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Once you have made up your mind to go through the surgery for breast augmentation, your next considerations should be the implants you wish to use, which could be either silicone or saline and also the shape and size of the breast implants. This decision lies with the patient, as there are no standard sizes that should or should not be used. The size entirely depends on the size the individual wishes to implant as there are different cup sizes which can be selected.

To make the right selection, you can look at pictures and let your surgeon know which size you would prefer to sport after the surgery. Ask the surgeon for his honest opinion. The plastic surgeon will make a copy of the picture and decide with you whether it will match your figure and fit well. He will also refer to the picture when the process of breast augmentation is underway.

The alternative option is to check out some breast implants that lie in the plastic surgeon’s office to see which ones suit you. Place them in your bra to get the right effect and decide whether it sits well on you.

The right way to measure the breast implants is by checking the cubic centimeters for volume and not the size of the bra. It is important to understand the weight factor as this will be implanted on the body. You can take a rice test, to get an idea of how much the implant will actually weigh. Fill a quarter of a measuring cup with rice and put this in a zip lock bag. Wear this bag inside your bra. The weight of the implant will be roughly 59 cc. If you fill it with 1/3 cup rice, it equals 80 cc and half cup with be 118 cc implant. 2/3 cup will be equal to 180 cc and a full cup will be about 235 cc implants. Wear these rice bags for a couple of days to get an idea of which size of implant will best suit your requirements.

The sizes mentioned above are not the final size of the breast as the implants are just one of the components. Each woman’s body size is different and the natural tissues of the breast also vary. However, the doctor will guide you, when you show him the picture of the breasts, you would finally like to possess.

It is a lot easier to choose the shape of the breasts you would like to possess than deciding on the size of the implants. Two options of implants are available. One is round and the other resembles a tear drop. The round is perfectly circular and looks more like a symmetrical half circle when you look at it from any side. The tear drop has a more natural look where the breast looks larger on the bottom than on the top of the implant.

The easier method to choosing the shape of the implant is to check out the existing amount of breast tissue that is available in your body. You should opt for the round implants if the natural tissues are over 2 cm as you will be able to cover the implant with at least 1 cm of natural breast tissue and this will give you the tear shop shape after the procedure is over. If you have less than 2 cm, you can opt for the tear drop implant to make your breast look natural after the surgery.

The plastic surgeon will be able to guide you on the recommended shaped and size of the breast implants though the ultimate decision is yours to take. You may decide on what shape or size you wish the breast implants to be, as it depends on your preference. Make sure that the surgeon is reputed and can carry out the implants successfully so that you will not have to face any problem in the coming years.

You have to ensure that your goals and objectives will be met before you undergo the surgery. Many women with small breasts feel inadequate and therefore it is advisable to visit a therapist before checking with the surgery. Make sure you know what size you want to ultimately sport as you cannot avoid going through more surgeries on this account.

Take pictures of the type of breasts you would like to achieve and let the surgeon give you an honest appraisal whether the breast implants will suit the anatomy of your body. There are only two things that can result with the implants and that is to get a natural or an artificial look. Your breasts will look natural when the right slope is maintained and the size complements the overall body shape.

Normal size breasts are generally larger than the normal size of breast implants. Clothes make a difference to how your breasts can look. If you wear oversize clothes, you can make your breasts look smaller or you can disguise the real size, by wearing figure-hugging clothes. Accentuate your breasts by wearing V-necks, button-ups or heavy knits.

Women who have flat chests prefer to go in for big breast implants. You will have to shop for the right size of bra as this is important. Your breasts tend to get wider after a breast implant and you may have a go in for a cup size that is large. Try to purchase these bras at your local stores, so that you can check out the real product for the size, rather than shop online.

You may have to spend a lot of money to increase your bust size with bigger implants. Shop around till you get a good deal of their quality. It is also wise to remember that bigger is not necessarily better. Your entire appearance can take a different turn when you have large breasts. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor before you go in for breast implants and take the most risk-free decision.

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