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Resistance Training, or as it is most commonly known Weight Lifting, is just one component that is required by a wrestler, when he begins to prepare for a competition. However, this is an essential component, as it helps to increase the endurance, power and strength of the wrestler. The advantages of resistance training are that your tendons and ligaments that connect muscles and bones increase the muscular strength, to reduce the chances of injury, during a wrestling match. The bone density also increases, when you practice resistance training, which helps to prevent fractures developing due to stress. According to Dan John, the term used for building muscle is “armor building” for a sports athlete.

Many wrestlers get confused when they look at the various weight lifting options available. Many were keen to try out P90X after looking at the TV infomercials. Several people may have read various magazines, such as Iron Man, Flex and Muscle and Fitness, when checking out the various routines for bodybuilding. Powerlifting USA is another interesting magazine in the market. Many of us are impressed when we watch the Olympic Weightlifting on Television.

According to Tudor Bompa, “prime movers” refers to the muscles that perform certain technical moves. When one is in a strength training program, they should know which muscles have to be targeted for the type of sport involved and work on them. Since wrestling is all about pulling an opponent by his leg, pummeling and fighting for top position, the strength training will target those particular prime movers. The shoulders, back muscles and biceps are all involved and have to be strengthened. Grip strengthening to secure holds for fighting with the hands and pulling is required along with strengthening of the hips and legs to succeed in a wrestling match. It is essential to focus on exercising these prime movers.

Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus, popularized High Intensity Training (HIT) in the 1970s. Here only a particular set of exercises are targeted as against multiple sets and these are performed in a very controlled slow manner. The exercises are done till the person tires out and develops muscle failure. This helps to build up muscular strength as well as the size. It is necessary to work out with HIT, only two or maximum three times in the week as these workouts are intense, though brief. Some of the noted HIT advocates were Ellington Darden, Matt Brzycki, Drew Baye, Ken Leistner and champion bodybuilders, Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.

Since HIT workouts are brief and last for about half an hour, it is ideal for people who do not have much time to practice weight lifting. However, some people are of the opinion that working high intensity, for short periods, leading to muscle failure has too many drawbacks. Many debate on the advantages of working out one set, as against multiple sets for producing more gains at greater strength. Studies on the subject reveal that one set is equally effective, as performing three sets, while there are conflicting opinions. Anyone who wishes to try out HIT workouts should carry out some research before making a decision. Since there are recorded instances of athletes finding this type of HIT training usefully, it is worth giving it a shot.

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