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Most of us are interested in diets that will help us shed some pounds and make certain it does not come back. In France, many men and women have found it possible to look less obese than the Americans. What is the secret? This article will give you conclusive evidences of the reason they are able to remain slim.

Pierre Dukan, who is a French physician, introduced the Dukan Diet nearly a decade ago. Dr. Dukan is a Nutrition specialist, who has received wide acclaim for this diet, when it was introduced. Dr. Dukan got a brainwave when people started approaching him desperately for ways to shed pounds. He decided to try out a new diet, when he found patients avoiding meat completely, as they wanted to lose their extra fat. He asked these patients to eat only meat and reduce carbohydrates, as well as starchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes from their diet.

Recent media reports indicate that more than 1.5 million women in France exist on this diet successfully and most of them are prominent political figures, models and movies stars. They are tempted with the thought of maintaining their slender figures while enjoying foods that they really like. Many of the high profile models, including Jennifer Lopez and Giselle Bundchen have found that their figure is now as slim as never before. People around the world heard of this miraculous diet and are showing keen interest in the same.

The Dukan Diet consists of four different phases. It starts with the Attach Phase, or the “pure protein phase” and goes on to the Cruise Phase. The third phase is the Consolidation Phase and finally you graduate to the fourth, which is the Stabilization Phase.

The effectiveness of this diet lies in the fact that it derives the protein, minerals and vitamins from foods that are high in protein, to determine how the body reacts. Proteins are harder to absorb when compared to fats and carbohydrates. The body requires at least 3 hours to digest foods that contain protein ,before the system reacts and it takes at least 30% calories, to digest foods rich in protein.

In other words, when you consume more protein, your body expends more calories. We are all aware that protein contains fewer calories than fats and carbohydrates. Therefore when we eat foods high in protein value, they help to expend more calories, as well as controls the amount of calories that people will consume as the food remains longer in the system, because of the slow rate of digestion. According to Dr. Dukan, this diet is based on academic solutions that explain the importance of various food groups and the order in which they are used in the diet. The first step is to consume vital foods, then foods that are indispensable, followed by essential foods that are required by the body, before ending with consuming superfluous foods.

Dr. Dukan concentrates on logic based on science, when he maintains that you can “eat anything you want,” as long as you ensure it has protein value. This type of diet proves successful and attractive for people, who cannot do without their proteins, especially when one is able to maintain their weight loss after reaching the desired target, since people can start eating as much as they want all over again. While enjoying foods that one normally craves for, it is possible to enjoy eating and losing weight at the same time, without compensating on reducing the quantities of foods imbibed.

As with every diet, there are merits and demerits of following any diet. Before starting on any diet, it is advisable to consult a medical professional, especially if you suffer from any issued related to health. This is a sound practice to follow regardless of the type of diet one is planning to follow. Here one has to be doubly sure, as the Dukan Diet requires that you restrict particular types of food groups, such as fats and carbohydrates.

The advantages of this diet are that you start losing weight. The Dukan Diet helps you to shed excess weight that is required so that you are able to lead a healthier life. You may find that the loss of weight helps you to reduce other problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks etc.

There are positive feedbacks in testimonials that have been written about the famous Dukan Diet. In the first phase, (Attack) which lasts for about two to ten days, incredible weight loss is noticed which inspires and motivates the individual tremendously. According to the diet, you should stop counting the calories you consume, as you may feel less tempted to eat, when you have to count every morsel you swallow. Since the diet is easy to follow and allows the dieter to gorge on the foods that are permitted without restricting the portions, it works well.

During the 3rd (Consolidation) and 4th (Stabilization) phases, you can eat your favorite foods which makes this diet worth considering. By doing this, you can continue to lead a near normal life and keep up your social obligations. People who are addicted to meat and have carnivorous appetites can take heart with this exemplary diet.
Vegetarians may not find this diet helpful in any way for them. The diet is not expensive if people are comfortable with eating cheaper cuts of meats that still abound with protein. The Dukan Diet seems to be making waves for the simple fact that you not only lose weight, but you can retain the weight loss, by eating pure high protein for a whole day. Rejoice!

The disadvantages of the Dukan Diet are that this is also a crash diet program that allows you to lose considerable weight in the initial phases. The fact that this diet restricts certain types of food groups, may pose a few problems that you need to consider. Your body may not react kindly to cutting down fats and carbohydrates from the diet, while only ingesting foods that are high in protein and this may manifest itself, with adverse side reactions. The danger of increasing cholesterol levels, by eating protein foods, such as red meat and eggs in large quantities is imminent. The other problem that could occur is that people on this diet may develop gout.

Genetics is something that all of us have to pay heed, as this plays an important role in the types of foods we consume. Some people may find that they are constipated when they eat large amounts of proteins. Dr Dukan advises oat bran and plenty of water for tackling this problem.

While the Dukan Diet is effective potential for weight watchers, it may not prove effective for everyone. Many may not be convinced of this diet especially when the foods they consume during the first two phases have a lot of restrictions. The social life of a person could suffer due to the type of foods recommended in the Dukan Diet.

It is advisable to check out the merits and demerits of the diet carefully, as one may wish to lose weight, but may not remain healthy as a direct result. These types of diets are difficult to assess at times and therefore your best bet would be to consult a dietician, or physician, about the effects of the diet before you get started on one.

Many people are not very sure of how to approach the Dukan Diet especially those who are self-conscious about their eating habits and their figures. They have not checked out the great recipes that may help them shed weight or help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people seriously consider opting for surgery or medication in order to shed pounds. Others try to go on a diet to lose weight. However, the one thing that will eventually succeed in staving off those unwanted pounds is being disciplined and having the will power to maintain a diet and work on till their reach their desired weight goal.

The high protein diet is recommended for people who have a hard time dealing with weight issues. It would be possible to lose weight using this type of diet and avoid taking any type of oral pills to shed pounds. The ideal meats that one can eat are chicken, fish, eggs, soy and lean meat and the ones to avoid are lamb and pork, as these contain excess fats. Another important rule is to drink plenty of water, as it will help to flush out the toxins and help maintain the metabolic rate.

Many teenagers today are anorexic as they pay too much attention to the shape of their bodies. This is a dangerous and abnormal condition that has to be identified and tackled immediately by a specialist. It is always good to consult your doctor before you go on any diet especially if you have issues relating to your health. As a general practice, doctors dissuade people from following particular diets, as they feel you can work naturally on the weight problem to lose weight in a healthy manner.

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