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Just the mention of Cheryl Cole and the first thing that will come to the minds of many is her now famous dieting principle… one that is known as the blood type diet. As the name would suggest, this is a special type of diet that is formulated around one’s special blood group/ blood type. Probably the most attractive feature of the diet is the fact that one does not need to work out when under the diet. Indeed this is a very attractive feature of a diet considering the fact that most people hate the idea of having to work extremely hard in the gym. Actually, the reason why most people are dealing with weight loss issues is not because there are no effective weight loss programs in the market, but because they loathe the idea of going to the gym.

The blood type diet recommends that if you want to lose weight, you are only supposed to eat the foods that are in line with your blood group and avoid all other ‘bad’ foods. As Cheryl Cole and many other people who have tried out the diet would say, sticking to your blood group foods is enough to ensure you remain in tip-top shape and that you maintain your ideal body weight without compromising on your health. Cheryl Cole believes that it is the diet, coupled with her busy and tight working schedule that ensures she remains in such an admirable shape. Following is a list of some of the foods ideal for the different blood groups.

Blood group AB – this is a very rare blood group to find, however, should you fall into this category, you can eat foods ideal for people in blood groups A and blood groups B. For best results, you are advised to follow a vegetarian diet with an occasional fish, meat, and some dairy products.

Blood group 0 – this is the commonest of blood groups around. The blood type diet recommends the consumption of low-carb, high protein meals with some fish, red meat, and olive oil on occasions. One thing that is omitted in the diet is dairy products

Blood Group A – blood group A is also a common blood category today and the diet recommends the consumption of nuts, cereals, rice, seeds, vegetables and fruits, and beans to mention but a few. Generally, this blood group can eat anything and everything. To complement your intake of ‘everything’, you are advised to undertake calming exercises such as meditation and yoga.

Blood group B – only 10% of the world’s population today falls under the blood group B category. The recommended intake in your blood type diet for blood group B people is tiny amounts of carb-rich foods.

Because of the huge popularity that this type of diet has enjoyed in the recent past, many scientific researches have been conducted to make the consumer aware of the pros and cons of the diet. Some school of thought is of the opinion that the diet is enough to aid in successful weight loss. On the flip side of the coin though, another school of thought believes that the concept is not a practical long-term weight loss solution. They cite the fact that some blood groups have very restrictive meals while others are too liberal.

Myths and Facts of the Blood Type Diet
Most weight loss diets in the market today are standardized in the sense that they advocate for a specific action plan to be followed by all who use the diet. One notable difference between these diets and the blood type diet is the fact that it recognizes the simple fact that there is no one-size-fits all diet. The diet shows that a diet plan can be personalized to work as effectively, and sometimes even better than the standardized ones.

Extensive research has been conducted on this diet and all results came out to be consistent across all the blood types. Even so, academicians and doctors still question the science behind the effect of a diet on someone’s blood type and how it can contribute to weight loss. The reasoning behind this diet is

The logic behind the diet is such that the different blood groups and their adjacent food categories are evocative of the kind of life that ancestors led and specifically their eating habits. Blood Group 0 for example was the hunter hence is recommended a potent protein diet. Type A blood group ancestors were cultivators; hence their diet notably lacks red meat and recommends a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The nomads were the type B blood groups, hence are a group that is believed it can survive on dairy products. The enigma was the rare blood group AB, an intermediate of A and B blood groups.

Granted, many would eat their recommended foods and loaf on the couch all day. It is important to remember that our ancestors led a very active life. There were no cars at the time hence they did a lot of long distance walking to reach their destinations. This justifies the reason why most of their diets were a success. This should not be construed to mean that you should do a lot of long distance walking; however, you might want to avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. As Cheryl Cole clearly puts it, her active and busy life is what complements her blood type diet to make it a practical choice for her.

The good news is that you do not have to do boring exercises in the name of leading an active lifestyle. Just move your body and your blood type diet will work for you. Some things as simple as swimming, playing tennis, cycling can be fun activities to make your body system active so that you can create a perfect platform for weight loss. Eating without working is detrimental to your health and can be the source of otherwise avoidable lifestyle related diseases. When all things remain constant though, you can be guaranteed that this diet is as effective as any other successful weight loss diet out there.

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