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The 3 day diet was a very popular fad diet that was started in 1985 but like many fad diets was soon lost its popularity. This diet is still practiced by a few, who wish to shed weight quickly, reduce their cholesterol levels, clean and boost their energy levels. There are a few books that are still in existence. This diet plan does not recommend any accompanying exercises.

Some people wrongly refer to this 3 day diet as “Cleveland Clinic Diet”. As the name suggests, this diet has to be followed for three days continuously and followed by a normal diet for four or five days, before it has to be followed again. Dieter’s who adhere to this plan will be assured of a definite weight loss of nearly 10 pounds in the first 3 days. The issue one has to deal with here is whether there is any weight loss, or if this diet just takes into account the liquid weight loss, during this period.
It is necessary to follow a strict diet and eat only the specified proportions of certain foods during this 3 Day Det. The dieter will not benefit from the diet if he/she strays from the diet by overeating or under eating during these 3 days.

Here is what the 3 day diet Plan recommends:
For breakfast on the first day of the Plan, you are allowed to have a cup of black coffee or tea with one toast slice. Spread 2 tablespoons peanut butter on this and eat half a grape fruit. For lunch you can have one slice of toast with half cup tuna. Eat about seven slices (3 ounces) of lean meat at dinner time (according to your choice.) You should also eat one cup each of beets and string beans together with one small apple and finish this with a regular cup size of ice cream (vanilla.)
For Breakfast on the second day, eat one egg with one slice toast and have a cup of black coffee or tea. Eat half of a banana. You can have either half cup of either cottage cheese, or tuna with five saltine crackers (regular.) Enjoy your dinner with two slices beef and add a cup of either broccoli or cabbage and half a cup of carrots, half banana and a regular half cup of ice cream (vanilla)

On the last day of the 3 day diet plan, you can drink one cup of black coffee or tea, eat five regular pieces of salt crackers with one apple and one ounce cheddar cheese. For lunch, have one cup of black tea or coffee with a toast and an egg which is preferably hard boiled. At dinner time, have one cup of tuna with one beet. Finish this off with half of one cantaloupe topped with half cup of vanilla ice cream (regular.)

The other criteria when on this 3 day diet is to drink nine glasses or more of water. You can have any other drink which contains no calories. However, you cannot substitute any of the above foods when on this diet, neither can you add any type of flavoring or seasoning except salt and pepper.

What is the magic behind this diet that one can lose weight in just 3 days? There is no written evidence on how this diet works in lowering cholesterol levels, cleansing the system, burning down fat, or augmenting the energy levels. The way it is supposed to work is explained below.

The combination and proportions that have been worked out for this 3 day diet Plan, works uniquely on the metabolism, to create the right reaction in the body. Some chemicals in food are able to raise the metabolic rate and burn fat faster than it does on a normal basis.

The reason the diet is not continued for over three consecutive days is to avoid the metabolic rate from slowing down, so that you do not develop hunger pangs and prevent the body from storing fat again. This is the reason for alternating this diet with eating normal food, for the next 4 or 5 days, so that you can continue on this diet for as long as you like.

There are several disadvantages that have been noticed when on this diet plan. The first is that the diet does not factor in many carbohydrates, which are essential for retaining water and results in lot of water weight loss, from the body. You will easily put this back again when you start eating normal food again. The nutritional value of the food is insufficient for the body. For dieters who love to eat normally, this diet could prove very monotonous which may prevent them from sticking to the diet for long. Hence, there is less chances of people resolving to lose weight by sticking to this diet.

The other criteria are that there is no recorded proof that the 3 day diet plan introduces any type of metabolic reaction whatsoever. The reason why one loses weight is because of restrictions in the amount of calories consumed, which may work adversely. Dieters may have to go on loss of pay for three days if they had to follow this stringent diet. The other negative factor is that people who exercise regularly may not be able to continue exercising, due to lowered energy levels. This is a surefire way of getting off the track and you may find it difficult to get back to the usual routine. The other factor is that it is possible to put back all the weight loss, as this is a temporary way of losing weight rapidly. The danger here is that your body may get into a mode where you begin to starve.

It is better to be warned at this stage that one should give up the diet if you begin to feel lightheaded, or extremely exhausted, as the diet involved is very stringent. It is essential to take care of one’s health!

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