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Electronic cigarette is a complete alternative to smoking! This revolutionary innovation, developed by Chinese scholars, was established back in 2003 as an alternative to smoking tobacco. It can replace typical tobacco cigarettes, and even can help you quit smoking. Many customers reported that they were able to quit smoking due to electronic cigarettes.

According to a survey conducted for more than 2 years among electronic cigarettes’ customers 97% of respondents felt better after they have started to use them. In 95% of cases such symptoms as cough and shortage of breath disappeared and they felt improvements in smell and test. 69% of respondents stopped using conventional cigarettes and 34% of respondents completely quit both usual and electronic cigarettes.

There are many advantages that make electronic cigarette preferred alternative to conventional cigarettes. Here are some of them:

• While tobacco cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemical constituents, hazardous to your health, their electronic variant contain only water.

• Tobacco and nicotine, as well as over 60 carcinogens that are found in the usual cigarettes cause many diseases that may lead to death, while the electronic cigarettes contain no harmful chemicals and no carcinogens.

• While tobacco cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, arsenic, cyanide, benzene and ammonia, the electronic cigarettes do not contain any of these poisonous substances.

• All people are aware of prohibition against smoking in public places, in trains, planes, at work or home, but you can smoke electronic cigarettes practically everywhere and in any place, since you will not disturb anyone, including little children, pregnant women and nonsmokers.

• Another advantage of electronic cigarettes to tobacco is that you are not going to get used to it and it is not addictive. On the contrary, it will help you quite smoking.

• You will not have a bad smell that is cause but usual cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette is designed the way that not forcing people to quit smoking. Its purpose is not to make smoking unpleasant or restrict you in something.
An Electronic cigarette may look like the normal cigarette and perhaps tastes like one but they are very different functionally. When an electronic cigarette is smoked, tobacco is not burnt. On the other hand, when this cigarette is inhaled a “flow censor” is starts to be active, which releases water vapor and nicotine that smells like tobacco, due to the scent released. This results in a person getting their nicotine fix from smoking electronic cigarettes, while nullifying the chances of contracting cancer that is normally possible, when normal traditional cigarettes attract agents that cause cancer through the hydrocarbons, glue, tar and various additives emitted.

Electronic cigarettes prove to be healthier than the normal cigarettes, apart from the advantage of being perfectly legal. Cigarette smoking is prohibited in many places, such as restaurants, bars and workplace and on airplanes, but one can easily smoke an electronic cigarette as it does not emit tobacco like traditional cigarettes and is not considered hazardous to health. With electronic cigarettes, there is no danger of inflicting the people around you with smoke that is emitted second-hand!

Refillable cartridges are available in varying strengths of nicotine in a wide range of flavors. The flavors include apple, strawberry and menthol and the nicotine strengths, range from nil to light, medium and full. Electronic cigarettes may, or may not prove effective for someone who wishes to give up smoking, but it is becoming immensely popular in the market, as an “alternative” to smoking.

The advantage of smoking electronic cigarettes is it is different from using nicotine patches. It gives the same satisfaction for people craving for tobacco as well as produces the same feeling of holding a traditional cigarette and imparts oral taste that makes smokers addicted. Your lungs actually fill up with flavored tobacco that feels warm in the lungs and billows of smoke are exhaled from the lungs, just as with a regular cigarette. This is coupled with the advantage of smoking in a healthier fashion as the smoke quickly dissipates, without offending other people standing around.

Though electronic cigarettes have been introduced awhile back in various forms, the recent trends in technologies, as well as the restrictions imposed on smoking has made this type of cigarettes gain popularity. Opt for an electronic cigarette if you feel the desire to smoke and if you wish to light a cigarette anywhere, without worry about doing anything illegal.

The electronic cigarette has been welcomed as smokers now have the option of enjoying a smoke and not worry about the ill effects. These cigarettes, have been around for nearly three years now and has helped many people to reduce smoking, if not quit completely.

