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Essential oils create the foundation of aromatherapy, to help motivate not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. It is possible to get essential aromatherapy oils from extractions of roots, flowers, fruits and stems. When used in aromatherapy, the oils are combined with other carrier oils such as jojoba, apricot kernel, grape seed and sweet almond, which are used to massage the body. Aromatherapy is used popularly nowadays to treat various conditions and works well for patients, psychologically, as well as physically.

There are two parts to the theory of how aromatherapy oils works. One is that it triggers and the portion of the brain that normally has a role to play with controlling emotions and retrieving memories. This area of the brain is also referred to as the limbic system that becomes relaxed when the aroma of the essential oil is inhaled. The second part of the theory is that the oils have certain medicinal properties and get absorbed through the skin, which works to relieve the problem.

Lavender essential oil and tea tree essential aromatherapy oils are popularly used in aromatherapy because they can be directly applied to the skin. They are easily absorbed within a few minutes of application and do not leave any sticky residue when applied. There are many types of essential oils which are excellent and popular in aromatherapy. They are:

The Eucalyptus oil which is derived from Australia is considered as good resourceful oil. It protects people from the flu and severe cold, fights infectious diseases, such as measles and is an effective insect repellent.

Bergamot has its roots in Italy. It is made from bitter orange peels and has the aroma of oranges. This enriching essential oil is invigorating and the color of the oil is light green. It is excellent when one is trying to get rid of tensions, headaches or anxiety. This oil is used to massage the body.

Geranium essential oil is a derivative from Pelargonium and smells as beautiful as the rose. Pregnant women use this oil for its feminine and fresh smell. Geranium oil is generally used by people who feel irritable or suffer from depression.

Chamomile essential oil is best from Germany and Rome and used by women and children extensively in this type of aromatherapy treatment. It works to calm nappy rash, sooth colic and stomach problems as well as skin irritations.

The Neroli essential oil is taken from flowers of the sour orange tree and has a refreshing fragrance. It is excellent for its tranquilizing abilities and also helps people to get rid of anxiety. Neroli oil motivates cell development.

The Peppermint oil smells just like fresh mint. It is used in many cosmetic products that are formulated for skin care and good for acne and oily skin. The oil has revitalizing properties that invigorate the body and aids digestion.

The Rose essential oil is great for relieving problems connected with depression and stress. It works beneficially for various types of skin, especially mature skin.

Try out the above aromatherapy oils and enjoy the benefits.

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