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Improvements in the facial appearance is what makes more and more many men and women search for the help of estheticians for obtaining a fresher, smoother and more attractive facial skin. Currently, dermabrasion has become quite widely used procedure, although it is very complicated and painful.

Dermabrasion is a method that helps in reducing scars and wrinkles, as well as in improving the skin quality. Do not confuse this method with micro-dermabrasion, which method uses crystals to polish skin and to remove the dead cells. In fact, dermabrasion improves skin reproduction qualities not only in the top layer, as it is in the micro-dermabrasion method, but also in the lower dermal layers. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and cleans the pores, making skin smoother and soft.

This procedure is also applied in cases of bleeding in the skin epidermal layer. Electric brush is applied along with a special system that contains either micro crystals or rough edges to get rig of dead cells. A brush is moved very fast, thus exfoliating the skin from unnecessary elements. Some time ago this medical procedure was applied with a device working with abrasive agents.

There is more advanced and painless method of laser dermabrasion for effective removing of prominent scars, thus preferred from many clients. Unfortunately, it is not so effective for other skin problems. Simply said, classic dermabrasion is much more complicated and effective method compared to laser dermabrasion, which purpose is only to control calibrate and bleeding without causing any bleeding.

There are certain cases, in which dermabrasion is simply necessary and very effective mean for curing.

It helps in chicken pox and acne scars removing. The procedure is performed by applying local anesthesia or by taking a sedative given by the doctor. Since the scars are located in the top layer of the skin, this method removes it, stimulating reproduction of new cells by applying medication. The recovery time is not long and the procedure itself is fast.

People who want to get rid of keratoses also can take advantage of dermabrasion. These small growths can be hazardous, since if left may turn into a cancer. The procedure of keratose removal is a bit different from the previous one, because the doctor has to freeze the area first, applying a Freon spray, then to remove one growth at a time. The patient will not feel any pain during the procedure and will recover completely for the period of only one week.

Dermabrasion is effective approach for removing stretch marks, appeared after the pregnancy, and wrinkles. During the pregnancy women develop undesirable stretch marks around midsection and abdomen. The procedure however proved to effectively combat with the cellulite deposits, which are under the skin surface. To fix and remove facial wrinkles, the physician pulls harder the skin, thus eliminating these unpleasant signs of aging. The recovery period for this procedure lasts for one or two days only, which will depend of patient’s age and the expertise of the doctor.

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