Users in the fourth generation, feel that the new electronic cigarettes are much easier to use, as they are a little sleeker and has better market appeal. The “mini” which has been recently introduced is 100 mm long and looks as real as the conventional cigarette.

The difference with the electronic cigarette, as compared to the conventional one, is that the harmful substances are non-existent and smokers can still feel satisfied without being subjected to harmful toxins in their body. What is the general consensus of people and how do they regard this savior, which has been touted as being compartmentalized with “mirrors and smoke?”

The electronic cigarette is comprised of a renewable chamber for nicotine, an atomizer and a battery. A smoker can hold the cigarette and puff at it, just like a regular cigarette and blow out vapor that resembles smoke from the glowing end of the cigarette. The nicotine chambers can contain cartridges of different strengths to enable the smoker to reduce the nicotine amount gradually before quitting completely.
Each nicotine cartridge will last about the same time, as 15 or 20 cigarettes, which is a great saving for smokers. The varying strengths range from no nicotine, to low, medium and standard.

The advantages of smoking the electronic cigarette cannot be overstated. Since this type of cigarettes do not emit any dangerous toxins, real smoke or substances, they can be used by smokers in public places safely without affecting the people around them. Many cigarette smokers have to stand in the freezing cold, or rain, just to get a puff of smoke in winter, but when they use this type of electronic cigarette they can stay indoors and smoke in offices, pubs or restaurants as it is legally allowed and there is no offending people around with the smoke.

There is no added danger of passive smoking for people around as the electronic cigarette will not be a problem. This creates a better sociable environment for all.
In retrospect, the electronic cigarette is cheaper, healthier and definitely more friendly to the environment, as against the traditional cigarette and once general awareness grows, the market for these cigarettes will gain more momentum, as harmful cigarettes may be replaced along with its harmful effects with these safe gadgets.

Try convincing yourself daily that you are not an addictive smoker and you wish to give up smoking completely because of this fact. You should be able to instill confidence in yourself and believe in your ability to stop smoking altogether. You need to be able to stay away from cigarette smoking, by exercising mental stamina and holding out with the self image that you have created. Do not succumb to the temptation of smoking, even one cigarette or taking a puff, as this will weaken your resolve. Stay firm and quit smoking altogether.

If you are searching for a gift for your friend, loved one or co-workers, you can pay attention to the products of the electronic cigarette inventor and the leader of this branch, RUYAN, who let out 8 generations of these devices – cigars and pipes. The large size cartridge and battery capacity have a major advantage over conventional electronic cigarettes: the smoke density and saturation, which is going to be liked by the most sophisticated smoker.

World-famous cigarette producer Gamucci is another place where you can buy electronic cigarette. Each of the products has passed all required testing for quality and safety. The main emphasis is placed on the sales tat is why the products have a stylish design and high durability. These cigarettes are very practical and comfortable. You will not feel the difference between the electronic analog and the real cigarette.

The package comes with a complete set of accessories, which includes original cartridges, charger, battery and case. Moreover, the electronic cigarette Gamucci has a stylish package that allows customers to make interesting and attractive gift for smoker. Furthermore, you will be able to find a wide assortment of different flavors of cartridges, in which the proportion of nicotine may vary from minimum up to maximum levels. Cartridges for electronic cigarette can also be purchased by ordering on the Internet.

Electronic cigarettes could be called the most effective invention of the XXI century. Problems and diseases caused by smoking have become the number one problem for the world. Each year lung cancer and other diseases caused by smoking kill 1 million people. Despite this fact that in many countries around the world various measures are taken to introduce healthy lifestyle programs, yet their effect is practically zero. In this light, the electronic cigarette purchase is necessary. They are able not only to reduce and completely eliminate all risks of smoking diseases, but also significantly improve the health of the nation. Another important point is that the electronic cigarette can be bought at quite accessible price and instead to addict the user, helps him quit this habit. Make sure to change your life for better by choosing healthier option of electronic cigarettes.

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