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Our bodies are constantly being exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals in the air. Free radicals abound in large numbers and create havoc with our health and the immune system. If we ensure that we take sufficient antioxidant supplements, herbs and vitamins, we will be able to fight these harmful elements. It is possible to lead a long and healthy life by taking precautions to guard against this onslaught. We should be able to safely say that we are doing the best we can to make sure that our bodies are guarded and protected with natural supplements to keep it healthy.

Taking antioxidant supplements help you fight many diseases and free radicals naturally. They work positively to reduce the harmful onslaught of free radicals that constantly try to work their way into the system.

Research on the subject by the medical fraternity indicates that these free radicals can cause very serious problems that are detrimental to health. By taking antioxidant supplements, you will be able to provide building blocks, with the oral enzymes that will counteract the harmful effects and stop them in their track. Zinc, copper and magnesium are minerals that work well to keep out bodies fighting fit.

Minerals and vitamins, apart from the millions of enzymes are provided by the antioxidant supplements, which absorb easily in our bodies. You get beta carotene in vitamin C and coenzyme, lycopene, cysteine and lutein, from the amino acids in vitamin B2. Some of the other extracts, such as aloe vera, ginkgo, pine bark extracts and turmeric, are also found which have been found efficient for helping the body fight off harmful radicals that cause health problems.
Fortunately for us, by taking these antioxidant supplements, we do not have to try to consume these various ingredients in large amounts, which could prove quite challenging. These supplements are also found naturally in vegetables and fruits. If you have problems with dietary constraints, you can just take these foods in the supplement form.

We have been commonly exposed to the term antioxidants recently. With the help of research we are made aware of the properties of these sources and know that the properties of alkaline are created by water ionizers. How do you define antioxidant? To put it simply, anything that is able to counteract or stop oxidation is known as an anti-oxidant. The term oxidations refers to the chemical reaction that takes place, when oxygen atoms are mixed with a substance and try to bring about destructive results, for the most part. When these oxidants which are referred to as free radicals miss an electron, they become unstable and try to replace these electrons from the other molecules. When they come in contact with the molecule, they in turn become new free radicals that look for other electrons and this sets off a chain reaction.

For example, hydrogen peroxide is formed through a metabolic process, when it combines with oxygen at the level of the human cells. When this happens, the free radicals which are over produced start damaging the cells and tissues making them weak and susceptible to disease and causing people to age prematurely. Another example is when rust forms on any iron pieces exposed to the elements. When oxidation takes place with the oxygen combining with the molecules, it continues to rust and finally destroys the price of iron.

The effect of free radicals has opened up doors to several ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and so on. Therefore it is important to understand how antioxidants play a vital role in taking care of our health. Though we require free radicals, to defend our system by killing bacteria, removing acid content from our foods and drinks and protect us from smoking and pollution, they can also cause harmful effects, if they are produced excessively. What is the role of antioxidants in our system for controlling oxidants on the warpath? To encapsulate the truth, it is capable of donating an electron to free radicals, without converting to a free radical and by this method; it neutralizes the process of overproduction of free radicals. When we take foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables, some types of fruits, teas, mineral and vitamin supplements, nuts, dark chocolate, wine, and alkaline water that is ionized, it helps to restore the balance to our vital organs. This also helps to arrest premature aging and oxidation.

Our bodies comprise of 70% water normally and therefore if we ensure that we drink alkaline water, we will find that it makes a significant difference, as it helps to correct the free radicals. What is the reason for alkaline water to have properties of antioxidants according to the testimonials that we read? The Ionizer machines split water molecules electronically into hydrogen acidic atoms that are positively charged and hydrogen alkaline atoms that are negatively charged. This split is accomplished by the machines when it is processed by electrolysis. The alkaline water that we drink is produced from the molecule that is negatively charged 0 H- Hydrogen atoms. The large amount of electrons additionally produced in the water is donated to free radicals when they require the electrons. Since this donating of an electron can be accomplished without processing it into a free radical, it is able to control the damage caused by molecules in the system.

The H20 clusters found in water is also reduced by the ionizers by nearly half the quantity. Since the smaller sized water clusters are very stable, this structure will assimilate more easily into the cells and therefore, help to hydrate our bodies quickly. The dual role of creating smaller clusters and the properties, as an anti-oxidant, helps to reduce the acidic content, fight the free radicals that enter the blood stream, carry oxygen efficiently and make sure essential minerals are provided. Apart from this, they also fight the process of aging, ensure effective hydration of the body and flush toxins from the cells, thereby promoting the working of the immune system.

Free radicals cause harm to the body cells, when they are released from foods that we consume and this can easily be prevented, by antioxidants. The substance found in antioxidants is capable of protecting the cells from damaging and preventing cancer. The Vitamins A, C & E, lycopene and beta-carotene stabilize free radicals, as they contain antioxidants.

Though various clinical tests were conducted on the effects of antioxidants on the development of cancer, there were no conclusive results until the year 1990, when it was evident that they did have a role, in the prevention of cancer. Extensive tests were carried out on beta-carotene and its effects on various groups of patients who had cancer. The first prevention study was published on cancer in 1993. Clinical tests were conducted on healthy Chinese women, as well as men, to check the results of selenium, vitamin E and beta-carotene on the risk of contracting gastric cancer. Results indicated that the combination of these antioxidants proved effective for reducing the risk of gastric as well as other cancers.

In 1994 more studies were conducted on the prevention of cancer. Regular doses of vitamin E, prescribed for Finnish males who were smokers, did not prove effective for reducing the rate of lung cancer. This was a clinical test carried out for preventing cancer with use of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol) and Beta-carotene. Tests and studies through the years 1994 and 1996 to 1999 proved that the effects were neutral when antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and Vitamins, A & E were used to fight cancer.

Chemical tests and studies carried out recently have provided better and positive results. There are concrete evidences of the effects of antioxidants for preventing cancer along with other tests conducted with the studies of animals and cell culturing. The molecules that are electrically charged, otherwise referred to as free radicals, tend to remove the electrons from the molecules that work to improve cell functioning. To ensure that the free radicals leave the molecules undisturbed, the antioxidants donate electrical charge to neutralize them, so that the free radicals are prevented from removing electrons, or damaging them. People, who ate sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, were able to stave the onset of cancer, thus proving that antioxidants worked effectively to prevent the risk of contracting cancer.

The role played by antioxidants, therefore, is to eliminate free radicals so that our bodies function well and continue to remain healthy. Our body cells, as well as their organelles, can suffer extensive damage by the free radicals that are found in our body. If the DNA gets disrupted because of this, then there is all likelihood of developing an illness, or disease. Therefore, it is essential that we take antioxidants, as a daily routine to ensure that the effects are neutralized. Regular intake of antioxidants will remove the toxins from out body and ensure that our immune system stays strong as our cells continue to function well and we delay the onset of premature graying.

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