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One of the most common cancers that afflict women living in the United States is breast cancer. Though the incidents are rare, it can occur in men also. Nowadays, men in more developed countries are facing the universal threat of prostate cancer, which has become a universal threat. We therefore would like to discuss the all important factor of diet which is one of the underlying causes that can cause such problems in our environment.

Fortunately we do not have to worry about breast cancer being life threatening. If we detect the problem early, there are chances of surviving the dreaded disease. It is possible to know if we have breast cancer with mammograms, self-examining the breast (SBE) and clinically examining (CBE) them. It is worth while learning about breast cancer and making others aware of the disease to help save lives of people whom we care about.

Every month, women should conduct these self breast exams especially once the menstrual cycle is completed. There are various ways of performing SBE. Stand in front of the mirror after stripping your clothes and examine the breasts. Look carefully for lumps, discharge, dimpling or any type of warning signals that may be visible. Raise both your arms and continue to look for any sudden changes. Secondly, lie down and stretch your right arm over your head. Use three of the middle fingers of your left hand to feel under the right breast and around. Beginning at the nipple, move your fingers in a circular motion, around the breast, using a light pressure and then slowly increase the pressure to medium and finally hard. Now, with the help of your fingers, feel your breast, running lines up and down from the nipple to the breast. Lie on your other side and repeat the same stops to examine the left breast. This SBE method is not generally recommended for tracing breast cancer, but it will make women aware of any noticeable changes, if any, to report.

Women are recommended to help assist early detection, by getting CBE or clinical breast exams done by their doctor once every three years, or when they cross the age of 40. The examination process is same but this is done by the trained doctor and not the individual.

However, a mammogram, once a year, is the most recommended method for women once they cross the age of 40, though the other two methods are also quite important. Of course, if one wishes to make sure, they can subject themselves to all the three types of detection methods and learn how to arrest the problem at inception. Woman can help reduce the chances of contracting breast cancer, by limiting their alcohol consumption to just one drink in a day, getting regular exercise and being aware of their bodies, as well as their family history.

Genetics does not play an important role in determining breast cancer though we cannot change our genes. Only about 5 or 10 percent of the cases can be attributed to the cancer being passed down from one’s parent to the other generation. Even if there is no history of cancer in your family, it does not mean you are safe. Out of every ten cases, at least eight were recorded as not contracting this disease from either their sibling or mother. Women should be aware of these facts when they try to safeguard their bodies.

Check hormone levels regularly as they are responsible for causing breast cancer rather than the family genes. Certain hormones, prescribed during menopause may increase the risk and therefore it is always advisable to avoid such drugs, when trying to controlling menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Diet has a striking effect on the hormones. When we eat foods rich in fat, the estrogen in the blood increases, stimulating and rapidly dividing the breast cells and any one of these cells can prove cancerous. Switch over to a diet that is low on fat, high in fiber, consuming plenty of grain, vegetables and other natural foods found in plants to lower estrogen levels.

Follow a sensible diet plan whether you wish to avoid the risk or if you have been detected in the early stages. The most common type of cancer for women is breast cancer, which has destroyed the lives of women in large numbers every year, as they battle to arrest the problem. Research is constantly being carried out by scientists for lasting cures, but till something concrete materializes, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to getting sufficient nutrition.

We are aware of the popular adage “You are what you eat.” We should all take pains to ensure that we follow a diet that is healthy regularly, whether we have any ailments or not. Certain nutrients and chemicals that we imbibe help to ward off cancer from attacking our bodies. Our human body has a miraculous way of taking care of preventing diseases and infection, if we learn how to fuel the energies in the right direction.

What are the foods that we should necessary consume? Several chemical and nutrients, such as phytochemical agents are found in foods that are linked to the nutrients that helps fight the disease. These types of chemicals are found in foods that are plant-based which are excellent for promoting our overall health and fighting off diseases. We should eat these types of foods abundantly, if we wish to fight cancer and make sure our bodies are healthy.

The presence of Phytochemicals is beneficial in the body as they induce the activity of antioxidants that help protect the cells of our body. When oxidative damage is prevented, the risks of developing any type of cancer are greatly reduced. The other advantage is that Pathogen Adherence is prevented. Phytochemicals, in large numbers, stick to the walls of cells and dissuade the pathogens to do the same, thereby preventing the development of cancer. Phytochemicals also help prevent replicating of the DNA cells, as they interfere with the DNA and prevent the formation of cancer cells, which stops the disease from developing further.

You do not have to give up foods that you enjoy eating when you try to follow a healthy cancer fighting diet. You need to avoid several foods, when you wish to lose weight, or get your cholesterol levels lowered but with this diet, you need to eat plenty of foods that are good for you and which will restrict or prevent the development or growth of breast cancer.

If you are planning to adhere to a good diet full of nutrition to fight breast cancer you should start basing your meals, as well as snacking habits around the following suggestions. Try to follow the diet plan for the types of food you should eat and the number of servings that should be eaten in a day.

It is essential to increase the fiber content in our daily diet. Most Americans eat only about 12 grams of fiber daily, which is insufficient, as research on the subject proves that eating 25 to 30 grams of fiber will help to fight breast cancer and reduce the risk of contracting the disease by at least 11%. You can get the fiber from vegetables and fruits that are loaded with fiber.

Nutritionists recommend more than nine servings of fruits and vegetables rather than five. Phytochemicals and antioxidants are found in abundance with these foods which are essential to prevent cancer. The fruits and vegetables that are recommended most for fighting cancer are brussel sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, collards, kale, grapefruits and raspberries.

The other important foods to incorporate in the diet are dairy products. If you take low fat dairy every day in one or two servings, the linoleic acid conjugates with the dairy products to fight the onset of cancer. Nuts are also an excellent source of fiber, which should be included in the diet as it provided monounsaturated fats that are required to fight cancer, so make sure you take nuts two or three times in the week.

Different types of fish should be consumed regularly as they are great for combating the onset of cancer. Some of the types recommended are salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids in abundance, which is important for improving the blood circulation and more importantly protects the body, from contracting breast cancer. Fish has also proved to help the body respond better to chemotherapy. According to nutritionists, we should consume at least 3-6 portions of whole grains every day, as prevention to cancer diet plan. It helps to lower the estrogen levels as well as provides good fiber for the body.

It is important that phytochemicals and foods rich in antioxidants should be incorporated in the diet cancer plan though it sounds difficult. However, they will work well to help fight cancer and it is not necessary to worry about following a diet, as the foods recommended are healthy, tasty and you do not have to restrict yourself to preparing bland foods. Following a new diet full of the ingredients mentioned above, may not guarantee that you will not contract cancer, but it will lower the risk dramatically, which is important. Your body will respond better to treatment, if you follow the above diet, whether you are detected with cancer or not.

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