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If you have been diagnosed by a life-threatening condition such as a heart disease or stroke, or if you are battling high cholesterol issues, then the first recommendation, and often the most viable of all, is to formulate a low cholesterol diet plan. What is a low cholesterol diet plan? How is it created? What constitutes it? If you are like many people, you would have very many questions regarding the diet. This can not only be frustrating but also time consuming.

While your doctor or nutritionist can help you formulate the perfect diet that will help reduce your elevated cholesterol levels, more often than not the buck will stop with you. Luckily, like all other things in life, with a little patience, some time to spare, and practice, you will be able to become a master in planning cholesterol free meals. Here is a guide to get you started.

The first place to start when looking at formulating a low cholesterol diet plan is to look at your daily diet plan. This will guide you into knowing where changes need to be made. Are there any dairy products in your dietary plan? Most of the dairy products that we consume on a daily basis are often very rich in fat and cholesterol. The first course of action therefore would be substituting them with their low fat counterparts. Get rid of the milk, butter, and cheese and substitute with soy or skim milk. The same holds true for eggs. The egg yolk is one of the most potent sources of cholesterol, hence it is a great idea to ensure you eat in moderation, or get rid of it altogether by separating the egg-white from the egg-yolk.

The second place you need to look at when formulating the perfect cholesterol diet is the meats. As any nutritional expert will tell you, red meat contains lots of saturated fats hence should be eaten in moderation, or avoided altogether. Opt for white meat i.e. fish and chicken and ensure you skin the chicken before eating it as it contains high levels of cholesterol.

By the same token, it is important to mention that how you prepare your meals also has a great impact on the level of cholesterol in your food. Baking, broiling, and grilling food ensures most fats are drained away. On the flip side of the coin, frying food can worsen the condition because it will encourage the buildup of more cholesterol. When it comes to preparing your meals, you also want to ensure that you bake or steam your vegetables that will complement your main dish.

This is just an overview of a low cholesterol diet. As mentioned, you can always talk to a nutritionist or your doctor when it comes to formulating the perfect diet that will ensure your cholesterol levels are well maintained. Further, there are many resources available both online and offline which can help you formulate a perfect diet. A low cholesterol diet plan doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless, as long as you dedicate some time into formulating the perfect plan; you can rest assured that you will be well on your way to a healthy you.

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