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Dr. Simeon has completed extensive research on the HCG hormone and developed a program that proves popular, compared to the many that have been worked out for effective weight loss.

Human Chrionic Gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone that is produced in our bodies. According to DR. Simeon, this HCG hormone brings about changes in the metabolic functions in the body by stimulating removal of excess amounts of stored fats from our bodies.

You can opt to use HCG shots, or go for the oral tablets, when you decide to follow this diet plan. It is very essential that you restrict your diet strictly so as not to exceed 500 calories. This helps the organic foods that are prescribed, cleanse the body and free it from chemicals that cause weight gain.

There are three different phases that you go through when on the HCG diet plan. The first stage, also referred to as the Loading stage, lasts for 2 days, when the dieter has to take 6 to 10 HCG drops six times in the day, for effective results. At this time, they have to eat food high in calories to build up the reserve fat, so that it can adjust and cope, when on the diet of low calories.

The Maintenance phase is the second stage which lasts for 21 days. During this stage, the dieter has to again take about 6 to 10 drops of HCG, for about 6 times in a day for effective results. The “very low calorie diet” or VLCD is then started, where a strict regimen of 500 calories has to be adopted, according the regimen of the HCG diet Plan.

During the third or Stabilization phase, which will last for the next 21 days, or longer, depending on the goal that has been set, the dieter has to continue with the 6 to 10 HCG drops for six times in the day effectively. The calorie intake can be increased and the dieter is allowed to eat organic foods but has to refrain from starchy and sugary foods.

The effective result after these three phases allows the dieter to lose 40 kgs! However, the dieter should ensure strict adherence to this diet plan in order for it to succeed.

People who eat far too much food than the body requires increase the intake of energy. Abnormal amounts of fat get accumulated as a result. This is the primary reason for nearly one-third women becoming obese and nearly 50% becoming overweight.

Many obese and over-weight people have found the HCG plan to produce significant results. Anyone who wishes to lose weight, or finds it difficult to maintain weight for long periods, can avail of this diet effectively.

The body starts burning up about 2000 calories a day, in the third day of the HCG diet plan, by restricting their intake to 500 calories. The calories that have been accumulated in the fat, burns, causing weight loss, without any loss of muscle, vitamins, or minerals stored in the body. The HCG hormone, which is administered daily, triggers the metabolic rate while releasing fat with the measured doses. The calories continue to burn when the dieter starts consuming food that has low calories.

There are many advantages to this HCG Diet Plan. Not only does one imbibe healthy foods, you stay healthy with good eating habits and avoid storage of fat in the body that causes weight gain. Several millions have benefited over the past years by following this program. This Diet Plan is safe, convenient and healthy. People are able to lose weight due to the strict diet regime. Once they lose weight, they can stabilize their body weight by maintaining and managing their weight for years.

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