage of following this plan is that there is no sense of satisfaction when you cannot chew. As a meal replacement, the baby food does not provide sufficient calories to satiate your appetite. Since this is a new fad diet, not much has been reported on how this diet has been received.

This type of diet is not healthy as we see it. It is just one of those Hollywood fads that have been thought up overnight. You may benefit when you reach out for a jar of Gerber fruits instead of attacking a bag of Fritos as a healthier option when trying to watch your figure.

The bottom line is that you may remain hungry, throughout the day, when you try to swap baby food instead of eating a proper meal. You are bound to lose weight with this plan but you will not be able to sustain it for long. If using baby food is the healthier option for a snack replacement, eat a real plum rather than go for the pureed version!

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