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Vitiligo is closely related to Melanocytes and many theories have evolved on the subject. However the reason for Melanocytes being destroyed and leading to this problem has not yet been understood. Research has been conducted on the subject by scientists, who have come up with some theories on the disease and the various treatments that maybe used. However, there is no permanent or significant cures have been found. The treatment for this problem ranges from use of steroid to surgical therapies. People are seeking natural cures as well as undergoing laser therapies in the hope to regaining the normal color of their skin. However, the question of how to treat the disease and overcome the symptoms is still a mystery, which creates great angst with patients who suffer from this dreaded skin disease.

Recent studies and research on the subject by experts may prove beneficial as they try to give tentative explanations and seek the right answers. It has been found that the symptoms can be tackled by trying to control the disease. Care can be taken, to ensure that the cells that produce the pigment are treated so that the impairment is reduced, while trying to produce new pigment cells. People who have this problem should not expect miracles. However it is possible to work one’s way to getting some sort of good results slowly but steadily. The patient who suffers with this problem will necessarily have to put in some extra efforts from their side. This can be done by maintaining their diet and taking precautions to ensure that it does not spread further. Re-pigmentation is possible once the disease is controlled effectively.

Studies on the subject indicate that Vitiligo can also be suppressed, in the initial stages, if it is diagnosed in time just like other diseases. Many expert claim that people who try out natural remedies find good results in encouraging the cells that produce pigments to develop which works more effectively than any other type of treatment. A few therapies are also used as procedures though they are in the experimental stage and may prove to have promising results. People who suffer from this terrible disease look for cures to help them regain the natural color of their skin.

There has been no “Known” cure as yet for combating these white patches. This ascertains the fact that cures are yet to be found for arresting these white patches. Treatments, remedies and treatments are constantly being suggested but none of the therapies have provide useful for patients. Some people have experienced miraculous cures, even though there have been no proven results of any special cure that may have helped in the healing of the malady.

Some people may find that the pigmentation in certain areas is restored, while it takes extremely long for them in bony areas and therefore they lose interest to try and achieve 100% re-pigmentation. Children can get affected at a young age or contract the disease from their parents. Many use natural remedies to try and regain the pigmentation and often succeed by getting back at least 70 to 90% of color to cover up the white patches. Many realize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and cleansing their systems with the right lifestyle. Research on the subject indicates that the answer to a good response for people who suffer from this problem may lie in following a good nutritional diet and use natural remedies.

White patches spreads on the body and though it may remain dormant for a while, may crop up again now and then. It is necessary to follow a strict regimen of nutrition, homeopathy, herbology and sunshine along with use of topical herbs to try to keep the problem under control.

People need to make a few dietary changes to ensure proper digestion as this will help to control, if not arrest it altogether. A good suggestion is to take apple cider vinegar before meals as this helps to absorb nutrients and aid proper digestion which is normally slow for these patients.

It is vital to stop eating foods that contain gluten. The other foods to avoid are rye, oats, wheat and barley as these are foods that will not encourage the system to regain its natural color. Sunshine is very important as part of the healing process as it can stimulate pigmentation in the white patches and spots. People are afraid of facing the sun because of the hype created about the ill effects of the sun’s rays. Therefore, they have more chances of becoming deficient in vitamin D3 which robs the body of many of the benefits of the sun.

Exercise, reduction in stress levels and using the holistic approach will help people to try and maintain balance in their systems. They should protect themselves by eating whole foods, taking vital supplements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for best results.

Though this is a disease that stubbornly latches on, people can hope for miracles. It is necessary to learn how to promote a healthy body by maintaining a good balance of mind, body and spirit from within and without so that pigmentation occurs even in areas where Melanocytes are lying dormant. People who work hard to correct the imbalances and focus on the nutritional benefits to find complete cure and heal.

Records indicate that nearly 4% of the world population is afflicted with this disease. This is mostly seen in adults who feel self-conscious as they are aware that this syndrome is rare though there is no worry of it being infectious. Today, people are made aware of Vitiligo, especially after the king of pop; Michael Jackson claimed that his skin turned white from black due to contracting this disease.

In earlier days the treatment for this skin disease was introducing steroid fluids topically. However, these applications proved inconsequential, as improvements were not really forthcoming. Many people began to lose hope, as it took forever for the skin to regain the original color.

Today, people have discovered the benefits of the application of Ginkgo Biloba. This herb has proved to have good results, as it contains antioxidants and proves to have anti-inflammatory properties that modulate the immune system, effectively. Ginkgo may prove to be the answer as it may help to rebuild the pigmentation process by attacking the free radicals that cause harm to the skin.

Research is being carried out extensively by R&D specialists to ascertain the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and maximize the use of these extracts so that it makes a visible impact on people who are afflicted with Vitiligo. The recent findings on the subject indicate that oral consumption of this herb may prove more effective than the use of topical creams.

A small study on the subject indicated that people who took forty ml of Ginkgo Biloba extract thrice daily found that the problem was successfully arrested. However, there is no conclusive evidence that has been recorded on this study.

A major study was conducted on 47 adults who were suffering with Vitiligo to check the efficacy of Ginkgo Biloba. The patients were given 120 milligrams of this extract, which contained 9.6 milligrams of ginkgo flavon glycosides or similar ingredients for a period of 6 months. Pictures were taken every 6 weeks of the areas that were affected to monitor the changes in the size of pigments and ratio of the changes. It was found that nearly 80% of the people, who were put on Ginkgo Biloba extracts, found that the disease was arrested, while only 36% of patients who were administered placebo, found that the spread was arrested.

Patients who had marks on their face found that it stopped spreading with Ginkgo whereas those who were given placebo did not experience any reversals. Nearly 40% of the group, who were on Ginkgo, experienced re-pigmentation, as compared to the 10%, who were given placebo showed very slight results.

Some people use supplements in the hope of recovering and clinical studies are constantly being carried out. Some of these supplements include folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, PABA and L phenylalanine. The studies indicate that none of them have been subjected to any adverse reactions. It is possible that more people will resort to using Ginkgo Biloba extracts as it has produced proven results that will be valuable to them as treatment.

Melagenina plus has been introduced to treat this problem. This disease can strike anyone regardless of the country, race or color. People who have dark complexions are most affected by this skin disease though the chances of anyone getting it are plausible.

The condition known as Vitiligo occurs when the skin cells that is responsible for creating the pigment in our bodies either die or stop production. The skin turns white when this happens. People find their eyelashes turning white when this affects them. There is no proper known cure though they have been many types of treatments that have been prescribed, which include use of ultraviolet lights, herbal supplements, as well as skin grafts. Melagenina plus may prove to be a good cure as it attacks the pigmentation problem from the roots. The reason people get these white patches is because the cells of the skin that produce the pigment dies or is arrested. Melagenina plus activates and increases the skin cells that are produced and works to reverse the symptoms. There is every chance that the normal pigmentation is restored and the white patches are eliminated from the skin.

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