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Eating is an essential part of our daily life, which gives power and straights to person and influences on his health. However, people with eating disorders have unbalanced diet and even avoid taking some kinds of food.

Leading a busy lifestyle with much stress has contributed to increasing of eating disorders and their side effects. A large percent of the population /especially in the western countries/ is affected by this disorder. Up to 90% of sufferers are women and girls. Early recognizing of this disease is very important for successful treatment, since it can spiral out of control very quickly. However, the problem is that most people with eating disorders either try to hide this fact or cannot recognize the disease on time.

The person who suffers from any kind of disorders connected with eating, like anorexia or bulimia, is likely to experience some other health or psychological issues too. These might be body image distortion, behavioral problems, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. A well-know fact is that man people use the food when trying to combat with hidden emotional problem. Actually, this problem is indeed related to the unhealthy diet of person.

The good thing is that currently there are a lot of treatment centers that help their patients to deal with this disorder in both levels physical and psychological. Since the medicine is much more developed than 10 or 15 years ago, the experts can provide you complete plan for healing and not just simple advices for changing your eating habits. The willpower itself is not enough to be healed. The treatment program will include all affected spheres of life – emotional, social and physical. Thus, the percent of successfully recruited their health is up to 70%.

Below you will find a list of most effective methods for treatment of eating disorders:

The method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps patient deal with his/her emotions in each difficult situation. This approach teaches people how to cope with the harmful feelings, substituting them with positive once, and how to take total control over their food intake.

The main approach of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is to help people cope with the stress in everyday life by feeling of gratification and leading a modest way of life. Identifying and avoiding impulsive behavior are other important factors that this method apply to combat with this disorder. Moving from pain and disappoint to hope and positive thinking – this is the core of this method.

One of the most effective and popular methods is Group Therapy. This is where the patient can safely reveal their feelings, struggles and fears and be encouraged by other people, who have already undergone this treatment and have been successfully healed.

Last, but not least is Nutritional Therapy, which includes not only healthy eating habits and properly selected foods, but also a healthy approach to food. Improvement should be made in moth cases – whether the patient consume too much or too little food, as well as how to combat the obsessive thoughts about food. This approach teaches people that food is not a threat, but an essential part of our daily needs and enjoyment in the same time.

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