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Mammoplasty is the term used to refer to breast augmentation or enlargement done through a medical procedure, which is also referred to as cosmetic surgery, or breast implants. A silicone bag is planted over or under the breast muscle and filled with gel or saline solution. This medical procedure has been used for many decades popularly. Large numbers of women yearn to get larger breasts to look more attractive, but they cannot afford to go through this breast surgery, due to the exorbitant costs involved as well as the fact that it is dangerous.

There is no doubt that this type of breast augmentation surgery is a major surgery. The patient is admitted in hospital and has to get general anesthesia before the actual surgery. The curing time may be several months. Many people wish to have enlarged breasts, replace one if they have had to go through a mastectomy, or just make them look better cosmetically. Some used it when they wish to undergo gender transformation.

It is important to give serious consideration to this type of surgery as it can cause damaging effects on your overall health. One of the primary considerations is the exorbitant costs involved. A patient can run up a bill for a couple of thousands of dollars. This surgery also leaves a visible scar near the nipple or along the folds of the breast.

Since this treatment is carried out over a period of time, it can prove very expensive as one has to be on medication for a long time. Women have to undergo a lot of pain, which can last for several months, once the procedure is over. The other important factors to consider are that any major surgeries may bring upon adverse unexpected reactions, depending on the health of the individual who undergoes the treatment. Some patients suffer from ruptures of the implant, excessive bleeding reactions, reactions from anesthetic effects and infection, which can be fatal.

Triactol Bust Serum has proved to be a safe and effective alternative that can be used to get the same effects. The natural extract of the herb Pmirifica is manufactured as it has excellent properties. You just have to apply this extract on your breast and in a couple of week you will notice a permanent increase, in the cup size of your breasts. Not only is this treatment safe, but you can get equally good results without going through the surgery for breast augmentation.

Many people in the medical community were genuinely concerned about how the implants would work for women who breast-feed their children. These fears have now been proved futile. In fact, it has been observed that the formulas sold in the market had increased levels of silicone, which were much higher than those found in the milk of women, who underwent this surgery.

People may be under the impression that U.S is the best capital for carrying out breast augmentation. However this is not true. China has proved to be the most popular country where these types of surgeries are affected. This only goes to prove that plastic surgery is more popular in China.

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