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When there is an excessive amount of glucose in the blood stream, this can cause blood sugar levels to dramatically increase. If the body is unable to handle this excess glucose by converting the glucose into energy, this can cause the body to experience hyperglycemia which can be fatal.

While glucose levels do fluctuate throughout the day, normal blood levels usually have a reading of 70 mg to 150 mg. These levels are usually extremely low in the morning due to the number of hours one has gone without food after sleep and then will increase and decrease before, during, and after each meal. Sugar levels usually will drop back to normal after a few hours have passed since a meal if the body is properly processing the glucose the body has ingested. Certain foods can cause one’s blood sugar levels to dramatically increase. Foods high in carbohydrates are a main food type which can increase blood sugar levels. Any sort of sweets, baked goods, and sodas are also known for elevating blood sugar levels. The body will negate this rise in glucose by producing insulin, which will then take the excess sugar and convert it into energy. If the insulin converts the sugar in such a way that excess amounts of sugar manage to build up in the blood, this is the cause of hyperglycemia.

If your body is finding it difficult to convert glucose into energy, this causes you to become at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Preventing these health risks can sometimes simply be done through adapting to a well-balanced diet and workout routine. This can positively affect one’s blood sugar levels and possibly even reduce one’s risk for these kinds of issues and diseases which can prove fatal.

It is extremely important to limit the amount of sugar you intake within your diet. Many complications are known to occur due to excessive amounts of glucose in the bloodstream. These high sugar levels not only cause health issues, but can be caused by health issues such as oral contraceptives, diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, Cushing’s syndrome, gestational diabetes, Cystic fibrosis, and Glucagonoma. These factors, as well as many others, can cause an excess of sugar circulating into the bloodstream. Be on the lookout for serious medical conditions if you find yourself having high blood sugar levels.

One sign to look for when it comes to high blood glucose levels is waking up with a lot of energy and having high glucose levels. If this occurs often, your body may not have adequate amounts of insulin during your sleep cycle to deal with excess sugar. This lack of insulin during sleep, also known as the somogyi effect, is a main reason why people can wake up with high sugar levels. Not eating a snack before bedtime can cause the body to produce more hormones to combat the dropping blood sugar levels. This allows you to maintain your high sugar levels during sleep.

If this happens to you often, avoid diabetic sugar levels. Most people should have a level of 80-120 when waking up in the morning. Blood sugar levels usually increase up to 160 after having eaten a meal. Before bed, sugar levels are able to range from 100-140. Consult your doctor in order to find out what is the best glucose level for you. Also, to check your blood sugar levels you’ll need a blood glucose level meter, which they sell at many convenient stores.

High blood sugar levels are beginning to become an epidemic and can become detrimental if not properly addressed. Diabetes is becoming extremely commonplace in today’s America and it is no longer the genetic kind of diabetes that is most prevalent. Americans are giving themselves Type II diabetes by having a bad diet and not keeping up with their exercise. While it seems like a small number that only 5% of the US is affected, the United States has an enormous population. Some people are currently experiencing the effects of diabetes and don’t even realize it. Check your blood sugar levels using a glucose meter and if you notice any problems contact your doctor immediately.

The most effective ways of dealing with the possibility of having high sugar levels in one’s blood is to lead a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. One should not only eat right, but also have a steady work out routine to help oneself get back on the track to good health. Both diet and exercise are extremely effective at lowering one’s blood glucose levels. Also, another good habit to develop is to eat a light snack before going to bed. This snack should most likely contain protein and can prevent your body from trying to increase its insulin production. Exercising during the afternoon or night time hours is also an effective way of maintaining healthy morning blood sugar levels.

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