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Many people today who are in their golden years strive to apply anti aging therapy in order to feel great. Some would like to be active to take care for their grandchildren and others simply prefer to enjoy their life when the kids are grown up and they are alone again. Whatever the reason is, you can opt for an inexpensive and risk free procedure that will make you look younger.

There is a theory according to which free radicals cause the process of aging to increase and happen quickly. These radicals are everywhere – in our body, in environment and food and destroy the cells from inside. Young people have more defensive straight against these free radicals, however not this is the case for older people, which is the reason for aging.

Many scientists agree with Free Radical Theory. In fact, these radicals are thought to cause many diseases, like dementia, cancer and hearth diseases as a result of their damaging effect upon our bodies. Medical professionals differ of their holistic health colleagues mainly with the way they deal with the free radicals.
Body cleanse practice is performed by the holistic professionals as a way to keep the body healthy. This is preferred practice, since it doesn’t force the organism to cleanse. On the contrary, this method stimulates the natural cleansing process in the body to work better and more efficiently.

In order to apply body cleanse, the person needs to follow a healthy diet. Thus, he/she will have to exclude from their daily food all processed foods, fast foods and junk foods and substitute them with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, beans, nuts, dish and sprouts. Using of organic food is essential in order to leave out all the chemicals and pesticides that contain in processed products. This method helps in reducing the free radicals in our organism.

Some other factors that promote natural body cleanse, are nutritional supplements. The intestinal tract sweeps better after consuming a large amount of fibers. If this waste does not completely leave the organism, this can be dangerous for the health, keeping all toxins and pollutants in. So it is imperative to keep the way for them open in order to properly detoxify and cleanse your body.

Among the most effective supplements is spirulina, which can be used for a body cleanse. According to some researchers, this supplement can effectively attract and absorb all those harmful toxins that have free radicals in them. It is said, that by their absorbing them, the body can easily eliminate them.

There are some exercises, which people can use to improve the process of cleansing, such as body wrap and massage. Colonic is also an effective method, which can physically help move the waste along with toxins out. In addition, lymph and blood flow can also be stimulated through regular exercises to make the process of free radical removing easier and more effective. This is why the healthy lifestyle that includes regular workouts is not less important than proper nutrition and supplements intake.

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