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Whenever anyone decides to go on a diet, it is essential to be aware of side effects, if any, especially if they suffer from a specific medical condition that prohibits them from following one. Before even considering the HCG treatment for weight loss, it is essential to be educated on the diet and the danger and problems that could occur. There have hardly been any cases reported, with adverse effects, when people practiced this HCG diet plan and even those are quite similar, to what one experiences, when they are on a diet plan that is based on eating low calories. Some of these symptoms include light-headedness, headaches, slight water retention and irritability. These problems have been experienced by a few patients when they reached a certain stage in the diet plan of this particular treatment for weight loss.

A patient who has opted for injections, instead of taking the HCG oral pills or hormone drops, may experience side effects. It is also essential to know how to administer the HCG injection carefully, as it is possible to develop swelling and redness around the area, where the skin has been injected. It is advisable to get a doctor to inject the patient or to go in for the pills, or drops option. One of the common symptoms that can be experienced, when taking hormone injections, is the development of a hyper-stimulation syndrome in the ovaries. (OHSS) Those who were following the HCG diet reported that they experienced various side effects, such as crankiness and headaches, amidst other common effects, which disappeared in a few days. They also reported that they did not crave for excess food and did not feel hungry as before. The side effects experience, when on the HCG hormone, was far less than those felt when people were being treated for obesity. Many even reported that their migraine headaches had subsided. Diabetic patients found that their blood sugar was stabilized and many reported higher energy levels.

The body seems to benefit, when using HCG hormone, with a side effect that has an amazing effect on the body and this is when the hypothalamus gland is reset. The metabolism increases in the body and this helps to burn off excess fats quickly and with lasting effects. People are elated when their confidence is boosted, as their weight drops and they begin to enjoy the pleasures of simple living again.

When people lose weight they begin to feel important and self-worthy. This brings with it a heady sensation of happiness when one begins to feel and look better. People report that their skin starts to glow and becomes taut, which are the direct results of the HCG hormone.

The decision of course to use this diet plan finally depends on the individual. It is best to evaluate the merits, as well as the demerits, before deciding which technique to adopt and learn as much about it before starting the regime. Read online and find information, from people who write testimonials about the pros and cons of using this HCG hormone diet plan and finding successful results, with this protocol. More information on the topic is available on the internet for learning how to successfully implement this method.

There are certain factors that should be considered when following the HCG diet plan. If one has overeaten, there are certain steps that should be followed as many are bound to be tempted at times to over eat.

Once is to try avoiding foods that contain starch or sugar. Insulin is stimulated when sugar is consumed and this in turn converts fat into inches and pounds. According to Dr. Simeons, it is essential to avoid consuming starch, or sugar in the three weeks, after completing the HCG diet. These foods should definitely not be consumed when one is on the diet plan. Therefore, it is vital to be able to say “No,” when offered a donut, or chocolate when one is at work. Here are a few more suggestions.
It will prove beneficial when following the diet to eat foods that are recommended in the diet plan. There are many foods that people are now aware of that can be incorporated in the plan that are recommended in these diet clinics.

The third criterion is to understand the effects of food and the levels of satisfaction that one gets. This will give one a fair idea of what to expect when on the next time around. It is necessary to record the foods that one eats and the effects of the food. This will help to check the progress. Try and recall what was eaten and the feeling experienced shortly after along with the final outcome. It may be difficult to figure out whether one pound,, or half pound was lost that day but it is worthwhile making the effort.

Some people may want to splurge on a particular type of food that is not recommended in the diet plan. This type of “loading day,” is not a good idea, as it takes nearly three days to start losing weight from scratch again. This sort of binging should be restricted if it cannot be restricted to once in 23 or 40 days. You can prepare yourself for “loading” on a particular day as planned and may it prove useful once a certain plateau in the weight loss status has been reached.

The best way to dissuade one from overeating is to recall the exorbitant amounts that are being paid to follow this diet. Many factors such as the syringes used for HCG, sterile water bottles, alcohol wipes and shipping costs, apart from other expenses, should be calculated and divided by the number of days that one is on the plan and multiplied by another 3 days. This will give a fair idea of the financial setback incurred. Bear in mind the expenses of the clinic and consultation charges for the doctor.

People often get discouraged psychologically if they do not notice a difference in the weight loss after 3 days. This is due to the fact that any food imbibed,, which is not included in the diet plan will show a marked increase in weight. Further weight loss will start coming into effect only on the third day.

Remember that one needs to think before putting something in their mouth. Before trying to pop a candy bar in the mouth, consider whether it would be better to substitute this with a slice of watermelon. This would be far more beneficial and satisfying. People, who follow Dr. Simeons diet, should not heed this advice, as watermelon is not on the diet plan list. However it has been noticed that watermelon has been included in some of the HCG diet clinics. Eat more vegetables and fruits when possible.

Another good practice when one is hungry and requires a snack between meals is to eat a piece of chicken and make a sandwich by wrapping it in a lettuce leaf. This makes an appetizing snack and the amount of chicken, fish or meat can be reduced when taking the next meal.

Take advantage of the fat and sugar free salad dressing and marinades. Try the Maple Grove Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette that is available at Walmart, as it makes a great dressing that can be safely added, to a dish.

Iced coffee that is mixed with Stevia is another great idea for a snack. It may not taste like the coffee served at Starbucks but one can try it out. The other good option is to make a smoothie with just a bunch of strawberries and drink it. Add ice, water and Stevia to enjoy a great drink that will not make you feel guilty about eating the wrong foods.

A great pick-me-up, between meals, is a sliced cucumber or tomato with salt and pepper sprinkled on it. Hunger pangs will be staved till the next meal. To enjoy the tomato, grill it with a few spices in the toaster, or oven. It is very satisfying though one does not know why. This is strongly recommended though the calories from fat and sugar free products were not. However this did not seem to pose a problem for hindering weight loss.

Eat a hardboiled, or scrambled egg, if you tire of eating fish or chicken. Eggs are recommended in the diet plan for vegetarians that can be viewed in the manuscript “Pounds and inches” The scrambled egg may be cooked in a non-stick pan with dash of water.

The author states that it is possible to lose weight quickly by eating salads and adding a new vegetable to it at every meal.

The HCG diet plan is all about eating 500 calories a day so that you do not gain weight. That is how it works. It is important that you follow the VLCD or very low calorie diet to lose fat from your body. Try out the website to learn more about how to calculate calories including proteins and fats.

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