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From time immemorial, our ancestors have eaten foods that have been introduced in our genes long before pollution was even heard of and to ensure that we eat the right foods today and nourish our bodies to keep them as healthy as our ancestors, the Paleo diet has been introduced. In the earlier days, the concept of wheat, sugar, domestic cattle and harmful foods were unheard of for cavemen and yet they lived very healthy lives.

Based on the recognition of the many illnesses that have surfaced today, because of the unnatural foods that we consume that slowly poisons our metabolism, this type of diet takes into account natural foods that were eaten, before they were treated with harmful chemicals. Today, people are paying attention to natural foods produced on farms.

We realize that the present day foods are responsible for tooth decay, obesity and illnesses resulting from poor metabolism, such as allergic reactions, diabetes and other similar problems. Modern foods create problems, apart from the expenses involved and if we try to eliminate them from our diet and substitute them with the natural options available, we will be able to eat healthy.

The agricultural revolution that is being touted today is nothing more than foods that are grown with harmful ingredients. We should take it upon ourselves, to stop eating foods that harm and try to incorporate foods that heal, so that we can effectively control our weight as well as our overall health, as we overcome our unnatural eating habits.

When you eat something, stop and think if these foods were eaten by cavemen in the early days. It was only after farming was introduced about ten thousand years or so back that grains were grown. Therefore, this is something that is not recognized in the Paleo diet.

In the early ages, there were no domestic animals and therefore, milk, butter and cheese were unheard of and this is something that introduces lactose intolerance, for many people and therefore should not be eaten. Sugar, is another food that was planted in the past few decades to introduce over-refined tastes to humans and has proved to be one of the worst foods, for human beings. Natural honey that is collected from bee hives and wild bees are ideal for replacing sugar. Honey can be used moderately in this diet plan, though children under ten years should not eat this food, as they may by subject to small doses of botulism that may be present in honey.

Cavemen lived on fruits that they plucked from the branches of trees and relished. We are all aware of the advantages of eating fruits and drinking fruit juices for nutritional values. Limited quantities of eggs were taken down from nests and eaten, as there were no chicken farms in those days that were set up for producing eggs, on a large scale. Eggs are recommended in this diet, both white and the yolk and this should be restricted to about six in a week.

The mainstay of this diet is nuts and meats. It is recommended to eat all kinds of lean meats and organ meats as they are high in protein content and will help to boost the energy and lose weight. You get sufficient quantities of calories and proteins, when you eat nuts without worrying about fats that are harmful and you can gorge on them, though they are more fattening than eating meat.

Incorporate root vegetables as part of the Paleo diet, as these were key foods that were foraged and eaten by cavemen, for nutritional values. You can use these to supplement the portions on the side, which include nuts, fruits and meat. You are essentially avoiding the intake of grains, sugars and bakery products and substituting the same with the above foods, which was exactly what was enjoyed by our ancestors, who lived in caves and hunted and foraged for food. The Paleo diet therefore holds promise of a healthy life, where you will not have problems with the metabolism of our body and avoid all illnesses.

You may now start pondering on how to get more details of this diet plan if you have only recently learnt about the goodness of this diet plan. Your next concern is to source out the right ingredients and start preparing the recipes that are laid out in this diet plan.

Many people start out enthusiastically on a diet and are motivated enough, to continue on this plan for a few days, when everything works to advantage. However, this feeling does not last for long and many people just lose interest and stop working on the diet plan altogether. Let us examine the reasons for this.

Before you begin to adopt the Paleo diet, spend considerable time planning the new lifestyle that you need to adopt. We need to introduce discipline, along with motivation, if we want to adhere to the diet. What are the things we require to get onto this plan? The first things are to lay our hands on a Paleo recipe list that is comprehensive. It is not enough to be faced with just three recipes, as options for dinner, perhaps two for our breakfast and eat a plate of salad every day for lunch! We would find it extremely monotonous. It is essential therefore to get a recipe book that has several recipes for various meals.

The next essential items to consider are to make sure you own a fridge with a freezer. We may not always have the time to stock up the fridge with items to cook. We tend to eat anything that comes our way when we are exhausted after a hard day. You can skirt around this problem by cooking large amounts, when you have the time and freeze some in convenient size portions, so that you do not have to scrounge around, looking for food in the fridge.

Make sure you fix a day for shopping. You can get foods that should be eaten according to the diet plan in several places, though you may not be able to find everything, in a one-stop shop. Therefore plan a day, when you can spend grocery shopping once or twice a week, so that you can stock your larder.

Have fun selecting the meals by browsing through the recipes and planning the grocery list. Buy the right ingredients and enjoy the experience of shopping around in an organized manner. You will find that you are automatically charged with enthusiasm and feel motivated to continue on this diet plan. Your diet can be kick started with great results.

When you are hungry, you do not have to get into a state wondering what to eat and how to go about it as you will have the necessary ingredients to get you started on what you can and wish to eat. You will have many Paleo recipes to choose from and you could perhaps chalk out a menu for the week, so that you know exactly what you are going to have to breakfast, lunch and dinner on each day of the week. Make each day different with the tasty Paleo recipes and enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, so that you are inspired and motivate to continue on this sensible diet plan. Once you cross the initial difficult phase, where you will have to make necessary adjustments, you will realize how easy it is to stick to the diet plan.

This diet plan has been referred to as the Hunter-Gather Diet or the Caveman Diet, but these names are just synonyms for this plan, which basically works around shifting your lifestyle. Your overall performance and stamina will see a complete transition for the better, when you work on this diet. You will find that you feel younger and have more drive and enduring powers that you normally lacked and put it down to the fact that you were advancing in years. If we avoid eating the processed foods that are introduced in the market today, our performance will dwindle. We eat all the wrong nutrients that encourage illnesses and diseases. Our bodies are not charged with energy, as they should be and we only end up introducing toxins, in our systems. Our bodies begin to work sluggishly and our defense mechanisms take a toll, when we do not get the necessary fuel that our bodies need.

All of us need to incorporate changes in our lifestyle if we wish to promote health. Avoid anti-nutrients and foods that harm rather than heal and eat the foods that your bodies were meant to eat. Our bodies basically hunger for the ingredients laid out in the Paleo diet plan because that was what was eaten from the beginning of time. The difference will be record performances that we never thought we could achieve in our lifetime. Make this shift as soon as you can if you wish to see the results of good wholesome food, going the right way into your system. Enjoy the variety of recipes, when you are on this diet plan and work your way to adopting this for the rest of your life for maximum gains.

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