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Nowadays children are getting exposed to far greater stress than their counterparts experienced before the 21st century. Children have to learn how to deal with this imminent threat all the time in today’s world so that they are able to handle the pressures that they experience in their environment.

Most kids are faced with stress almost like what their peers experience and it is compounded with negative emotions. It is difficult for children to learn how to cope with stress as they are not trained to use the necessary tools and skills that adults normally use in society. Children therefore need to learn anti stress techniques of relaxation at an early age, which will stand them in good stead, when they grow up to be adults.

Children should be subjected to productive anti stress activities that relax them and eliminate feelings of anxiety or frustration as they expend all their energy. An excellent game that can be used for this purpose is Play-Do. Children are encouraged to use their creativity skills and with the help of their hands form interesting figures and shapes to help them relax. They can also indulge in activities that promote coloring, painting and drawing.

Laughter as we all know is the best anti stress medicine. Your blood pressure levels lower as you start laughing loudly. The hormones that control your stress levels also benefit by producing more hormones that will kill pain and elevate your mood naturally. Try to ensure that you allow your children to relax with a comedy so that they start laugh. You can also joke, or share funny anecdotes or even make funny faces to amuse them.

Deep breathing techniques area highly recommended for reducing stress and tension. Make your child stop whatever stressful chore they are undertaking and relax in a comfortable area where there is no disturbance. Instruct them to close their eyes and inhale slowly, taking deep breaths, at least three times. It will help if you teach them how to breathe in from their nose and exhale their breath from their mouths after which they open their eyes slowly. These types of breathing exercises performed several times will help them de-stress.

Children benefit greatly when they start yoga training at an early age. This Eastern medication and techniques of breathing the yogic way will help your child tremendously to automatically de-stress. Not only will your child find it enjoyable, but they can easily master the anti stress techniques and poses taught to them by the instructors. You can also purchase DVDs, such as Marsha Wenig’s ABC for ages 3 – 6 or the second volume of “Yoga kids,” which will prove to be beneficial teaching aids.

There is no overstating the importance of getting sufficient rest and sleep as this is the greatest reliever of stress. Children are unduly stressed with improper sleep as they need to build up their natural defenses. It is therefore recommended that they get at least eleven or thirteen hours sleep in a day, especially if they are 3 to 5 years old. As they grow older, they can manage with about 10 to 11 hours of sleep in a day.

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